From Ninja to Shinigami

Chapter 43: home

By: jacke44

Beta'd by: Scheffinator


As the large group was making its way through the crowd with Itachi having put a cloak on with a hood up to hide his appearance. They turned a corner and begun making their way down another street when Naruto throws his hands in the air and yells out "Oh come on!" Looking in the direction that Naruto is looking, the group sees none other than Ayame standing outside of the ramen restaurant, along with none other than one of Naruto's little sisters dressed identical to her handing out flyers. Naruto stomps up to them and looks at her and asks "et tu Ayame?" Naruto then says through gritted teeth "I'm getting tired of all you girls taking my siblings and making mini-me's out of them."

Ayame, with a smile on her face, puts her hands on her hips and asks "and what is wrong with me having my own little sister?" Then with a small smirk on her face says "I can tell you this, it's a lot better than having a whiny little brother like you." As she wraps her arms around the little girl, who lets out a small giggle.

Ino walks up to Naruto, grabs him by the back of his jacket and says "come on. Let's get you to the tower, then you can come back." As he was being dragged away Naruto was shaking his fist and saying "there will come a reckoning! I swear it!"

Itachi was walking next to Hiruzen and whispers "I'm taking it that's been happening a lot to him?" With the third letting out a chuckle and says "yes it's been quite entertaining watching him."

Naruto was once again walking while still grumbling to himself, when suddenly his back went stiff as a board, making the group look at him.

Ino looks at him and asks "what is wrong?"

Naruto, with a look of panic on his face, replies "I can sense her presence. she's close." As he begins to panically look around the crowd of civilians. Shikamaru, along with his teammates, begins to laugh. Ino grabbed Sakura and says "you might want to back up."

But before Naruto could react, a small brown-haired girl shot out of the crowd and wrapped herself around one of his legs, yelling out "Nawto!"

Naruto begins to panic while jumping on one foot while shaking the leg with her attached to it, saying "get off me you little piranha!" Using his right arm, he grabs her and pulls her off of his leg and holds her up off the ground by the back of her dress. With a look of irritation on his face, he asks "where is your mother, Himari?"

A woman approaches the group and says "I'm right here Naruto and I'm sorry she got away from me. She spotted you and took off before I had a chance to stop her." Naruto, with a blank face, looks at her and says "you need to learn how to put this thing on a leash." As he is still holding Himari off the ground. The woman lets out a laugh and asks "is that any way to talk about your future wife?"

Sakura, with a look of confusion, looks at Ino and asks "a little clarification please?" Ino replies "that is one of Shikamaru's cousins and her daughter is absolutely in love with Naruto. She's got a bigger crush on Naruto then Hinata and has decided that she will one day be Naruto's bride."

Sakura let's out a laugh and says "so, not only do you like older women but you're also a little cradle robber." Which makes the entire group burst out laughing.

Naruto shoots a stink eye at her while mentally telling himself to remember to have team Alpha prank her as a target in the near future.

The mother, who now held her daughter in her arms, asks "now what have I told you before Himari about attacking Naruto?" Himari smiles big and says "always use the puppy dog look and make sure my lip is quivering because Nawto can't say no to it." Which sets the crowd off laughing once more.

[At the tower]

As the group walks up the stairwell and steps out on the top floor, Naruto's hand instantly goes for his blade but is stopped by Ino, who is suppressing a laugh at the site in front of her. sitting at her desk is none other than Aimi taking a sip from her coffee mug that has world's best secretary written on it. What was making the group once again begin to laugh was none other than one of Naruto's little sisters sitting at a smaller desk next to her drinking a cup of tea as well with the world's best junior secretary written on it.

Naruto storms passed her, opens the door to the office, then looks at her and says "that paper protecting you is only good for two more months, then it's going to be open season on you." He then goes into the office followed by the group.

Sakura looks at Naruto and asks "are you really mad that they're doing that?"

Naruto just gives a small chuckle and says "not really. It's just an act I'm putting on because I'm the big brother. I have no problem with any of the moms or women around me really bonding with any of the kids, especially the girls. I know that they need a female figure in their life and I'm happy that they were able to find them. Whether that being a new big sister or mother figure."

Naruto smiles and says "I know that if any of those girls need advice on womanly problems, they will have plenty of people to go to." Ino walks up to him and wraps her arm around him and says "you're right."

He then grins and says "although, if a certain cat masked ANBU tries to sneak out one of my little sisters again in the middle of the night for some moonlight training in swordsmanship, she will easily find herself the target of a pranking battle the likes of which this village has never seen." Naruto then quickly ducks as a Senbon flies over his head. He then says "and a certain boar mask ANBU will find himself at a barbecue."

Hiruzen sat at his desk with a small smile on his face along with all the other adults in the room. He then clears his throat and says "okay, let's get this briefing done. How did it go in the Land of Lightning?"

Asuma steps forward and begins to give a summary of what had happened, going through all of what had happened, including how they helped a team of Cloud ninja in an investigation of a kidnapping of one of the nobles' only daughter. Explaining how Naruto found the secret passage then made the suggestion of trying to get information from the locals, but the team said they had already checked all the normal places for information and turned up nothing. He then explained how Naruto and Tenten lead a group to the Red-Light District and showed the group how to get information more easily then always trying to go to the most obvious places such as a bar, a brothel, or a gaming house. How they had run into a group of orphaned children.

He then went over how Naruto had put his medical training to use and did a diagnostic on a woman who was injured and then brought her to Sara when he could not heal her. Which had led them to figure out where the bandit camp was. He then explained how Naruto sent out a wave of shadow clones disguised as forest animals to scout out the area during the night and how he had taken out almost all of the bandits and had replaced them with shadow clones and had managed to infiltrate the bandits' headquarters then goes over how Naruto had managed to take down Atsushi.

Both Hiruzen and Tsunade both turn to look at Naruto as he shrugs his shoulders and says "none of our attacks were working on him. That is when Kurama made the suggestion if I couldn't hurt him from the outside, I should attack him from the inside. That is when I remembered something one of my friends told me once, it's not always about being able to overpower your enemy through brute force but rather taking away the power that they have and using it against them. That gave me the idea to put up a barrier then used my blades' ability to absorb almost all of the water in the air making it very thin knowing that he relied on high-speed which would only spell his doom."

Naruto then says "once I saw that he was down due to having no energy left, then I was able to use my new seals and flooded his body with Senjutsu chakra."

Hiruzen interrupts him and asks "and how did you learn about Senjutsu?"

Naruto replies "I was talking to both Ma and Pa as they were explaining what sages were to me." He then begins to laugh and says "I remember they were explaining the strengths and weaknesses of becoming a sage. When they explain that you had to stand still to absorb in nature chakra to obtain sage mode, which would leave you vulnerable to your enemies' attack. I interrupted them and asked them why you could not just put it into a seal and when you need to activate it you could instantly go into sage mode. I mean that's basically what Tsunade does with that diamond on her forehead when she uses the (Sōzō Saisei) [A/N Creation Rebirth Jutsu].

Tsunade opened and closed her mouth for several minutes before slamming her fist on the table and says "I am so punching Jiraiya in his mouth when I get a chance. Do you have any idea how many times it would have been easier to complete a mission if that moron could have instantly gone into sage mode? The fact that he is a seal master, he should have instantly been able to think of that after seeing my technique."

Naruto, nodding his head while laughing, says "yeah Ma was pretty mad. I think she actually broke a rolling pin over Pa's head when she realized that as well and she mentioned she will be having words with Jiraiya as well for his stupidity and not realizing that."

Itachi, who was standing off to the side, thinks to himself 'you really have improved haven't you Naruto?' As he remembers the young boy he used to chase around.

Hiruzen nods his head, not feeling any sympathy for his student for not realizing something as crucial as that. He then says "continue the report."

Asuma then continued with the report, explaining how they managed to get all the prisoners back to the compound, how the lord, to say thank you, said that he would be making sure each of the children that helped get the information to them that let them locate his daughter would be taken care of and adopted by good families.

He then moves on explaining how they reach the Hidden Cloud Village the next day then explains about the meeting with Ay and what Naruto did with the bounty that was on Atsushi, giving a list of all the places that he had it split between and explains the reason why he had it done instead of keeping it for himself.

Tsunade cuts him off by saying "your parents would be very proud of you Naruto. Not many shinobi would use a bounty that they got from a rogue ninja to help the same village that the ninja came from instead of keeping it for themselves."

Naruto shrugs his shoulders and says "like I told them I already have a large fortune. I did not need it but those people who it helped did. I'd rather have that money out there helping them instead of sitting in a vault to gather dust."

Asuma then goes into explaining about the meeting with the council, and going over all of the events such as Naruto saving Lady Kei from falling down the stairs.

Tsunade gave a small laugh and says "I'm surprised she was still alive."

Sakura, with a look of confusion, asks "what do you mean?"

Naruto looks at her along with Ino and Tenten and asks "didn't the three of you realize who that was?" The three girls shake their heads no.

Tsunade's eyes narrow while muttering under her breath about going to the Academy and bashing in a few heads.

Naruto then says "that was Lady Kei. If the legends are true, she once beat the living snot out of the first and second Hokage's, along with Madara Uchiha in a three-on-one match." Needlessly to say all three girls' jaws drop to the ground.

Hiruzen, after taking his pipe out of his mouth, says "oh it's true. I was at the scene when it happened. Watching the three of them get their butts kicked by her was one of the funniest things I ever saw in my life and for years afterwards no one would give any of them slack and would constantly tease them about it"

Hiruzen let out a chuckle and says "it all started because Hashirama and Madara got into a fight while we were at a bath house, which destroyed the wall separating the men's and women's side and she happened to be on the woman's side."

Asuma continued explaining how Naruto had returned the gifts to their village and what the reaction was. Then he explains what Naruto did at the end of the meeting by returning the dead bodies of all of those who had died in the Battle of Whirlpool, which had shocked the entire council.

Hiruzen turned and looked at Naruto. Before he could say anything, Naruto says "when I learned about the Hidden Whirlpool Village while I was training in the Land of Waves, I sent a large group of shadow clones who searched through the ruins and collected the bodies that they could find. I have similar scrolls that I plan to return to the Hidden Stone and the Hidden Mist. And although they were my families' enemy, they fought bravely and died in battle. They deserve to be buried with honor in their villages."

Hiruzen stands up from his desk and says "I have never been prouder of you Naruto. I knew several of your family before they were attacked, including your grandfather, he was a harsh man but he loved his family and all of their traditions. If he was here today and he saw what you did, he would be very proud of you as your family has always shown respect for their enemies. By you returning their bodies so they can be buried in their homes shows you to be honorable." He then looks down and says "after the attack on Whirlpool, your mother could never bring herself to visit the village but I'm sure if she had, she would have done the same thing that you did."

Asuma then continued and explained about how Naruto was attacked and the battle that took place and how the next morning he waved off the concerns of the council telling them that he would not judge the entire village on the actions of one man. He then goes over the trips that he made around the village including the hospital, the orphanage, along with visiting several other places within the village. He also pulled a transcript of the speeches that Naruto gave in front of the Academy.

Hiruzen, with a tired expression on his face as he looks at Naruto, asks "you really can't go one mission without something going wrong, can you?"

Naruto just gives an awkward laugh while scratching the back of his head and says "I don't know but it's always funny ya know."

Both Hiruzen and Tsunade both suddenly have a flashback of a young redheaded girl with the same goofy grin on her face scratching the back of her head.

Asuma then explained about the meeting with Ay in which Naruto gave him the information on the Akatsuki, including information on the known members.

Itachi raises his eyebrow as he wonders how Naruto came upon that information.

Hiruzen looks at Naruto and asks "and how did you come across the information about the Akatsuki? I recently found out about them from Jiraiya and even he doesn't know too much about them."

Naruto replies "you remember how I have my own ANBU black ops? Well, Cat and her partner Bumblebee managed to kill one of them and took the other hostage and was able to extract the information from him. Their names were Kakuzu and Hidan. I will see about getting you a copy of the transcript as well."

Hiruzen let out a tired sigh and asks "is there anything else you have to say?"

Naruto shakes his head and says "no. The last couple days I was there, I was training with both Killer Bee and Yugito, who was helping me with learning how to control Kurama's chakra."

Hiruzen turned his attention back to his son and asks "do you have anything else?"

Asuma gave a nod of his head and says "I would like to put forth that Chuunin Uzumaki be elevated to Special Jonin. He displayed all of the characteristics needed for this rank on this last mission. Kurenai and Gai both give their support."

Hiruzen looks at Naruto and asks "what do you think?"

Naruto just waves his hand side to side and says "it doesn't really matter to me. A rank does not define how strong you are. I mean look at the Eternal Genin." Making all of the adults in the room nod their heads while all the students look confused and whisper to each other. Hiruzen rubs his forehead and once again realizes how far the Academy again had fallen.

Before anybody could say anything else, they can hear yelling and shouting, and the voice of Aimi telling someone "You cannot go in there." The door quickly slams open, revealing none other than Sasuke, who quickly looks at his brother and says "Itachi! I have done what you asked! I have hated you and I have never stopped training and now I am going to avenge our clan!" As he quickly goes through a set of hand signs, his left hand begins to crackle with lightning as the sound of birds begin to chirp in the office.

Sasuke quickly sprints at his brother but is not prepared for Itachi to suddenly rush at him, grabbing him by the throat and pin him into the wall while holding his lightning covered hand to the side. He then leans in close and says "foolish little brother, you haven't changed at all, have you? It would be a hundred years before you can stand up to me." As he activates his Sharingan, Sasuke quickly falls unconscious and falls to the floor.

Hiruzen while rubbing the bridge of his nose calls out for Cat to take him to the hospital.

Naruto then says "I believe it would be in the best interest of the village if we leave him unconscious while Itachi is in the village on his pardon as to not make any more incidents like this." Which got a round of nods of the heads. He then looks at Itachi and says "you'll be staying at my compound so we can have our meeting and conduct our business."

Hiruzen catches his attention and asks "would you be able to tell me what you need to talk to him about?"

Naruto looks at Itachi and says "it's up to you. Almost all of the clan heads along with their spouses are aware of it, as I want to have safeguards in place if something happened." Itachi thinks to himself 'with Danzo dead, the threat was minimized' and knowing that Ashia was under Naruto's protection was a relief, gave a nod of the head.

Naruto looks back at Hiruzen "before I tell you, I want Kakashi to leave the room, as I do not trust him with this information." Hiruzen quickly ordered Kakashi to leave the room. Once he was gone, he put up a barrier around the office to stop people from listening in.

Naruto then tells the group why he got Itachi a temporary pardon, revealing that he was in the village to see his daughter Ashia.

Tsunade slaps her forehead and asks "how could I have missed that? She looks identical to her grandmother."

Hiruzen slowly nods his head and says "I suspected as much when I first saw her. And you're right Tsunade, she does look like Mikoto."

Naruto then says "I want to wait until I believe she is ready and strong enough to protect herself before we reveal her status to the village as heiress to the Uchiha clan."

Sakura asks "isn't Sasuke next in line?"

Naruto shakes his head and says "technically no. The way clans work is usually the father is the head of the clan, if they die their wife becomes head. Next in line would be the firstborn, in this case Itachi. Following Itachi would be his daughter but if something would happen to both of them, then Sasuke would then become Clan head. Most clans always have an heir, which is the first born, then they usually have a second which is referred to as the spare in case something happens to the heir."

Naruto continues by saying "due to Itachi being a rogue ninja under the law, he had to forfeit his right to clan head status, which instantly transferred to his daughter as she is next in line but is too young to take up the mantle. It will have to sit vacant until that time."

Itachi then says "one of the reasons I had her hidden was I did not want her to grow up as a social outcast of the village. Being the daughter of a clan slayer, she would be ostracized or the village would have treated her like a clan princess giving her anything and everything she wanted. No matter where she went in the village, people would be constantly coming up to her to try and get favor with her. It's the same reason that Hiruzen had decided to hide Naruto's status."

Sakura looked at Hiruzen and asked him "is that why no one knew Naruto's father was the Fourth?" And then says "I'm just a little confused, why are the security keeping everything so quiet?"

Naruto decide to answer for him and said "yes, he didn't want me to live in my father's shadow. While I do not completely agree with him, I can understand why he did it." Looking at her, he says "I want you to imagine yourself as one of the strongest kunoichi around. You have hundreds and hundreds of enemies who will not miss the chance to kill you. Now imagine that you have an infant and you are dying. Would you rather have your infant grow up with your name and inherit all of your enemies, who will do everything they can to get to them, or would you rather have your child be ignorant of who they are and who their parents were until they are strong enough to face those enemies?"

Sakura nods her head and says "ok. I see what you mean."

Naruto looks back at Hiruzen and says "I believe all of our business is concluded for today. The trial for Jiraiya is in 2 days. I hope you have been brushing up on your Whirlpool law and how it operates."

Hiruzen gave a nod of the head and says "from what I can find, he will be going before a tribunal of three judges. One from Whirlpool, one from the Hidden Leaf/Land of Fire, and one impartial judge."

Naruto stands up and says "good. Now if you excuse me, I'm heading back to my compound." As he turned to leave, there was a knock at the door. As it opens, a young girl wearing an identical outfit to Tsunade with her brown hair and pigtails saying "Grandma Tsunade, I brought you your lunch" walks in.

Naruto slowly turns and looks at Tsunade, who only has a large grin on her face as she says "everybody else was doing it." Naruto responded by asking "if everybody else was jumping off a bridge, would you do that too?"

Ino, who was trying to hold in her laughter, says "you're starting to sound like my mom Naruto-kun."

[Outside the tower]

Naruto, along with the group, had just exited the tower when there was a shout of a voice saying "there they are!" The group turned the look and see none other than Naruto's little sister dressed in her security guard outfit pointing her finger at both Gai and Lee. Behind her are three of her brothers. She then says "arrest them for not paying their tickets."

Naruto, with a blank look on his face, looks at both men and says "I would run if I were you." Making both of them take off running, being chased by the kids and can hear the voice of Naruto's little sister saying "stop in the name of the law."

Tenten crosses her arms and says "I am so not posting bail money for them." Which sent the group into a fit of laughter.

Ino leans in and gives Naruto a kiss then says "be at my house tomorrow night for dinner. If you don't show up I'm going to send daddy after you."

Naruto just lets out a breath and nods his head.

[Uzumaki compound]

As Naruto and Itachi make their way through the gate, Naruto gives a smile at the twins, who are once again standing outside the gate. Naruto explained that Itachi would be staying in the compound for a couple days, making the twins nod their heads.

The two of them then proceed into the house. Itachi looks at Naruto and says "those two seem to have a large chakra pool to them." Naruto replies "yes, they seem to have Chuunin reserves already and their control is almost perfect." He then says "with their control as good as it is and their reserves growing as it is, I would not be shocked if one day they could give the Gold and Silver Brothers a run for their money."

Itachi merely nodded his head as he looked around and saw the children running around, laughing and playing, while thinking to himself 'this is how a home should be.' So much unlike the Uchiha clan, which had always been silent and cold. Once again silently thanking Naruto.

[Training hall]

The two of them silently slip into the room as a class was going on and sat down on the tatami mats off to the side and prepare to watch the next fight, which was a fight between none other than Ashia, who was wearing red protective gear and one of her brothers, who was wearing blue.

Hinata, who was acting as the referee, looks at both children and says "now remember, this is a friendly match. So, no inflicting too much pain on your opponent." Both children give a nod of the head then turn to their opponent and bow before taking up their fighting stances.

Hinata throws down one of her hands and says "fight." Ashia quickly jumps back as her brother rushes forward and dodges a punch to the left before grabbing the arm, pulling it with her left hand. Then uses her right hand to hit the padding on his stomach before stepping back as the boy dropped to his knees. Hinata raises her left hand and says "point red." She then looks at the boy and asks "do you wish to continue?" The boy stands up and nods his head. As the two again take up their positions. When the signal was given this time, the boy rushed forward and prepared to do a leg sweep but was not prepared for Ashia jumping up and delivering a right cross to his padded head, sending him to the floor again.

Hinata signals a point again and says "okay, that's enough for today." As the rest of the class begins to leave through a side door, Ashia walks up to her brother and holds out her hand and asks "need a hand up?" The boy takes it and gets back to his feet and says "good job today. Maybe next time I'll be able to land a hit."

Ashia smiles and says "if you want, I can help you after dinner and give you a few pointers." The boy nods his head and says "okay. Thanks for the help." He then heads to the side to take off his gear.

Hinata looks at her and smiles and says "you did good today, but it seems that you have a visitor, which is the reason why I ended class early." Ashia slowly turns to look at the side to see who the visitor was. Her eyes widen when she sees her big brother Naruto was home, but it was the man sitting next to him that shocked her. Slowly she takes a step towards him, and then another. She then all but sprints across the room and jumps in the air and wraps herself around him letting out a cry of "daddy!"

Itachi had sat on the sideline and watched his daughter have a sparring match and was impressed, given her age, that she was able to fight as well as she did. But it was what she had done after she had won the fight. She did not brag about her winning, she calmly walked up to her brother and helped him up and then offered to help him get better. Unlike the rest of his clan who would have bragged about winning and never offered to help. It was in that moment he knew that she would be better than anyone from her family had been, being raised by Naruto. Itachi had managed to catch Ashia and wrapped his arms around her. As she began to cry, he slowly rubbed her back.

Naruto and Hinata were standing off to this side and watched the scene. Hinata wrapped her arms around Naruto's right arm as she places a kiss on his cheek and says "that was very kind of you to find a way for her to meet her father."

Naruto just smiles and says "when she told me that she really wanted to meet her daddy, I started planning on how to arrange it."

Itachi, who managed to pry Ashia off and now held her at arm's length, looks at her and says "you look so much like your grandmother." Ashia smiles and says "all of my aunties say the same thing." Itachi has a smile hearing this. He looks at her and says "now your big brother told me that you managed to activate your eyes."

Ashia nods her head and says "yes, but I don't like using them because it feels like I'm cheating when I do." Itachi once again felt pride inside of him hearing this. Most of his family would not hesitate to use their eyes. So, hearing that his daughter was reluctant to rely on them made him happy.

Itachi gave a nod of the head and says "that's very good and you're right, but I would like to see them so I can make sure there's nothing wrong." Ashia closed her eyes and scrunched up her face before slowly opening her eyes, revealing her one tomoe Sharingan. Itachi activates his own and studies hers for a moment before closing his eyes and shutting it off, which Ashia quickly followed. Itachi then rubs her head and says "you should be proud. You're one of the few who activated them this young. Just keep on going the way you are and you will be fine."

Naruto then says "Ashia, your daddy can only stay for 3 days before he has to leave again, but he will be staying here in the compound so why don't you take him on a tour of the compound before we have dinner and show him to the guest rooms, okay?"

Ashia, despite being sad that her daddy would have to leave again, smiles and says "okay big brother." She then quickly takes off her protective gear and puts it where it's supposed to go then runs back and grabs her daddy's hand and says "come on daddy."

[Sakura's POV]

Sakura walks through the front door of her home calling out "I'm home!" hearing the voice of a mother saying "we're in the kitchen." She makes her way through the house to the kitchen. She walks in and sees none other than her mother and aunt sitting at the counter. Sakura walks up and wraps her arms around her mother and says "I'm so sorry mom."

Mebuki returns the hug and asks "whatever for?" Sakura steps back and takes one of the empty seats at the counter. She then says "on the mission, I had my eyes opened to something they had always been closed to." She then went on to explain everything that had happened.

Sakura, after wiping the tears from her eyes, says "so we went to this homeless shelter and Naruto once again started handing out gifts. He had just handed a pair of wool socks to this elderly woman, who burst into tears. It wasn't until we were leaving that Naruto explained why the woman had started crying. He told me 'When you live on the streets, there are three things that you coveted more than anything. The first was a good pair of socks, the next was a jacket, and the last was clean underwear.'" Slowly, she began to cry once again. She looks at her mom and asks "do you know how many times you've bought me new pairs of socks and I just roll my eyes before I tossed them into my dresser without even looking at them?"

Mebuki wraps her arms around her daughter and begins to rub her back telling her everything would be fine.

Sakura, after managing to calm down, looks at her mother and aunt and asks "so, did anything happen while I was gone?"

Mebuki and her sister begin to laugh and reply "not much. Do you remember those little brat's that were always picking on Ainu? Well apparently, yesterday they tried to pick on her again. They even tried to steal her new stuffed Phoenix that she got from Lord Uzumaki. Only this time they tried to do it in front of her new friends from the Uzumaki family. Needless to say, they did not take that lying down and got in the bullies' faces and sent them running."

Sakura felt a small weight leave her knowing that her cousin now had a group of friends that were going to protect her and she would not grow up like she did when she was that age, not having any friends until she met Ino and constantly being teased.

[Uzumaki compound]

Ashia was having a great time showing her daddy around the house. She then came to one of the doors. She then looks up at Itachi and says "and this is the dungeon, where I'm tortured every day."

Itachi raises an eyebrow and asks "Naruto tortures you?

Before she could answer, the door opens and a woman is standing there and says "I highly doubt he will consider me being one of your teachers as torture miss Uzumaki." Itachi looks in the room and sees that it is none other than a classroom. Itachi has a ghost of a smile on his face seeing his daughter pout.

Having spent a few minutes talking to the teacher and learning that his daughter was doing well in her classes the two then continued. Ashia stops in front of another door and says "and this is the best room in the entire house, my room." She then knocks on the door and waits a second before opening the door.

Itachi looks at her and asks "why did you knock on the door if it's your room?" Ashia says "was just making sure my roommate was not in there changing clothes." Which makes Itachi nod his head. He then looks at the room and sees it is set up for two. On the right side of the room, he sees a bed with a red and white comforter set with a stuffed crow on the bed.

Ashia walks in and says "this is my side over here." As she walks over to the side with the red and white bed cover. She then begins to point things out "this is my bed." She then looks around the room and sees no one around so she whispers to her daddy "don't tell big brother but it's really good for bouncing."

Itachi nods his head, finding it highly amusing. He looks at the bedside table and sees there is three photographs. One of the photographs is a copy of the one Naruto gave him, a second one showed the entire family, and the third one was none other than a picture of himself and Maho.

Ashia pointed at her desk and says "this is my desk, where I do my homework at night. Big sister Hinata helps me when I can't do something." She then picks up a piggy bank and says "this is my piggy bank. He keeps my money safe for me." She gives it a shake, making the coins inside it rattle and says "he's a very hungry piggy."

Itachi was just about to say something but is interrupted by the sound of a bird saying "cracker." Looking to his right, he sees a bird cage with a crow in it. Ashia walks over to a small box on an end table and opens it and pulls out a cracker and walks over and says "this is my pet crow." As she gives the crow the cracker, she then sees that his food dish is empty. She looks at Itachi and asks "daddy, will you open the cage and get his food dish out? I'm not supposed to do it."

Itachi walks up to the cage and sees the little door next to the food dish and opens it and grabs the dish before closing it and hands it to Ashia, who opened a second cupboard and pulls out a small box of bird food and spoons out a spoonful amount and puts it in the bowl before handing it back to her daddy who puts it in the cage.

Ashia smiles when she sees the crow begin to eat the bird seed. She then says "it's my job to make sure he has food and water and clean out his cage like a responsible pet owner." Smiling inside, Itachi thinks to himself how happy he is that his daughter being raised to be responsible.

[later that night, dining hall]

As the family was sitting down to have dinner, Itachi was in the middle of telling Ashia a funny story about her mother from when they were younger. With a small smirk on his face, he says "so I was walking over to your mother's new apartment to give her a housewarming gift, as it was the first time she was living by herself. When I walk up to the door and was ready to knock, I hear yelling inside so I rush inside and I see your mother armed with a broom fighting off a wave of soap bubbles coming out of the washing machine. It turned out that she had tried to do a load of laundry by herself for the first time and had read the instructions on the box of soap wrong. Instead of putting one small cup of soap from the box, she had gone and got a cup from the cupboard and put a coffee mug worth of soap in the washer. It took us the entire day to clean the mess up." Ashia had both of her hands over her mouth to stop her from giggling.

Naruto, who was sitting at the table, says "okay, everybody. It's time to wash up and go to bed." All of the kids begin to file out. Ashia looks at Itachi and asks "will you read me a bedtime story and tuck me in tonight?" Itachi nods his head and follows her out. After waiting in the hall so she can get dressed for bed, he sits on the edge of a bed and reads her a bedtime story for the first time, and once he finished, he tucked her in and gave her a kiss on the forehead, telling her good night and that he would see her in the morning. With a cute little yawn Ashia says "good-night daddy, I love you."

Once Itachi was in the hall, he sees Naruto leaning up against it. He then says "I know this must be hard for you and I'm sorry I couldn't get you more than a couple days." Itachi nods his head and says "what I'm getting is more than I ever thought I would so, once again, thank you for everything you have done for her."

The End of Chapter 44

[Omake: promises kept]

Several years in the future, in the village of Konoha, we find Naruto Uzumaki in the Hokage's office, working on a space time ninjutsu formula. Naruto was looking at the seal formula with his tongue poking out of the side of his mouth. As he makes one last alteration and says "that should do it." As he puts his hand on the seal, a blinding flash of light eclipses the office, making him shut his eyes.

[Hokage's office]

When the light dies down, Naruto blinks his eyes then feels a blade at his throat. Looking to his left he sees ANBU Cat standing behind him with her sword at his throat. Behind her was none other than Hiruzen in a battle stance.

Hiruzen looks at the man who suddenly appeared in his office in a blinding light and demands "who are you and how did you get here?" Naruto looks at him in confusion and asks "old man, what are you doing here? You have been dead for the last 12 years."

Hiruzen relaxes his stance and says "Naruto." Upon seeing his face with the whisker marks.

Naruto drops his head and says "yeah, it's me old man. I guess my formula threw me in the past, not distance. How far in the past am I?"

Hiruzen waves his hand telling Cat to stand down. He then looks at the man standing in front of him and says "well, you are currently 8 years old and you should be at the Academy, if you're not running around the village pulling pranks."

Naruto looks down at the scroll on the floor, which had his formula on it. Picking it up, he studies it and says "I think I see where I made a mistake. I should be able to get back to my time." He then looks at Hiruzen and says "well, it was nice seeing you again but I have to go and no I'm not giving you any information on the future. I'm sorry."

Hiruzen could only nod his head and say "I completely understand my boy. I can tell by the look at you that you grew up to be really strong."

Naruto scratched the back of his head and says "you have no idea old man." Then a larger grin spread across his face as he says "there is one thing I have to do while I'm here. I'll be back in a moment." Before quickly using flash-step and disappearing from the office.

Hiruzen quickly took out the crystal ball and located Naruto standing in front of the Academy and watch as he walks through the halls.

[Konoha Academy]

Naruto quickly makes his way through the Academy hallways and heads towards the classroom that he remembers he should be in. As he gets to the door, he can hear the class going on inside. Not even bothering to knock on the door, he slams the door open and looks inside and sees his old class all sitting in the seats, with both Iruka and Mizuki standing at the front of the class.

Iruka turns his head and looks at the man who just slammed the door open and asks "who are you and what are you doing here?" That's when he stopped dead seeing the face of the man storming up to him. He then uses his Big Head Jutsu and says "Naruto! Drop that Henge, you idiot, and get back in your seat! What do you think you're doing?!"

Naruto just reaches up, pokes him in the forehead, sending him flying across the room. "I'm not here for you." He then turns his attention to the class seeing himself sitting in the class, he says "get down here you little brat!"

The younger Naruto instantly runs up to the older one and asks "are you really me? Are you from the future? How did you get here? How long are you here for? Are you here to train me? Did I become Hokage in the future?"

The older Naruto just crosses his arms and says "yes, and yes, I'm from the future, and I'm only here for a short time, and no, I'm not here to train you, and I won't answer that question. I am here for one reason and one reason only, to fulfill a promise I made. I told my girlfriend at the time, who is now my wife, if I ever made a space time ninjutsu that allowed me to travel through time, the first thing I would do would be coming back and kicking myself in the butt for being an idiot. And as an Uzumaki, I am bound by my word." Then he puts his hands on the younger Naruto's shoulders, turns him around and then delivers a kick to his rear end, sending him crashing into the floor. He then says "that's for being an idiot!" Dusting off his hands, he says "well, that's done. Now to go back to my time." He then waves to the class and says "see you all in a little while."

The entire class was shocked as the man who had just walked in and admitted to being Naruto from the future came in and then delivered a kick to his younger self and called him an idiot, which had made many of the kids laugh. The fact that he came back in time to kick himself in the butt must mean he done something pretty stupid.

As the older Naruto was walking towards the door, he ignores all the questions being fired at him from all his classmates. Right before he walks through the door, he turns back and looks at the class and says "oh, I guess I will say one last thing before I leave. If there are any girls in this class that like the idiot, she should probably know, I like girls with long hair." Before leaving the classroom. The moment he was gone, every single student along with both teachers instantly turned to look at Hinata, who was sitting at the back of the class with a bright red face, poking her fingers together. Ino, who was sitting one row in front of her, turned around and whispers "if you want some help, I know some hair care products to help." Which makes her pass out, which increases the giggling from all the female students.

The younger Naruto was still on the floor, rubbing his smoking butt, completely oblivious to what was going on around him. Shikamaru, who happened to be sitting in the front row and in a lazily bored tone, says "man Naruto, even in the future, you are troublesome."

The end.