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His name was Zeph. He was stronger than other mages in the circle. When other apprentices were learning how to lit candles with their will, he was casting multiple fireballs from his fingers. When other apprentices were learning how to heal paper cuts, he could heal lacerations and heavy burns. When other apprentices were learning how to shield themselves from other magic, he was sucking mana dry before his victim cast any spell. When other apprentices were learning how to make headaches, he could confuse crowds, make them think they were chickens or make out with other apprentices. 'Get the party started' as he put it joyfully.

Of course, others saw that kind of power both good and bad. Some enchanters and templars shared his humor and laughed at his confused victims when they squeal like pigs or sniffing columns. Some apprentices watched with awe how he excelled primal, made wonders with creation or drained even their teachers with spirit. Most templars looked at him with suspicion, thinking he must have made a deal with a demon to have that much power; but without any proof they just watched him warily. Libertarians envied his powers and tried to frame and force tranquility on him every turn but after so much failed attempts, they stopped trying.

It was not long before they decided he was ready for the rite of harrowing. An hour ago, templars brought him to the harrowing chamber and prepared the rite. Now it was about to begin.

"Magic exists to serve man and never rule over him. Thus spoke the Andraste…"

The Knight Commander Shannon rambled about Chant of Light, which Circle already drilled to their minds from apprenticehood. He supposed it was procedure so didn't said anything and simply looked around.

"Yes, demons are terrifying creatures but your weapon is your will. If your will is strong enough it won't have any problems in cutting through them." The First Enchanter Wencelus advised him.

"Thanks First Enchanter" he replied to the man "I am ready."

"Very well" Shannon pointed a pedestal with his hand. "This is Lyrium, very essence of the fade…" more procedure rambling "… you are ready."

He stepped to the pedestal and touched the glowing liquid. It jumped to his hand. Surprised and a little anxious, he looked at the First Enchanter for answers…

…and lost consciousness before their eyes met.

Zeph gasped and opened his eyes, and eyed the odd, yellowish sky.

'So this is fade' he thought.

It was like a world out of dreams, which was (nearly) literal, with flying earth, twisted structures, nightmarish statues and odd flames.

He heaved a sigh and walked to the only way he can see, forward, and came face to face with a shimmer of light. He raised his guard and prepared himself for anything. The shimmer shoot him a little ball of lightning. In response, he raised his spell shield; gritting his teeth for destruction but lightning only slapped to the shield and dissipated. He deadpanned and shot a bolt of lightning to the thing, a little embarrassed of his overestimation. The bolt zapped the creature and disintegrated it. Blinking several times, he moved forward. Killed some more of the little things and came in front of a shadowlike being with tattered clothes and a glowing white eye…, which was also seemingly dozing off. He approached warily nevertheless

'This must be a demon' he thought

"Are you here for trying to possess me?" he asked to the demon who chuckled a little.

"No, too much effort, the one wants is further ahead. I'm just getting ready for a nap."

"Oh… fine, um…"


"Sloth. I'll just leave you with your rest then"

"Thanks. And good luck"

Zeph threw a wave over his shoulder and proceeded.

"You'll need it." The demon muttered and resumed his nap.

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