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"Suspect and accomplices have been detained. Check for any others." His radio sounded, the officer clicked his radio on.
"Copy that." Officer Lightwood replied, looking at his partner. They began walking back down a dark unknown hallway. They both had their weapons out, their bodies tense with alertness.
"I'll go first." His partner and best friend spoke. He was Michael Wayland, they were as close as brothers and joined the force at the exact same time. They slowly walked down the hallway that was painted blood red with dark floors. Michael stopped suddenly, shifting on the floor and hearing a creak.
"What is it?" Robert asked, looking at Michael with a frown.
"There's something under here. Here, help me." With that, the two sheathed their weapons, pulled back and a rug and found a secret hatch. They looked at each other, almost reading each others mind. Micheal reached for the hatch handle and Robert stopped him.
"We should wait for backup."
Michael hefted it open anyway, "It'll be fine. You call it in if it makes you feel better."
Robert did just that. He was always the more responsible one of the two anyway. Michael was more of the type do-now-think-later and Robert was the opposite, perhaps it was why they were such good friends, even in their adult years.
The force said they would send backup but it would take almost twenty minutes since they were having trouble with some of the people they arrested. Michael started down the stairs that were there and Robert had nothing else to do but follow him.
As they stepped down the stone stairs in the dark, enclosed hallway that made him feel way too claustrophobic, he rested his hand on his gun just in case. As it got too dark for either of them to see, they pulled out their flashlights at almost the same time.
Robert noted their steps, the hollow sound they made as they made their way to where it took them. There was obviously a room somewhere down below them. "There's a hidden basement."
Michael nodded, noting his partners words but not replying, he was intent on listening, that was his greatest strength anyways.
The stairs finally stopped and so did Michael as he flung out a nasty curse. "What is it?" Robert asked then stopped himself, both of their flashlights landed on blood stains, everywhere on the concrete. There were puddles and streaks and dragged blood streaks all over the floor, most looked old but many were new and freshly dried.
Robert cursed lowly, passing his partner and starting for the floor and off the stairs. The basement was a prison of cells. It was quite small, the cells were only on one side, the right side if you looked on where the stairs were and you turned left. Robert pointed his flashlight down one side and the other, he could see the wall. There weren't that many cells to search, maybe five or six.
"Split up or same time?" Michael asks, finally knocking out of his stupor.
"Same, I rather not get into any trouble if anything is down here." They began going to one side of the cells, pointing their flashlights inside. There was no living anything in the first three cells, only rats or insects.
Inside the cells were chains, manacles and blood stains along with other excretory contents whether fresh or old, either way with no windows it didn't smell very well down here.
As Robert pointed the flashlight into the fourth cell, he almost missed it and dismissed it as a rodent. But a flash of red caught his eye before he could move on completely.
"Wait, Mich. There's someone in there." Robert said, trying to get close enough to get a better look. He shown the flashlight on the person and at first thought they were dead. But the figure lifted her head, and Robert realized the figure was barely a teenager if that, merely a child locked in here.
"It's a child." Michael murmured in disbelief.
Robert pointed his flashlight in the other direction so he didn't blind the girl. "Hello, little girl. Do you speak English?" Robert asked, using the tone of voice he used with all child, soothing and concerning.
He saw the girl nod her head. She was curled up in a ball, knees pressed to her chest and head resting on her knees, her arms wrapped around herself and she shivered violently. It was drastically colder down here than it was in the Italian sun.
"What's your name?" Michael asked, slightly loud making the girl jump and shrink back. Robert gave him a harsh look, one that said he would do the talking.
"You can tell us, we're going to get you out of here."
"I've had many people tell me that. Every time they're either lying or they die in the process. I've learned not to believe anything I hear." The girl spoke with a crisp American accent, nothing Italian was in her voice or even her face. She looked more Swedish but she spoke like an American. She also spoke with a certain brokenness that bit at Robert's heart.
"Well this time it's the real thing." Michael said determined. He walked up to the bolt on the cell and easily picked it with the lock pickers on his tool belt. The cell door sprang open with ease and Michael let Robert walk in cautiously.
"What did you say your name was?"
The girl, Clarissa, shuttered slightly as Robert shuffled closer to, slow as can be. It was clear to see that this girl either had major mental issues or physical ones, no clue on what they could be.
He tried to get the girl to meet his eyes. "What's your last name?" He asked the frightened girl.
"I don't know." She replied, monotonous.
Robert knelt down in front of her and she sucked in a tight breathe, turning her head slightly as if she was awaiting a blow. It made Robert's head squeeze, there was no doubt her fear was the works of the men they arrested today. Who knows what they put her through. Robert looked behind him at Michael as they heard footsteps, before long five officers in their unit were standing beside Michael asking questions, most went to investigate the other cells.
He turned back to the girl and they finally made eye contact, something which she quickly broke and she looked at his chest, eyes moving over his uniform until she settled back, shrinking farther away from him.
"How do I know this isn't another trap Father set for me. I wouldn't be surprised if it was." She spoke softly, almost talking to herself more than she was Robert.
He was more confused but he needed to get the girl out of the cell. "Can you walk? Do you have any injuries?"
She nodded and he looked at her, "Where?"
"My back. I can move. Multiple torn tissue hurts less than it did the time before." Clarissa stumbled into crouch then pushed herself laboriously into a hunched standing position. Her shirt was almost falling off and went she began to walk toward the cell door, Robert gasped so lowly it hurt his throat. Everyone looked at him, except the girl who simply stopped and looked back at him with almost bored eyes. "I believe this isn't a dream or a test, most of Valentine's men don't act like this around my injuries."
Robert gently grasped her bicep, helping her out of the cell and he pulled himself together. The other officers were calling orders, calling for another ambulance and letting the men on the surface everything that happened.
Clary looked at him with emotionless eyes and said something that almost shattered his heart completely. "Did he finally kill me?"

Robert stayed by the girl's side once they were back in front of the large manor where they had busted Valentine and his men. Clarissa sat on the edge of the ambulance, eyes slightly drawn and he could assume her back ached.
The paramedic said there was no stitches or surgery they could give to piece her back together nor was there anyway they could fix the way it looked. They said it was too damaged and there were many scars, meaning it happened so often, she had too much scar tissue.
Robert sat next to her and she simply sat there, staring at the ground. Robert was looking at her, analyzing her face. She had a few moments where her face would contract slightly and her mouth would open, almost like to say something, but she thought better of it. It happened a total of four times before Robert's chief called him over to where he and Michael were standing.
"I'll be right back." He said, Clarissa didn't even acknowledge him.
He walked over, running a hand through his solid black hair. "We've found her in the New York database." Chief Marshall spoke once he got to them on the grass.
Robert's eyebrows rose. "That soon?"
"There aren't that many Clarissa's surprisingly with her size and features." Michael almost smirked at him, Robert could've guess that if he thought about it hard enough.
"You said that she mentioned that her father could be Valentine Morgenstern. That means that her mother is living in New York with her son. I'm sure you know Jocelyn Morgenstern?" Chief asked, raising his eyebrow at both of them.
Michael and Robert shared looks of disbelief, she was Jocelyn's daughter? The daughter that everyone thought had died in a fire along side Valentine Morgenstern? Obviously they knew that Valentine was not at all dead, but they most certainly had not thought to even look for Clarissa.
"Yes, we know her. We didn't even think that-." Robert started.
Chief nodded, "That there was even a possibility. Neither did we. But if you look at her, doesn't she look like Jocelyn?"
"What are we going to do with her? She's not in the mental state to simply go back with her mother." Michael asked, staring at her slightly as if he was trying to picture Jocelyn beside the girl.
Jocelyn Morgenstern, or Fairchild how she likes to go now, was one of Robert, Michael's and both of their family's closest friends. They did most holidays and saw each other weekly. They did not talk about Clarissa often but he even knew that Clarissa was someone Jocelyn dearly missed.
"Well that's where either you or Robert come in. We were thinking either, since Robert has experience," Robert knew exactly where this was going and he wasn't sure if it was a good idea or not. "Robert would reacclimatize Clarissa back into the community and back with Jocelyn. You've done this before, this is simply a more extreme case."
Robert agreed easily, Michael raised an eyebrow. Chief gave both of them pats on the shoulders, "Good men. Both of you are released and can take an easy month break before other missions arise. You both earned it."
"Thank you, Sir." Michael nodded at Chief. Once he walked away, he nudged his partners shoulder. "You agreed without even consulting Maryse? Remember what happened last time?"
Oh yes, he remembered, though he would like to forget. "This is Jocelyn's daughter, it won't be like last time." Michael just rolled his eyes and Robert grinned at his best friend.
"I'm going to get going back to the hotel, I'm sure you'll need to do...something." Michael wasn't good with children, only his own and even then he was awkward with them in the toddler stage. Luckily for them, he's better with older kids.
Robert walked back to Clarissa and she looked up, her face indifferent. It looked like she steeled that picture onto her face and she's had a lot of practice to perfect it. She was curled in a blanket tightly and he face was tight with worry and other things that he had no doubt were swirling inside her head.
"Are you ready to go?" He asked calmly, smiling at her.
Clarissa didn't look trusting, setting her lips in a firm line. "Go where?"
"To home."

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