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A knock sounded on the door, making her bolt up in bed. She would have thought she'd sleep soundly being in such a comfortable bed and not used to getting too much sleep, but most of the night she tossed and turned, and woke up at least five times.

Robert stuck his head inside the room, smiling at her. Though his smiled looked a bit stressed, she wasn't sure why. "Morning. I just ordered breakfast. We need to leave in about thirty minutes so I would get dressed and pack the suitcase." He explained, nodding to the suitcase sitting by the chest of drawers. He was prepared.

Clary nodded and Robert left as a yawn forced its way up her throat. She layed back in the bed, sighing in contentment and sadness that she had to leave it so soon. Finally she pushed her legs out of the heavy comforter and stretched. Her back ached but she just ignored it.

Clarissa walked to the conjoining bathroom and did her morning duties, using the new toothbrush that was sitting on the countertop, the one she saw yesterday before her shower.

Once she was finished there, she stripped off the clothing she was wearing and fished something out of the chest of drawers, she didn't particularly care what. She settled on a pair of black sweatpants, the same white tee shirt that she slept in and a white hoodie. There wasn't much else to really pack in the suitcase that Robert got her, but still, she shoved the clothing from the drawers into the suitcase-not folding them because...Well she didn't know how to. It wasn't that hard but when she tried, it just looked like a wrinkled mess and it looked the same as if she just shoved it all in there.

She zipped up the bag and pulled her hair back into two tight braids, just a way to get it out of her face. She hated having her hair down, anyway that was different than just a regular ponytail was fine with her and when she was bored without a sketchpad, she had to be creative with her hair.

Walking out of her room and into the kitchen, she smelt the best smell-besides Mac and Cheese, in the world. It was bacon. A slight smile twisted up on her lips and she walked to see Robert already sitting at the table, eating a plate. He looked up from his breakfast and pushed a plate to a chair beside him, "This is yours."

She thanked him with a nod and sat down. Needless to say, she did not need to have someone tell her if it was alright if she began to eat, she dug in straight away. Before while, the tiny girl had devoured the whole plate of food, which was surprising for a girl her size and stature. Even Robert looked surprised but he didn't comment on it.

When she got up and excused herself, Robert spoke, "Are you packed?" A nod. "Good because the car is going to be here in five minutes. Of course it is, since I can't seem to keep track of time." He grumbled to himself and grabbed the plates, throwing them in the sink with a clatter and ran to his room.

Clary followed suit, noting he was in a rush and grabbed the suitcase. She remembered to put her necessities from the bathroom in there as well. She left the room and Robert pulled her on from the room with haste. Was that the reason he looked stressed?

As they waited for the elevator to rise to their floor, Clary noted his agitated position and annoyed sighing he did whenever the elevator stopped at different floors. She also saw the tense shoulders he had. She decided to try not do anything to further annoy him, she had experience with men who lashed out when like this and she didn't want to be on the receiving end of anything.

The elevator finally rose to their floor and they hopped on, it soared down to the bottom floor and they rushed from the hotel, Clary's little legs struggled to keep up with Robert's long stride so much she almost had to jog beside him.

When they got outside the hotel, this time there was no one with cameras waiting for them, thank goodness. I wasn't sure if I could deal with that again after yesterday. But instead a black car with tinted windows, just like the one they got here in was waiting with a man in a suit leaning against it. As Clary got closer to him, her brows drew in, trying to remember why he looked so familiar.

"Here. We're late, we need to get to the airport." Robert said, rushed, and handed his suitcase to the man. The man took it without question and looked at Clary when Robert turned away.

"Your bag?" He asked, then gave the tiniest smirk that not everyone could see. Clary's lips parted in shock and she almost stumbled onto his backside if she didn't run into Robert, who grabbed her shoulder to steady her.

"What's wrong?" He asked, concerned. Robert shifted Clary's bag to the man and pushed her into the car. Her heart was racing with terror and adrenaline.

It was like her body and mind still thought she was in her father's manor, like it life or death mode. Like she had to fight out. Sure it was like that there, but not here, she could relax. She had to try and relax even though this man, the so-called driver was one of the men who worked for her father and helped punish her if she tried to escape. She felt shivers run down her back at the thought of it.

The driver hopped in and she noticed the lock of the doors before he started the car and pulled away from the curb and began driving toward the airport. Without her consent, she felt panic lace up her arms and lungs. She looked into the rearview mirror and locked eyes with the man, he had the indecency to wink at her.

Her breathing sped up times ten.

Clary surprised herself by turning to Robert, "Do you think we could walk? I bet we could get there in not too long. I know where the airport is, it's maybe a thirty minute walk." She tried not to show her panic attack.

Robert frowned at her. "We're already so late. Tell me what's wrong."

Clary glanced at the driver, again meeting his eyes in the mirror unwillingly. This time they were condescending, but held a sheer warning inside them. "Nothing, I just thought the...fresh air would do good."

She wasn't good at lying.

Robert glanced between the driver and her before shaking his head, thinking best about whatever thought he had before. "It won't take more than ten minutes to get there."

She nodded, trying to control her breathing and racing veins and decided to just stare out the window and think about nothing but nature, anything but her father or any of his loyal subjects. After what felt like forever, they finally arrived at the airport.

Clary wasted no time, jumping out of the car, narrowly getting sideswiped by a taxi that was speeding by. Robert called out at her, but his warning was drowned out by the wind from the taxi in her ears. She looked over and saw the driver side door open and before she knew it, the man-His name started with a P, it was something that started with a P, had grabbed her arm and said in a condescending voice with an underlying tone, "Watch out miss, wouldn't want you to get hit."

Her eyes rose to his without her permission and a memory surfaced in her brain, a memory of him beating her, kicking her in the face until she couldn't see over the blood, him touching her-

She didn't stop the scream that escaped her lips, it was a bloodcurdling scream that made everyone stop and wonder if someone was being murdered or attacked. "Let go of me let go of me let go of me!" She shouted at the top of her lungs, yanking her arm out of his grip so hard that she knew she would have bruises where his hand squeezed.

When she was released from his hold, she finally had someone that she could be protected by. Usually Clary would call herself a tough person, she was all she had for most of her teenage life, but as the panicked shakes racked her body, she reached for Robert's arm, clutching onto his sleeve like a lifeline. Robert was frowning looking between the driver and Clary.

The driver, whatever his name was, simply unloaded the bags like nothing happened. Like everything was perfectly fine. The driver dropped the bags off in front of them and tried to grab eye contact with Clary but she physically could not raise her eyes to his.

When the driver walked away, back into his car, Clary was the closest she'd been to someone in a while. She had her arm tightly looped around Robert's, clutching onto his shirt sleeve. Her body was still shaking even though the driver begun to drive away. "Come on, Clary. It's alright, let's get inside."

Clary nodded, releasing herself from Robert's embrace and grabbed her bag. She still felt the feeling of paranoia but just rushed after Robert, walking beside him quickly.

She'd never been in an airport before, let alone rode on a plane. Well, I would have had to flown on a plane if I was from New York. I just didn't remember it apparently.

The airport was huge, it was the only large one on the coast. The other more international and busier was more inland. This was the Grosseto Airport as announced by different overbearing signs in the building.

Robert guided her between people and started to prepare her for the security check. "Don't worry, they just need you to walk through then we can get to the plane."

She nodded, chewing on her lip in anticipation and nerves, her anxiety was off the charts today. When they got to the checkpoint, she threw her back up on the converter belt and walked to where they told her to go. She walked though a large ring, a metal detector someone said, then a large African American male walked up to her with a wand of some sort. Her eyes got wide and stumbled back a few steps, only to be caught by Robert. "It's fine, he just needs to wave that around."

She took a breathe and held out her arms. It was over as soon as it started and she ducked out of the man's vision and back over to Robert. Her nerves started to get the best of her stomach, she felt like she was going to puke. Just the thought of being cramped into a plane with almost a hundred other people made her queasy.

"Luckily the organization I work for gave us a private plane, so no worries on having other people. Except my partner of course."

She nodded, shaking her hands to ease blood flow back into them after ringing them so many times.

Before long they left the building and walked out to the strip with their suitcases dragging behind them, they didn't have to walk long before they got to the plane and the dropdown staircase. "I'll take those." A man stated, grabbing their bags before they could really process the request. Robert made an annoyed noise in the back of his throat and climbed up the stairs, glancing back at her as she followed closely behind him.

The plane was surprisingly cozy, for such a small space. There were tables in the front along with a couch, then toward the back there were chairs and they folded back into beds with built in televisions.

If flying was like this, she would learn to not mind it!

"Sit wherever you like, I'll have an attendant bring a blanket if you'd like."

"Thank you." She spoke softly, migrating toward the back where the bed and television was. She settled down into one of the chairs and sat there, trying to figure out with her eyes exactly how they worked, especially the beds. Because she was surprisingly tired and she wasn't sure how long this would take anyway.

"Need help?"

She sprung up in her seat, looking toward the owner of the voice. She saw a familiar face, but couldn't put an identity to it. Luckily Robert was behind the man and placed a hand on his shoulder, shoving him back. "Don't sneak up on her, Mic." Robert scolded. "Clary, my partner Michael, Michael this is Jocelyn's daughter Clary, I'm sure you know it anyway."

Michael, the man, nodded. His eyes were slightly unsettling, they seemed to analyze everything about her and look her up and down. She had a feeling he may have meant well, but she wasn't too sure about it. "Nice to meet you Clary, I bet you're excited to get to New York and see your mother and brother."

Clary frowned, looking at the two men. Robert glared at Michael, pursing his lips. It looks like they weren't supposed to share that information with her. She clenched her jaw, "I would appreciate if you wouldn't keep important things like a brother from me. No matter how fragile you think my mental state is." She snapped. She could tell her outburst had surprised the two adults by the way they looked at each other. Robert was the first one to regain his composure and sit down in the seat across from her, Michael followed suit after Robert gave his partner a look.

"Yes, well, you have a brother. He's two years older than you and...Doesn't look like you either. He looks more like Valentine did." Robert explains, trying to soften his words from their meaning. "My children are best friends with Jonathan, your brother, so once you go to live with your mother we'd see each other weekly if not daily."

Clary nodded slowly, gathering the information. She had a brother and he looked exactly like her father. Wasn't that just great. Of course, with her luck, she'd be reminded of the horrid things that happened in her first years of life. Would he be just like my father?

"Do I have to go with Joke-My mother so soon? Perhaps...I could stay with you a while just to get my bearings?" Clary asked finally, wringing her hands nervously as the plane began to move. "I've never traveled outside of the town, let alone the country and I..." She trailed off, words failing her.

Robert smiled. "Of course, that'd be fine. You can meet Jocelyn a few times and decide when you'd like to live her with her. There's no bother at all."

Clary nodded, a ghost of a smile on her lips. Robert and Michael got up from across from her and went toward the front of the plane. An intercom came on and told everyone to buckle up. Clary did, it took a few moments but she did eventually.

She gripped the chair handles tightly as the plane began to gain speed and before she knew it, she was jostled and they were in the air.

She gasped before she could help herself. She was flying, holy shit. She was flying in an actual plane! Leaning to look out of the window, she looked amazed at the retreating buildings and they flew toward the ocean.

This was a new part of her life, her life in Italy was long gone.

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