Hey Everyone! Firefistphoenix here with a brand new story. This is about Ace's past. To be better put it is about Ace's crewmates watching his past but let me remind you that it is just a few commanders who were very close to Ace and whose character could be made.

I do hope you all like it. Pl remember that this story is NOT the sequel to Saving Ace Together but is set in the same universe. This is between the sequel and the Story-Saving Ace together. I do hope you like it.

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Marco looked over the map and saw the island. He then looked at his log pose. He frowned at it as it was not making any other moment except pointing at it. That island did not have a name on it but it was mentioned on the map as No-name island. But its misty look had put Marco on the edge.

"Marco" Ace called coming behind him "Are we near the island?"

"Yeah…." Marco said looking at him.

"Great! I will tell Oyaji!" Ace said before running off. Marco chuckled at the way Ace was behaving when the ship neared an island.

Slowly the Moby Dick came near the island and most of the people got down from the ship. Everyone decided to explore. Marco stretched a bit before going to the islands before stopping as he heard foot steps behind him. He turned to look at Whitebeard smiling at him, Ace sitting on his shoulder.


"Ace wanted me to come son. Is that okay?"

Marco laughed and nodded. Thatch, Izou, Haruta followed by Vista and Jozu to came.

"Can we come too?" Haruta asked excited. Whitebeard laughed before nodding while Ace grinned at them happily.

"The more the merrier!"

Marco shook his head at their antics before he felt Whitebeard wrap his arms around him and lift him to make him sit on his other shoulder. Thatch pouted.

"Oyaji! It's not fair!" But Whitebeard simply laughed before looking at Thatch.

"Marco always helps son. Let's give him a break."

"What about Ace?"

"He sat first."

Thatch grumbled while Ace laughed and Marco smiled before relaxing.

The group then left to explore the island. Marco liked the view as he sat on the Old Man's shoulder. It was not every day that one could sit here and enjoy although Ace did it whenever he wanted.

Haruta stopped suddenly and pointed at a huge cave. "Shall we explore it?" He asked excited.

"Hey that is a good idea" Thatch said looking at Whitebeard who nodded and they went to the cave.

"It is a huge cave." Ace commented as he looked around.

"But it is too dark." Thatch said before yelping as Marco stood in front of him with his blue fire. "Geez Marco don't scare me."

Marco grinned cheekily as Ace activated his powers after he jumped down from his perch before looking at the place.

"Is that a poneglyph?" Marco asked suddenly looking at a stone in the middle and everyone moved towards the stone.

"It is not…" Whitebeard mused looking at it carefully. The stone looked similar to a poneglyph but it was different from the others in due to the fact that it had drawings on it. Ace however was frowning at a writing in the middle and Marco noted that it looked similar to the one usually written on a poneglyph.

"What does it say?" Thatch questioned looking at it.

"'You can close your eyes away from reality but not from your deepest secrets and memories'" Ace said suddenly which had everyone looking at him "'But remember that even the darkest moments come to an end for it is the darkness which leads to the light' That was what the stone said."

"Wow Ace I did not know you could read that!" Thatch exclaimed looking impressed. Ace looked at him confused.

"What do you mean…" There was a sudden blast of light which had them covering their eyes.

Marco groaned as he opened his eyes. When he had closed his eyes he had seen his past, how he had eaten his devil fruit, his capture and escape and meeting Oyaji. He blinked and saw everyone looking at him worried.

"Son are you okay?" Whitebeard questioned as Marco got up slowly.

"Yeah…" he replied glancing around "Where is Ace?"

"Don't know…" Izou said worried.

"Where are we?" Jozu muttered glancing around.

It was like a white space where nothing could be seen just white blankness. It put Marco on the edge more than before. They suddenly heard footsteps. Marco turned and the white scene changed showing them of a cottage near the ocean. It had many hibiscus flowers near them. The view of the ocean from there was beautiful.

"It's very pretty…" Vista uttered glancing at the sea and everyone nodded.

"What is this place?" Whitebeard questioned looking at the cottage.

A lady with long strawberry blonde hair slowly came out of the cottage with a newspaper in her hand as she looked at the ocean. She wore a long short-sleeved baby blue colored dress and had a red hibiscus in her hair. Thatch whistled looking at her.

"Damn is she pretty." He said as Izou hit him on the head.

"Excuse me Ma'am?" Marco questioned moving to her. She did not even glance at Marco even when he waved his hand in front of her.

"I think she can't see us." Jozu commented. Marco suddenly gasped.

"Marco? Something wrong with her…" Thatch trailed of before yelling "Her freckles are similar to Ace's!"

"Th-The date…" Marco said suddenly "This is almost 23 years ago!"


"Are we in the past?" Haruta questioned.

"But they can't see us…." Marco said before realizing "…this is a memory."

"Roger…" The woman whispered suddenly as she held hand to her mouth and she started crying silently.

"If she is crying then…" Izou uttered "Roger has been executed."

"But why is she crying?" Thatch questioned.

"You should realize now son..." Whitebeard said "This is Ace's mother."

"EH!" Everyone except Marco yelled.

"Damn, Ace's mom is hot!" Thatch grumbled as Izou and Marco hit him on the head at the same time.

"Let's follow her" Marco said as she slowly moved back to her house wiping her tears.

The group went inside the cozy house and watched as Ace's mom sat and ate her dinner. She then went and sat on her bed looking at the stars in the sky her one hand on her stomach. She smiled softly at her stomach.

"Don't be afraid little one…" She murmured "I will protect you…your papa might have left…but he did it to protect you…I hope you don't hate him when you grow up…but it is understandable if you do…."

'She seems like a nice mother…" Izou said smiling at her.

"If I am right her name is Rogue…Portgas D Rouge" Marco said smiling at the scene.

"So am I to assume that we are watching Ace's memories?" Vista asked.

"I think so…" Marco said looking at Whitebeard who nodded.

"Well it does not seem so bad now…" Thatch said as Haruta nodded.

But Marco knew it would be bad as they would witness how Ace grew up and he was pretty sure judging by the Ace was in the beginning with them that it would be bad. He should have listened to his instinct in the morning.

So that is the first chapter folks. I do hope you all like it. This story was my own idea mainly due to the fact that there are stories on Luffy's past and even on watching the show (I read most of them) but never one on Ace. So I do hope you all like it.

P.S.: Since it is the first chapter it is small but the next ones will be big.

Have a nice day ;-)