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"If I am right her name is Rogue…Portgas D Rouge" Marco said smiling at the scene.

"So am I to assume that we are watching Ace's memories?" Vista asked.

"I think so…" Marco said looking at Whitebeard who nodded.

"Well it does not seem so bad now…" Thatch said as Haruta nodded.

But Marco knew it would be bad as they would witness how Ace grew up and he was pretty sure judging by the Ace was in the beginning with them that it would be bad. He should have listened to his instinct in the morning.

The memory had slowly closed and opened again. They were in the kitchen where Rouge was sitting on the chair the newspaper on the table humming to herself.

"Hm…the Whitebeards again" She said suddenly and everyone looked at her.

"Gods, she is talking about us!" Thatch exclaimed.

Rogue patted her belly lovingly. "Hear that love, Whitebeard's crew got a new territory. Your papa always liked them. He especially liked the first division commander…I believe his name is Marco"

Everyone turned and looked at Marco while Whitebeard laughed.

"Well, Roger always liked him!"

"Will you challenge him if you become a pirate dear?" Rogue questioned looking at her stomach "I heard they are like a family. So be careful okay. Ah, but if you want to join them that's alright I guess…But if you meet Whitebeard someday tell me how he looks like. Roger always told me that he is very huge but he would get distracted by Shanks…Also tell me about Marco if you meet him…he sounds very interesting if your papa tried to recruit him…Shanks also said that he wants to recruit him…"

"Why is it that everyone wants to recruit Marco Pops?" Thatch stated annoyed.

"Gurara…Marco impressed them son"

"Why am I the only subject?" Marco said annoyed. The three generations of the straw hats wanted to recruit him. He was happy where he was Thank you very much!

Rouge continued to speak telling stories about Roger's crew as all of them watched her.

"You know I wish I could meet her…" Haruta said smiling like an idiot as she told a funny story about how Roger had pranked Rayleigh "…she seems really nice."

"I know…" Izou said smiling at him.

"Ya and she is pretty…" Thatch commented grinning which had both Izou and Marco hitting him on the head.

The scene changed again and Rouge was sitting on the rocking chair frowning slightly. Whitebeard gazed at her worried. He felt something was wrong.

"For some more time…some more time…" She murmured patting her stomach.

"Oyaji…" Vista said uncertainly looking at her worried.

"She is stalling Ace's birth…" Marco breathed out worried.

"WHAT!" everyone except Whitebeard yelled who frowned. "Ace did say about this once…" He said glancing at Marco who nodded sadly.

"What the hell?" Jozu muttered looking at Rouge sadly.

"Yes, Ace's mother carried Ace for more than a year so that the Navy would believe that he was not born. Had he come out before he would be killed for carrying Roger's blood." Marco gritted out at the cruelty of the Marines.

"How low can the Marines stoop?" Vista stated pointing at the mothers who were being taken away from their family and children.

"How cruel…" Izou muttered.

"The scene changed again and Rouge was reading the paper again. She suddenly clutched her stomach in pain and rubbed over it.

"Hush little one…I know that the world is very beautiful…but it is very cruel…it took your papa away and now wants to take you too…just for some more time…until the marines leave…" she muttered looking sad.

Thatch and Haruta were biting their lips trying not to cry and Marco felt like hitting someone preferably a marine to make him feel better.

"How could they do such a thing…" Jozu yelled angrily.

The scenes continued to change each showing Rouge pushing herself to her limit. Whitebeard clenched his bisento tightly muttering about smashing the marines for doing something so horrible.

The scene now showed the sea-side again. They heard footsteps which showed a young Garp coming and looking at the hospital. Thatch gasped looking at him.

"So this is where Garp becomes Ace's grandpa?"

"I guess…" Marco said looking at the marine hero.

It was nighttime when Garp entered the room. He was being blocked by someone but he pushed over and opened the door. Rouge sat there on the bed while an old lady slept.

"Are you Portgas D Rouge?" He questioned as she nodded slowly.

"I think Rouge knew that Garp was going to come." Whitebeard said glancing at the scene.

The scene went blank and in the next scene they all heard crying. Rouge was holding a crying Ace in her arms shushing him although she had a bright smile on her face as she looked at her son.

"Gods, Ace is so adorable!" Haruta gushed moving over to see Ace clearly.

"But he is so small…" Whitebeard uttered.

"Everyone is small for you Oyaji…" Thatch said cheekily.

"…If it's a girl…Anne…If it's a boy…Ace…" Rouge said as tears came in her eyes "That was the name that he picked for our child…" A tear rolled down her eye and fell on Ace as she continued to shush him.

The group was quiet looking on.

"…so that is his name…Gol D Ace…"

Rouge slowly kissed him on his forehead as she continued to shush him stroking her cheek against Ace's cheek.

"My son…our little boy…" She muttered before whispering something in his ear.

"Don't cry Ace…Mama is going to papa now so don't cry…I know you will do so many great things…you are our son…my only regret is that I cannot see you grow…but I know you will become a fine young man…a great person someday…I hope no matter what happens you remain happy…I will always be watching over you…I love you…."

Rouge slowly fell down as everyone rushed to her yelling her name and everyone heard her utter one word "…Ace."

Rouge's eyes were closed but there was a smile on her face. Marco stared at her.

Thatch and Haruta burst into tears while Izou and Vista was biting their lips from crying. Jozu clenched his fist tightly trying to stop his despair while Marco leaned against Whitebeard and tried to control his pain while Whitebeard held him controlling his pain too. The scene in front of them was too much. Ace's mother went through so much only to die. She could not see his son grow.

The scene slowly changed with Garp holding Ace while he looked at the sea. He sighed softly before looking at Ace who was sleeping. He then looked back at the house before walking away towards his ship.

A marine came to him looking at the baby confused. "Garp-san who is this baby?"

"Oh he is my friend's son. His parents are dead and I promised I would look after him…"


"Alright let's go Dawn Island!"


"So Garp took Ace to his hometown…" Marco stated looking at Garp who was cradling Ace so that he would continue to sleep.

"So we see Ace's childhood and Luffy huh?" Thatch questioned and everyone nodded.

The scene changed and Garp was walking in a forest cradling Ace in his chest as Ace slept.

"Why is Garp taking Ace in the mountains?" Whitebeard questioned looking around.

Ace slowly got up and started crying faintly. Garp rubbed his back as he continued to cry. He then came in a clearing where a fat lady was hanging clothes.

"Who is that?" Thatch questioned. Everyone shrugged.

"I want you to raise this kid, Dadan." Garp said suddenly which had everyone falling down anime style.

"Did he just…" Izou yelled.

"Oh hell no…" the now identified Dadan yelled "A baby can't be raised with mountain bandits!"

"MOUNTAIN BANDITS!" Everyone yelled.

"Is Garp insane!?" Thatch yelled.

"Mountain bandits can't raise kids!1" Haruta yelled.

"That Garp..." Whitebeard said as the air crackled slightly around him.

"You better listen to me…" Garp said annoyed.

The scene changed and Ace was sleeping in a cradle while the bandits there kept an eye on him. Garp and Dadan were sitting under the tree with Garp holding a sake bottle and Dadan another.

"He is Gold Roger's son!"

"Yes and I want you to protect him…"


"If word got out you are dead!" He threatened her and she nodded frantically.

"So what are you going to do?" Dadan asked as she drank her sake.

"His mother carried him for 20 months…" Garp commented as Dadan spit out the sake and looked at him shocked "And I had promised her that I would protect him for as long as possible…I even promised Roger…so I guess I will look out for him…"

"More like I will…" Dadan muttered to herself.

"I will make Ace into a marine!1" Garp yelled and Dadan fell down.

"He would definitely become a pirate…" Dadan commented getting up but Garp grabbed her shirt.

"Teach him to be a Marine Dadan…"


"Nope Ace would never become a Marine old man!" Thatch yelled as Haruta nodded.

"Anyway I am leaving…nothing should happen to him…or else...!"

"Yes sir.'

Garp nodded got up and left and Dadan huffed before going inside and looked at the now awake Ace.

"Well if he is sleeping then it won't be a problem. Boys let's make sure we don't get killed by Garp so take care of him."

"Oh is that nice" Izou said smiling at them.

The next minute all of them were playing poker completely ignoring the kid who stared at them.

"Who am I kidding?" Izou grumbled as everyone nodded.

Ace continued to stare at them although he did have tears in his eyes. There was silence for a few minutes before the bandits grumbled and Dadan came and they tried to entertain Ace. He slowly started laughing and everyone was grinning.

"You are going to be my death reason kid" Dadan grumbled but she was smiling at him.

"Isn't he?" Thatch said smiling at the now laughing baby Ace.

"He's wrapped them around his little finger…" Vista said smiling at the scene.

"Just like the crew right Oyaji?" Marco said smiling at Whitebeard who laughed and nodded.

"Anyway how long is this going to take place?" Jozu said looking around.

"Yeah Oyaji, where is our Ace?" Haruta asked anxious for her flame brother.

"We have to look out I guess…" Whitebeard uttered looking around.

"I guess we have to wait and watch..." Marco said as everyone nodded.

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