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Day 1 - Only One Bed

Yuri Plisetsky was not happy with this arrangement. When he'd agreed to stay at the Katsuki family's inn for a few days while in Japan for a fanclub meetup he hadn't expected he'd have to share a room with Viktor and the piggy. Yuuri's parents had apologised multiple times and promised him it was only for the one night; apparently they were fully booked and Yuuri had gotten the dates Yuri was coming muddled up.

Yuri didn't blame Yuuri's parents in the slightest, and of course he'd played the part of the gracious gentleman who completely understood and wasn't upset at all, but the second his parent's were out of earshot he'd let Yuuri have it. Viktor had just sat in the corner with Makkachin curled up on his lap watching the whole exchange with clear amusement on his face, only stepping in when Yuri was actually standing on Yuuri's back and it looked like he couldn't breathe.

So now the small Russian skater was staring down at an air mattress on the floor of Yuuri's bedroom with great contempt. He wasn't about to force Yuuri and Viktor onto the floor and take the bed himself; he wasn't that horrible. But he was going to make sure Yuuri felt bad about this.

"Yurioooooo, I already said I was sorry," Yuuri pouted from where he was lying curled up on his bed, not even looking Yuri's way but able to sense that he was still angry.

"How could you get the dates wrong?" Yuri grumbled, throwing his bag at the bed so it landed on Yuuri's legs with a thud. "You had one simple job Piggy."

"It was a simple mistake Yurio," Viktor said, walking in from the bathroom where he had been cleaning his teeth. "Calm down; you'll have your own bed by tomorrow."

Viktor sat down on the bed next to Yuuri and Yuuri sat up as he did so. Yuuri chuckled lightly and reached over to wipe something from the side of Viktor's mouth. "Toothpaste," he said softly.

Viktor smiled and caught Yuuri's hand in his own, kissing it lightly. "Why thank you Yuuri."

Yuui blushed heavily while Yuri groaned very loudly. "I'm away to get ready for bed," he announced, silently praying they wouldn't get up to anything while he was staying in the same room as them.

Closing the door to the bathroom behind him, Yuri quickly changed into his tiger pyjamas, washed his face and started to clean his teeth. As he did he heard a bang from Yuuri's room and he rolled his eyes. What were those idiots up to?

Suddenly Yuri froze up. They were acting pretty cutesy before he'd left the room… What if they were doing…that kind of stuff? Oh crap… Yuri didn't know what to do now. Did he just stay in the bathroom for a while and hope they stopped? Or did he walk in and just not look? But how could he not look? He'd see it as soon as he opened the door!

Yuri spat out the toothpaste, wiped his mouth and stared at his reflection in the mirror.

"Don't be stupid," he hissed at himself. "We're all grown up here. Just…ignore it. Yeah. Ignore it."

Yuri gave himself a determined nod before leaving the bathroom and approaching the door to Yuuri's bedroom. Resting one hand on the door he took a deep breath before violently shoving it open.

"You'd better not be doing anything we-" Yuri began to shout as he barged back into the room.

But he stopped short when he saw Yuuri and Viktor lying on their backs next to each other surrounded by books and DVD covers.

"No way you're like Ron!" Viktor was saying. "You're much more like Harry I think."

Yuuri opened his mouth to protest when he saw Yuri standing in the doorway looking confused. "Oh! Yurio! Hiya."

Yuri frowned at them both as he closed the door behind him. "What are you two doing?"

"Talking about Harry Potter," Viktor grinned.

"Um…why?" Yuri asked, walking over to sit on the edge of the bed. Now he was closer he could see that the books and DVDs on the bed were all Harry Potter.

"Yuuri went to get something from his bookshelf and one of them fell off. I didn't know he liked the series so now we're talking about what characters we think we're like," Viktor explained.

"And you think Piggy is like Harry?" Yuri scoffed. "Nah, he's more like that annoying kid with the camera."

"What, Colin? Aww, come on Yurio! I wanna be more important than that!" Yuuri complained.

"What about me Yurio?" Viktor asked, his eyes gleaming.

"Hmm…" Yuri thought for a moment before grinning and looking up at Viktor. "Professor McGonagall."

Viktor looked surprised and Yuuri burst out laughing. "Oh man, that's perfect! You're just like her!"

"I thought I was more like Cedric but alright," Viktor laughed good-naturedly.

"What about me then?" Yuri asked, curious now.

Viktor and Yuuri exchanged glances before they grinned and turned back to Yuri at the same time. "Draco," they said in succession.

Yuri opened his mouth to protest but then closed it as he thought. He grinned slightly and nodded. "Yeah okay, fair enough."

All three of them started to laugh together and Yuuri stood up to put the books away. "Well what about some of the others? Like JJ?"

"Oh, he's Voldemort," Yuri snorted.

"You're just saying that cause you don't like him," Yuuri rolled his eyes.

"Nobody likes him, that's the point," Yuri smirked.

"Using that logic he's more like Umbridge," Yuuri pointed out with a smile. "Everybody hates her."

"I dunno… I see JJ more as Lucius to be honest," Viktor grinned.

"Ugh," Yuri stuck his tongue out. "That means he's my father!"

Yuuri and Viktor both burst out laughing at that, Yuri soon following them.

That was the beginning of a long night of comparing their friends and fellow skaters to Harry Potter characters. There were a few arguments about some people, but they all agreed very quickly that Yakov was Snape.

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