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Chapter 1 - Flashbacks


I found myself scowling as I realized there was only a tiny bit of beer left in the bottle. "Maybe I should quit drinking for a while." Setting the bottle down on the table I then leaned back in the chair and closed my eyes for a brief second before I was then interrupted by the sound of the door opening. "Whoever it is would you mind coming back a little later?" I asked not even bothering to open my eyes to see who it was that was now entering the room. "You okay Mick?" Opening one eye reluctantly at the voice the belonged to Ray "Haircut" Palmer I slowly nodded but still didn't open my eyes to look at him. "Sara says you've been acting pretty weird since we left 1927 Chicago." Ray went on as I tried my best to ignore him. "Plus you've been drinking more frequently then usual. You sure you're okay?" "I'm fine haircut." I replied sarcastically. "Now can you just leave me alone? Come back when there's a new mission or something." Opening my eyes fully now as I went to stand up from the chair I suddenly found myself slightly off balance as I held on the to the side of the table to help steady myself. "Whoa! Easy there Mick." Ray said immediately grabbing ahold of my shoulder. "Get off me haircut!" I snapped angrily as I shook my shoulder from his touch, but the moment I had done so, memories and flashes began to swirl inside my brain. Memories I had hoped I had forgotten long ago...


There I was sitting in my cell back at Fox River awaiting any minute for when the time came and I would soon be gone from this world. I remembered all the different emotions that had been flodding through me even as the guards led me down the hallway toward the electric chair. Emotions ranging from anger to sadness to plain numbness as I was finally strapped in, and as I was prepared to feel the electric shock that would bring me my death, I then began to hear a voice calling me. Distant, but soon growing louder and louder. "Mick! Mick!"

Blinking my eyes in confusion as the memories faded and I was able to catch my breath again, I then looked around to find myself strapped to a chair and all at once I began to panic as flashes of Fox River flashed through my head again which attributed more to the growing fear I was already feeling. "Get me the fuck out here!" Thrashing around as my eyes darted around the room, I then find myself hyperventilating out of fear like a wounded caged animal wanting to be set free. "Get me the fuck out of here!" I screamed. "Easy! Mick! Take it easy!" Suddenly I heard Sara's voice calling out to me and that's when I realized I wasn't at Fox River, but that I was on the Wave rider, and as I slowly began to calm myself down, it was then that I realized that I was sitting in the chair in the sick bay. "What the hell am I doing here?" I asked looking around to see everyone crowded in the room around me. "What happened?"

"You tell us." Replied the kid named Jax. "Ray said you passed out so we brought you in here to see if Gideon could fix you up." "I don't need to be fixed." I said softly as I made an attempt to remove myself from the chair but the voice of Gideon made me stop. "I wouldn't do anything rash just yet Mr. Rory, you're mental capacity is way off the charts." Rolling my eyes in annoyance I stood up from the chair on shaky legs. "My mental state is just fine." I replied in a sarcastic tone. "And I don't need a damn robotic shrink poking around inside my brain." I made a move to leave the room, but was suddenly stopped by a sudden hand on my shoulder, which belonged to Amaya. "Mick, why were you screaming to get out of the chair?" She asked in a voice that held deep concern. Flashes of fox River shot through my head again but I shook them away and started walking away without uttering a word.

"Never thought I would see that much fear in you Mick." Sara said as I turned to look at her now. Folding her arms across her chest with her eyes narrowed at me she then asked, "So what's got you so spooked? I mean come on, you looked like the sight of a man about to be electrocuted or something." I shook my head in response. "It's none of your business." I said quickly as I turned to leave again, but this time it was the voice of the professor who made me stop as I rolled my eyes in annoyance. Why can't they just leave me the hell alone? I thought shaking my head again as the flashes of Fox River continued to course through my weary brain.

"Frankly Mr. Rory it is our business." The Professor said logically. "We're a team, so if one of us has a problem we should all find some way to deal with it together." "Gray's right." agreed Jax. "So come on, tell us what's going on with you." "Not interested." I said just as I turned around to leave again, only this time to nearly crash headfirst into Ray. "What do you want haircut?" I asked rolling my eyes in sarcasm. "I hate to interrupt, but we just got word about a time aberration." He said slowly. "Where to now?" Sara asked. "Chicago." Ray replied. "Uh didn't we already fix that aberration?" Jax asked blinking his eyes in confusion. "It's not in 1927 this time." Ray replied as my eyes snapped toward him. "It's in 2016."

"Okay, so how do we handle this?" Amaya asked turning to Sara for an answer as I rolled my eyes again. Suddenly I felt the vibration of my cell phone go off and as I fished it out from my back pants pocket, my eyes widened in disbelief as I looked at the caller ID. "Got to take this." I said quickly as I walked briskly out of the room before anyone could stop me. Taking a glance over my shoulder to make sure no one was following me, I then lifted the phone up to my ear to answer it. "LJ?" "Dad, it's Sara." I could hear the mixture of worry and concern in my son's voice which sent a wave of shivers down my spine. "Is she okay?" I asked swallowing a lump of fear as it started to build in my throat. "Yeah, she's fine." Came LJ's reply as I let out a sigh of relief.

"So then what's the problem?" I asked. "You have to come back to Chicago." He said as I shook my head. "LJ, you know I can't do that." "Dad please." LJ begged in a pleading tone. "It's about Uncle Mike." I let out a heavy sigh and looked around again to make sure no one else was watching me or listening in on the conversation. "Michael's dead LJ." I said softly. "He's not coming back." "That's why you have to come back dad," LJ's voice spoke full with excitement now. "Sara's been getting these weird messages lately, but she doesn't know who they're from, but I do. Uncle Mike's not dead. He's alive, and I think he needs our help dad."

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