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Author's note: This story takes place shortly after their visit to Chicago 1920 when they had to take down the Legion of Doom and Mick was hallucinating of Len being dead, but now the question is, was that really Len that Mick was seeing or his mind playing tricks on him? oh and also just so no one is confused, in this story Mick is actually a cover name that Lincoln began going by after he and Michael escaped from Fox River to avoid being detected by the Company, so which means that the brothers are going to be in trouble when the rest of the team discovers the truth about their identity's...

Bold underlined – Chapter Titles/Character's Perspective

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Previously on Legends of Tomorrow - "Michael basically faked his own death? Why?"

"I don't know." I replied shaking my head. "That's what we need to find out. Maybe there's something in his files that could help us?" C-Note nodded then stood up from the chair. "Follow me." He said quietly as he then motioned for us to follow him. "So what's with the guy you're traveling with?" C-Note asked me quietly out of Ray's hearing range. "I'll tell you later. Right now all that matters is finding Michael."

"According to this there's no record of Michael at all." He replied softly turning toward us. "How is that possible?" Ray asked me as I shook my head in response. "There's got to be something we're missing or something. Check his records from Fox Rver." C-Note typed in Michael's name inot the search engine, but nothing came up which sent my heart dropping inside my chest and my head filling up with more questions then answers. What the hell was going on?

Just then, a mugshot picture came up of a man with Michael's information on the side of it, but the man wasn't my brother. It was obvious that someone had altered it. "Pull up his driver's liscence." I said as C-Note did as I requested, and the results were the same, but with a different guy in the picture, this one slightly older then the last one. "None of these are him." I said softly as I moved away from them, and over toward the nearest wall. Leaning against it for support as my head began to spin. Nothing was making sense anymore, and there was definitely way more questions then answers.

"Yemen is on the brink of war and no white American man is safe to go there right now. If Michael is out there and inside that prison somehow, it could potentially signify that someone doesn't want Michael to be found and that someone could be somehow erasing him from history."

Ray then turned toward me again and replied, "Well so much for time travel not being a problem. Looks like we'll need the team after all." Slowly I managed a short nod, and turned toward him. "Get to the jump ship and radio Sara and the others our location. Tell them it's urgent and that we need them here, but don't say anything about me or Michael okay? Let me handle that." Ray nodded and began making his way out, and as I watched him leave, I then turned toward C-Note. "Pull up the records of all the inmates inside Ogyiga." I said softly.

"Michael has to be in there somewhere, in some form or another I know he has to be in there." I watched as C-Note began filling through the list of pictures and information that showed the inmates, and after what felt like an eternity, I finally caught a glimpse of my brother. There was no mistaking the coldness of his blue eyes, but something felt wrong. I turned my head away from the picture and turned now to the information of the side of it, which read the name of Kaniel Outis. "We have to find him." I said softly turning now to C-Note with a mixture of determination flashing in my eyes. "I have to see my brother."

Overwhelming guilt swelled in me now. I'm sorry Linc...
Suddenly, my thoughts were interrupted as a harsh wave of pain took over my entire body. I felt my legs get weak, and my stomach lurched. I unwillingly let out a groan of pain, but quickly closed my mouth tight. I didn't want to show any weakness. Luckily, I had a high tolerance for abuse, a trait left behind by the actions of Lewis Snart.

Linc...Sara...Mike... Instantly thoughts of my family filled up inside my head and my heart was pounding fast in my chest, causing me to breathe heavily no matter how hard I had tried to keep myself calm. The pain was too much for me now, and I began to panic.

All at once, My surroundings changed. Everything faded into a blur of complete darkness, and I felt momentarily blinded. I was no longer inside the prison cell, but was no alone, in the dark. All I was left with was the faint memory of my body being touched, shamed, and the pain that went with it all as images of Lewis's abuse filled up inside my head. The memories that I never told anyone not even Lisa.

Once my eyes adjusted, I realized there was a faint sliver of light coming through a crack at the bottom of a door in front of me.

Automatically, I reached forward, until my hands hit the cold hard wood of the door. Sliding my hands up the wood, I searched for what I imagined should be a doorknob.
As I fumbled around, I found it and turned the knob frantically, however it did not free me of the darkness. The door was locked. I banged with hard fists against the wood, "HELLO!?" I let out, my voice surprising me amongst the silence. My throat was hurting, it was dry and strained.

Then I heard the footsteps. They seemed to be pulled right out of my deeply suppressed memory. That's when I realized where I was.


Chapter 8 - Castle of Glass

Bring me home in a blinding dream
Through the secrets that I have seen
Wash the sorrow from off my skin
Show me how to be whole again

'Cause I'm only a crack in this castle of glass
Hardly anything there for you to see
For you to see

'Cause I'm only a crack in this castle of glass
Hardly anything else I need to be

'Cause I'm only a crack in this castle of glass
Hardly anything there for you to see
For you to see
For you to see

As I made my way back to the Waverider to inform everyone else on what was going on, I began to get more flashback shooting through my head of Michael and I as children.

The memory had since long been surpressed and I was thankful that Michael had been far to young to remember the horrors of what I had to go through to keep him safe. Flashes and memories circled around inside my weary brain just as the sight of the waverider loomed over me.

It was the last time I had seen my father and it was on the day that he left us, although at the time I couldn't figure out the real reason why, nor would I actually discover the truth about everything until years later, but what had made this memory so haunting was not only the fact that my father had left me and Michael on our own, but also becasue of the fact that it was shortly after that that we lost our mother too. Or so we thought we did anyway.

The memory seeped through my mind, everything grainy at first before becoming more clear as I took in the notice of my father with a duffle bag in hand, walking down the hallway and towards the living room. Behind him was the image of myself as a young boy walking behind him. In this memory I looked about four years old and was holding a baby in his arms.

"Dad please don't leave." I rembered begging with tears filling up inside my eyes.

"I can't do this anymore." Dad said softly turning toward me. "I'm sorry Linc, I'm not strong enough to handle your mother anymore. I have to leave, but promise I'll come back for you and Mikey."

"When will you come back?" I asked as my voice started to break with tears running down my cheeks, and as I watched how sad my young self was, the more I began to resent dad for leaving us. This was one memory I had surpressed inside for a real deserved good reason.

"Linc listen to me I have no place to go." Dad said placing a comforting hand down on my shoulder. "I can't take you and your brother with me to live in a car. I'll get us a place, a nice place, and then I'll come back for you both. I promise I'll come back for you. Take care of Mikey and keep him safe. I know you'll do a great job."

"Dad please..." I begged miserably. "Why do you have to leave us? Why can't you just take us with you?"

"I promise I won't be gone long Linc." Dad said now turning slowly away from me. "Now please take care of Mikey and make sure he stays quiet. You know mommy doesn't like him crying and making noise. Be good son." And with that dad turned and left. After he was gone I remembered walking over to the nearby window of the house and watched as my father drove away. Michael started to fuse and I struggled to move him so that my baby brother was against my chest.

"It's okay Mikey. He'll come back for us. He's done it before and she always comes back." I heard myself say sadly and a round of anger suddenly began to well up within me. Bastard. I thought shaking my head furiously in rage. He never did come back for us like he promised he would.

Michael began to cry and I rubbed a hand along his back soothing him to calm him down. I remembered heading into the kitchen and opening the fridge, but saw that there was no milk and almost no food.

"Now what do I do?" I wondered aloud. "Maybe mommy will have bought some milk for you."

I walked around trying to get Michael to calm down, but he was hungry and wanted food. I kept looking out the window hoping that dad's car would pull back into the driveway, but twenty minutes later a different car did and a round of fear started to well up inside my stomach.

"Come on Mikey I need you to stop crying. Mommy's home and she hates it when you cry. Please calm down." I said with fear in his voice. The sound of a door opening alerted me and I tried to think of aquiet place to hide but it was too late.

"Shut that fucking kid up!" Mom's voice yelled out as she slammed the door shut and Michael screamed even louder at the noise.

"He's hungry mommy, and we don't have any milk." I said with fear in my voice as I backed further away into the room.

"Oh for pete sakes!" Mom groaned loudly as she turned toward me still holding Michael in my arms. "Where the hell is your piece of shit father at?"

"Daddy left." I said sadly. "He's gone. Again."

"Well that's just fucking great." Mom snarled in anger. "Figure out how to shut him up before I do."

"I don't know how. He needs food." I said with fear.

I let out a soft wimper of terror as mom strolled over toward me and back handed me right across the face and it was so strong that I fell onto the ground. I quickly wrapped my arms around Michael to protect him so he wouldn't be hurt from the fall.

"Do as you are told you worthless piece of shit." Mom growled angrily. "Shut him up before I do it permanently."

I gave a shaky nod from sitting on the ground. My lip was bleeding and instantly knew it would soon bruise. the sound of Mikey crying soon stopped and all was quiet for the moment.

That's when the memory know began to shift and a new one now bagan to take it's place, and there I was still at the age of four trying to do whatever it took to keep Mikey safe and out of harms way.

Pulling myself up from the floor with Michael still in my arms, I quickly walked over to the spot by the door where my shoes were and struggled to put them on while still holding onto Mikey.

Then once that was done I made my way outside and down the street and kept on walking until I came up to the local corner store.

I pulled open the door with one hand and slowly walked inside and made my way to the back in front of a large glass case where milk cartons were held.

Letting out let a shaky breath, I looked around and when I was sure no one was looking I opened the glass door and picked up one of the cartons of milk and carefully made my way out of the corner store.

Although at the time I wasn't sure what the hell I was doing nor did I know how wrong it was to steal but then again I was desperate to keep Mikey safe and quiet.

By the time I got home I was beyond tired, but knew that Michael was hungry so I did what I had seen dad do numerous times and fixed my baby brother a bottle of the stolen milk. When I was done I tossed the stolen milk carton aside then handed Mikey the bottle as I carried him tiredly into the room he and I had shared.

I grabbed a nearby stool and stood on it so that I was tall enough to place him in the crib with the bottle but the moment I did so he began to cry.

"Okay, okay." I said with a yawn. ""I get it you want me to hold you is that it?" I asked as Mikey stopped crying the moment I picked him up into my arms again. I noticed a nearby chair that I had seen dad use lots of times to rock him and made my way over to it. I struggled to pull myself up into it and once I was in it, I remembered feeling so small within it as though I was the size of an ant.

"It;s gonna be okay Mikey." I said softly as I rocked him as getnly as I could. "No matter what I'll always be here for you."

I found a round of tears welling up inside my eyes and felt them flow down my cheeks as the memory left me and I opened my eyes to find myself on my knees in the corner beside the door of the Waverider. I promised I would never leave you Mikey. I thought sadly. I know you can't hear me now, but I swear to you that I'm going to keep my promise no matter what it takes.


{Leonard/Michael's POV}

The sound of the door trust itself open with a hard slam and I now found myself blinded by a sudden ray of bright light. "How many times can you screw up kid?" Lewis Snart's voice rang out now and I kept myself together in order to not show any hint of fear. "That litle stunt you pulled earlier at the heist kid was your third and final strike." Lewis growled in anger as I felt him grab ahold of me and pull me harshly to my feet. "You screwed up kid, and now things are going to be a lot more painful for you." Lewis said and although I was terrified to say the least, I knew that I couldn't risk showing it for Lisa's sake, which I thanked the gods above that she wasn't home right now since she was safe over at a friend's house for the weekend. "Don't even think about trying to escape the door is locked from the outside and the window is nailed shut." Lewis continued harshly.

It was clear that I had figured out what Lewis had ment and quickly I made a dash for the locked door anyway. I had to try and get out. I had to find Licoln. There was no way in hell that I would just submit to someone, not ina million years, but it seemed like this time Lewis wasn't going to take no for an answer. I felt him grab me and laughed as he spoke. "I was really hoping you would do that. It's much more fun when you fight."

Lewis threw me down on the bed and began to hit me across the face and stomach. I couldn't really fight and even if I could, I wasn't strong enough against him.

This was one of the memories I never told anyone. Not even Lisa as I knew if she knew what happened it would traumatize her for the rest of her life, and all I wanted for her was for her to stay as innocent as she could.

In this memory, I was barely thirteen and it was one year before Lincoln and I would be reunited in Juvanile hall.

I remembered trying to fight against Lewis refusing to give up, but Lewis continued to hit me as he ripped at my shirt and ripped my pants off from me.

The memory surged out of me like a rocket and I now found myself back inside the cell surrounded by the same strangers who were standing over me with looks of confusion and concern all at once etched in their features. "You okay there mate?" One of them asked holding out a hand toward me but I brushed it away. "I'm fine." I growled out as threateningly as I could to keept them away from me. I had to do whatever it took to get out and find my brother, but then the sound of nearby footsteps suddenly approached me as I noticed a guard with tan colored skin and fierce steel cold blue eyes looking at me from beneath the bars. "Looks like you got a visitor Outis." He said as he unlocked the cell and ushered me out. I followed him down the hall and into a room where I was greeted by the sight of a middle aged woman and my heart stopped cold inside my chest as the guard ushered me inside the room and slammed the door shut with a loud clank. The woman smiled as I looked at her and her blue eyes shimmered. "Hello Michael. It's been a long time son."

TOO BE CONTINUED...Uh oh looks like Michael is in quite a heap of danger. Will Lincoln and the rest of the Legends be able to save him? or is it already too late? Stay tuned to find out More.