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As the sun shined down on the green field, providing a pleasant warmth, I was mad at it. What right did the weather have to be good on the day of my mum's funeral? It should be raining, and overcast, and bad, not sunny and clear and good. However, I managed to rein in this irrational anger before it showed on my face.

I looked as my mother's body was placed, wrapped in a shroud made of white linen, on a burial table. Then, a goblin walked to the front of the funeral, and procured a scroll of parchment, holding it in front of his face, and proceeded to read it.

I honestly couldn't be bothered to really listen to the speech the goblin was giving. Oh yeah, you might be wondering why a goblin was speaking at the funeral of my mum, a witch. Well, my mum was a Curse-Breaker, working for Gringotts, and I couldn't come up with anything to do my mum justice, so the speaker ended up being one of her employers. However, I decided to pay attention just in time to not miss something incredibly important.

"As indicated by Anna's will, it is to be read at her funeral. Thus, we shall do that now."

At this, I immediately focused on what the goblin had to say. After all, mum's will was definitely going to include who was going to be my guardian now. The goblin read through other things, what my mum had given to her friends and family. I was just anxious to find out where I was going to live. Finally, just after my mum gave some of her gold to her mentor as a Curse-Breaker, she got around to saying where I was to go.

"If my son Cyrus survives me, then I appoint as his guardian his aunt, Carissa Cyprian. If she does not survive me, then it will fall to the laws of her nation to decide who Cyrus's guardian shall be," recited the goblin.

I looked around the funeral for somebody who could possibly be my newly-discovered Aunt Carissa. I didn't expect anybody to be familiar, but maybe there'd be somebody here looking over for me. However, that was not the case.

After the reading of the will, the burial table's runic magics activated. White flames overtook my mother, wrapped in her linen shroud, and formed odd shapes. For a moment, I saw some foxes in there, but they soon flickered away. When the flames died down, my mum was entombed within a white marble casket. Soon, the ground beneath it was Vanished, allowing the casket to gently fall into the earth before it was buried, only the gravestone peaking out.

I stood up from my seat and made to leave. However, I was accosted by two individuals. One of them was a young woman, appearing to be around eighteen, with caramel hair dyed with purple streaks and clear blue eyes. She was wearing a leather jacket, combat boots, a graphic tee, and tattered jeans. Around her neck, I noticed, there were two amulets, both with Ancient Egyptian symbols - the first was a tyet, the symbol of Isis, and the other was a shen, representing eternal protection. The other was an African-American man, dressed in all black, as well as a leather jacket and combat boots. Around his neck was only a shen amulet.

"You're Cyrus, yeah?" inquired the girl.

"What's it to you?" I responded.

"We're supposed to bring you to your new guardian," answered the man.

I raised an eyebrow. "So I can assume that my aunt's dead?"

"Yes, your aunt is, indeed, dead. Now, come on. Oh, by the way, my name is Sadie, and my boyfriend here is Walt," responded the girl, now known to me as Sadie.

As they turned around, I noticed that there was now a rectangle of pitch-black standing on its own. The two both walked through it and disappeared. I check to make sure they weren't on the other side - even cast a homenum revelio to check if they'd cast a Disillusionment Charm. Nothing showed up. I shrugged, confident that if this turned out to be a trap I'd be able to curse my way out of it, and stepped through the black door.

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