Before the events of this story Aaron was just a normal high school boy who wanted nothing more than to get both a girlfriend and laid,but unfortunately the girls he tried to hit on rejected him but the worst one was from a girl named Nicole who rudely broke his (my) heart so bad that he started to crying and was picked up to house later that night before he went to bed Aaron secretly wished for Goku's powers (S.S,Kamehaha,strength,speed, etc) so the pain would go away and he can get revenge on people.

During his sleep Aaron was visited by who appeared to be Goku

Aaron:Goku what are you doing here?

Goku:I have heard your wishes Aaron and you qualify for Fairly odd-parents,but there's currently a fairy shortage so I was told i could give you my powers.


Goku:Yeah watch(Shoots a beam of energy at Aaron)there you you can do everything I can like Transform,fly,super strength and speed,etc

Aaron:This feels amazing Goku.

Goku:Your Welcome but there's a catch.I can only give you these powers for a year,and the clock starts when you wake up aright?


Goku:O and just to make this interesting your memory of this encounter will be erased and you'll just wake up being able to control extraordinary power.
(After that event Aaron was woken up by his father to go to school)

Aaron(thinking:I just had the strangest dream)