Orange ears, a fox tail, golden hair, her beautiful green eyes, an orange flute, soft lips as he kisses her for the first time, and a playful smile; her name is Renard Rouge, wielder of the Fox miraculous.

Black gloves and boots, a determined look in her honey eyes, the buzz of her wings as she flies, a scepter in her hand, her sunshine hair in a ponytail, and a reassuring smile. Her name ,forgotten by the people of Paris, is Queen Bee.

A purple arm around his shoulders, a serious look in his eyes that always lights up once he sees her, Renard Rouge. A cane with a purple orb on top and pale blue eyes that mirror his own is all he can remember. All he wants to remember. His name is Papillon.

She chooses him. Wedding bells ring and a stork soon delivers.

Jealousy takes hold in him. They fight on top of Notre Dame. She comes, she stumbles and she falls.

Gone is the life in her beautiful green eyes and her playful smile.

He blames him and he blames himself.

Revenge is all he wants now so he turns to get it.

He turns to bring her back and to make her his.

He worries for his son, he worries for the crime fighting duo. In his hand he holds a pin.

Maybe the city could use another miracle.

A/N This one-shot is based off my own personal theory about who Hawk Moth is. Papillon (Gabriel's twin, Jacques), Queen Bee (Chloe's mother), Le Paon (Gabriel), and Renard Rouge (Mrs. Agreste) were a team that fought crime. Both Le Paon and Papillon were in love with Renard Rouge and competed for her attention. Eventually she chose Le Paon over Papillon and they had a child together (Adrien). Papillon who grew jealous and bitter over the years finally snapped when Le Paon was boasting about how wonderful Adrien was. He attacked Le Paon and a fight between them broke out. Renard Rouge came rushing in to resolve it but Papillon pushed Le Paon right into her (he meant to shove Le Paon over the edge). She stumbled over the edge and fell to her death. Papillon blamed Le Paon and fled the scene. Le Paon also blamed himself and swore he would protect his son from Papillon. (Because he was ashamed about how he caused his wife's death he doesn't return the Peacock Pin or the Book.)