A/N Hello everyone, this is my second story for so if I make ANY mistakes pls notify me in a review or PM. This will be an SYOC, I need at least 8-10 heroes and villains. Keep in mind that this a next-gen for Young Justice and most of the Team is on the Justice League. The OC form and rules will be on my bio. This chapter is just a prologue. The story takes place 4 years after Wally West died. (May he Rest in Peace.)

Summary: The Light has been defeated but when a new evil arrives, new heroes do too. The fate of our world now lies in the hands of a new Team, hopefully they won't drop it. (This will be a SYOC, form and rules are on my profile)


April 2, 15:20 EST

At a long table sits the Justice League waiting for the meeting to start. This week's meeting's topic was how to defeat their current enemy, The Sinister Society.

Aquaman, formerly known as Aqualad, starts the meeting. "League, according to recent reports Mad Hatter has made a new-"

"Her name is Zatanna," a familiar voice corrected.

A silence settles over the League as they stare at the sight of an old friend standing in the doorway.

One brave soul named Tigress was the first to talk,

"Well, Nightwing it's been a year since you last joined us for a meeting. I assume you have something to tell us?"

"I know how to defeat the Sinister Sisters." Nightwing replied, face still blank.

"Aaand that is..?", the Flash asked gesturing for him to continue.

"Bring back the Team."

As soon as he said this multiple cries of outrage were heard from the League. "Are you crazy? The last time we did that they all turned on us including Zatanna! In fact, forming a new Team is what got us into this mess!" cried Superboy in outrage.

"Which is why we need to fight fire with fire. A team of young heroes to fight a team of young villains," Nightwing replied, "Unless of course any of you have a better solution?" The following silence from the Justice League was the only answer he needed.

"And how do you propose we prevent a repeat of the last time we got new recruits?" questioned Aquaman.

A new voice piped up, "Last time we made the mistake of letting only one League member choose and train the recruits. This time we could all choose one or two recruits and take turns training the." Wonder Woman said hesitantly. Murmurs of agreement quickly followed her statement.

"Well then we'll take a vote. Whoever wants to 'submit' your own recruits and take turns training them say 'Aye'," said Aquaman in his Leader voice. A chorus of "Ayes" were soon heard, only one had not said their vote.

Everyone turned to Superman to see what he had to say. "Fine, aye," he reluctantly said.

"Well then it's good to have you back, Nightwing," Aquaman said with a smile and offered his hand to Nightwing.

"It's good to be back," he replied with a smile of his own. They shook hands and turned to the rest of the League who were discussing possible recruits with each other.

Unknown Location

April 2, Unknown Time

In a shadow filled room a young woman looked into what appeared to be a mirror. With a dark chuckle she said, "Oh yes, it's very good to have you back."

A/N I'm sure you noticed that I changed some of their names since they're more grown up now, and all. (Aqualad- Aquaman, Kid Flash- Flash, Wonder Girl- Wonder Woman, Lagoon Boy- Lagoon Man, Batgirl- Bat Woman). Some of the old Justice League members are retired either because they're too old or they've settled down.

Justice League~

-Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Lagoon Man, Bat Woman, Superman, Static, Blue Beetle, Rocket, Captain Marvel, Red Tornado, Bumblebee, Robin (the third),Beast Boy, Aquaman, and Guardian.

The Sinister Society~

-Mad Hatter (Zatanna), Argent (French for silver), Blur, and Animalia.

(Argent, Blur, and Animalia are OCs of mine)

Why Zatanna betrayed the Justice League and formed the Sinister Society will be revealed much later. Btw if any of you have any ideas or suggestions for the story, feel free to PM me. Any and all help is appreciated.