Warning: Chapter does include mentions of rape and torture. (Yay, I managed to sound serious!)

Belle Reve

April 8, 18:28 CST

In a bare room a young woman with royal purple hair, violet eyes, and bronzed skin was sitting in a chair with her hands in handcuffs. She was wearing an orange Belle Reve prison uniform and had a collar around her neck. In front of her was a man with some papers in his hands who was pacing.

"Let's see, Name: Wild Fire, was imprisoned for killing and torturing 23 men. Usually burned or cut the letters "WF" on their bodies, has attempted to escape 5 times, only managed to escape 2 times. Was rearrested both of those times. You have killed 6 guards total, no prisoners killed. Although you did try to strangle one prisoner on your first day. After your latest escape attempt instead of sentencing you to a life of prison you were instead given the death penalty. For your last meal, you had nothing. Any last words?"

After a moment of silence, Wild Fire finally looked up and said in a cheery voice, "No, do you?"

The man's eyes widened, "Call secur-" His sentence was cut off when she suddenly threw a flaming chair at him.

He looked up to see a collarless Wild Fire covered in purple flames from head to toe. She smirked, "Now I myself am not the religious type but I suggest you start praying to whatever god or goddess you believe in. Besides so far I've only killed 29 people and I need to make it even somehow."

And cue the screams of pain from that poor guard.

An empty warehouse in Los Angeles

April 8, 18:31 PST

In the center of the warehouse a sudden flame pops up before turning into Wild Fire. Her outfit had changed, now she was wearing a royal purple sleeveless bodysuit, dark purple knee high boots, dark purple elbow long gloves, and light purple leggings. Hands on her hips, she scanned the room for any signs of intruders. Once satisfied there were none she plopped down on the couch.

"Man, is it good to be back," she says lazily before stretching her arms and yawning.

"Well, good to see you came right on time."

She quickly turned her head towards the foreign voice. Coming from her left was Mad Hatter herself, with black hair and red eyes. She was wearing the the same costume as always, the only notable difference was that she had a black top hat with a red band and three playing cards under the band.

"Who are you?" Wild Fire inquired.

The woman chuckled, "Mad Hatter and don't worry I know everything about you already, Wild Fire."

She blinked in confusion, "How did you-?"

Mad Hatter as she had called herself smirked, "I like to do my research on the new recruits. For example, you lost your father when you were only 4 years old."

Wild Fire snorted, "So you know a little trivia about me. Big deal."

"Oh, that's not all I know. After your father's death your mother wouldn't even allow you to walk outside the house without a bodyguard accompanying you and even then she thought you were in too much danger. You grew up in a gilded cage and never had a single real friend.

So you turned to books, thinking that expanding your knowledge of the world would help you cope with the fact you would never be able to experience the outside world. You were wrong, if anything it did the opposite. You grew more and more hungry for the world outside, but you didn't want to risk your mother's anger.

Time passed, you became a teenager and with that became much more rebellious. You and your mother would fight at least once a day, it wasn't until you were 15 did things change."

Wild Fire's eyes widened, "Stop!"

Mad Hatter paid no heed and continued, "You went to a party in Gotham and you managed to sneak off. The only thing is that you were lost and Gotham is such a scary place. You bumped into a man…"

"Stop, just stop it!" By now Wild Fire was screaming.

"He then grabbed you, you could smell the alcohol on his breath, and he tried to rip off your clothes…"

"Stop, just stop already!" at this point she was crying and was kneeling on the floor.

"It was so painful, wasn't it? All you can remember is the pain and terror you felt."

Wild Fire put her hands over her ears in a desperate attempt to block out Mad Hatter's voice. Mad Hatter slowly approached her, kneeled down behind her, and placed a hand on her shoulder.

Whispering she said, "You pushed his face away, you tried to stop him. And he screamed, he screamed so loud. He collapsed and you looked, you looked at what you did to him. You had managed to burn his face so much he was nearly unrecognizable. So you ran, you ran as far as you could. You tried to get away, you ran and ran. You tried to escape it all, the pain, his screams, your mother, everything. You came to a dead end and cried. After so many years of isolation and tears, you had finally snapped, Evergreen Star. After that you tried to make sure the world knew your pain so you burned any man who had in your eyes committed a wrong. You took pleasure in their pain, yet in the end nothing could ever erase that night from your memory."

'Evergreen' placed her face in her hands, "I-I didn't mean to, I just wanted it to stop."

Mad Hatter rubbed Evergreen's back, and in a gentle tone said, "I know, I know. It's OK, you're safe now, he won't ever be able to hurt you again."

And in only less than 5 minutes, Mad Hatter had managed to turn a proud and confident woman to a broken and lost girl.

A/N Well, that wasn't dark at all! Meet Evergreen Star our resident sadist and rape victim. She is an OC of mine, I had honestly didn't originally intend to make her backstory so dark and messed up. So yeah, I'm back from the dead and for our next chapter we'll meet Noah! Who also has a sad backstory! And then after that we'll meet Airstrike aka Tyler Aether who will be a villain! Why am I putting so much exclamation points, I have no idea! Also keep in mind all the villains do have genuine reasons to turn evil and some of them as you can see are very sad.

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