Chapter 1

It is morning at Beacon and a few days have passed since the breach. The sun is rising, the birds are gathering food for their young, and all seems quiet through out the campus. BOOM! ...maybe not. There is smoke coming out of the RWBY dorm with some coughing followed. "RUBY!" Weiss angrily screamed at the team leader, "WHAT THE HECK WERE YOU DOING?!" The whole room is covered in soot with some of the furniture now dirty and ruined. Blake and Yang were awakened and covered in soot and looked at Ruby, who is fully dressed, and holding her Crescent Rose. Ruby coughed a little before speaking, "I was just loading my weapon before we do some missions today. But I dropped my ammo case on one of my rounds which caused the explosion."

"Well can you *cough, cough* can you please be careful." Yang said calmly as she and Blake looked around the room to see how much damage is done which is...quite a lot. Bed sheets dirty, drapes tattered and burn, and wallpaper seared off, and furniture ruined. Zwei peaked his head out from under Weiss' bed and barked happily. Blake looked at the corgi with disapproval, "I guess someone is lucky enough to avoid this catastrophe." Zwei is unharmed by the explosive damage caused by his owner.

Everyone gets dressed and do the best they can to repair the damage until they get an announcement on the PA system. "Would Team RWBY please report to the Headmaster's Office. Team RWBY please report to Ozpin." Weiss gave off a distressing sigh, "What now? We're already cleaning up the mess!" "Probably to give us a scolding?" Blake starts to wonder. Ruby began to feel a bit guilty about it, "I'll take the blame and deal with whatever punishment as team leader." They immediately went out the dorm with Ruby closing the door, but not before saying, "Take care, Zwei." While walking down the hall, Yang complained "When do we get breakfast?"

The four made their way to Ozpin's office and see him sitting in his chair and drinking his coffee. The four stand in attention as Ruby is about to say something, "Um, I like to apologize about what happened-" Ozpin raised his hand to stop Ruby. "It's not why I called your team here." Ozpin began, "The reason why I called your team here, Ruby Rose, is a special assignment for you and your team." The team blinked twice in unison in surprise and confusion. They get a special assignment? Must have done something right.

Ozpin took a sip before speaking, "A new type of ruin has been excavated north up at Forever Fall Forest. I need your team to check to see if the ruins are safe and free from Grimm. However, we are short on staff right now so I will have a second year team to assist you." It is obvious since Glynda Goodwitch isn't around and things have been busy lately since the breach. More and more Grimm have been sighted along the borders of the kingdom's city. The sound of the elevator doors open and the other team has arrived. It is Team CFVY.

"Velvet!" Ruby cheered for joy. "Hey, Ruby." Velvet greeted the energetic Ruby Rose. "I have one question, Professor Ozpin." Yang interjects. "Can we get breakfast first?"

After a quick breakfast, everyone got on-board the Bullhead to head towards the mysterious ruins in the Forever Fall Forest. Everyone checked their scrolls to check their dossier of the ruins for them to investigate. As they check the information, Ruby looked at everyone, "Does anyone have any idea what is in these ruins?" "No clue," Blake answered, "but we might find...something." "That's encouraging." Yang and Coco said in unison.

The dropship lands a few feet away from the ruins. "Wow." they all say in awe of the giant stone temple in a shape of a step-pyramid with a giant statue of some creature standing over the entrance. The creature is very peculiar. The creature is similar to a horse with a very strange with a long mane and pointed hooves. But there is a strange ring on its mid region with four jewels and strange jeweled plated behind this golden ring. "Look over there!" Fox pointed at the stone boulder with strange writings on it.

Yatsuhashi brushed off some of the algae to reveal letters...with eyes. "They look like our own writing, but why do they have eyes?" Everyone has no idea. Ruby approached the stone and reads it. "'This is the Space-Time Temple. Here stands the masters of the universe. The creators of...' The rest has warn off. I can't read the rest." Yang then smiled as she prepares her Ember Celica, "I don't know, but lets go on an adventure...TO THE GREAT UNKNOWN!" Everyone just stand in silent and disapproval at Yang as she marches in.

Everyone use their scrolls to light the way into the huge hallways; decorated with elaborate carvings, some more strange writings, and unique pictures painted along the halls. As they walk down, they see what appears to be a story of some sort. First an egg that hatched into the creature similar to the statue at the entrance. Then three strange dragon-like beings started to form the stars and planets. Another showing a green snake like creature with a red creature with volcanoes and a blue whale-like creature flooding the volcanoes. Then there are some pictures of many unidentified creatures they don't recognize.

"Any idea what they are?" Weiss asked as if she is curious about the pictures. "I don't know," Blake replied, "maybe they are creatures from a continent that is yet to be discovered."

Yang: "Maybe they were animals that got turned into the creatures of Grimm."

Coco: "Heh. Yeah, right!"

Velvet: "Now that is a scary thought."

Weiss then accidentally knocked over something on the floor. She looked down and sees a blue bracelet with a star on it. Weiss picked it up and showed it to everyone, "Look what I found!" "That looks cute!" Velvet says as she admires the bracelet. "Keep it." Coco says as she turns around, "Maybe it might bring you luck." Along the way, Blake found some sort of crown with jagged edges, Yang found a pair of ancient armbands, and Ruby found a strange bag with a very hard knot to undo. But the bag made some sort of metallic sound, so it could be money from ancient times or some metal scraps for a blacksmith.

After a walk that feels like forever, they made their way to some sort of chamber with gigantic statues of the creatures from the first few paintings. Team RWBY stand together at the center of the chamber and started taking pictures while Team CFVY check the place out. Velvet noticed a strange button on one of the sides of the statues and press it. Then the room lit up at the center where Team RWBY is standing and they became engulf in a swirl of blue energy.

"WHAT IS HAPPENING?!" Ruby screamed out. "I DON'T KNOW!" her sister answered, "BUT IT CAN'T BE GOOD!" Yatsuhashi runs up to save the girls, but got knocked back by a surge of energy. Straight into a wall. And before they know it, the energy vortex disappeared. But, Team RWBY has disappeared too. Leaving only their weapons, scrolls, and dust behind. "WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM?!" Coco shouted in dismay. Fox was looking at one of the writings on the wall and pointed out, "Uh, guys. I think I found out what happened to them."

Somewhere else...

A stage with red curtains started to light up as a man with a brown complexion, a black afro hairstyle, and green eyes stands at the center of the spotlight. The man is wearing a lab coat with a green shirt underneath, brown cargo pants, and red and white sneakers.

"Hello there! Welcome to the world of Pokémon! My name is Acacia! People call me the pokémon Prof!" Prof. Acacia threw a pokeball up into the air and a Zoroa popped out and landed into his arms. "This world is inhabited by creatures called Pokémon! For some people, Pokémon are pets. Others use them for fights. Myself...I study Pokémon as a profession. But I mostly study myths and legends." Zoroa then jumps down and stands next to the professor. "This is an interesting world we are living in. So let's-" "Zoroark!" a voice of the woman was heard off the stage, "Are you pretending to be my husband again!"

The professor on stage shifted his eyes to the right and back at the center a few times then chuckles. Then shapeshifts into a Zoroark with the little Zoroa giggling.

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