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The doors of the office open, letting enter Lenalee and Allen with cups of coffee.

"Here's your hot chocolate" smiled the girl, handing me a black mug with a pair of wings on it.

"Thanks, Jumper" I smiled.

"How come you're doing paperwork too?" asked Allen curiously.

"Long story short, I kind of threatened Komui to set Lenalee up with someone if he ever tried to get Ba-Kanda and I to kiss under a mistletoe again" I shrugged. "Why does he keep up with that anyway? We hate each other's guts!"

"That would be Cross Marshall's fault, actually" admitted Reever, a desk away.

The three of us turned to him, surprise.


"Well, Komui kept bugging Kanda about his love life and the Marshall just came in and said 'the line between love and hate is quite blurry' and that's that, really"

"Oh God" I banged my head on my desk, and the other two laughed at my despair.

Suddenly, the ground started shaking and, next thing we knew, the wall fall in pieces, revealing a gigantic robot and a very proud Komui.

"… uh?"

I had a really bad feeling about that.

As it turned out, the robot –name Komlin Two- went bat shit crazy and knocked out Lenalee before trying to kidnap Allen while the other scientists tried to help him and Komui kept stopping their plans.

And me? I finished my paperwork before getting a snack.

A day later

"So, that's the infamous Rewinding Town?" I asked.

"Yes. I can't enter, but we suspect those with Innocence can" nodded the Finder, who I found out was named Toma.

"And we won't be able to get out before we find it?" added Lenalee.

"That's what we fear, yes"

"Then let's not loose any more time" said Allen. "Let's go!"

He passed the gate, and literally disappeared. I waved at Toma before following my friend, and suddenly found myself in a very animated street. Lenalee joined us, and we started looking around. Everyone seemed to act normally, but something felt weird.

"This is freaky" I finally said.

"Let's split up to cover more ground" proposed Allen.

"Meet back at this restaurant at noon?" said Lenalee.

"Be careful, guys!" I called, before blending in the crowd.

From what we knew, this town kept living the same day, October 28th. We suspected Innocence, of course, but no one seemed to even notice that something was different. Or rather, wasn't.

Oh well. At least there weren't any Akumas.

Sipping on my cup of hot chocolate, I blinked in greeting when Allen finally joined Lenalee and I.

"Found something?" I asked.

"There was this woman attacked by an Akuma" he said, frowning. "From what I understood, she knows that the same day keeps coming up, but no one else does."

"Where is she now?" asked my friend.

"I… kind of lost her in the crowd. She panicked and ran before I could catch up" he admitted.

"Well, ain't that just gr- is that her?"

There was a terrified squeal as I pointed at the weird woman hiding a few tables away. She was looking at us with wide, terrified eyes, and couldn't stop shaking.

"Do you want to sit with us? Talking will be easier" smiled gently Lenalee.

She came, apparently unsure about what to do, and sat in front of me. She wasn't exactly beautiful, but she wasn't ugly either. It looked more like she was tired than anything else.

"I'm Lenalee Lee. That's Allen Walker, and that's Aryane Darkelston" presented the girl. "What's your name?"

"M-M-Miranda L-Lotto" mumbled the woman.


That was going to be a looong talk.

"They're all Level Two" I remarked between my teeth.

"Where do they come from anyway?" asked Allen.

"Does it looks like I know!? Duck!"

He obeyed, escaping a blast.

"Feathered Blades!"

I missed my target, earning mad cackles from the three Akumas that had attacked us not moments ago. I only hoped Lenalee had gotten Miranda to safety.

"That's enough. Let's go" suddenly ordered a childish voice.

We turned to see a little girl around eleven or twelve years old, with spiky black hair and a lollipop in hands. She had a weird umbrella too.

Before we could do anything, though, they disappeared. I blinked.

"Well… that was anticlimactic" I finally remarked.

"Let's go find Lenalee and Miranda-san" frowned Allen.

We had finally found our two missing and, after convincing Miranda to let us in, managed to hear the whole story about how it all started.

"We can just follow her for the rest of the day and find out what she did to activate the Innocence!" beamed Allen.

"Great idea!" grinned Lenalee.

I stared at them, mouth agape.

And stared.

And stared.

"Are you fucking serious?" I finally asked, earning their attention.

"What do you mean?" Lenalee tilted her head.

"Miranda just told us that everything started when she spent a night crying over this clock. It's the only new thing in her life and the whole rewinding incident started when she got it. Plus, it's a CLOCK! As in TIME! As in REWINDING TOWN! And you still need to find the Innocence!?"

Their eyes widened, and both facepalmed at their own stupidity. I nodded.

"This old clock is the Innocence" I concluded.

"B-b-b-but what d-d-do we do n-n-n-n-now?" asked Miranda, wide eyes in fright.

"The Innocence answered to your depressive state" I frowned, thinking.

"Then what if we find her a job? Then, she won't be depressed and the Innocence might deactivate" proposed the white-haired boy.

"That… could work" I scrunched my nose. "Not convinced, but we'll try your way. Miranda?"


"Do you know of any job that you haven't tried yet?"

"T-t-t-there is t-this travelling c-c-c-circus in t-t-town right n-now" she admitted.

"Then let's get going, people!" I beamed. "We have a job to get!"

She got accepted, along with Allen, and it was decided that the both of them would work while Lenalee went to get lunch and I kept watch over the perimeter for the Akumas. It was even more dangerous now, with the unknown kid and the found Innocence.

There was a scream down there, and I realized that the money Miranda had had just been stolen. Allen instantly went after the robber, Lenalee behind him, but I narrowed my eyes. It was as if…

"Miranda!" I realized.

Turning back, I saw the woman fall unconscious in a girl's arms, the one from sooner.

"Innocence: acti…"

Pain flared in the back of my head, and I barely felt my body slumping on the roof.

I snapped my eyes open at a scream.

Horrified, the first thing I saw was some sort of candle darting out of Allen's left eye.

"Allen!" I yelled.

But when I tried to reach for him, I realized I couldn't, tied up in place by some heavy ropes. My scream did attract the attention of the girl, though, and she turned to me, frowning a little.

"I wanted to dress you up too, but I didn't have time" she literally whined.

Wait. Too?

Looking around, I saw Miranda sobbing and tied up after her clock, and Lenalee sitting in a throne, all prettied up and with a Lolita dress on. She had a blank look, as if hypnotized.

I shuddered, happy not to be in her place. Skirts were tolerable, but I couldn't stand dresses.

"Who are you anyway, kid?" I finally managed to ask.

"Road Kamelot" she answered. "And you?"

"Aryane, not exactly a pleasure to meet you but hey, what can I say? You did knock me out before tying me up" I shrugged.

"Actually, I did" said one of the Akuma from sooner.

"So not helping your case" I deadpanned.

That made her laugh.

"You're funny!"

"I've been told. Say, are you an Akuma?"

"Nope" she popped the 'P'. "I'm a Noah"


"I already explained to Allen Walker, I don't feel like explaining again" she rolled her eyes. "But I'm human, if you really want to know"

"Fair enough" I nodded. "Would you be so kind as to get your candle out of my friend's eye? It's kind of freaking me out"

"Well, aren't you a polite one" she smiled, waving her hand.

I bite back a scream as two candles embedded themselves in my shoulders, pinning me against a wall. I felt my blood splatter on my face as the wounds burned.

"Let's see if your screams amuse me more" she grinned sweetly.

Another pair pierced my legs, but I kept my mouth shut. Of course, it was more out of stubbornness than bravery. Screaming for mercy just wasn't my cup of tea.

Another went through my arm, and I grunted. She got a few nerves, there. She looked disappointed, though.

"Well, you're no fun anymore" she pouted.

"Sorry…" I grunted. "Being used as… a dart board… isn't my kind… of thing"

She used my momentum to sent a new round my way and, this time, I couldn't hold back my gasp as my stomach was ripped apart.

"A-A-Aryane!" exclaimed Miranda, horrified.

"I'm… fine…"

I coughed some blood, and Road lifted her hand again, grinning madly. Miranda started screaming and crying and, suddenly, there was a flash of light.

When I opened my eyes again, I was into some sort of dome. Miranda looked utterly confused, the clock was nowhere to be found, Allen was all healed up and my own injuries were closing by themselves.

"Ary! Are you okay?" asked Allen, worried.

"I'm just peachy. Not like I was used for target practice or anything" I waved my hand. "And your eye?"

"Normal for now. I think Miranda-san is using her Innocence to go back in time, therefore healing our injuries" he explained.

"Then Lenalee should wake up, right?" I asked as he helped me up.

"Uh? What happened?"

Well, talking about the devil.

We went to her and quickly explained the situation. Then, we turned to Miranda.

"Stay here" I ordered. "We'll take care of them"

"Keep up the dome" added Allen.

"And stay safe" concluded Lenalee.

"Y-y-y-you t-t-too!"

"Innocence: activate!" we all yelled.

Not waiting for the others, I propelled myself out of the protecting dome, and was faced by Road and three Akumas. She grinned when she saw me.

"Oh, wings? I can't wait to rip them to shreds!" she cackled.

"You won't touch her" growled Allen, appearing next to me. "Nor Lenalee, or Miranda-san! I won't let you!"

"Same" nodded my other friend, flying next to us.

"Get them" ordered Road.

Clenching my fists, I braced myself for the starting fight, knowing that this time around, we wouldn't get another chance.

Panting, I suddenly realized we were in Miranda's flat. The poor woman was breathing harshly, barely keeping up her Innocence.

"Miranda-san, it's okay now. Let it go" smiled gently Lenalee.

But she shook her head, near the tears.

"I-I-I can't! If I s-s-s-stop now, all your in-in-injuries will c-come back! I can't wa-wa-watch you s-suffer any-anymore!" she refused.

Allen placed his hand on her shoulder, smiling too.

"We'll be find, Miranda. No one was fatally injured, and our wounds are nothing that can't be healed in a few weeks at most" he assured.

"Plus, you being dead won't exactly help the situation, seeing as we're all be bleeding unconscious around your corpse when the Innocence stops due to your death" I added, checking my nails.

"Ary!" Lenalee swatted my arm.


Miranda looked down, and I patted her head.

"We're tougher than we look. Have some faith!" I beamed at her.

She finally nodded, and took a deep breath, before stopping her Innocence. Instantly, I felt my skin being ripped apart all over again and my breath hitched before darkness overcomes my body.

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Question: In the previous chapter, Kanda called her "Akahato". Anyone can guess what it means?

Answer to the previous question: The anime is Fullmetal Alchemist, and the two references were Maes Hughes, named as one of the three Exorcists dead, and her reaction -more or less- to beeing called short. And yes, it'll be a recurrent thing.