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All had parted ways that day, each going to search for themselves and for what to do with their lives. After all, they never truly believed it would end, so they never thought about what to do after everything was said and done.

Tokusa, Tewaku and Link returned to Central with Leverrier. The organization wouldn't be disbanded, for more threats could possibly arise one day, and the four of them had decided to do their best to change the nature of the Black Order. Johnny, Reever, Dap and Jiji also followed them. The more the merrier, right?

Lenalee and Komui went back to China, deciding to settle down in their hometown and get back in the rhythm of a normal life before trying anything else.

Timothy went back to Paris, where he informed Emilia and Inspector Galmar of the situation. They first laughed together, then cried together, then laughed again, for it was finally all over despite the heavy price that had been paid.

Tiedoll decided to roam the Earth in order to draw the most beautiful of places. Marie and Kanda decided to stay with him. After all, who knew what kind of trouble the old man would get into?

For and Bak took back the Asian Branch and started working on a new device that would be able to guard the fragments of Innocence like Hevlaska did before. And this time, they wouldn't do the same errors as before: human experiments were a big no-no.

Sokaro simply disappeared. His location unknown to all, none ever knew where he went or what happened to him. But hey, there was no sign of massive destruction, so it had to count for something, right?

Krory and Miranda ended up staying Exorcists. They had nothing else, no one to returned to, and therefore opted to stay with Central and search for the remaining pieces of Innocence still hidden all across the world.

Nea did his job as the new Millennium Earl. Keeping the Noahs in check, he let them do as they pleased, merely ordering a family dinner once a month to check up on all of them. While they didn't particularly liked the Fourteenth, saved for Road, they did enjoy the peace and quiet and the liberty they could now fully use for their own lives.

Of course, it would take a century or two for them to get used to certain rules, but-


"Sheryl, no killing, remember?"


"Sheryl, no"

Okay, maybe something more like three or four centuries.

As for Bookman and his grandson, they pursued their quest of knowledge. Their slip-up with the Millennium War had caused them many trouble with the rest of the Clan, but both –well, more like the boy- had learned their lesson well, and never made the same mistake again.

And, before anyone could realized... a hundred years passed.

A crippled old man laid in his bed, awaiting the end he knew was to come soon. His hair was gray, his single eye was tired.

Next to him, a man with deep red hair was keeping himself awake, waiting for him to go.

The old man's breath hitched slightly, alerting the younger man.


"It's time" he cut, his voice longing.

After all this time…

"Thank you, for everything, Master" the man bowed respectfully.

I kept my promise, Ary…

"Good luck… William… or should I say… Bookman"

"Good night"

Did you keep yours?

His eye closed for the last time.

Lavi blinked.

Once second, he was lying on his deathbed with his oh-so-talented apprentice next to him and ready to take the title.

The second after, he was in a weird dimension where orange and yellow seemed to form an infinity of warmth all around him.

It was nice. It was comforting.


"Yo, Bookboy. How's life going?"

His heart missed a beat and he spun around. His mouth parted agape, unsure to believe what he was seeing. Before him, the same as he remembered her, was none other than Aryane. She grinned at him, making a peace sign.

"You… you're…"

"You did asked me to wait for you, didn't you?" she chuckled. "Fucking dunce, arriving last like that... well, it did allow me to greet everyone else, so I guess it's not that bad. Now come on! They're all waiting for us!"

Grabbing his hand, she started pulling him behind her. Still unable to fully believe what was happening, he simply followed. There was a flash of light, before they both arrived in what seemed to be a room. After a few seconds, he realized it was an exact replica of the library on the Ark.

And everyone was here.

Kanda was sitting on the couch with a woman, who he realized was probably Alma Karma in his original form, and a boy he recognized as Daisya Barry was next to them. Lenalee was chatting with Allen on the other couch. Timothy was playing cards with Marie, Krory and Miranda. Tiedoll, Sokaro, Klaud and even Yeegar and Cross were drinking farther away.

Dozens of others, men and women alike, were sitting around, chatting animatedly with each other. He couldn't recognize them all, but he knew they were Exorcists too.

Someone hit him behind the head, hard.

"Itai! What…" he trailed off, recognizing his grandfather.

The one who was once known as Bookman wasn't the same, though. He seemed in his mid-twenties, without the dark circle around his eyes and with red/orangish hair a lot like his own.

"About time, idiot" huffed the man before walking away with a book under his arm.

Ary laughed at his flabbergasted expression.

"Yeah, I was surprised to see he hadn't always been a dwarf" she joked.

"I don't… really get it" admitted Lavi, scratching the back of his head.

"We Exorcists receive a special treatment, if you want to see it that way" the red-haired girl shrugged. "Since we were chosen by God and whatever. So, everyone ended up here. Isn't that great?"

"Yeah" he smiled. "Yeah, it is"

She grabbed his hand, laughing.

"Now come on! Let's go inform our dear Jerkface of your arrival! I'm sure he'll be elated to see you again" she grinned.

But he pulled her back to him.

"I just have to know, Ary" a more serious expression fell over his features. "Why… why did you do this? And don't give me the crap 'it was my job' or something like that, I need the truth"

Her smiled only widened, though, and she grabbed his chin, before kissing him gently.

"Because… it was the price to your freedom"

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