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Anyway, this is a crossover of Pokémon and Corpse Party; both of which I don't own. Enjoy.

May's POV:

"Run, May, don't look back!" came the shout from my best friend as we ran for our lives. I didn't even want to think about what would happen if those kids caught us. We've already seen what they could do… what they did to Dawn. Gagh, I'll never forget seeing her blood and guts splattered against the wall. How can little kids be so brutal? Why? Why did we do that ritual!? Why!?

"May!" I snapped out of my thoughts when my friend Ash called out to me. I turned to him and I saw his panicked worried face. He was scared, who wouldn't be. We were trapped inside an old school that was demolished when kids started going missing and found dead later. There was no way out. We tried the front doors, but they were locked. How are we suppose to make it out if all the exits are closed?

I continued running, turning around a corner while responding back, "What!?" Where were we supposed to go? This school was like a maze and every time and earthquake, at least I think its an earthquake, would happen the entire school would change. Hallways will change, lockers would go missing, even classrooms would vanish, as if they were never there!

"May we won't be able to outrun him! I'm gonna have to distract him while you keep running!" My eyes widened. Distraction? Was he crazy! If he were to distract him then the kid will definitely murder him and I can't let that happen. Not to the man I love so much!

I stopped and turned around facing him. He looked at me confused, but quickly changed to an urgent look. "May, what are you doing!? Go before he catches up! I'll distract him to give you-"

"No, Ash!" I yelled. "I'm not leaving you here with him! You'll get yourself killed if you do and then what? I'm gonna be alone again." Tears started running down my cheeks. I didn't want to end up alone, not again. When all this first started, I was all alone walking the halls of this school scared and confused. When I saw Ash he was fighting with Drew in an empty hallway. Drew went insane in this place. I wouldn't blame him though. This place will make even the most sane person crazy.

Drew had Ash pinned down while yelling something about taking something from him. "You took her from me!" to be exact. I was confused, but quickly shook my head and went to help him, but before I did, Ash did something that I wouldn't have expected him to do ever.

He grabbed a nearby piece of wood with a sharp end and impaled it into Drew's back. He quickly flipped him over and took out the weapon before impaling him again and again and again. I stood there frozen with fear. Ash killed someone. He killed Drew.

I heard Drew gurgling on his own blood before his eyes went blank.

… Drew was dead.

I finally found my voice and screamed. Ash turned to me and quickly pulled me into a hug, before telling me everything. He told me how Drew was talking nonsense, that he was losing his sanity quickly and that he attacked Ash out of nowhere. The rest I witnessed with my own eyes. I believed him, after what I saw, Drew really was insane. I just couldn't believe I lost another friend in this place.

"May?" My flashback was interrupted when Ash shook me. Yelling at me to run. I became angry. No way was I about to lose my best friend and the boy I loved.

I grabbed his arms and looked at him in the eyes. Those beautiful brown eyes. "I'm not leaving you here, Ash! We already lost Dawn and Drew and I'm not going to lose you too!" My tears were now stinging my eyes, but I paid no attention to it. "If we split up they'll pick us off by one.!" I was surprised the boy chasing us hadn't caught up to us yet. I was beginning to think he left us alone. That was until I heard his moaning coming from down the hall. He was coming!

Ash noticed too. "There's no time to argue, May! Just go!" He was scared. Not for himself, but for me. I could see it in his eyes. He wanted me safe. His expression softened before he held me in his arms. "I don't want to lose you either, May. Please… Just go." He had tears coming down as well. I had to go. I had to leave my best friend.

My first my love.

I closed my eyes tight before lunging at him and kissing him. I put all my love into that kiss… and he kissed back. It was passionate. The best feeling in the world. Even while we were being hunted down by a ghost kid, this was the happiest moment of my life.

I pulled away and smiled. "I love you, Ash. So much."

He smiled softly, with tears still coming down his face. "I love you too, May. So much."

We heard moaning again, much louder than before. He was close! Ash looked at me again with a serious face, his tears gone, but his eyes still shaking with emotion. "Go, May. Please"

I held him for a short time before turning and running down the opposite way of the sound. I looked back at Ash, he was smiling at me. I turned back and continued running never looking back again.

I was inside a classroom. Hiding in the closet in the corner. I waited a few seconds before stepping out. I started heading towards the door before I heard a scream.

The worst scream I ever heard.

The voice sounded like Ash. No. No Ash didn't get caught. No way! There's just no way! I heard the scream again and the truth hit me.

Ash was dead.

I shakily stepped back with my hand covering my mouth. My back hit the wall and I slid down until I was sitting down with my knees against my chest. My tears came back again only stronger. Why? Why did we do that stupid charm! It was all my fault! Dawn and Drew would be alright. My other friends wouldn't be lost.

And Ash would still be alive.

I put my head down and started crying. In lost my friends and my lover. All because I wanted us to be 'together forever'. How stupid of me.

I continued sitting there. The tears stopped, but I was destroyed. I lost everyone. In was alone. I'll never get out.

This school is the place of nightmares. With everything trying to kill you.

So here I am sitting in this empty classroom. Alone. Empty.

In this cursed school.

And done! Tragic, huh? Oh well, if you've played Corpse Party or seen the Anime you'll see how there's no happy ending in it.

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