[a/n] Yeah, couldn't help dropping in a Crockford moment. Nice old witch.

Susan was a cute little girl [first 2 movies] But I'm sure the murder of her Aunt forced her to grow up. Maybe sometimes acting the formidability until she finds her footing. She needs to rule her House.

I'll let Harry express my opinion of Snape ****Tribute to Alan Sidney Patrick Rickman (21 February 1946 – 14 January 2016) ****

I almost feel like someone reading ahead when it comes to Ron & Hermione. I find it funny Rupert said he didn't really enjoy kissing Emma.

The Goblin issue, I imagine, would have to be resolved fast. But taking responsibility for one of their own's actions.

Hail! Old-Crow!

As for looks, definitely using the movies. Too bad Eleanor Columbus couldn't have an expanded role. Evanna is just WOW! Nothing wrong with Bonnie, it's just she comes up lacking by comparison. IMHO.

EFFF You Harry 4

"I think you owe me, Mr. Potter." Susan put into the silence, she had a look that was both a smile and a smirk. Glancing at Ginny, and continuing "I saved you from a rather nasty slap, and while that doesn't reach the level of a life debt…it does entitle me to …ahhhhhhh… something."

No witch or wizard, Pureblood or otherwise knew any custom or magical law the redhead could be referring to. Ginny looked merely annoyed. Luna had a uniquely Lunaesque amused expression, she was twirling her wand. "Well….ahhhhh…thank you, of course, Sue." Said Harry with a confused tone in his voice "And I'm ...ummmmm… what do you….err…want?"

"Probably what every witch… annnnd likely some wizards… between 8 and 80 would in similar position." She answered with an increasingly predatory smile. Then, took his left hand, stepped close, put both his hands on her hips….planted her hands on his cheeks….and KISSSSSED deeply and passionately. Blushing all the while. Granted, not the girl's first kiss, but never had she kissed so publicly, or brazenly.

"Mmmphf!" grunted Harry at the suddenness of it all. And Susan was certainly an improvement over Myrtle [no offense intended, to the dearly departed] But flesh to flesh was infinitely better. After a couple seconds of instinctive resistance, he leaned in, deepened the kiss, wrapped his arms around the supple waist and pulled the lovely redhead tight against his body.

Antagonized beyond all tolerance, seeing red [obviously] Ginny snarled, forsook her wand, launched herself at the snogging pair "You stinking HARLOT!" she yelled and grabbed a fistful of Susan's hair.

"Metatarsalis fractis!" Luna's casual wand twirling had stopped within a fraction of a second and her aim was perfect. Her smile was most alarming to those who witnessed it and saw the spell's effect. Well, except for the goblins, who laughed.

Ginny cried out and fell to the ground. She cradled her left foot, bent over it sobbing.

"Right. Well, that was fun." Harry said, looking as Susan sheepishly.

She blushed "Have to try it again? Ya think?"

"I think not." Declared Luna. All eyes turned on her. Shock in every expression. Then she smiled in her quirky way…directly at Harry "At least not until I claim MY debt."

Harry blinked. For the moment, all the death and destruction was forgotten. He shrugged, sighed rather happily, "Guess this is my lucky day."

"Susan Bones, I do believe I saved you from some degree of harm." The blonde witch pushed past the dark haired wizard and pulled the redhead into an embrace.

The initial agony had passed, Ginny was sobbing. And furious "HEY! What about my foot?!"

"Where's Lockhart?" quipped Harry "He's good at dealing with broken bones….hahahahaha… oh 'scuse me Sue."

Susan didn't even break the kiss she'd been pulled into by Luna, merely waved a negligent hand. Madam Pomfrey arrived and immediately started attending to the injured Ginny.

"A great deal of usable Basilisk down there, Harry Potter." Ripjaw reported. He was carrying a box full of scales. Two of his troop were needed to transport the creature's heart. To everyone's distaste it was still beating. The largest goblins were each barely managing to carry an eye. The leader bowed to Harry, handed him a clipboard, continued "One heart, Two eyes, Forty-six pounds of scales; sign at the bottom."

Harry glanced critically at the loot, nodded, scrawled his signature. And he hissed, closing the entrance. Two goblins drew their weapons and took their posts at the entry. "Thank you, Ripjaw. See you again, shortly."

"Don't you think you have flaunted your cuckoldish behavior enough, Potter!" an increasingly angry Mr. Weasley finally burst out.

Mrs. Weasley sighed "Arthur, we discussed this. Kids must be free to make their own decisions."

"No! Molly!" he raged "Enough is enough! The boy's constant insults are intolerable!"

Ginny put up a restraining hand "It is quite all right, Father." She declared with great dignity "Let Harry play his games with his temporary whores. Why don't we leave for the time being?"


"I must say, Mr. Potter, a fascinating tale." McGonagall stood, concluding their meeting "You, Mr. Weasley and Miss Granger are heroes and should be recognized as such. I will do all in my influence to see you receive Orders of Merlin. I guarantee Special Services to the School awards. House Points? Well, they seemed irrelevant this year. There is a last bit of school business to discuss."

Harry interrupted "One thing, Professor. I think at least some of the Slytherin students are owed an apology. Not all of them supported Voldemort…OH! COME OFF IT! HE'S DEAD!... Anyway. Remember the Number One traitor of this whole war, at least to me, was Pettigrew; a Gryffindor."

"A valid point." She acknowledged, gruffly. Not liking the scolding, but unable to disagree with him. "Professor Snape's Headmaster's portrait awoke some time after the battle. What, Harry, are your thoughts?"

This was a topic he'd had serious mood swings on. Particularly during his talk with Susan. He looked at the painting as it floated in, said as a greeting "Snape."

"Where is that respect, Potter?" The painting sneered.

Harry sneered right back "You know? After you died, crying tears for me, I thought you were a hero of some kind."

"Snape? A hero?" Ron scoffed.

After a glance a Susan, Harry continued "I know. Right. Even had this image of naming my son Albus Severus. Can you imagine? You know, my Dad was a jerk to you in school. There was really no reason, some of it was right cruel. But nothing of that justifies you handing him to your master. What did you expect? Huh? Worm your way into the grieving widow's bed?! I-"

"You have no idea Potter…who I am or what motivated my life." Snape gritted out between clenched teeth "-I said it before, I'll say it forever! Your father was a swine! And you—"

Harry's temper blew right then. He whipped out his Elder Wand and yelled "AVADA KEDAVRA!"

"Foolish boy!" the portrait laughed coldly "The killing curse does not work on paintings!"

The Elder Wand seemed to vibrate in Harry's grip for several seconds. He smiled nastily, walked up to the painting, pressed the tip of the wand on the canvas. Fire appeared INSIDE the canvas. The image of the former professor screamed as flame slowly spread, consuming him.

"Harry!" exclaimed Hermione "Whatever DID you DO?"

Former Headmaster Black was furious "MINERVA! HOW DARE YOU ALLOW THAT! THAT VIOLATION!"

"Snivellus was a coward. And a traitor. Barely better than Pettigrew!" Harry growled "He didn't deserve to sit in Dumbledore's chair. And Hogwarts seems to agree. Get over it Nigel."

Ron and Hermione argued briefly, in hushed tones. Nobody caught the words. She finally won out "Harry can we talk to you? Privately? No offense Susan; Luna."

"Golden Trio thing." Luna commented, philosophically.

Susan wiggled her eyebrows at the blonde "You'll probably save me from injury in the future. How about I pay a debt forward." The pair went off holding hands.

The trio, alone as they hadn't been since the Horcrux hunt, looked at each other askance. Equal parts of astonishment at witches' behavior, and confusion as they silently mouthed 'Golden Trio'? A simultaneous shrug broke the moment, and Harry asked "Well? What's up guys?"

"I'm not trying to start a fight, Harry." Ron began then went on "You're my best friend and Ginny's my sister. What's going on? Are you two really over?"

Harry couldn't look his friend in the eye as he replied "She said she hated me. 'Crawl off and die' was her exact words. And, y'know? When I left…that day…I did-I was going to. I went to that spot… above the courtyard…from where McGonagall commanded the statues. If it wasn't for Sue I'd'a… let myself go off."

"Oh! Harry!" sobbed Hermione. She rushed over, hugged his head to her chest "You shouldn't have gone through that. I'm so sorry."

He wrapped his arms around her hips, squeezed "Thanks. I don't blame you. Or, you Ron. Or even your Dad, Ron. Hell, I'm kinda surprised your Mum was siding with me, even a bit."

"Well!" Hermione couldn't help commenting "You've not done terrible for yourself. Snogged three girls! One a ghost no less! And off she finally went…into the afterlife!"

At that, Harry blushed. He tried to repress a grin, then let it show "I'm not saying anything against Ginny. But, Luna and Sue ARE pretty."

"Harry!" she snapped at him. Then wanted to know "Are things like that allowed in the Wizarding World?"

Both boys shrugged, then Harry smirked at Ron, started to laugh, replied "Maybe you'll…hehehe…find it in….haha…a book…HAHAHAH" Both boys laughed while Hermione frowned, but then Harry offered "Seriously? Can you check it out for me?"

"Hmmm…we'll see." Hermione answered, clearly of mixed views on the subject "But, not right away. That's also what we wanted to talk to you about. I want to go get my parents from Australia."

Ron got a serious look, nodded "And I …well…" He trailed off, but took Hermione's hand.

He did not need to finish. Harry nodded "All for it. Both of you. Go. If anybody deserves some fun."

"You're not mad?" the couple asked, barely a word separating them.

Harry just grabbed both their hands, answered "No, of course not. I'm fine now. Really."

"That I believe!" Ron couldn't help it "Man's got two reasons to stay around!" Hermione just threw herself into Harry's arms, while rolling her eyes at her boyfriend. Hogwarts' Golden Trio said their goodbyes.


Arthur Weasley, meanwhile, had worked up a real and powerful mad at The-Boy-Who-Lived-And-Killed-The-Dark-Lord-And-Prevented-Another-Goblin-War [whew] Despite the opinions of several members of his clan, Arthur was closeted with his horribly wronged little girl "That Potter!" he snarled "We need to find a way to make him pay! Humiliate him the way he humiliated you!"

"Oh Daddy!" she sobbed, pounding her fists on his chest "I thought he loved me! I LOVE HIM!"

Arthur clutched her tightly, the pain of the punch fueled his desire to inflict the same humiliation his daughter was feeling on the one who inflicted it. "It occurs to me, sweetheart" he said "Harry is getting quite a fortune out of that hole. And you, baby, suffered more than anyone. I am sure if you took a piece of that, it would get his undivided attention. He'd forget ALL ABOUT those, those! I WON'T even speak their names!"

"If you think it will get Harry back." she sobbed, hopefully "What do you want me to do, Daddy?"

He lifted her chin until she was looking in his eyes "I think we should figure that out together." He answered "I know you…we will do what is in your best interest."

"Wh-you know what hurts the most, D-daddy?" tears streaked her cheeks "Luna. She was my b**sob**est friend when w-when we were l-l-ittle."

He kissed her head, answered fiercely "No one, and I mean no one, makes my baby cry."


"Thank you Professor. Ted and I really needed to see where Nymphadora died." Andromeda Tonks said.

Despite his sadness, Ted Tonks was looking around in awe "This place is amazing!" he exclaimed "Especially considering what it looks like from outside."

"The property is charmed to protect our privacy-from non-Magical-eyes." The Headmistress said, tactfully.

Andromeda looked at Harry "And what, Mr. Potter?" she asked formally "Are your intentions towards young Theodore?"

"Heheheh! Can you believe how entertained he is just by a finger." He completely missed the coldness in her tone "He's amazing. Way to go Moony! I hope I can visit, Mrs. Tonks."

The disgraced former Black turned on the full power of her Pureblood heritage, inquired coldly "Then, am I to assume you intend to claim the right to raise the child?"

"Why'd-" Harry began. He did not miss that openly hostile expression.

A teenage boy coddling and cuddling over a baby had created a virtual harem around Harry. Witches of all ages found excuse to lovingly touch either Harry or Teddy, usually both. The central stars were, naturally, Luna and Susan. They both got in the path of the brewing clash. Luna easily containing Harry's tension by refusing to take the baby from him.

"A word, Mrs. Tonks." Said Susan, in a tone that brooked no debate "Harry Potter is not a typical wizard. And certainly not a typical Pureblood."

Luna offered airily "Harry is not a typical wizard. Quite a bit better actually."

"Hush Luna dear." Susan scolded her, without any heat "Now, one Head of a Great House to another….oh! Right! You're not!...So, Andromeda, dear, why not listen to Harry's concerns before going off half cocked? Hmmm?"

Harry took the redhead's expression as an opening "Well, I just hoped she'd let me visit. I'd be glad to babysit sometimes."

"You see, Harry, in the Wizarding World, it is normally expected that the Godfather takes full custody of the orphaned child. In fact, under the law, it is mandatory." Susan explained in a rather professorish way.

For Harry, it was one thing to hold a baby. And even that was a terrifying responsibility. The very concept of being a 24 hour a day parent …well…Can we revive Voldemort for another go around? "Me? Bloody Hell! I don't even have a place to live!"

"Calm down Harry. Don't want to wake the baby." Said Susan in a soothing tone. "Now. Might I propose a simple solution? Of course, Harry can't break the law. However, if you are both agreeable, Theodore can grow up with his biological Grandmother while his young Godfather learns who he is going to be. If you both make the best of it, get to know each other, we can…review the situation…in, say five years."

Harry and Andromeda looked at each other with half-smiles. "I believe I had the wrong impression of you, Mr. Potter… Harry… I had a rather acrimonious relationship with Nympadora, and perhaps, transferred some of that to you. Susan Bones, you are wise beyond your years and would be most welcome…should you choose to accompany Harry on his visits."

"Andromeda is assuming you two are a couple." Luna cut to the quick in her usual way.

Harry exchanged significant glances with both witches then said "Suffice it to say, I'm looking at a couple options… just now …and I've recently learned wizard society has some PLEASANT differences from the muggle world."

"OHHHHHHHhhh! Look at me that waaaaaaay, Harrrrrryyyyyyy!" another witch sighed, eliciting a gaggle of giggles. He handed the just stirring baby over "Thank you for brining Theodore to meet me, Mrs. Black."

She nodded, said "It's Andi. After all we are family. Both by blood, and otherwise." Slightly bouncing her Granddaughter in her arms.

"How long before he starts insisting everyone call him Teddy?" asked Susan, as soon as she was out of earshot. Which was greeted with a round of giggles.


It was several days later. Harry was back at Hogwarts and the Goblins had yet another team bringing out Basilisk remains. They'd started early, arriving at 6am, in fact. And so far as of almost noon, it was their fourth trip. Also bringing construction supplies."

An excitable brown owl swept in, landed sloppily on a statue near Harry squawked and held out his leg.

"Well, hi there Pig." Harry greeted the Weasley owl. He never could get the pronunciation right "Come on. HEY HAGRID! Got some owl treats!"

The giant finished setting a man-sized decorative rock in place and nodded "Sure 'arry let's hit the Great Hall."

Hardly had it been placed that Professor Flitwick was magically slice away pieces carving it into a person.

Dear Harry,

I am sorry to tell you, Ginevra and her Father have been very secretive. I tell this because, unfortunately, it apparently involves you. They are on their way to Hogwarts. Sorry to say I do not know why. Please forgive them.



"Oh shit!" Harry hissed


"Well, hello Minerva." Arthur greeted her, pleasantly "Good to seeHa the reconstruction proceeding so well."

She smiled at the redhaired pair "Arthur, and Miss Weasley. The cleanup was really depressing. But, seeing the beauty of the lands and the castle, even the Dark Forest returning to normal. So, what brings you here this fine afternoon?"

"Oh, nothing too serious." replied Arthur, lightly "Just been a couple days since we saw Harry. Tell me, do you happen to know where he is?"

She nodded "Well, I just saw a detachment of Goblins leaving. "I know he likes working in the gardens. So, either there, or the Great Hall."

"Thank you, Professor." Said Ginny, sunnily "I'd like to volunteer some time, as well. Come Daddy!"

The Headmistress smiled at the girl's enthusiasm, replied "That would be most appreciated, Miss Weasley. See Hagrid for where your talents can best be used."