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EFFF You Harry 7

This was going to be a wonderful and terrible day. Harry was bouncing on his feet for the wonderful part. The return and reunion of the Golden Trio. In the travel center of The Ministry he anxiously awaited a green flash which finally happened. Delighted, he yelled "Hermione! Ron!"

"OH Harry! It's so good to see you again!" a weepy Hermione flung her arms around his neck. She wept into his chest for a full minute. Then in her usual way "Ronald and I kept up with the goings on here and your perspective in The Quibbler. I never knew sweet little Susan Bones had such a -well- set of steel nads."

Harry pretended shock "Did Hermione Granger just say a bad word?!"

"Well, of course, it is all Ronald's fault." She declared, primly "And since you asked, my parents' memories are restored. They will wrap up their practice in Sydney and come home Muggle style."

The lanky redhead cringed "I am NOT getting in one of those THINGS!"

"Says the bloke who rode a dragon across London," Harry chuckled fondly; then got serious "You know I have to do this."

Ron looked angry for a minute, then deflated "I don't blame you, Harry. Dad, I can't believe he forgot how you saved him from Nagini. Don't know if it's really a life debt, but the Chamber definitely qualifies."

"Ronald, that was well reasoned. And coolly argued. I am truly impressed." Said Hermione, taking his hand and looking up with happy tears in her eyes. Harry just quietly whispered his gratitude that a harsh break with a couple of Weasleys didn't mean a total break with the whole clan. Harry should have known better. Susan had even …not warned exactly, just cautioned that it could happened… and to be prepared if it did.

"Ronald! Hermione!" Arthur Weasley called across The Artium, and going into his robes for his wand "Come away from that trouble-maker!"

Ron hesitated, noticeably. Hermione was not to be intimidated "You may have some authority over your adult offspring, Mr. Weasley. But you are not…and never have been…my Father." Her harsh tones lashed across the vast room "I'll not consult you on who I choose for friends."

"And don't even think of pulling that wand." Harry warned. His wand came out long before the senior Weasley managed "After Voldemort you just don't measure up."

Three Aurors, there were always a few there, intervened, the senior of them declared "Move on people! Nothing to see here! Isn't that right, Mr. Potter?"

"See you later, Ron, Hermione." He took the time to brotherly slap his one friend's shoulder and hug the other affectionately. "Weasley, tomorrow, appear before the Wizengamot, noon." Then, contemptuously turned his back, stepped into an alcove, and flash away.


"I can't see you handling it any different, Harry." Said Susan, softly. She pushed him into a big yellow leather chair, her father's favorite, climbed into his lap, pushed open his robe, snaked a hand in to rub his bare shoulder.

He moaned throatily at the ministrations "Cementing your marriage negotiations, Bones?"

"Thought we already settled the deal." She gently bit his earlobe "I offer what few others have. Not least are my own considerable assets. Hahahahahahah! Yeah I didn't mean money! Then I obviously have Luna Lovegood to offer. Or rather, no jealousy, unlike certain others. Eeep! Enough of this. To bed with you."

Harry had flipped open her top, making it clear money was not a concern in his life. And quite noisily burying his face in her considerable assets. At the oblique reference to his ex, he dug a fist deep in her kidneys. Then at the mention of bed, nodded eagerly.


"Come on Luna!" Harry slapped the upturned bare butt of the blonde witch, hours later.

She glared at him through wild strands of hair, complained "It is entirely too early! Normal wizards use magic to wake people up gently!"

"My way is more fun." Retorted Harry with a laugh, and delivering a second slap "Now, you can either get up….ooooorrrrrrrrrrrrr… I can give my interview to Rita Skeeter."

Luna rolled over, propped her head in a hand, rolled her eyes "Like that will happen. And, honestly… Harry Potter… they're just titties. Nothing at all to get excited about."

"Maybe, if you wasn't a teenage boy." He leaned over, kissed her, lingeringly, and pinched a nipple. Then ordered "Move it blondie!"


Tiberious Ogden stood and looked over the assembly "I hereby do declare this, the 521st Session of the Wizengamot open. It is a proud moment when a Family is raised to Ancient and Noble status. Only slightly less important, is a moment when a Mediatized House is reinstated to full rights and voting status after a period of Blood Traitor status. Shall we all welcome the Weasley Family back into the fold?"

"Might I speak, Your Excellency?" Harry rose and asked.

Many of the old school frowned, however significant numbers were now of Harry's generation "The Chair recognizes the representative of House Potter."

"Thank you, Noble Peers." Harry began his speech "I imagine you all expect me to extoll the virtues the Weasleys and their fight for the light. And, in truth, I wish I could. None can deny the heroism with which Fred Weasley died. Or Molly Prewitt Weasley throwing herself into the path of an insane dark witch. But, apparently, two members of the clan have not learned from their time as Blood Traitors."

From the box of honor, Arthur was on his feet "Sounding like the Dark Lord, Harry?" he sneered.

"Got a bit of a history lesson, Arthur." Harry countered "Thank you Professor McGonagall. Shame on that witch, not keeping her word. The same as you, and your daughter. Life debts are a nasty bit of business to go against."

Rumors had been flying for years. Was the wizarding world about to get the truth about some of the past few years?

"I'll tell all to my favorite reporter one day soon." Said Harry, winking at Luna "But, there's a reason I was able to sell the remains of a 60 foot basilisk. Right Ginny? And, shame on you Arthur. Forget about a bird job? And the snake Neville killed?"

Those were, at best, vague comments that few in the Wizengamot had the patience to sort through. The idea that a life debt had been breeched was not to be borne. Mutterings began, spread, escalated, filled the room. There was angry talk, and talk of justice… or revenge. Ultimately they were glad to give him exactly what he wanted. Some commented, loudly, that he was entirely too soft.

"Seriously, Potter!" Narcissa Malfoy shouted "You do not know how to punish your enemies!"

Harry glared at the currently only free Malfoy "Like Draco and Lucius, for instance." He sneered extravagantly "At least they'll see light of day…eventually. Haha! You…Arthur Weasley…I declare a Blood Traitor. This for you personally. I do not seek to extend this to future generations. Particularly in light of the heroism of your boys. And especially to honor the loss of Fred. You, Ginevra, are another matter. Did I give you permission to speak? If not for Fawkes I would have died after saving you. Never deliberately seek my company in this or the next plane of existence. A Blood Traitor you and your issue are, now and to the third generation. So I declare, so mote it be. And as for you, Nacissa Malfoy, speaking for Sirius I cast you and your last generation from the Ancient and Noble House of Black. So I declare, so mote it be."

"FUCK YOU HARRY POTTER!" came, almost as one, from the three Blood Traitors.

Harry sternly refused to show a hint of emotion under the verbal assault. He just sat there in the Potter Seat, eyes locked on Ogden.

Molly Prewitt Weasley, shamed on a day which should have been pride-filled, slapped at both her husband and daughter "Shame to the both of you!" her quiet sob echoing as no yell ever could "And more the shame for siding in with the Malfoys! Think on that some time Ginevra! I hope you are proud of yourself."

And Ginny, who had been stunned at the echo from Nacissa, was horrified at her Mother's reference to her First Year. She looked sick and in fact promptly vomited.

"Molly! I am Head of this family! You will-" Arthur began, furiously.

Molly's wand was out "Silencio!" she cast, then "Lord Ogden, I petition The Wizengamot to allow me control of House Weasley. My husband is no longer suitable. And, despite her age, Ginevra is clearly not yet prepared for the responsibilities of adulthood."

Harry looked rather amused, which tacit approval led to the Wizengamot ruling "Molly Weasley is appointed Regnant Head of House Weasley. The witch Ginevra will have her minority extended for a period not to exceed five years. With the exception of she will be considered adult for any crime committed."

"That's completely unfair!" snapped Ginny.

Ogden glared witheringly at her "Silence child! When you can act like a grownup you will be treated as one!"


The Man Who Is Mine

And that was the last time I called Ginevra my friend. Although, sadly, I am reasonably certain the friendship ended much sooner. Be that as it may, I am quite lonely tonight. But happy. This might seem to reinforce the image my schoolmates gave me as Loony Lovegood.

Does it surprise you to know I knew? Would it surprise you to learn I know who each and everyone of you are? Would it surprise you to learn I forgive you all? The fact is, I no longer need to be concerned about such childhood occurrences.

As I write this I have just said goodnight to Harry and Susan. Perhaps another oddness about me. Harry insisted we have our own separate weddings. Every girl's dream. What my childhood friend taught me is about selfish love. In Harry and Susan I have learned about selfless love. There is room in my heart for two and I am not jealous. Harry loves us both. Not the same because I am not the same as Susan. But my Harry has enough love in his heart for both of us. Tomorrow, just as Susan, I will marry Harry and leave for a two week honeymoon.

After that, we shall assume our Noble titles. He as Head of House Potter, Susan as Head of House Bones, myself as Head of House Black. Harry's children will inherit. Someday

Remember The Quibbler is the only official press source of Harry Potter.

By Luna Lovegood [Potter-to-be]


"Fuck you Susan Bones!" Ginny Weasley hatefully threw The Quibbler into the fireplace, then snarled "Fuck you Luna Lovegood!"

Molly set a plate of bacon and eggs in front of her daughter, instructed coldly "Eat your breakfast and do not finish that curse."

"Then I will." Arthur struck a match, sneered into the flames "Fuck you Harry Potter!"

Molly angrily slapped the back of her husband's head "One day you will realize your foolishness!" she said harshly "But in the meantime, you will follow the golden rule. If you cannot say anything nice, do not speak at all."

"I will not be spoken - in my own home!" he hammered a fist into the kitchen table.

Molly glared at him "You didn't pay attention to that Wizengamot ruling, Arthur. You are not in charge here. Hurry up. You will be late for work."

The angry red-haired man perfunctorily kissed his wife and daughter goodbye. Stepped out The Burrow's door. Repeated his curse "EFFFF you Harry Potter!" And disapparated to his Ministry job.

Ginny, done with breakfast, stomped up the stairs, slammed her bedroom door, incoherently screamed into her pillow. Furious with everyone and everything.


19 Years Later. Still happens.

Draco and family there, him glaring at Harry. But perhaps not carrying the animosity to the next generation. Ron and Hermione, still the Golden Trio.

Maybe an Albus Potter, but certainly no Albus Severus. Just can't see Harry naming a son after an abusive teacher. Picture Vernon Potter. Harry kindly talking to his and Susan's daughter Lily Amelia. A daughter with Luna, Selene Potter. 7 kids total. From toddler to 15yo.

Ginny did marry. Her Blood Traitor status somewhat offset by a good marriage and a successful career with the Harpies. Kids attending Hogwarts right along with the Potters. She could never quite look Harry in the eye.