Chapter 1: The Beginning

A woman busied herself away in the kitchen, humming about has she cut some veggies while the high sun rose around noon as the gleams made through the dusk tint draped parted windowsill. Calming afternoon it was starting to feel, hearing off in the distance of small children playing the next room over, playing with a posy critter, the dainty living room vivid with children chatting away. The woman paused for a moment from chopping to glance over at the clock for the precise time, eyes a bit widen, before giving a small call out.

"Comfey, would you be a dear and go fetch Malie down from her room. Hurry though, she's going to be late! Kai, Keahi, time for lunch."

With the last remaining words having a much more push, the tiny creature that was minding the children, much to the kids dismay but let the Pokémon go. Letting it float up to the stairway to the second floor, leaving for the kids, twins, a boy and girl, to rush into the kitchen where the small dinning table, taking seat, waiting for their meal.

"Does Malie have to go by herself, mommy?" The boy asked, a slight glum in his tone didn't unnoticed from his mother.

"Kai. No. You can't go until you are of age, understand?" His mother voice firmed with no room for argument, cutting to the point of her son's real question, as she placed the plates down on the table, glancing where the last plate went were the chair still empty. Unknowing she gave a sigh, one of her hands gripping the ends of her dressy warm yellow hue long blouse, before going on gathering drinks from the refrigerator, quickly picking up some cups from the upper cupboard above the stove.

"Mommy, could I have juice?" The girl asked the moment her mother was in view.


The girl gave another question after she got her juice. "Will Nalani go with her?"

"Your big brother is going to be helping me around the house and fields, before that even happens. Which, by the way, don't think you two will be slacking off, I'm going to need all the help I can get when your cousin leaves."

"Still don't see why she has to go." The boy groaned, forking his cooling carrots, having a fisted hand keep his head rise at the table.

"You'll get it when you're older, Kai. Now eat, I want to get the apples, kee, lum, oran, and wacan berries plucked soon as we can."

Meanwhile, up stairs the small light green Comfey zoomed down the short left hall of the house, nearing the last door. Not bothering with knocking, used its tiny arms to grasp the handled of the door for a turn, slight problem at first, but was able to open in a jiffy. The Comfey's oval, light green eyes scanned the somewhat neat and bare dim lit room. Starting at the bed, which remained unused for the night, leaving the poor creature to shake its orange face side to side a friendly amused displacement in a second, before having its eyes land over to a large work desk.

Papers scatted about the surface of it, a few on the floor below, while a hologram screen remained open, given a soft blue glow that shine down on the owner. Whom had their light tan arms folded as they were a pillow, a short thin wiry body laid in rest, with dark hair tangled from what look a rough night, going pass the person's shoulders, where the white tank-top straps failed to stay put. The shoulders rose up and down within the person's sleep. The Comfey flew over to the window, hooking the drapes apart, to let some natural light in, giving the person nearby a small jolt from the bright light, but made no further move from that.

Another shake of the head came from the Comfey before it flew near the young adult, giving a tap on the shoulder that wasn't fully leaned on during sleep, mindful of the taps to the shoulder where the tan skin faded into a mark of flesh slightly darker. Again, the jolt lived up the body, this time a groan followed. Having the Comfey give tiny prying cries to the person, to let them know, that there was another in the room.

"Morning, Connie." The person said, trying to stifle a yawn but failed. Giving their body a stretch from their seat, giving a whiny moan from the shifts of their stiff body, already knowing it was from sleeping in a spot and position not made for rest. Finally, the person just got up from their seat, shutting off their hologram screen from a recorder remote design-like device below it, that when seen before shut up, also had a matching keyboard. Heading over to their bed in quick steps, to pull out from under it a simple brown color backpack. Zipping it up on one of the side pockets.

Minding herself to freshen up, headed over to a door that lead to a small bathroom, calling out to the Comfey that they dubbed Connie, once the door closed.

"What time is Connie?" The person muttered through the door.

The Comfey quickly knocked on the door in a certain pattern that certainly caught the person's attention.

"What?! It's that time already? Crap!"

The shout was loud enough echoed pass the door, though if it reached the lower floor was unknown. Quickly the person ran out of the bathroom, slightly damped from splashing water on them, as the sink was still running. Finding a plain white short sleeve shirt and dark gray shorts from the dress draws that was by a tall book case, made haste through their room. Comfey calmly going to pick up and handled things the human forgot to do, before going to the backpack.

"No, that's fine, Connie. I'll come get the bag later, just let her charge up some more. Aunty and the others downstairs, already?" The person asked, once everything was smoothed, breathing a little easier after almost getting fully ready. Going back into the bathroom once more for a quick comb before placing their long hair in a low ponytail, letting some her bangs curl around the forehead. Giving their cheeks some light slaps to wake a bit more. Gave themselves a deep breath before letting it go, trying to calm their jitter nerves. Glancing to see the Comfey waiting by the door, before following it out.

Nearing the last few steps is when the person heard their aunt speak.

"I see the dead has finally awoken. You're not that late, come on, having something to eat before you head off. It's your favorite vegetable dish." The older woman came over near the staircase, giving a pleading pry look to other, before saying. "Please, Malie."

"Can't stay too long or I might miss the ferry." Malie replied back, before going to where the shoe-shelf was by the front door, placing on some light gray slip on shoes.

"Wouldn't that be a shame." Kai mutter with a low angry tone.

"Kai, watch your mouth there." His mother called out, while she and Malie came over to the dinning table.

"Aunty, it's fine. Besides, he was bound to act like this." Malie whisper lowly to her aunt, before making quick of her lunch.

"Malie, take a moment to breathe there, I worked hard on that meal there, little missy."

Malie's aunt pose her mouth into a pout, giving a stare that mirror the words that she was very familiar with in the air of being raised better than that. Yet, she choose to ignore that look and finished her plate, taking a few moments to speak to her aunt.

"Can't. I promise the professor . . . to help out at his lab and he's the got . . . the medicine results . . . from Hoenn that I have . . . been asking for a while now."

"I thought you were going to get your starter, Malie?" The girl asked, finishing her food already and having the plate set in the sink for cleaning later.

"Oh, I am Keahi, I just need to wait on that. The professor wants to have the younger new trainers to have their go first, it would be kind of weird to see me there along with them."

"Would it be weird if it was us three, cousin?" Keahi questioned, looking very confuse on what her cousin told her.

"Nope. Not at all. But you see, these kids are close to your age and very much not related to me in kin. So seeing someone like me, would be seem like a bully in questioning if they can be trainers or not. It's better that is all."

"But, but Nohea and Wainani are friends my friends, right? They like you Malie and Spike too!" Keahi said back, gleeful smile on her tiny face, going up to her cousin and making a motion to be picked up. Malie complied, and had her tiny cousin sit on her lap, waiting as Keahi seemed to have more to say. "I'm sure they won't mind you there. Not at all."

Malie carefully watch her aunt take the remaining plates from the table to the sink, starting to clean them, her hush voice didn't go amiss to the eldest at the table.

"They might not. I'm sure their siblings and parents would disagree."

"Aunty, don't frown like that." Malie said, light voice almost too airy to hear, very pleading for another matter that wasn't said. Before Malie looked her cousin with a warm smile, follow up with. "I don't see of how you are wrong there, but just humor me on this for now on this, okay? Please?"


"Good. Now off, believe it or not sweetie but you are much heavier now with that growing body of yours. I don't think my aging one, can keep up." Malie teased to her younger cousin.

Keahi giggled at the teasing voice her cousin had, before saying. "You're not that old."

"You would be surprise compare to some trainers." Malie said back, making short on what she said not long ago, before seeing the time, rising Keahi up from her lap and down on her feet back down. Heading over to the back porch doorway. Sliding the glass screen door open, letting the words slip out. "Well, I will be off now. I should be back soon."

Her body still when seeing Kai roughly pushed away from the dinning table, and running up the stairway. Leaving only the three in the kitchen.

"He's not taking this very well." Malie heard her aunt speak.

"I don't think Kai has really soak in from the last the chat we had. I'll talk to him when I get back." Malie replied back.

"Mommy, I'm going to sit with Kai, okay?" Keahi spoke out, not waiting for a reply and followed after her brother, stopping at the third step to see her cousin and mother, looking at Malie, before saying. "When you get back, Malie, I have something for you. For your trip! You'll love it!"

"I bet I will no matter what, later."


Leaving now just Malie and her aunt.

"Be careful."

"Oh, aunty, it's just a short boat ride away. You worry too much."

"You know that's not what I am talking about."

Malie gave a sigh with a nod of understanding, before heading out, going through towards the path, that lead to the Lush Jungle as a short cut to the nearest docks.