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Chapter 1: The Wake

Cold. That wasn't normal. When was the last time I even felt cold? Probably never. But now I felt it. It was the same pain I inflicted on my enemies. The sound of gas depressurizing and suddenly I was free falling to the ground. Landing ever so gracefully on my face, I couldn't even move. My muscles were cramping up after being so long in a claustrophobic and freezing sleep pod. I forced myself to sit up, hands planted on the ground. The world was spinning as I slowed my breathing and closed my eyes. I sat there for a few moments, letting the dizziness subside. How did I even end up here? I barely remember myself being put into cryosleep to heal from my injuries I'd gotten from some battle. Taking a good look at my surroundings, I realized I was in an Orokin Ship, with its ornate gold pillars and facades lining the grand hall that seemed frozen in time. It was all in perfect condition, but the place was eerily silent, deserted. I got up to my feet, leaning onto a pillar for support. Looking up to the cryopod where I was, I saw a small engraved sign.

Borealis. That was my name. Fragments of my broken memories flooded my confused mind. The memories were all fuzzy, a fight, sentients, weeping children of the colonies, a wild and burning fire. Excalibur. To be precise, Excalibur Prime, the first of the Warframes. There was something about him. Something had happened. I shivered. Better not think much about it now. I was part of the Orokin Royal Guard, tasked with protecting the Orokin Emperors and the Council of Executors.

I began exploring the vast ship, its many halls and corridors stretching for what seemed like an eternity before me. I was alone, no one was in sight. It as a while before I stumbled upon a very familiar corridor. The door at the end of the corridor opened and I stepped in. Immediately, I recognized it as my own room. It looked cozy, with messy piles of paper on my work table, my own foundry in the corner dusty and unused. My bed on the opposite side of the room, with its messy sheets and the pillow on the floor.

There was a large holographic screen on the centre wall with some sketches, plans and photos. Turns out, I was working on designing some weapons with another Vauban warframe. Never really made those plans reality. The Vauban had sent me some messages telling me that my weapons were not practical and would be unable to handle the stress. Blah blah. Whatever.

Moving on to the right, there were maps and layouts of various Orokin ships, one particular floor plan detailing the defenses on what seemed to be the chamber that held the pods of the Seven Orokin Emperors. Seemed imporant. I peered closer. It appeared that I had made some arrows pointing around the map and descriptions about defense formations and contingency plans but they were cancelled off and were scribbled over.

On the edge of the screen were some photos. There was a photo of a Saryn Prime who was standing next to me. We were at a graduation ceremony, her wearing the Tenno Graduation Syandana which I recognized. It was my sister, Calla. At the corner of the photo was her signature with the words "Thank you, from your lil' toxic sis". I let a little smile as I began to remember the memories we had. She had just graduated from the Tenno school and was just recruited into the Orokin Royal Guard. Wonder where she is now?

The next photo was a Volt Prime laughing at some dinner table with me sitting beside him. I think the Volt was ironically named, Amp. We must've been quite close friends, judging by the way he was slapping my back and laughing hysterically while I was drinking a cup of tea trying not to choke. The photo below that was a group photo of many Warframes. Excalibur and I were standing in front of the group in a side hug, like we were close buddies. I recognized Amp and Calla in the photo as well, also a Mag, Nyx, Rhino and a Titania who all seemed very familiar.

When I reached the last photo at the bottom of the screen, I froze. That face. It felt like a blade had just pierced my mind. I deleted it immediately, not wanting to think of it much further. The image haunted me. Something with her wasn't right. I sat down slowly on the edge of my bed. The kaleidoscope of memories continued to reveal even more of itself, adding to the complexity of the situation. No, it hurt. My head started spinning as I fell onto my bed, where sleep embraced my exhausted body with open arms.

I dreamt that I was surrounded in a storm of fire, a large mechanical-like being watching me, laughing maniacally as I screamed in agony, my armor melting and my warframe systems overheating. Looking around for help, I saw a Nekros warframe lying lifeless next to the burning wreckage of a ship and an Equinox running away from main source of the fire, where I was. There was an Ember Prime who was running in to save the Equinox. I tried shouting at her, but my cries were muted. She caught sight of me waving my hand as I took cover next to the corpse of the Nekros. She looked back at me, her eyes emotionless as she clicked on the console pad next to the escape pod. No. How could she do this? The pod ejected. I was alone. Left to die facing this beast. Looking back at the large being, in a desperate attempt, I fired two shots from my shotgun, hoping that it'd at least prevent it from hurting the others. I quickly slipped back under cover. I hid under the corpse of the Nekros, using it as a barrier to block the unbearable heat that grew ever stronger, But that couldn't stop the fire forever. My body erupted in pain as I doubled over, my vision becoming more and more blurry.

The dream shifted, and suddenly I was talking to a female warframe. I was explaining something to her, my eyes wet from tears and emotions. She did not reply after I had finished talking. She clasped her hand over her mouth, trying to muffle herself from crying, her tears already streaming down her face. She ran away, the doors closing behind her. I fell on my knees and wept, my emotions that were held up inside me finally released. It was my fault. I could've prevented it earlier, but no. I was selfish, and I took something that wasn't mine.

Snapping back to reality, I woke up in bed, sweating profusely as I shakily got up. I gazed upon the large window in my room, allowing viewing of the vast emptiness of space. I think I sat there for at least 10 minutes, regaining composure and slowing down my quickened breathing before I grabbed my weapons that I had found in my room and headed for the Hangar to find a landing craft for me to use.

For after what seemed like a million years of walking through the many halls and corridors of the Orokin ship, I finally reached the hangar, where there were many landing craft still left unused there. I caught sight of my own landing craft that I had used. A Mantis landing craft, with its med tower air support that I preferred as it worked very well with squads of other Tenno. Deciding to stick to my own equipment, I opened the console and selected my landing craft. The pod of my Mantis opened, revealing a cavity, shaped like a warframe. I stepped inside, and the pod rotated. When the doors opened, I was in the ship. My equipment still in perfect condition, I directly headed for the navigation console.

Out of nowhere, a cephalon's voice pierced the silent atmosphere that I was used to for the past day. I jumped slightly, making a slight yelp that might or might not've been way too high pitched for a male.

"Are my sensors picking up this correctly? Is that, is that you, Operator?"

"Yes, it's me. Pl- "

"By stars, I was so worried about you! I thought you Tenno were all gone" Ordis, the ship cephalon, interrupted.

What? Gone?

"What do you mean, gone? " I asked, bewildered.

"Um, like how you Tenno wip - killed the bloody Orokin sc- er, the Orokin. I apologize for that error. Running system diagnostics."

Man, he was really glitched. But more importantly, the Tenno wiped out the Orokin? That couldn't have happened. My worst fears had become reality. They had listened to HIM. Him and that wretched lady that they blindly followed. Lotus. She had ordered the Tenno to kill the Orokin, but I remember strongly arguing against that order, as it would destroy the fragile balance of the multiple factions under an already tense relationship with the Orokin. Wiping out the Orokin meant destroying the balance of power, the Corpus and Grineer left free. The Orokin bio-weapon left to ravage uncontrollably. To make matters worse, the Orokin were in a war with the Sentients, and a direct massacre after the war would've caused the most adverse effects compared to a more strategic time when relations between the other factions have improved. I could only imagine the current lives of the innocent citizens of the system, gunfire, war and conflict rampant throughout the system.

And those Tenno, those foolish and blinded people, followed their "mother" like her puppets.

"All systems nominal." Ordis abruptly interrupted my train of thought.

"Set a course for the Larunda Relay." I wanted to see for myself the Tenno. Maybe I could get to know the whereabouts of the others.

I lay back in the landing pod and waited. At last, the pod spun open, and I stepped out of the pod. I was in a large Hangar. The colossal size of the relay left me in awe. I saw many other Tenno entering their landing crafts and also landing crafts that were docking in the hangar. It was busy traffic. I walked to the main concourse, where I got some suspicious stares from some of the other Tenno. Did they recognize me? Ignoring them, I caught sight of a less crowded spot. I leaned on a nearby pillar and looked around at the other Tenno. There was a diverse range of Tenno in the Relay, colourful and bustling with life. From the corner my vision, I could see a group of Tenno intently discussing something. I overheard some of their conversation.

"Is that Frost a Prime?"

"Nah, he ain't wearing the right helm."

I rolled my eyes. They must be talking about me. I pretended not to hear as they continued bickering on.

"He's got some really shiny bits on him, see? "

"You got that right. Non-primes don't have those shiny bits don't they?

"I think he's a Prime."

"I don't think I've met a Frost Prime before."

"Very rare, aren't they? "

"Wasn't there like, only one ever built Frost Prime?"

"I heard construction of the other 6 were halted due to the Sentients destroying the lab."

"So that's the Frost Prime of that duel? "

"I mean, that's the only one right? "

"Oh crap. I've got to tell them about this, " one said, the Nova, while running away into the distance.

I walked up to the group. What duel were they talking about. They jumped when they saw me coming.

"Uh, hello. I heard you guys were talking about some duel. Care to enlighten me?" I asked, as nicely as possible.

"You don't remember, do you? " the Atlas asked.

I shook my head.

The Banshee began "Well, you see- "

She was interrupted with the flicker of lights in the relay.

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