Hello dear readers. I'll be rewriting the entire story and renaming it. it will be republished under a separate story. Will update here the new title as well as the links to the rewritten version when the first chapter is published.

The new story has the same plot, timelines, and characters. Basically everything in the universe is the same except I'll be writing the whole story in a different perspective and style that'll hopefully be better than the current story which is mainly impromptu.

Many side characters will have to be scrapped as I don't think I can maintain as many sideplots as I'd wanted when the main plotline is already very complicated for me to handle.

The entire main plotline has ready been completed and if you'd want to hear it feel free to PM me. It'd be great to have a second opinion so I don't make amassive plothole that flies over my head. And of course, spoilers and etc.

Also I figured I should just publish what little I've written of chapter 9 before beginning the rewrite.

And finally, thank you dear readers, and stay tuned!