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The power of submission

I rush getting ready, I quickly grab the Berries I have stashed away and put on whatever button up shirt I have sitting at the top of the pile in my chest. I've been waiting around until late afternoon burning through half a pack of my cigarettes as I waited for the sun to start setting. I fling open the bunk room door and all but fly off the ship hastily waving bye to whomever calls out while pointedly avoiding Zoro's questioning gaze.

Earlier in the day I found what I was looking for so I know exactly where to go, wasting no time I B line straight for the special bar. The bar with the lovely ladies milling around outside beckoning with their dainty fingers for sailors and pirates to come closer, you can only get to this one by going through one of three narrow alley ways.

I light up a cigarette while I survey the ladies standing around, I decide on the one with the blond hair and green eyes, she's wrapped up in an emerald green kimono that hangs off her showing her thin shoulders and feminine neckline. That green is the same as the green a certain Marimo wears.

I make my way over to her and hold the hand offered to me. Ever the gentleman I lift it up and plant a chaste kiss on the back of it while pushing down the grimace threatening to break through my fake smile as the too sweet smell of her perfume burns my nostrils.

I actually hate coming to places like this, but when you live on a ship will all your closest friends this is really the only option you have. I don't want any risk being caught in the act whether someone breaks the lock on the door "accidently" of course, or someone over hearing any noises that you really can't give a good explanation for later. Such is a life at sea.

Just like all the other times I come to these places, I pay for a lovely lady much like the one leading me up a narrow staircase to the left of the bar. Once we get to the room she holds her pale hand out expectantly. Sighing I reach for my wallet and hand out what's owed to her plus some.

She counts it and give me a surprised look, "This is 200 Berrie more then what I'm asking, you into some kinky stuff or something sweetie?" She places the money in her sleeve regardless and starts shimming towards me.

I put up a hand quickly stopping her in her tracks. "Well yes, I don't have a lot of time so I'll be blunt. I want you to tie me up and fuck me with a dildo." I look at her expectantly.

She looks startled at first, but quickly schools her expression. "I have to say, I wasn't expecting this kind of request from someone like you." She giggles and turns around, opening a closet and removing some items. She takes out some rope and new packaged toys. "Go ahead and pick which ever you want me to use sweetie."

I sigh in relief, glad that she's familiar with this kind of request, they aren't always and that's quite an awkward conversation to have. I go over to the items she has set out and pick the softer rope along with a normal looking dildo. I haven't tried anything other than light restraints and simple thin toys so I just stick with what I know.

She nods and puts away the rest of the items. I strip down and fold my clothes up neatly, once I'm completely naked I place them on the table in the corner of the room; I take out a small bottle of whisky and lay it on the bed.

She orders me to sit on the bed so I do; she has a pretty good commanding tone so I feel more comfortable already. I notice she's removed the green kimono and now has on a green bra and lace undies. Along with that she's wearing a type of harness get up, straps of green material wrapping snugly along the curves of her body. Nothing on her is left to the imagination.

I glance away feeling my libido take a nose dive, "Can I also be blindfolded please?"

She chuckles, "Of course darling" She turns back around and grabs a green cloth out of the closet, "This is just a suggestion but, we do have male partners available if you think you'd rather have one of them, I wouldn't mind if you wanted to switch."

"No, I'm fine with this." I love being dominated and I had been with a man once who did dominate me, it was my first experience with it. While I enjoyed it at least at first, he took it too far. He didn't listen to me when I told him no with my safe word. So I've been too unsure of having another male partner, women in my experience know how to listen, and they can dominate me just enough to satisfy me.

She smirks, "Don't worry handsome I'll take care of you." I quickly drink the small bottle of whisky as she starts positioning me on the bed and tying me up. Lying on my back my arms are stretched above my head, forearms tied together since I told her my wrists are off limits. My legs are hoisted up with knees bent close to my body, ropes tying my legs together near the knee so they can't be spread too far. She shoves a pillow under my lower back so my rear is aimed higher up. Lastly she ties the blind fold over my eyes. "What's your safe word?"

My breath hitches, "Roux." She nods and begins.

I bite my lower lip at the sensation of a slick finger stroking and probing at my entrance. I take a deep breath and imagine like I do every time that a man is with me, someone strong and handsome like Zoro. I'm not in a shitty bar on a dirty mattress with a lady of the night. No, instead I'm in a warm spare room on the ship, on cozy sheets with Zoro's musky scent filling the air.

Zoro's lying on his stomach, elbows propping his torso up and he's between my legs fingering me open with slick thick fingers as he sucks and licks at my stiff leaking cock. No one else would be on the ship, so I moan and cry out as loud as I feel like. He's expertly tied the ropes keeping my arms high above my head. Since he knows what he's doing it doesn't take long until he has three fingers thrusting roughly inside me till he's knuckle deep.

I can feel him biting at my inner thighs; he knows how that drives me wild. He sits up on his knees after a short time of teasing me and I watch as he slicks up his cock, stroking himself carefully and slowly before he leans over my body and kisses me deeply, our tongues dancing until drool escapes the corner of my mouth and I'm left a panting into the space between us. He places the tip of his cock at my entrance I suck in a deep breath…


"Cook, sorry to interrupt your pervert time but there's word of Marines and… we… uhhh….. What the hell….?!"

I gasp in shock and jerk my limbs in surprise. I quickly bring my arms down and rip off the blind fold. I immediately see that Zoro is indeed in the room. I instantly pale, knowing there's no chance I can talk my way out of this.

The lady gets up looking a little furled, "Sorry Sir but this is a private room, I'll need you to leave now."

I feel my insides squeeze tight in panic and dread. "It, its fine you should just go." She looks over at me eye balling my restraints. Oh right, "Just untie me quickly then go, please." She sighs exasperatedly as she starts towards me.

Shocking us both Zoro puts a hand on her shoulder stopping her movements, "I'll take care of it, just go." His tone of voice is hard and cold, one you would be stupid to try and argue with. She glances at me worriedly before leaving the room.

I feel sweat dripping down the back of my neck, I'm completely exposed and vulnerable.

Zoro moves to stand in front of the bed, he has his arms crossed looking down at me with a cold look in his eye.

I adjust trying to push away the panic. "Tch, well Marimo you got something to say?"

After a moment or so he finally moves, he reaches over to my legs and runs a single finger down my trembling thigh.

I gasp at the unexpected contact, nerves alighting and sending shocks of pleasure up and down my spine. My legs are the most sensitive, with the object of my recent sexual fantasy touching me I feel frozen, body unwilling to move, eager for more of what I was denied moments ago.

The gasp that escaped my mouth seems to have triggered something in Zoro; his eye gets this look in it. A hungry look as if he wants to devour me whole. I feel a small amount of fear, fear that this will turn into another encounter where my voice is ignored. In uncertainty I try and speak up, "Zoro, uh, we should…" I let out an undignified squeak as he grabs a hold of the meatiest part of my right thigh and squeezes it. With no warning he then gives it a stinging sharp slap to the outer part of my thigh dangerously close to my ass, kneading it again as he hums deep in his throat.

I cannot believe this is actually happening, I'm not even sure exactly what is happening but I can't look at him. I jerk my head to the side and stare at the wall, muscles tense and heart threatening to beat out of my rib cage.

I feel the bed dip and Zoro's hand cups my face turning it up so I'm now forced to look directly at him as he hovers over my prone form. His eye has gone from cold and hard to gentle and warm, and my breath catches as his thumb gently strokes the skin under my left eye. I feel like I'm in a trance as he leans further down, our noses brushing till finally our lips meet. I let me eyes flutter closed at the touch, something I've longed for longer then I care to say, the dominance of another man isn't something a woman can completely replace for me.

The moment is ruined however when the sound of a cannon goes off in the distance.

"Shit, I forgot about the Marines. Come on Cook we can finish this later." Zoro hefts himself back up and begins to untie me quickly. I push my embarrassment down and stand up fully, making no move to cover myself as I walk over to the table where my clothes are folded.

I make my way over to Zoro by the door and he's just staring at me expression now unreadable. "Well are we going or what?" I level him with a bored expression and light up a cigarette to hide my trembling hands.

He glances around the room once more before responding, "Yea, let's go." He turns and leaves quickly so I have to walk fast to keep up with him. 'Shit I hope he's not pissed or something, he did say we would continue this later, I'm not sure how I feel about that yet.' Lost in my own thoughts I bump into his back as he stops walking just as were leaving the establishment.

I look around at him to find him glaring at the different alley-ways as though they have personally offended him; I mentally slap myself, 'Oh this dumb ass.' I kick him behind the knee causing his leg to give out slightly, he growls and sharply glance's back at me; I give him an exasperated look and point to the right, "It's that way moss for brains." I walk ahead of him in the hopes we can get to the ship faster without his directionally challenged self getting us lost every five feet.

As we sprint for where the ship's docked we spot Marines at a dock towards the other side of the island. I shout back to Zoro, "Thanks for getting me, I can't believe they showed up right when the log pose was done resetting!" I hear Zoro give a non-committal grunt and I huff out a laugh, glad that for the moment all is normal. Nearing the Sunny I see some of the crew working to get ready to set sail.

I leap gracefully onto the deck and hear a dull thud behind me a second later, I glance back to see Zoro straightening up from his landing. I turn around and face him straight on, not willing to let him think he can just do whatever he pleases. We can talk later but I'm not convinced if I want to continue where I was left off.

Zoro searches my face for something, eye yet again cold and unreadable. He seems to take a moment to regard me before proceeding. He relaxes visibly, "Listen, I really want to talk to you tonight about what happened just now. Will you talk with me Sanji?"

I'm taken aback, I wasn't expecting a Neanderthal like him to actually talk to me like a person let alone be respectful. "Well, alright. I suppose we can talk, but if that's all I want to do that'll be it got it?" I level him with a stern look.

He just nods in understanding before walking off to help with the ship.

I follow behind him and try to keep a neutral look on my face, 'This is going to be interesting.'

To be continued

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