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The Power of Submission

Chapter Seven

Our first time having sex after I'm fully recovered is slow and sweet, at least it was at first, we both rushed towards our climaxes quicker then we both wanted but ever second was perfect.

The feeling of his fingers gently twisting and working my entrance open to the slight burn of his cock fully pushing till his balls sat against the swell of my ass as he towered over me kissing me deeply, all of it was perfection.

We are laying in our bed after exhausted but sated. We couldn't wait until we got to an island so we just took to our room and tried to be quiet.

I roll over and drape myself over Zoro, "So, now that we got our first time out of the way for my romantic heart, do you wanna tie me up?" I wiggle my eyebrows suggestively.

Zoro pushes me on my back and holds my arms above my head, "I would love to, but I promised Usopp I'd trade watch with him when we finished our private time."

I pout, "Seriously Marimo, I thought we'd have the whole night!"

Zoro smirks at me, "You want to be tied up and spanked that bad Ero Cook?"

"Tch, maybe I do Shitty Swordsman." I stick my tongue out at him.

Zoro laughs pulls away, he quickly flips me over, and promptly slaps my ass sharply and I let out a yelp. He smooths his hand over the abused flesh gently, "I do have a gift for you," Zoro gets up and walks over to the large closet in our room. I admire his taught ass and smooth muscled back as he walks over to it and bends down a bit digging around inside the closet.

He returns with a flat black box and sets it on the bed, I rearrange myself so I'm sitting cross-legged. I glance up at him and he nods, I bring the box closer to me and removed the lid and the white tissue paper inside.

I gape at the garment laying inside the box, it's all black leather and dark blue suede. I pick it up and hold it out, it's a corset. The colors of the corset are divided up by large panels, black panels at the waist and blue on the very front and back. I find it hard to swallow as I imagine how constricting it would feel to wear it, how it must feel so good having it wrapped tightly around my ribs.

Zoro sits next to me and whispers, "There's more inside Sanji."

I glance at him and set the corset off to the side, I look back in the box and clear away more layers of tissue paper to find matching arm and ankle restraints. They are connected by black chain. I shiver a bit wishing I could wear them now.

I pull them out and set them with the corset checking to make sure I'm not missing anything else. I clear away one more layer and find a very scanty black pair of lace underwear. Attached to them are garter clips that hand from strips of lace.

I jump a bit as Zoro slides a finger down my now erect cock, "Looks like you like your gift," he leans in and licks at my neck nipping at the skin just under my ear. "I have one more gift for you but you don't get it until we make port at the next island. You and I are going to have a lot of fun once we get to a hotel."

I feel my resolve breaking, I'm so close to wanting to jump on him and shove his dick back inside my ass, fuck Usopp and his damn watch!

Zoro grasps my cock with just the tips of his fingers and thumb, teasingly stroking it, "I can't wait to tighten that corset around your beautiful body, see you spread out and restrained, panting and writhing in pleasure."

Zoro grips my cock fully now and I unfold my legs, spreading them out wide, "I want to spank you until you're pretty pale ass turns a bright pink, then watch you as you choke down my cock."

Pre-cum dribbles steadily out of the slit on my cock at the images he's feeding me, I moan as quietly as I can, biting my lip to muffle the sound.

"Remember Sanji, if you need me to stop say your safe word or tap me three times quickly," Zoro kisses me on the mouth then lays me down flat, straddling my thighs, his left hand goes back on my cock griping and stroking it, his left hand slowly travels up my neck. I feel a moment of fear before I remember Zoro knows what he's doing, he wouldn't hurt me to do damage to me.

My eyes flutter closed as he gently squeezes his fingers and thumb on the column of my neck, slowly cutting off a bit of my airflow.

I grip onto his wrist and forearm as he starts pumping my cock faster. My hips move a bit with him and before long I feel very close. His hand closes slowly over my throat even more until I essentially cannot take a breath.

Merely seconds later my orgasm rips through me, hips stuttering and body shaking with the force of it. Zoro releases his hold on my neck and gently prods at it here and there to make sure everything is ok.

I take deep slow breaths as he instructs me to do as he cleans up the bed and puts everything back away. Once done he brings me a class of water and I drink it all down, he asks me some questions to test my throat and voice out until he's satisfied that nothings damaged.

He leaves for his watch kissing me goodnight and I fall into a deep sleep, dreaming about wearing that corset and choking down his cock.

I stare for a solid five minutes at my reflection in the floor length mirror of our hotel bathroom.

I managed to tie the corset up by myself and now I find I cannot look away from my own reflection. The black and blue of the corset stand out beautifully against the pale tone of my skin. I've never seen a man in a corset but seeing myself in one is striking. The top of the corset sits just under my pectorals and the bottom curves over my hips and comes to rounded point at the front, the back is straight across my lower back.

I pose in front of the mirror watching my reflection, I put my right hand behind my head and my left on my hip. I prop my right leg up on the counter near me and spread open my leg a bit, exposing my crotch further. The black lace is barley keeping in my hard penis, the pale color is peaking through the design of the lace itself and the tip of my cock is peeking over the band of the underwear.

I'm forced to stop ogling myself as I hear a soft knock on the door. Zoro's voice drifts through the heavy door, "I'm ready out here now whenever you are babe."

I straighten back up and smooth my hair into place before stepping out of the bathroom and into the bedroom.

I look over to Zoro who is standing next to the bed, he beckons me over to him with a single finger. I start walking but he immediately puts his hand up stopping me. I tilt my head in confusion until he points at the ground. Taking a good guess, I get down on my hands and knees and start crawling on the ground towards him.

I glance up and see he's lowered his hand so this must be what he wanted. I eventually get to his feet and sit on my calves and look up at him.

He brings a hand down to my head and gently strokes my hair then moves down to my cheek, stroking it with his thumb. I lick at the digit and he sticks it into my mouth pressing against my tongue as I suck and lick at it.

He pulls his hand back after a moment and reaches behind him, he grabs a small square box and holds it in both hands, "You look stunning like this Sanji, I have one more thing to complete your outfit."

I feel my face flush at the compliment. He opens the box and takes out a length of leather that has buckle fastenings at the ends of it. He holds it up by both ends and lets me take a good look at it. Its black and not too thick, it's clearly a collar. It has a metal ring at the front of it where it would rest at the front of my throat.

I look back up to Zoro and find a lust filled look in his eye, "I got this collar just for you Sanji. I want you to be a good slave today and wear this for me," Zoro leans down and fastens it around my neck, running a finger under it to be sue it's not too tight, "Are you happy I got this for you Sanji?"

He grips under my chin until I'm once again looking him in the eye, "Yes Sir, I love it. Thank you very much." I keep my voice demure and after I finish talking I lower my gaze.

Zoro rubs my lips with his thumb, "Good boy." He then grabs the arm restraints that match the corset I'm wearing and cuffs my arms behind my back. There's a small length of chain connecting them, only about five inches.

Zoro grabs something else off the bed and brings it towards my collar, he hooks one end of it to the ring and then I realize it's a leash, 'Damn he's so kinky.'

Zoro wraps the length of the leash around his right hand until there's no slack left, the leash is now taught. He promptly unzips his pants with his left hand and pushes them down just enough to expose his half hard cock. He tugs on the leash and my head is yanked slightly forward.

I lick my lips before running my tongue all around his cock, kissing down the length and then sucking on the firming head. He threads his fingers through my hair in a soothing manner so I continue licking and kissing the swelling organ. I dip my head down and nuzzle his warm balls, pressing my nose into the pliant soft skin. I lick at the sack and suck one of the large balls into my mouth, rolling it around and sucking on it gently.

I let it pop out of my mouth and focus back on his thick cock. I run my tongue along the large vein running up the bottom of his dick from base to tip before swallowing the whole thing down as far as I can go. I slowly suck back up to the tip and then swallow it back down.

Zoro suddenly grips my hair tightly and pushes my head further into his groin, shoving his dick down my throat. Unlike Zoro I have a gag reflex so I choke slightly but do my best to calm myself and ignore the tears that form as a reaction to being choked.

He holds my head in place for a moment or two before finally letting go, his cock slips out of my throat and I can't help but bend over and cough a bit. I recover after a few seconds and look back up to his cock. Zoro reaches down and swipes away at the spit around my mouth, "You're doing so good for me Sanji, keep going for me."

I nod, getting back to it while trying my best not to squirm too much as my own cock is achingly hard at this point.

He chokes me on his dick a couple more times and by the end of it my underwear feel completely soaked with pre-cum and sweat.

He grabs a bottle of sweetened tea as he finally pulls away again and gives me a few sips to drink. He then uses a soft cloth and wipes away the saliva, tears and snot from my face.

Zoro gently tugs on the leash prompting me to stand up, he helps me since my legs are a little shaky and my arms are cuffed behind my back. Zoro puts me on the bed so I'm facing the comforter. Zoro unclasps the restraints and puts them back on so my arms are in front of my instead of behind me. I rest on my knees and arms with my ass up in the air.

He pulls down the lace underwear to my knees and I hear him groan, "Sanji, look at you, cock dripping and getting your gift dirty. Did you enjoy choking on my dick that much baby?"

My legs tremble and I clench my fingers, I pathetically whimper out, "I'm sorry, I loved it so much I couldn't help it."

Zoro delivers a sharp slap to my ass with no warning and I squeak out a surprised sound, "Want to try that again?"

I panic, "Uh, I'm really sorry?"

Another slap, harder than the last one stings against my ass, "Sanji, it looks like I need to remind you how you need to address me."

'Oh fuck! I didn't say Sir? Shit I didn't!' My body trembles and I sniffle, I feel dizzy wondering what he's going to do to me.

Zoro comes around to the other side of the bed so he's facing me. He crawls onto the bed and lifts my face up, "Sanji, tell me your color."

I blink away the fogginess that's built up and look him in the eye as best as I can, "Gr…green…."

He smiles sweetly at me and kisses me on the forehead, "It's ok, Sanji. Everyone messes up, you've been doing so good for me, but I need to punish you to make sure you understand your mistake. Once we're done if you're good and learn your lesson I'll treat you, hmmm?"

I can't help but feel a swell of happiness at the praise he gives me, I nod my head as eagerly as I can. He kisses me on the mouth and moves back behind me.

I see some movement out of the corner of my eye and figure he has grabbed the last items from the bed. I hear a cap open and I assume he is using lube. Few moments later if feel something poking at my entrance and I get excited. Wondering if he's going to finger me. I feel something push in and I realize the smoothness of it is no more than an anal plug.

Zoro re caps the lube as he pushes the anal plug all the way in, "Keep this inside until I take it out for you, can you do that Sanji?"

I nod quickly, "Yes Sir."

I then feel strips of something against my rear, "You will count out loud the number of flogs I give you followed by Sir, this is your punishment for not addressing me properly as your master. We will go to four flogs," He gently rubs my rear with a warm hand, "You ready babe?"

I breath in deeply, "Yes Sir, I'm ready." I feel my dick twitch in anticipation. I've never been flogged before but I've seen them in specialty stores. Some are just thin strips of soft material, some are thin ropes and sometimes they have knots on the ends for added sensation.


"Mmmnnnn…. One Sir…." 'Definitely has knots on the end of it.'


"Nnnghhh…. Two Sir…" I feel the stinging welts starting to form along the meat of my thighs and ass. I make sure to keep my sphincter clenched so the plug doesn't pop out.


"AHHH! ….Th...three Sir…" The knots of the flog hit along my balls sending shivers up my spine and a warm sensation starts pooling in my gut.


I gasp loudly and squeeze my eye shut as I try to hold back the orgasm that's suddenly right there. "Haaaah, haaah, four sss…sir….."

My mouth feels so dry as I pant and gasp against the comforter. Zoro tosses the flog to the floor with a clatter. I feel him push me forwards a little so I slowly inch my way further to the middle of the bed. I hear a rustling of fabric and then the plug is slowly pulled out of me.

My mind is fuzzy and cloudy with lust, all I can think about is the delicious pain on my ass cheeks and thighs and my cock hanging heavy and dripping between my thighs.

Zoro uncaps the lube again and tosses it to the side when he's done, I vaguely see it bounce on the bed.

In the next moment, I'm screaming out a moan as Zoro thrusts inside me almost all in one go. It feels incredible, there's a bit of a stinging feeling but it still feels good. He waits a moment once he's fully seated and then he starts to move. He draws out almost all the way before snapping his hips forward quickly.

His thighs smack against the wounds on my own thighs and ass and that feeling is quickly sending me over the edge. The pain is clouding my mind and making me dizzy, furthering the feeling of my arousal.

"Ohhhhhh! Sir, please!" I beg Zoro to tell me I can come, I'm so close I'm afraid my body will release without my permission.

Zoro pounds into me even harder and faster, the sound of flesh smacking against flesh fills the room, he growls out loudly "Come!"

My vision flashes white and my body seizes as my cock shoots stream after stream of cum. I grip tightly on to the comforter as my entire body shakes and shivers. Zoro snaps his hips two more times and then I feel his cock pulse inside me warmth flooding me inside as he spills everything inside me.

The next time I wake up I'm buried in silky sheets with my head laying on thick fluffy pillows. I pat the bed around me and am happy when I pat a firm body. Zoro grumbles and immediately sits up and leans over me, "Hey babe, how do you feel?" He asks me groggily.

I think for a moment, I don't feel too achy just parched and hungry, I clear my throat, "I think I'm ok, but I'm thirsty and hungry." I roll over onto my back and feel something stuck to my ass. I furrow my eye brows in confusion and reach under the covers to find strips of bandage applied to the cheeks of my ass and the back of my thighs. Luckily it doesn't hurt at all.

Zoro gets up and comes back with a cool glass of water, I sit up in bed and he gently hands it to me. I drink all of it down slowly, savoring the cool liquid as it wets the dryness of my throat. Zoro settles back next to me and nuzzles my neck when I'm done, I return the favor and nuzzle his head with my nose.

Zoro looks back up to me with a sweet smile on his face and kisses me gently. Once we part I ask, "How long have I been asleep?"

Zoro leans his head on my shoulder, "I would say about eight hours, honestly you had me more than a little worried. You fell unconscious shortly after we both finished. I took care of you though, and you seemed to just be asleep." He presses a kiss to my shoulder and then looks back up at me with a gentle grin on his face, "I love you Sanji."

A big smile comes to my face, "I love you too Zoro. Thanks for taking care of me." I give him a big kiss and we spend the rest of the day just relaxing and eating room service food until we are too full to move.


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