"so, uh... guess that means our time traveler mark duex is here then," Sans said. Frisk could feel the frown marks on his face. Sans ignored them, if he noticed them at all. "remember anything that might lead us to them?"

Frisk's head still hurt a bit, a throbbing ache that reverberated down his inner skeleton and into his Soul.

"We met the principal, talked to him for a bit. A bunch of students were crowding us, and you made a joke about it. The last thing I remember before we came back was that we were walking down the hall to meet one of the teachers and..."


"There was a... a gunshot, maybe?" Frisk's eyes went wide. Which for him, was just slightly more open than a thin slit. "Seconds before time jumped. There was a-"

His head hurt again, and he closed his eyes.

"-ember anything that might lead us to them?" Sans finished asking when Frisk's eyes opened. Frisk rubbed at his head.

"They just jumped again," Frisk groaned. "I just explained this... This is going to be annoying."

The smallest sympathetic smile appeared on Asriel's face. Right, he'd know a thing or two about being in this situation, wouldn't he?

Flowey had had enough Determination in him to recall most timelines. Did he get this headache every time you reset? Every time you loaded?

Yeah, that.

"that's a shame. much as I want to tan my bones though, perhaps we'd better get a move on?" Sans nudged his elbow in the direction of the school. Frisk blinked at the change. As if Sans would keep things consistent. "give us a quick rundown."

"We meet the principal, get crowded by students, and go to meet one of the teachers. There was a loud bang, like a gun, and then time reset," Frisk repeated as they approached the front doors.

Blackwell's courtyard was a pretty impressive to behold. The stairs up to the yard itself made it appear taller than anything else in the immediate area, an impression that made it appear above the rest of the town. Whilst a few parts of the Arcadia Bay had ranged from rural to somewhat suburban to rundown, Blackwell transcended those descriptors.

The courtyard was centered by a statue of a man standing tall, watching over the stairs. The plaque on the statues front read 'The future needs excellence. -Jeremiah Blackwell.' If we ever reach the future. Jeremiah was circled by a few display boards of enlarged photographs. At the statue the path split in four ways. Behind them the path would lead them off of the campus. To the right was the student dormitory. To the left was... They have an indoor pool. That sounds lovely right now.

And of course the main building was straight ahead. It wasn't very large. Frisk's school in Ebott had been huge. Blackwell was infinitesimally cleaner looking. Instead of the fresh smell of graffiti, -graffiti that ranged from tags to bad jokes to off-color remarks on monsters- Blackwell was smelled of mortar, brick, cut grass, and was only marked by some graffiti. The main building extended both ways and turning a bit into the yard at each end. At its center was the school bell tower, watching over Arcadia Bay and the campus as a guardian should.

Morning in the Bay, Arcadia 'wakes to the Bell of Blackwell... The singsong nature of Chara's commentary gave Frisk pause.

Nah, doesn't fit the melody you're going for.

I know. I had an opportunity to lord my taste in film over you.

Sorry Chara, but I still hold that The Lion King is better.

The next thought that Chara sent towards Frisk resembled less words or emotions, but rather the sound of a raspberry in his ear. Asriel turned to raise a brow, and Sans raised the marrow above his eye. Frisk just shrugged. They climbed the stairs and Sans pressed the buzzer at the door.

Frisk blinked as they did so. When he opened his eyes an instant later, they were at the bottom of the stairs and his head ached again. He smacked his hand into his face.

This is going to get old fast.

I can control time. It was a strange thought. One that normally the brain would recognize, consider with humor, and then discard after a moment's revelry of the what-ifs. Or that got its recipient locked into a mental ward for their safety and the safety of others.

And yet, Max was certain of it beyond a doubt. A scientist's duty was to find proof, experiment, and such. Warren would be all over that...

Max was hardly what one would call a scientist. She was a photography student from Arcadia Bay Oregon. That was her only gift. She always did terrible in her science classes, working until she dropped to just barely eek out a C. She wasn't even that great of a student period outside of a few classes.

Now she was... What, a superhuman? She was certainly not a superhero. She didn't even have some tragic backstory, nor had she had any contact with nuclear waste. Yet the proof of her power was as clear to her as it possibly could be. I should...

Who could she tell? Warren might believe her... She absolutely couldn't keep this entirely to herself. Kate wouldn't believe her, and neither would Dana. Or... There wasn't anybody else she really could approach with this besides her parents, and that really wasn't a rabbit hole she felt like diving into. Warren it is then.

She had awoken in the classroom after watching someone get shot in the bathroom, five or ten minutes before it had happened. She had thought it was just another dream, an extension of her nightmare of the tornado hitting Arcadia Bay. And yet, everything happened exactly the same. Taylor threw a ball of paper at Kate Marsh. Jefferson was giving his lecture about self-portraits. Victoria's phone started to buzz. Same order, same sequence, just as fast. It was deja vu to the extreme if extreme was spelled with capital letters and played with amateur video editor effects.

Max could have jumped out of her skin. Perhaps worse, her jump knocked her camera off her table. It broke into several pieces around her. Taylor nudged at Victoria and pointed her towards Max misfortune. Their smug expressions made Max's blood boil.

It should have been a travesty. That camera was her life, and in it was her hopes and dreams. It was the perfect first test. She had reached out her hand, and time froze for a second. Then everything moved backwards for her, a specter of her getting startled backwards in her place. Jefferson had walked backwards, Daniel across the room had erased part of his sketch with the point of his pen. The camera reassembled and fell upwards, landing gently back on the table.

She lowered her hand, and Jefferson resumed his lecture from half a sentence earlier. Max wasn't listening hard at all. If someone were to look at her, they would surmise that the palm of Max's hand was the most interesting thing in the world.

I'm a human time machine.

"Diane Arbus." Victoria answered. Max looked up. She and Jefferson had a back and forth about Arbus, culminating in Jefferson declaring that Arbus's photographic philosophy was bullshit. Apparently, so are the laws of space and time.

"Seriously though, I could frame any one of you in a dark corner, and capture you in a moment of desperation. And any one of you could do that to me. Isn't that too easy? Too obvious? What if Arbus instead chose to capture someone at the height of their beauty, or innocence..."

Don't freak out. Max... She looked over at her camera.

If everything happens the same... Then... Max grabbed her camera, turned it to face herself, and took a photo. Jefferson immediately shushed the room, a smile on his face as he called her out again.

"I believe that Max has just taken what you kids call a "selfie"... A dumb word for a wonderful photographic tradition. And Max... has a gift."

It's real. I'm not dreaming this. Then...-

The gunshot reverberated in her memory.

That girl may still be alive. I can still save her!

"Your generation is not the first to use images for selfie-expression. Sorry."

The pun earned a few chuckles. Max had thought it was only passable the first time, though slightly funnier because it was Jefferson saying it. Sigh and such, she didn't have time for that line of thoughts.

I have to get to the bathroom... Maybe if I left now, I could-

"Now Max, since you've captured our interest and clearly want to join the conversation, can you please tell us the name of the process that gave birth to the first self portraits?"

Max had used a lame excuse to try and weasel out of it, earning a talking to after class... Which would have meant she wouldn't get down the hall in time to save the girl. Victoria gave Jefferson the answer he had wanted instead, just like the first time. Louis Daguerre, French guy, daguerreotypes. Max's eyes widened and it seemed obvious what she should do. She raised her hand, and time went backwards.

"Now Max, since you've captured our interest and clearly want to join the conversation, can you please tell us the name of the process that gave birth to the first self portraits?"

"The Daguerreian Process." Max answered immediately. She paused, recollecting Victoria's answer. That girl knows her stuff, drama queen or not. "Invented by a French painter named... Louis Daguerre. Around... 1830."

Her heart was aflutter when Jefferson smiled and complimented her answer. That could have also just been the time travel increasing her blood pressure, and the fact she could do it at a whim.

The bell rang, and Jefferson dismissed them with a reminder to submit their photo for the Everyday Hero contest. Max to a guilty look at the photo she had taken. She still wasn't satisfied with it. And if I changed anything else, well, my timing may be off.

Max took a look at Kate and felt guilty to be leaving without saying anything to her. She still looked upset about something but...

The shortest distance between two points was a straight line, and Max made one for the door. As she grabbed the handle, Jefferson stopped her.

"Don't even think about leaving here until we talk about your entry."

With a sigh, Max marched over to Jefferson, much to Victoria's dismay. He gave her the same spiel as the first time. It was... Almost tedious to live it again

"I'm not avoiding, just..." Max couldn't think of the words. I have somewhere to be...

"Biding time, waiting for the elusive 'right moment?'" Jefferson hadn't made the air quotes but by the tone of his voice they were heavily implied.

"Exactly," Max had said. She had halfway pivoted towards the door when Jefferson shook his head.

"Max, don't wait too long," he adjusted his glasses and leaned back. Max could hear Victoria's nails rapping against Jefferson's desk. "John Lennon once said that 'Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans.'" He flourished a hand toward the door, his lips curved down. "Go on now, don't let me stop you."

Now Jefferson is disappointed in me... But I don't have the time to...

Max blinked, and her hand shot up. Jefferson leaned forwards, his mouth moving without sound. Victoria's rapping nails were noiseless as they flowed back in time with her, cultivating in her arms resolving under her chest which hung over Jefferson's desk. Max's hands lowered, and the conversation between Jefferson and Victoria resumed.

"Excuse me, Mr. Jefferson?" Her eyes flicked to the clock as Victoria chastised Max. A chastisement that Jefferson returned. His attention was all on Max. Hook

"I'd never let one of the photography's future stars avoid turning in her picture," he had said. The same as every other time they had had this talk. The words lacked the weight it had the first time she had heard them. Max's vertebrae were stacked, and she met Jefferson's eyes.

"I'm on top of it." Jefferson's brows quirked. Line. "I think John Lennon once said that 'life is what happens when you're busy making other plans.'" Sinker

The pride of a mentor sparkled in his eyes and smile alike. Max could almost forgive herself for thinking of fishing. Arcadia Bay had enough fishing in it without her nautical thoughts.

"Max, you are one fire today. All the right answers. Good. Make sure you're done working on it by today. I have faith in you."

He had turned back to the rapping fingernails of Max's classmate. Max left the classroom with a stride she hadn't had the first time that she left it that day. The sounds of conversation tapped against her ear.

Reality had been catching up with her thoughts again, but in the here and now she didn't have a moment to waste.

Walk down the hall.

Dana and Zachary were flirting by the door. Daniel was being pinned by Logan down the hall. Samuel was sweeping in the lobby. A number of her classmates were crowded around the monsters and the human with them. Max didn't stop for them.

Enter the bathroom.

She leaned over the sink. Water was splashing against her face a second later.

Tear up the photo.

Butterfly enters through the vent.

It lands on the bucket.

Take the shot.

The door slammed open.

Sans pressed the buzzer on the door. They waited for a moment. The breeze brushed them by, whistling by Frisk's ear. It carried the smell of ketchup on it, and Frisk became aware for the second time in that cycle of events how poorly Sans was practicing hygiene for what should be an important event. They waited a moment until a voice greeted them through the machine.

"Hello, how can we help you?" The voice was female, and sounded wholly unwelcoming.

"hey, name's sans. sans the skeleton. me and the kids here were scheduled to see what there is to see." There was a brief pause filled inky by static, and then the door clicked in front of them.

"The door is unlocked, Principal Wells will meet you in a minute in the lobby just inside." Instructions given, the disembodied voice disconnected. The door's lock clicked, allowing them inside.

They stepped inside. After how grandiose the exterior of the school had been, the inside was remarkable typical. The office was next to the main entrance of the school. There was a shelf at the start of the hall to their left, with football trophies and other such things. Frisk had admired them the first time. Asriel looked at him, then back at the trophies curiously. Frisk shrugged, and followed the Prince over. They were not as interesting the second time. He looked at newer things that he hadn't seen the first time, a habit Frisk had grown very fond of. Sans seemed content to lean against the wall by the office.

Asriel took in each trophy curiously. A couple of times he reached towards his pocket, his paw stopping, and his face turning downwards for a moment.

"What's wrong?" Frisk asked. Asriel jumped a bit. Sheepishly, the goat turned with a baaaa-shful smile on his face.

"Well... I can't decide if I should take a picture or not," Asriel rubbed the back of his head like the adorable monster he was. "They look nice, and I know I could get cool picture, but..." Frisk gave Asriel a patient smile. "It's not my accomplishments on display here."

Frisk raised a brow. It made sense in a way, but that kind of thought had never stopped him before. They had passed a number of landmarks that were just as much on display as these trophies, if a bit more open. Those had taken a lot of work to put together too.

"You're taking pictures for you, right?" Frisk asked. Asriel thought on this, and nodded. "Then take the pictures you want to take. You're not hurting anyone."

Frisk heard the sound of a door opening behind the two of them. When he turned around, instead of seeing the principal as he knew it too be, he was blinded by the light of a thousand suns. Frisk's eyes adjusted to the light in a moment, as it was only the light overhead reflecting off a bare cranium. He isn't as bald as Sans. Sans does not even have skin to be bald with.

He stood high above all three of them, large of belly and dark of skin. His figure stood high, disciplined to the point that Frisk felt his own back straighten out in hopes of even starting to match it. Sans did nothing of the sort of course. The light no longer blinding him, Frisk could see the principal's mouth was a straight line before he saw them.

"Good afternoon. I take it you're Mister... Um... The Skeleton, Mister Dreemurr, and Mister..." The principal trailed off looking at Frisk. Frisk had done these introductions before, this wasn't a surprise this time.

"Frisk is fine, sir." Frisk connected his hands at his stomach and gave a little bow. That turned the man's passive expression into a smile.

"Very well then, Mister Frisk. I am Raymond Wells, the principal of Blackwell Academy," he gave a little nod aimed at all of them. "It is my pleasure to welcome all of you to Blackwell Academy, and by extension to Arcadia Bay."

Sans shrugged, and extended his hand. Asriel's eyes beside Frisk went wide as Wells reached for it.

"the pleasure is mine, princi-pal," Sans replied. It was an uneventful handshake, devoid of the sounds of flatulence. Wells grimaced as their hands parted, shaking his hand behind his back a bit as if to fling away something disgusting. Like grease.

And probably because touching living -if magical- bone is very disconcerting the first time you do it. Wells looked straight at Frisk after doing it and grimaced.

The school bell rang out at that moment. They really were cutting it close with their timing, weren't they?

"so wells, we all read a bit on the school before we came here, but perhaps you could give us a bit of a refresher before we go anywhere?"

"Of course I could, Mr. Skeleton-"

"just sans is fine. mr. skeleton is my bro." Sans winked in the kid's direction. Wells frowned, but nodded. The four of them were in a circle by the office, the footsteps of student approaching them. It was all very familiar. Frisk had learned patience a long time ago. Well, also only about six months ago... Time travel was confusing.

"Very well... Sans. Think back to your history books, to a century... Ago..." Wells winced. His prepared speech was not valid for monsters. Smooth. He dragged his hand down his face. "Right, sorry. I use that speech so often I don't even think about it."

Frisk shrugged. Sans shrugged. Asriel probably shrugged simply by association. Frisk turned to make sure, and yeah. Goat shrugged. Frisk turned back to Wells curiously. They hadn't had this conversation the first time around. As always, Sans changes it up.

"Arcadia Bay, one hundred years ago, was home to two groups of people. American citizens who wanted to get as far from the East Coast as possible, and the local Natives. Whilst both groups had several communities around the area, Arcadia Bay was the one place that both groups could call a home." Principal Wells's face was turned out the main doors. The setting sun wasn't visible through the door yet, but Frisk imagined that it would be a pretty sight in an hour or so.

"Blackwell's founder, Jeremiah, knew Arcadia Bay had to grow, had to push into the future. That everyone had to be a part of that future. Jeremiah made a deal with the natives to build his school on their ground. It welcomed students from both groups, and continues to search out the brightest and most talented from all walks of life across the country. For the hundreds years since, Blackwell Academy has stood at the forefront of both the arts and the sciences. A future that I'm proud to play even a small part in, and I hope that both of the kids I see before me will be joining in a few years."

Wells speech done, Frisk started to clap. No one else was clapping. Frisk stopped clapping. Wells seemed to beam all the same. Frisk looked around to see they were starting to get a bit of a crowd around them. One that was surprisingly respectful and quiet. Or perhaps they were just amazed.

"That was pretty cool," Asriel said. "Can you tell us more?" He actually bounced a bit in anticipation.

Wells shook his head. "I'm afraid not. Ms. Grant knows even more of the local history than me. She teaches science classes just down the hall."

Frisk's attention drifted from Wells as he looked around the crowd. So far it looked mostly the same as it had the first time around. Since Wells finished his history speech, the students had started whispering. Curiosities mostly. The girls who thought they were quiet in the back said the worst things, mostly about Sans's hoody of all things. Disgusting leeches.

Frisk couldn't tell if something was different amongst them. If their time traveler was even in Blackwell, he couldn't even trust that any changes were just their fault. Even besides Sans, the universe itself changed up the timeline on its own sometimes. Just for the fun of it. La la la.

Yeah yeah, beware the man who speaks in whatever. Over it.

"Speaking of down the hall," Principal Wells continued, "with classes out we could start our tour now. Mark Jefferson is our photography teacher, and I seem to recall hearing that our Prince here was a fan." Asriel smiled bashfully.

The pitch of Wells's voice went slightly higher as he addressed Asriel as one would address an infant. Frisk might not have noticed it if he wasn't listening so hard. And if time hadn't rewound again just after Wells spoke, causing him to repeat himself. Frisk rubbed his forehead.

I detest this new time traveller. Even I can feel that one. At least Asriel didn't seem offended.

Wells waved the gathered the already waning crowd away. The rest of them had likely decided that they had better things to do.

An impression of a huff followed Frisk down the hall. A few students were still lingering in the halls chatting away. They went silent as they passed, turning to hushed whispers for their gossip in their wake. Wells approached one classroom door in particular and reached for the handle.

He stopped when a siren blared out through the halls, just short of the opening the door. Frisk nearly jumped out of his skin at the sudden shrill, and not for the sake of matching Sans. A series of lights flashed all the way down the hall.

"Are you... Of course this would happen now," Principal Well growled. He turned to his tour group. "I'm sorry, we will need to have our tour again some other time. If you could step outside, I need to deal with this."

Sans shrugged, and turned on his heel back down the hall. A number of students were running towards the door.

"Don't run in the halls! Your asses wil get out just fine walking!" Some man yelled from near the lobby. He looked like he was wearing a security outfit.

Frisk and Asriel followed Sans back into the lobby. They looked like they were the last ones out with the exception of one last student hobbling out. Does he look hurt to you?

Yeah. Might have gotten startled and bumped something hard.

Right. What happened to your gunshot?

Frisk didn't know.

"Something's changed," Frisk said to his companions. "The alarm didn't go off last time."

Sans just nodded. Asriel looked grim.

Where not even ten minutes ago in a consistent time stream they had been alone in the school's yard, now it was swarming with activity. Students were all over the yard chatting with each other about their school day. One boy was setting up with a sketch pad. Another was looking over photos. The three of them descended the stairs, catching the attention of several students.

"If they're already changing things, then they know they have their power," Asriel said. "What if they know we're hunting for them?"

Sans shrugged. "Then we simply look for the person avoiding us. A just as good question is what if they don't?"

"Look out!" A voice interrupted. Sans stepped marginally to his right without looking - contrary to the instructions he received - and avoided a drone that passed through the air his skull had just been. For half a second, Frisk was scared. Sans's pupils disappeared. They were back immediately as a girl with black hair with a red highlight ran up to them.

"Oh my god, you need to watch where you're walking!" She told Sans. Frisk blinked. "You were right in my flight path, and I could have hit you!"

"yeah. you could have. glad to know it would've been my fault too. very important," Sans shot back. He winked, his grin wide. "y'know i could drone on about this, kid, but i'd rather fly."

Sans kept following the path around the fountain, brushing off the girl. She looked floored. How rude of her. She could have killed Sans so easily right there considering how fragile he is. She could have at least apologized.

No, she really couldn't have. Killing Sans is hard.

"So... We'll talk about the time travel later then?" Frisk asked as he caught up to Sans. The skeletons stopped and turned around.

"guess so. wanna go back... heh. almost said home. how's about heading back to not-so-home?"

Frisk was going to agree, but someone stopped him. By the stairs off the grounds was a group of boys. A couple of them had skate boards and we're trying to do tricks off of the stairs and a nearby bench with varying success. It was such impressive shredding, it could've hurt someone from pure awesome, or something. No it couldn't. One of them was playing rock music that Frisk couldn't recognize, due to his poor taste in music. Frisk did recognize one of the skaters, regardless of taste.

"Trevor!" He greeted. The boy in question looked up from his phone. He gave them a confused half wave that said he was actually processing the world around him.

"Hey... Hey! What's up, dude. Skeleton dude. Goat dude," Trevor said as the world returned to him. "Guess your visit today got crashed, huh?"

"Yeah, looks like it," Frisk said.

"Any idea what set off the alarm?" Asriel asked.

"Nah dude. I wasn't even in the building anymore. I was just waiting out here for my bros when it went off."

"Hey Trevor," one of said bros started. He had a dirty yellow hair buried under a hat, and poorly maintained facial hair. "Mind introducing me to the monster mash?"

"Right, of course. Justin, these are the special guests that has had the school freaking out. Special guests, this is Justin. He's okay I guess."

"Pft, okay man," Justin said. "What are your names actually, though? I've seen you on the news, I think. Maybe."

"hiya. i'm sans. sans the skeleton." He extended a bony arm out to Justin, which the skater boy took happily. He jumped as soon as they made contact. Frisk could see a shocker on Sans's palm that hadn't been there seconds ago.

"Son of a bi-bi-... Er... beach ball?" Justin was looking at Frisk and Asriel as he stuttered through his curse. He looked down and saw the device in Sans's hand and the mischief in his eyes. "Man, you got me good."

"hehe, didn't i? the little ones are asriel and frisk. not sure which one is which."

"Sans! You know exactly who's who," Asriel declared loudly. Too loudly. A few of the students around them were staring, a fact which Asriel became acutely aware of. He continued more quietly, "I'm Asriel. He's Frisk." The stares shifted away, as the goat made it evident he wasn't going to yell again.

Justin refused to shake either of their hands. For safety reasons most likely. The rest of the guys around them largely just gave them curious looks, but stayed out of the conversation. At some point the fire alarm had turned off. As their introductions concluded, the speakers crackled to life over the campus, carrying the voice of Principal Wells over the grounds.

"Would Nathan Prescott please report to my office immediately." The speakers died.

"Ooo, busted," Frisk sang. Trevor shook his head.

"Not likely. Dude's dad practically owns the school," Trevor said. "I don't really care for the guy. You met him yet?" Frisk shook his head. "Well, if you're all so important as to get the red carpet treatment from Wells, odds are you're going to."

Frisk and Asriel shared a glance. They then tried to share one with Sans, but he didn't have enough eyes for the both of them.

Frisk sat against the wall by Trevor and looked back at the school. The girl with the drone was still flying it around, keeping it high above the walkway. She caught Frisk staring and shook her head. I don't like that one.

Do you like this one? Frisk asked, pointing at himself.

He's okay, I guess.

Frisk pouted, drawing concerned looks from those around him. Sans looked at him curiously.

"hey kiddo, 'dog for your thoughts?"

"Bribery will get you no where, Sans," Frisk said. "Especially because you don't have a hot dog."

The skeleton shrugged. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a frank, bun and all. It meowed when he bit into it. Trevor blinked. Justin blinked. The other guys scooted a bit farther away. Even the watchful eye of Jeremiah's statue seemed to do a double take.

"Uh..." Trevor's eyes asked more than words ever could. It was with mock apology that Frisk could only shrug.

"Frisk wasn't wrong, Sans. That wasn't a 'dog," Asriel cut in. "Anyway, we should get going, shouldn't we?"

"Huh, why?" Frisk asked.

Asriel frowned. He mouthed the words 'dime rapper' and nodded his head vaguely back at the school. An image of a hand slapping into its owners face passed through Frisk's thoughts, absolutely radiating disappointment. Actually, it looked kind of like his own face. What?

I believe incorrigible is the word I seek.

"That's cool," Trevor said. "You're going to be in town all week, right? If you get the chance, we should all hang. There's a few cool spots 'round town, and all of you are pretty funny."

"Aww, Trevor. Cmon, man. They're kids. We'd have to, like, behave ourselves!" Justin groaned. Frisk smiled at that.

"Right. Of course you'd behave for a prince," Frisk said. He looked straight at the skaters in such a way that he grew taller than them. Older. Authoritative. Both of the boys recognized that there was a change, and Frisk reveled in their fear. "You're expected to bow before royalty, don't you know?"

"Frisk..." Asriel warned.

"And besides, could anything be considered trouble if it's done under the direct orders of a prince?" Frisk continued, looking straight at Justin. Frisk turned to Asriel, who's mouth was hanging open. "Come, my liege. We should leave the peasants to ponder. Come, jester, for duty calls!"

Frisk marched off in the vaguely defined direction of away, his shoulders high and his eyes forward. Away, as it turned out, was not down the stairs off the campus. He would have gone that way, but marching down stairs would have gone against both his current position of power and his desire to explore. There was still an entire school laid out before him, and with Wells currently occupied, he had nothing to shackle him! Instead he was heading towards the pool building to the left of the main building. There was a path behind it, and Frisk needed to know where it lead.

His march brought him past the rude girl and her drone. She was talking to another girl that Frisk didn't think he'd seen before who was wearing a hoodie and a shirt with a deer on it. It was a cute shirt.

"Ugh, I knew it. You don't know a thing about drones, do you?" The drone girl said.

"I uh... no," the girl responded.

"Whatever. Leave me be."

The conversation didn't seem to be going well. Frisk had half a mind to give miss drone a talking to. Maybe try and make her so uncomfortable she lost the will to ACT that way. In fact, he was going to do that!

Frisk please no...

"Hey, you!" He said, looking straight at the rude girl as Chara's prayers went unanswered. Both girls looked at him surprised. "What's your name?"

"Excuse me?" The girl asked, her head tilting. "I uh... I'm... Brooke? Can I help you?"

"Yes you can. First off, the red highlight in your hair looks great," Frisk said. Brooke blinked, and deer-shirt girl took a step away from the situation. "Second off, there is no need to be so rude to everyone!"

"Huh? Why is a kid... aren't you the kid with the monsters?" Brooke asked, folding her arms. Frisk nodded. "Well... Listen kid, this is none of your-"

There was a distinctly cutting clink, and Brooke's eyes shrunk. Frisk followed her gaze. Just in front of Jebediah was the wreckage of a drone. Poor Jeb had a fresh cut where his nose had been. A nose that was now as nonfunctional as Brooke's expensive machine. Frisk stared for a moment. The school yard was quiet. Frisk turned back to a babbling Brooke.

"God dammit!" She yelled. She marched over to Frisk and jabbed a finger in his face. "Look what you made me do, you brat! Do you know how expensive a drone is!"

"I... Uh..." Frisk was not trained for this situation. Was that my fault?

"now easy there, friend," Sans said from behind Frisk. "drone flies just fine."

With a groan, Brooke stared down intently at her drone controller and started to mash controls. She was rewarded with sputtering and disappointment.

"No it doesn't! It's..." Brooke's jaw dropped. Frisk turned around to see the wreckage enveloped by a blue shroud. San's left eye flickered between blue and orange as the drone barely defied gravity.

"What the fuck?" One of the students yelled.

"What's it doing?" A girl yelled. Sans didn't put down the drone. Asriel was tugging at Sans's hoodie.

"Um... Sans? Maybe you should..."

Frisk surveyed the courtyard. All eyes were on them and the glowing drone. Everyone and everything else was forgotten for them. This was scary. Frisk was trying to figure out a way he could salvage this situation. Maybe it wasn't common knowledge that monsters were magical over here? But they had Muffet... Beads of sweat were starting to drip out of Sans's skull.

"Alright, that's enough!" A voice came from the school building. Frisk turned to see the security guard he saw in the hall earlier marching down the steps towards them. He got in Sans's face, towering over the skeleton, and stabbed his finger through the air to land just short of the skeleton's not-nose. "Put down the drone!"

"Really?" The girl in the deer shirt muttered. She looked trapped in the situation. Brooke looked similar caught. All around them the school watched their misfortune. Nothing so thrilling as a crackdown is there?

"hey... david," Sans was squinting his glowing eye at the name tag on the security guard's shirt. "mind if i call you dave?"

"Now you listen here-"

"great. now dave. you're doing your job. that's cool. more than i would do really. but we just had a fight brewing and i was just trying to deescalate. no harm in that, right?"

"No harm, my ass!" David said without hesitation. "I don't know how you all 'deescalated' in your cave, but out here we don't magic up other people's shit!" He turned to look at Brooke. "Shit that, may I remind you Brooke, is not allowed on Blackwell property?"

"What? But..." But David was already moving on, looking straight at the girl in the deer shirt, who looked ready to bolt. Much like the animal on her shirt, however, the girl was caught in the headlights of a speeding car.

"And how the how did you get caught up in this problem?" David demanded.

"I didn't do anything!" The girl insisted.

"Right. Just like you weren't doing anything in the hall." David adjusted his hat, covering his eyes further in shadow. "Now, Mister 'Skeleton.' Drop the damn drone. I'll take it from here."

Sans stared straight at David, then at Brooke. He looked at the kids last. Then he shrugged and the drone pieces hit the concrete. The wreckage became more wreckage. David gave Sans one last glare before trying to pick up the pieces.

"God damn..." Whatever David was mumbling was lost. Brooke stormed by them a moment later, heading away from the pool area.

"Well..." The deer girl said. She pulled out her camera, aimed it straight at the destruction before her, and snapped a shot. No flash. She grabbed the picture as it slid out of her camera and shook it. She gave it a quick look before stuffing the picture and her camera in her bag.

"Asriel does that too," Frisk said suddenly. The girl jumped a bit. "Does it actually help?"

"Uh... Yeah?" The girl said. "I've always done it like that?"

There was a flash beside Frisk. David let out a curse, and there was a clattering noise. He turned to see Asriel shaking his own picture of the wreck. David was grumbling as he hauled the bits towards the main building.

"What a jerk," Asriel said.

"You said it..." The girl said. "I wish that all didn't happen. How am I going to fix that?"

Frisk shrugged. "I don't know. It would probably be expensive."

The girl looked down. Frisk couldn't really read the expression on her face.

"Hey, um... Frisk, right?" She asked. Frisk nodded. "Thanks for your help. Even if it didn't work out."

"Eh, it's what I do," he shrugged. "So, what's-"

"I'm sorry," the girl said. "We're going to have to meet some other time. I have to fix this real quick."

"What do you-" the girl raised her hand and the world disappeared for a blink.

"Frisk..." Asriel warned, a simple voice. Frisk blinked. His head hurt, and he was staring at Trevor with his vertebrae stacked high. He was about five minutes ago, give or take.

"Uh..." Frisk blinked. He cleared his throat. "I mean... And besides! I... We uh..." Frisk drooped over. "I lost it. Darn. Yeah, we should... Uh, hang out? I don't think me or Asriel will have any trouble keeping up with whatever you want to do. Right?" Frisk turned to Asriel in hopes of rescue. Asriel just shrugged.

Justin snorted. Trevor chuckled as well. Sans and Asriel looked concerned. That was unlike you. You dork with confidence. Regularly.

Frisk looked at his monster companions and nodded his head in the same vague direction of away that would've lead them towards the pool building. They left the skater dudes without another word.

Frisk glanced over by Brooke. The girl with the deer on her shirt wasn't talking to her this time, and she had all of her concentration on her drone. Frisk stopped and looked around the campus. On the opposite side of the yard, he could see a the girl disappear around the corner. Chara... I think I found our dime rapper.


Wait. Are you serious?

Had trouble finding a stopping point for this one. I originally planned for a different spot to be the cut off point, but this was taking too long and scenes were suffering from me trying to speed through them. This chapter and the next (When/if it's out) were originally going to be one chapter. I didn't want this story to have 20,000 word chapters like my other story, so I cut it off here.

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