Plz Read: This might be a little short but I had really nothing else in mind for the 1st chapter I'll most likely do the 2nd chapter a lot longer but might not even do the 2nd chapter if this doesn't get much attention (IKR XD) but anyway please enjoy this...Final Destination (1,2,3,and 4) fanfiction :P

Mature Content For Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Sexuality, And Strong Language (Just Mostly After Chapter 2 Though)

Idk what genre this is so its kinda like a Horror/Romance/Fantasy/Fanfiction/Humor

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Chapter 1: Life Is Just A Road Until You Stop To Meet Death

Wendy's eyes fluttered open to the sound of machines in the hospital. When here eyes were fully open she looked around to see Julie sitting in a chair right next to her bed. "Julie?" she asked as she saw her sister. "Wendy, your awake!" Julie turned around and saw her sister wide awake in the hospital bed."What happened?" Wendy asked as she lifted her head from the soft fluffy white pillow. "When we were on the subway it must of have some loose functions and it crashed."


"Yeah you, me and Kevin are the only survivors"

"Wait where's Kevin?" Wendy asked as she heard Kevin's name.

"He's in room 209 in a coma..." Julie replied shyly.

"A coma?!" Wendy screamed while trying to get out of her bed.

Julie got up from her chair and ran towards Wendy pushing her down so she wouldn't get up "You need to rest your still badly injured from the crash." Julie said calmly trying to keep her cool and be a good sister. "I have to get to Kevin and see if he's okay." Wendy whimpered. "He's in a coma he's not even gonna know you were even there!" Julie yelled at her sister. Wendy whined and looked at her sister with pouty eyes trying to let Julie get off of her so she can get to Kevin's room and see if he's okay. "No."

All of a sudden there was a loud band out of Wendy's hospital room. Julie lets go of Wendy and ran towards the door and went into the hallway and gasped. "Julie what's wrong," Wendy asked as Julie was out in the hallway of the hospital. "W-We have to get out of here." Julie stuttered. "Why?" Wendy looked confused at her sister's tone when she spoke those words. "Just come on!" Julie yelled and took her sister's hand and ran towards the door.

"Not so fast!" a deep voice said behind them that made a cold shiver down Wendy's spine. The sister's looked behind them to see a black shadow. Wendy screamed and jumped into her sister's arms. Julie just stared at the shadow as it moved quickly towards them. "I'm not finished yet but soon I'll get you and all your friends to join the rest." the shadow snapped at the sisters. Julie dropped Wendy from her arms and ran. "YOU ASS!" Wendy screamed at her sister while she was running towards the door. The shadow whipped past Wendy and headed straight toward Kevin's room.

"KEVIN!" Wendy screamed trying to get up but couldn't. She looked at her leg and found bandages around it. "Fuck." Wendy whimpered as she crawled the outside door so the shadow wouldn't get her. As Wendy headed out the door she saw Julie pull up in her car. Julie got out of the car and picked Wendy up and laid her down in the passenger seat. "Relax your gonna be fine were going home" Julie whispered in Wendy's ear and kissed her forehead as she slowly closed her eyes.