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This Means Day Dream

This Means A/N

This Means Dream

This Means Thought

This Means Normal Text

Wendy woke up to get a midnight snack to see if that would help her go back to her sleep. She walked up the stairs quietly making sure she wouldn't wake anyone up. When she got upstairs she looked in the fridge to see if there was anything to eat. "I swear there's nothing to eat in her." She murmured to herself. Before Wendy was about to close the fridge and go to back to bed she heard the sliding glass door open in the living room. Wendy went into the living to see Julie outside on the deck. She opened the sliding glass door and sat by Julie. "What are you doing up so early?" Wendy yawned. Julie didn't reply but just looked up at the night sky. "Julie?"

"Aren't they beautiful?" Julie blurted out quietly. "What, the night?" Wendy questioned. "No the stars. When I was little mom and dad would always take me outside whenever it was dark out, and the most thing that fascinated me about the night was always the stars." she explained. "Why?" Wendy quickly inquired. "I guess they would always remind me of you."

Wendy was shocked at what her sister just said. "How?" She asked. "I don't know they just do." Julie responded. Wendy wrapped her arms around her sister. "Thank you." Wendy whispered as she cuddled in closer to her sister.

Julie, of course, started to feel a little uncomfortable with her sister so close. She tried to push her sister off of her but Wendy just got closer. "Wendy..." Julie groaned. "Shh..." Wendy soothing her sister as she was almost near her lips.

Wendy's eyes fluttered open to the sound of crashing pans upstairs in the kitchen. "What the hell is going up there?" she asked herself. Wendy looked around to see Julie sleeping on the floor with a blanket and pillow. She looks so peaceful, sleeping like an angel Wendy thought to herself. What the fuck am I thinking she's my sister?!

After Wendy got out of her thoughts she saw Clear on the steps looking at her in a confused look. "What?" Wendy asked the blonde. "What the fuck..." She looked down to see her finger where touching in between her pajama pants. Wendy yelped and threw her blanket over herself, "Eh don't worry I've seen worst." Clear grumbled as she walked up the stairs. "Oh by the way breakfast is upstairs." Wendy got up from the couch and woke up Julie. "Julie come on it's time to get up." Wendy yelled while shoving Julie. "Go away, Wendy!" Julie groaned. Wendy grabbed her pillow and slammed it on Julie's stomach. Julie yelped and jumped out of the covers. "What the heck was that for?!" "You wouldn't get up." Wendy shrugged. "But it's time to get up everyone is waiting for us."


"So what are we going to do be doing today? Kimberly questioned Clear. "We're getting Sam from the mental hospital." Clear answered. "And how do we do that?" Alex queried. "I have a plan."


The car stopped at the Misty Meadow Psychiatric Asylum as the crew (Lol "The Crew") looked at the building. "Alright who's staying here and who's helping me get Sam out?" Clear turned around and asked. "Nick and I will stay here" Lori answered. "I'll stay here with Thomas." Alex replied. "I and Julie can come with you," Wendy said. "Yeah, but how do we get in and get a person out of a highly secured asylum?" Kimberly pointed out. "I've got a plan." Clear winked. Kimberly's eyes widen as if she knew what Clear was thinking. "No."

"I'm sorry Kimberly, but it's the only way." Clear murmured. "Clear we could go to jail for that!" Kimberly yelled. (Everyone in the back was just probably like 'fuck this shit') "Umm guys..." Lori tried to say. Kimberly and Clear start arguing in the car and the others looked around to see people out of with confused looks. "GUYS!" Julie screamed. Kimberly and Clear suddenly stopped arguing and looked around. "Sorry." Kimberly whispered as she felt her face blush.


The alarms blared as Clear, Kimberly, Julie, and Wendy traveled through the asylum looking for Sam's room. "Alright I and Kimberly will go right you guys go left." Clear shouted. Julie and Wendy nodded and went left.

~Wendy And Julie Part~

Wendy and Julie sprinted toward any of the doors to see if there were any names of Sam. "Face it, Wendy, We are never going to find him!" Julie yelled. "Sam Lawton." Wendy read off a card from a room. Julie jaw dropped when Wendy found him. "I'll go get Clear and Kimberly." Julie said as she ran to go get Kimberly and Clear.

Clear, Kimberly, and Julie were running towards Wendy to see if it was actually the Sam they were looking for. Clear read the card and grabbed something out of her backpack (where the heck did that come from?) "Clear what the fu-" Kimberly was cut off when Clear broke down the steel door with a bat. When Clear broke down they saw a man with the black who was sitting down with fear in his eyes. "Ju-just ki-kill me al-already." he stuttered. "Why would we want to kill you?" Wendy said sarcastically. "Wendy!" Kimberly snapped. All of a sudden Clear whacked Sam with her baseball bat as he fell limp to the ground.


Lori silently looked out the window as Thomas, Alex, and Nick was talking. "Guys look!" Lori shouted to get the boys attention. All of them stopped what they were doing and looked out the window to see Clear, Kimberly, Wendy, and Julie coming back from the Asylum holding a man's limping body. Lori and Nick stared in horror seeing that Clear had a baseball bat. "I thought we were just getting him to come with us not killing him!" Nick screamed. "Nah, Clear didn't kill him she just simply knocked him out." Alex stated. Nick and Lori both sighed knowing that the woman didn't actually kill Sam.


I heard the alarms blaring in the asylum when I was sitting in the corner of my padded room. Knowing that someone got in I started to whimper as I felt like I was going to cry. I started to bawl as I thought about how I got in here. About how Molly tore Peter apart just with her hands and teeth, about how death is still stalking me, and about how the one I used to love is in jail for cannibalism and manslaughter. "Why death? Why me and my friends?" he said to himself. After a while of the alarms blaring my door was forced open as I saw four women standing there one with a baseball bat that looked like it opened the door. "Ju-just ki-kill me al-already." I stuttered. "Why would we want to kill you?" one of them said with a sarcastic tone in her voice. I heard the other snap at her but then everything went black.


Sam slowly woke up to see he was in a car that was stopped in the middle of nowhere. He looked around to see he was in some else's car. He looked to his side to see a light red-haired girl who was smiling widely at him. Sam shrieked right as he saw the girl. "Clam down their we don't want to wake the people in China up." Lori laughed. "Who are you people?" Sam asked. "We'll explain later. But do you know what prison your ex-girlfriend is?" Clear asked Sam. "Molly?" Sam started to slowly tremble as he mentioned his old girlfriend's name. " Flamewood Regional Prison I believe."

"Hey, are you okay? you seem a little shaken up." Nick asked the trembling man. "Well, he was just kind of kidnapped by strangers I don't blame him." Wendy blurted. "Would you mind telling us why she's in their all we know is she's just in there for murder and other crimes." Julie quietly asked. "Guys! Stop asking him so many questions he was in an asylum for 5 years." Kimberly spat. Sam sighed and started to talk. "Well, I was taking her out for a date to the restaurant I used to work at. But then... Peter came in and started to go crazy, he lead us to the back. After a while, he knocked me out. When I woke up I just saw Peter laying on the ground with blood everywhere and Peter's neck was open. Mo-Molly was holding Peter's windpipes as there was scars and her half of her jaw wasn't connected to cheekbone, it was just hanging open."

Everyone stared in horror as he told his story. Clear let out a long heavy exhale and whispered. "Looks like we're going to have an insane person on our team."