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December 28 3:00 PM

Court House

The hands of the bailiffs lay on the knobs as they open up the courtroom doors, their old creak echoing loud. As soon as the doors open, Gregory, Miles, Debeste, von Karma, and lastly Jeffery Master, who's in cuffs, walk out. As soon as they step out the court, they are bombarded with hundreds of reporters, each shoving a microphone in one of their faces. Blaise and Manfred, with annoyed looks, shoo a reporter off, or occasionally answering one of their questions hastily and annoyingly, and bursting through them. Gregory and Master try to answer some of the questions, all with a solemn attitude. Manfred and Blaise walk off to another place in the courthouse, after Blaise whispers something in Karma's ear.

Gregory, Miles, Master and the police apprehending him, finish speaking into the other microphones shoved in their faces, as they fish their way through the crowd. The police lead Master to a large corridor, as the Edgeworths follow him. As the police are about to take Master away behind a large door, Gregory stops them for a moment.


The guards stop to turn as Jeff does the same.


Gregory looks down glumly on the floor.

"I'm sorry. I promised you an acquittal. But, in the end….."

Gregory looks back up.

"But, why? Why did you confess to being an accomplice? You and I both know that's not true."

Jeffery looks away, his eyes tearing up. He turns away from Gregory forcing the police detaining him to turn as well, as he states.

"I'm sorry, Gregory. I'm sorry…"

The police and Master start walking again, and go through the large door to take Jeffery away. The Edgeworths are about to turn away and walk in their own direction, but not without Gregory first noticing a water drop fall on the floor, in front of Master. A tear… Gregory heaves out a sigh at the sight of that.

The two Edgeworths walk through the upper level of the courthouse, making their way to an elevator. While walking, Miles looks up at this father, and then looks straight again. Miles then speaks up.

"It's really unfortunate, father…"

Gregory startled, looks down at this son.

"…That he was found guilty. He had a daughter, did he not?"

Gregory nods "Yes, he did." Edgeworth then grunts to himself. "Why did he say he was an accomplice? Perhaps more work of von Karma?" Gregory is silent for a second, thinking. "And there's the ordeal of the other suspect. Gustavia I think his name was?"

Miles intervenes. "Do you think he was the real murderer, father?" Miles pauses for a few seconds before apologizing. "Excuse my rudeness, father."

Gregory shakes his head and mutters "It's alright" and thinks to himself again. He is silent for about 30 seconds or so. "I…" He pauses again. "I can't say I'm sure."

Silence again. This goes off and on for a few minutes, with Gregory pondering and discussing about the case. Miles doesn't seem to mind. He just listens to what his father has to say, while occasionally throwing in his own thoughts.

"This incident seems all very confusing, wouldn't you agree, father?"

Gregory opens his mouth to say something, but once they reach a certain doorway, he closes it. Miles notices this, and stops talking as well. On the other side of the door, there are two people talking. Neither of the Edgeworths could make out what they were saying, or who they were at all. Quietly, Gregory opens the door, and he and his son steps inside, and closes the door as quietly.

The room was fairly large and looked like it belonged in a chapel, rather than a courthouse. There were eight large pillars, 4 on each side of the room. There were also 4 stained glass windows on each side of the walls. The sunset's rays were peaking through the windows, making the stained glass look more beautiful than it already was. There is also a couch on both sides of the room. The floor was completely tile and was sparkling as if it was brand new and not a single foot was laid on it. In shorter words: The room looked marvelous.

Inside this room, stand Blaise Debeste and Manfred von Karma, both standing opposite from each other in the center of the room. As of now, both Gregory and Miles could make out what they were saying. As for Debeste and von Karma, they seem to not notice their entrance and continue their conversation.

"Mr. Chief Prosecutor..." says von Karma. He has a worried, yet also grimace look on his face. As if the worst were to come. And in Manfred's case, that was true. He continues. "...I am sorry."

"von Karma!" shouts Blaise. You could tell there was anger in his voice, but also a hint of disappointment. "It's not like you to make this kind of error..." Blaise faces away from von Karma and stares out of the stained glass window in front of him. His goggles start to fill up with tears and he also pulls at his beard.

"...I never would have thought that Edgeworth would be the one to catch you."

"I..." buts in Karma. Blaise turns back to look at him, curious of what he were to say. Manfred notices this, and sighs as in admitting defeat.

"...was careless."

Blaise grunts, and turns back to von Karma. Once facing him once more, he says the words that Manfred will remember for the rest of his life.

"I'm sorry, but you will have to be penalized."

Manfred rears back in shock, dropping his briefcase. A look of shock, pain, anger, and sorrow were displayed all in one look on his face. He couldn't believe it. Him? Penalized? The prosecutor who held up a perfect record for years and it was broken in one sentence? Manfred tries to utter out some words, but remains speechless, no matter how many things he wants to say.

"I've covered for you in the past, but not this time." Blaise finally says to von Karma.

Manfred falls to his knees, as his head drops down as well. For a good minute, he is silent, that one word going through his head. Penalized Penalized You...Penalized.

Suddenly he lifts his head backs up and screams the surname name he will forever remember.


This one word echoes thought out the entire courthouse. It startles both Blaise and the Edgeworths; and undoubtedly every ear inside of the courthouse hears it. Manfred picks himself up, snatches up his briefcase, and heads toward the door where Gregory and Miles are standing. Karma pauses at the entrance, when he notices Gregory there. He has a shocked look on his face, but after staring for a couple of seconds that shocked look turns to anger. He shoves Gregory and Miles out of the way, almost making them fall on the floor. He opens the door, and then slams it hard enough, echoing it through the room for minutes.

The Edgeworths look stunned, but then turn their attention back to the center of the room, when they hear a throat being cleared. There still stands Blaise, almost in the exact same spot, beaming a wide grin like in the trial.

"So..." he speaks up. "...how does it feel to be the man, who beat the unbeatable?"

Gregory shakes his head. "von Karma is human like the rest of us. He was not unbeatable. His defeat was to come soon."

"Hmph." Blaise stands there, thinking for a moment. He then turns back to the stained glass window. "True." After staring out the window for a moment, he turns his head towards them.

"Still didn't stop Manfred from having a fit earlier, y'know?"

All three of them stand in the hall, still recollecting what happened earlier. After 2 minutes or so, Blaise speaks up again.

"Yet... in the end." he stifles a giggle. "You still lost."

Gregory takes note of this sentence, and speaks his matter regarding it.

"Yes, well..." Gregory pauses for a moment, as forgetting what he had to say. But then he regains his thoughts and speaks back up. "...I plan to have a retrial, in the future. For Master." straitening his tie, he continues. "And Master will be found innocent for accomplice and all."

Blaise then chuckles, and fully faces Gregory.

"Did you forget, already? The only other suspect fled, to goodness knows where. So unless you plan on finding him very soon, that retrial will have to wait, y'see."

Gregory grunts at this remark. Silence resumes again. The sun continues to gleam through the stained glass window.

Gregory turns to the right wall and also stares out of one of the windows. Thinking. Thinking about the case itself, the verdict, Manfred, Master, and there was his daughter Katherine as well. The thought of her heart-broken face at the news that Master was declared guilty saddens Gregory more.

After staring into space for minutes, he snaps out of it and looks back down from the window.

"I should be going now, Mr. Debeste." Gregory nods his head at Debeste. Debeste doesn't notice, as not only he's still staring out the window, but also he's playing with his lighter. He then stops fiddling with it for a moment.

"Yeah." Blaise turns his head to Gregory, a wide grin plastered on his face.

"You be safe now. Never know what might happen these days, y'know?"

Gregory is caught off guard by Blaise's statement and bears a strange look for a couple moments. He then shakes his head as well as shaking that comment off. The two Edgeworths walk to the other side of the room and open the door. After walking out into the other side, the door closes by itself; it's shutting echoing inside the room.

December 28 3:46 PM


Gregory presses the button pointing downward for the elevator. Gregory and Miles sit there, waiting for the lift to come down on their level. Though while standing there, the two feel the ground rumble and shake for a few seconds. Miles stumbles for a bit, almost falling on the floor, but he manages to catch his footing again.

"Woah... easy there." says Gregory, looking down at Miles. "It seems like there was a small earthquake."

Miles, looking a bit embarrassed on almost falling, nods back at his father. At that moment, they hear the ring of the elevator. They turn their attention to it as the two doors slide open. Before stepping inside, they take notice of a man standing in there, in a slouched position. He appears to be wearing the clothes, which a bailiff wears, so the two deduced that he must be a bailiff (or is just a random man who likes to wear the clothes of courtroom bailiffs).

The Edgeworths walk inside the elevator and give their greetings to the man.

"Hello, there sir."

The man stands in an upright position and looks startled for a moment or two, as if he didn't see the two walk in.

"Ah! Hello... um, sirs! Yanni Yogi... sir!" He holds out his hand, still looking a bit surprised. Gregory looks a bit confused for a moment, but eventually takes hold of it and shakes it.

"Gregory Edgeworth and my son Miles."

As soon as he says "my son Miles" Miles nods at the man as well.

"Hello, sir." Miles greets politely.

The three lift occupants stand in there awkwardly for 10 seconds or so, when suddenly Yanni jumps up.

"Ah! Yes... sorry. What floor?" asks the bailiff.

"First floor, thank you."

Yogi presses a button that reads "1" with a star symbol next to it. He notices that it doesn't do anything at all. He presses it again, and then presses the close door button. The lights flicker for a bit, as a bit more rumbling happens. All three of them ignore it, as Yanni presses the 1st floor button a couple of more times. Finally, after the 5th or 6th time, the elevator door closes.

"Heh, these old machines, right?" Yanni chuckles at his remark, yet no one else joins him.

5th 4th 3rd

The numbers on the display count down. But as soon as it says 3rd the rumbling and shaking from earlier get fiercer, and the elevator creaks to a halt. The lights flash on and off, on and off. The now full-blown earthquake gets fiercer by the second.

All three occupants stumble and thrash about inside the elevator; lights are now nothing but strobe lights. After a minute or so, the elevator takes a sudden drop to the second floor, which makes the three men drop down on the floor, all going dark.

For a minute or two, all three remain silent, and the light has gone out. Suddenly, all three of them get up from the previous chaos and rub their heads.

"Is everyone okay?" inquires Yogi.

"Yes, I am." Edgeworth, even though unable to see, looks around back and forth, waiting to hear the voice of Miles. But he starts to get worried, as he doesn't hear his voice.

"Miles? Miles!" shouts Gregory, worryingly. "Miles, are you okay?!"

"Y-yes, I'm fine father." Miles voice cries out from the right corner of the elevator.

"Mr. Yogi."

"Yes, sir?"

"You wouldn't happen to have something to break this darkness, would you?"

Yanni sat there in the dark for a moment, pondering Gregory's words. Suddenly, something comes to him and he pulls out something from his right pocket. It was some sort of LED flashlight, thought it wasn't shaped like a normal flashlight. It had a rectangular shape, and the "light" part of this device was on the top to the rectangular object. Yanni presses a button and the light turns on. He puts it in the center of the lift, and the room is lit. Even thought it isn't lit as if the lights were on, you could see a fair bit of the elevator, only dimly lighting the corners.

"Heh, we keep those handy on us for situations exactly like these." chuckles Yogi.

He looks towards the button panel and presses the emergency button. Nothing. He presses it one more time. Nothing again. Worried now, Yanni constantly presses the button, but no change in the environment happens. He now starts to abuse the button, as well as the other buttons, and eventually starts banging on them, but nothing happening with each press. He starts to scream.

"Help! Help! Heeeelp!" Yogi screams and screams while brutally smashing on the buttons. Gregory steps in to stop him.

"Mr. Yogi! Mr. Yogi! Compose yourself!"

The bailiff ignores Gregory command and gives up on the buttons, and proceeds to the door. He tries to pry it open with every single muscle in his body, even if it meant to the point where one of them would break. He tries with all his might, but the door only opens a sliver, if at all.

"Help! Help!"

"Mr. Yogi! Stop this instant!"

Yanni snaps out of it, and turns toward Gregory. He turns away, and after a few minutes of heavy breathing, his breath and Yogi himself calms down. He lets out a sigh.

"Excuse my actions, sirs." He stands up and straightens his clothes and recomposes himself. "I just have a fear of being trapped in an elevator, is all."

"I-I see."

Although Yanni has recomposed himself, he still rapidly tries the buttons, and struggles to be Hercules with the elevator doors. But when neither works again, he lets out a sigh.

"Nothing. It seems like the power has gone out, and I can't get the door open no matter how hard I try."

"It seems..." Gregory speaks up suddenly, but pauses just as quickly. "It seems we may be stuck here for a while."

Yanni gets a little worried, but then suddenly has an idea. He starts to fumble around in his pockets a bit, but gets more and more nervous with each little search he conducts in them. He even fumbles with his shirt pocket, but apparently he still doesn't find what he's looking for.

"Where is it? Where the hell is it?" he constantly mutters to himself.

"May I ask, what you are looking for?" inquires Gregory.

"My walkie-talkie! It's not here." shouts Yogi finally. "Of all days to forget and leave it, goodness knows where, and it has to be right now."

Yanni then looks up to Gregory with a look of hope, but a slight twinge of desperation.

"C-cel-cell phone! Do you have some sort of phone of you?"

Gregory is startled for a few seconds, by Yogi's sudden request. But he shakes his head and digs into his pocket, pulling out a phone. Gregory presses some numbers, and holds up the phone to his right ear. He sighs and looks back down on the phone, presses some numbers, and raises it back to his ear. When Edgeworth does this a second time, Yanni's look of hope and desperation turns into disappointment and grief. Gregory lowers his phone, and shoves it back into his pocket.

"I'm sorry." Gregory says disappointed. "No reception."

"Nooooo..." Yanni backs into the right wall of the elevator and slides down on the floor.

"Who knows how long we're going to be in here before rescue...?"

"Don't fret Mr. Yogi. Soon someone is going to come, and we'll be out of here."

"Let's hope..."

Yanni pulls annoying at his collar.

"...hope that it's soon..."

December 28 5:01


Over an hour has passed, and it has been in silence. Gregory is sitting in left corner, reminiscing about the results of the case. Miles is in the right corner of the lift, reading a law book that he read and carried on his person often. And as for Yanni, he's still panicking about his current predicament, but doesn't outwardly show it. Just occasionally, he mutters something under his breath about how tight the air in the elevator was getting. Just the buzzing flashlight in the center was emitting noise, and even that sounded quiet.

"(Maybe I can strike up a conversation?)" thought Yogi "(If I going to be stuck with these two for a while, I might as well...)"

"So..." Yanni said, finally breaking the silence the still air claimed. He pauses at the "So". What to talk about? Something... anything...

"...how's the missus?"

"(Sure.)" he thinks to himself.

Yogi said his sentence quietly, so no one heard what he said. But, his mumble seemed to capture the other two's attention. Miles looks up from his book, momentarily, but when nothing else is said, he goes back to reading. Gregory lifts his head up and turns it to Yogi.

"Excuse me? I didn't quite hear that."

"The missus... how is she?" Yanni spoke the sentence a bit louder and clearer. Gregory hears the questions this time and nods. He also sighs a bit, and a few seconds go by. Finally, Gregory answers.

"I don't have a wife..." Gregory answers simply.

Yogi hears him and nods. He expects Gregory to go into the subject more, but remains silent about it. After hearing the sigh, before the answer, he decides not to press further. However, that doesn't stop him from talking about his S.O.

"In a way, I don't have a wife either, but a fiancée you know?" Yanni speaks up again, trying to continue this "talk." No one seems to want to join in. They two Edgeworths are obviously distressed, and them being trapped inside an elevator where the air what getting thinner by the millisecond, doesn't seem to help their moods.

But, this still doesn't make Yanni irritated. He rolls his eyes. Once again, Yanni grabs at his collar irritably. Towards the elevator's doors he shouts.

"Help! Someone's trapped in here! Somebody, please!"

"Quiet!" snaps Gregory. "Someone will come! Now, please stop that screaming..."

A minute passes. Gregory then speaks up, with a slight apologetic tone, but still with annoyance and the sense of pressure in his speech.

"S-sorry...agh." Gregory starts to rub his temple before continuing. "It's just... a headache is all."

"Are you alright father?" Miles lifts his head up from the book, worrying about his father's comment.

"Hm? Oh yes, I'm fine, Miles. Do not concern yourself with it."

Miles nods, and leaves the subject at that. Gregory too starts to tug at his collar, and looks down at the floor.

"Mr. Yogi, you may have a point..."

Yogi looks up at the mention of his name. He glances towards Gregory.

"...let us just hope that he get out of this predicament soon. I don't how much longer I can stand this..."

Yanni nods in agreement. He then slumps over to another corner of the elevator, and lays his head back on the corner. The slim air is making him sleepier by the minute. Maybe he could...

No! He mustn't fall asleep. What if closing his eyes, he enters a slumber. One you don't wake up from? No, he mustn't succumb to sleep.

He mustn't... he mustn't...

He mustn't...

December 28 7:24 PM


"(Ah! W-Where am I?)"

Yanni lifts his head back up from the corner he's rested in. He…fell asleep. He looks frantically around the lift. Nothing peculiar has happened. The light is still buzzing, and the Gregory and Miles are still in their places. He breathes a sigh of relief and despair. Being glad that he didn't possibly die from falling asleep, but is depressed that he didn't wake up into a new environment; still being suffocated in this tight enclosure they called an elevator.

Yogi checks his watch. It has been over three hours. Three hours trapped in this machine. The real question is: how much more time, until the air thins out?

"(No, get that thought out your head.)" Yanni thinks to himself. "(You're gonna be just fine…)" Yanni pops open the button on his collar, as he now starts the sweat more than ever before. "(…hopefully.)"

Hopefully...this was the only word from not making Yanni go crazy. But, even if this word is repeating in this head, the guarantee of rescue could be close to none. What if? What if, they don't come soon enough and they suffocate inside this elevator? What if one of them goes crazy on each other?

"(No!)" screams the voice in Yogi's head "(I-I can't think that. We're gonna get out of here, eventually...)"

Yanni leans his head back on a wall, but after a couple of seconds, starts to hit the back of his head on it. After a minute of doing this act, Gregory speaks up, obviously irritated by this, but trying not to lose his temper.

"Don't keep distressing Mr. Yogi. All will be well soon."

Yogi stops and looks up towards Gregory. Yanni starts to get fed up, shown by a look of irritation on his face. He can't take this anymore. The air is getting thinner, the light is starting to dim, and these people... they pretend everything's fine, when it surely isn't.

"(I-I gotta...)" Yanni stops mid-thought and thinks some more. "(No-I must get out of here.)"

Yanni stands up in a very prominent posture. Gregory and Miles look up at Yogi, wondering just what was he doing.

"Is everything alright, Mr. Yogi?" inquires Edgeworth.

Yanni shakes his head, while muttering "No" under his breath. He faces the elevator door, a look of determination on his face. He walks up to it, and tries to pry it open, like earlier, only with not much strength. Gregory shakes his head at Yanni's shoddy attempt.

"That's not going to work, Mr. Yogi. Save your strength when it would be most useful."

"You!" Yogi turns his head away from his task and shouts loudly at Gregory. Gregory and even Miles are a bit surprised by Yogi's sudden anger and screaming. "Shut up!"

Yogi focuses his attention back on the door, but after seeing that trying to pull it open is a lost cause, Yanni starts to kick the door. He lifts up his left foot and slams it rather angrily on the lift's sliding doors. Gregory and Miles are again startled by Yogi's actions. Gregory starts to get peeved at Yogi's noise, as he to stands up.

"Mr. Yogi, I think that's enough of that..."

"What do you know, huh?" backfires Yogi. "If you want to die in this lift, be my guest. But, I'm getting out of here...!"

Yogi takes another kick at the door, and a single streak of a crack goes across the small window. Yanni sees this as a sign of freedom, and continues to kick at the door, but the streak remains the same size. Gregory tries to stop Yogi's antics once more.

"Mr. Yogi! Sit..."

"No!" Yanni turns to Gregory, and grabs him by the shoulders, and pushes him to one side of the elevator. Gregory hits the wall with a thud, and slides down. "You...sit down!"

Miles cries out of the sudden sight of this.

"Father!" Miles tries to get up, but then stumbles from weakness. Gregory stops him.

"Miles! Do not concern yourself with this!" Gregory, while not standing back up, faces Yogi. "And you! Calm yourself, or so help me!"

Yogi ignores Gregory's threat and lifts up his leg to kick again. But, due to the little strength he has, he loses his balance and falls on his back. He rubs the back of his head from his fall. He gets back up and faces the imposing door once more, on his knees, and starts to bang on it, with his hands, frantically. Gregory finally loses his temper.


Both, Yanni and Miles are startled by this sudden outburst. The air may be thin, but the sudden tension is thick. After a minute or two of silence, Gregory speaks up, but his normal voice being a whisper to the scream from earlier.

"I-I apologize... for losing my composure like that." Gregory apologizes simply.

Another five minutes passes in complete silence. Yanni again, pulls on his collar, sweating more and more, but he doesn't utter a single complaint.

December 28 9:40 PM

The DL-6 Incident

The air has long thinned out. It was non-existent. One could say, it was a miracle how the occupants of this enclosure were still alive. But, alive as they were, the lack of air made them wish they weren't. Everyone was pulling at their collars, waving themselves with their hands, Yanni was even panting. But nothing worked. None of their tactics worked to give themselves more air. The air that was left was all they had, and it wasn't enough. If they were not to get out of here soon, then rescue will surely come across a dead body or two.

Yanni is the one more noticeably uncomfortable. He doesn't try to kick down or pry open the door anymore. His energy was like that plan, long gone. All he had the strength to do was tug at his collar and scream, his last plans of survival.

"H-help!" Yanni screams out. He has been doing this for the last five minutes, but no one hears.

"H-help! I can't breathe!" Yanni screams out once more.

"Quiet!" snaps Edgeworth. The more he sits in this lift, the more patience he loses. He tries to maintain his composure, though, still feeling guilty for his sudden screaming earlier.

As always, Yanni ignores Gregory's command, and continues yelling.

"P-please! Please, some-someone help!"

"I said quiet!" Gregory has his back against the wall, slowly losing conscious. "You're not making this any easier." Gregory states.

Yanni shoots an angry look at Gregory. "(Stupid lawyer.)"Yogi starts talking in his head again. "(Quiet this, and quiet that. He's just wasting his air telling me to... shut... up...)" Yanni's thoughts slow down to a halt once his mind echoes "air." "(Air...he has air in his lungs...and...if I get it out of him...that's more for me!)" Yanni chuckles at his idea. "(He...he doesn't need it anyways.)"

"Stop breathing..." whispers Yanni. The two Edgeworths hear his whispering, but neither makes out what he says. Gregory questions Yogi on what he said.

"Did you say something Mr. Yogi?"

Yogi looks at Gregory, with a determined, yet crazed expression on his face. Gregory is frightened at the near sight of this. Yogi limps over to Gregory.

"Stop breathing my air!" Yogi screams.

"W-what!?" Gregory shouts, even more afraid than before. "(What is happening? What is Mr. Yogi thinking?)"

"M-Mr. Yogi! Compose yourself!" Gregory's shouts are full of frightfulness. This sound of fear in his voice manages to take the attention of Miles, who is sitting on the other side of the lift. He looks up from his feet to see the catastrophe unfolding.

"I'll...I'll stop you!" Yogi threatens.

"Mr. Yogi, please cease this at..."

Yogi finally loses it.

"Stop breathing my aaaaair!"

Yogi grabs hold of Gregory's throat and starts hitting Gregory's head against the wall. Gregory's senses are now on alert. He tries to wrestle Yogi off of him, but only manages to get his hands off his throat, so he could scream.

"M-Mr.-Yogi! S...stop!" Though Gregory managed to get Yanni's hands off his throat, Yogi takes hold of Gregory's suit so he can try to throw Gregory on the ground. Gregory struggles from being pinned to the ground.

"Mr. Yogi, please compose yourself! Stop this!"

Yanni ignores Gregory and grabs hold of his throat once more. Gregory tries to get his hands off again, but he can't. Gregory is now feeling closer to losing conscious than ever before. Yanni wrestles and pins Gregory to the left corner of the lift, to finish him off, to choke the life out of him. "(He doesn't need it anyways.)" Yanni keeps thinking. But, when Yanni pushes Gregory to the corner, something falls out of Yanni satchel. A pistol. It falls out and slides toward Miles.

Miles is in utter shock of what's happening. "(S-stop!)" Miles repeats this in his head, but doesn't have the energy to say it. He has to stop them, but how? He's just a child! How can a child, who is nearly at the point of passing out, stop two grown men fighting? But, as soon as that thought finishes, Miles looks down at his feet.

"(A...A pistol!)" Miles is surprised to see this laying at his feet. "(Maybe...)" Miles reaches towards the gun. "(Maybe I can use this to stop them...)"

Miles picks up the firearm, and stares at the gun and his hand carrying it. He looks up and sees that his father manages to stop Yanni strangling him, but the two of them are still wrestling each other.

Gregory still tries to wrestle Yogi off of him, but he manages to catch a glimpse at Miles. He notices Miles raising his arm, as to throw something, but what? He then notices the pistol in his hand...

"Miles!" Gregory shouts. "Miles, no!"

"(Get away!)" screams Miles thoughts.

"(Get away from my father!)"

Miles throws the gun. The gun hits against Yogi's back, and the pistol discharges, the bullet going through the elevator door's glass. The loud sound startles both Yogi and Edgeworth, and Yogi falls on his back, onto the light, unconscious. The room goes dark because of this. And Gregory passes out from the loud noise as well. And the little strength Miles used to throw the pistol makes Miles fall on the floor and black out as well. But, before they all slip into a state of comatose, they all hear a blood-curdling scream that echoes in the courthouse.


December 28 Minutes Before the Incident

Court Records Room

I'm sorry, but you will have to be penalized.

I'm sorry, but you will have to be penalized.

I'm sorry, but you will have to be penalized...

This sentence has been repeated over and over in Manfred's head. How could this be? Manfred von Karma, the perfect prosecutor, penalized? This had to be some mistake, a joke or maybe even a dream. But it was none of those things. The perfect record von Karma held up for years was ruined in one trial day.

Manfred walks around in circles, aimlessly in the court records room. The 9-letter sentence continued to cut into him like a blade covered in salt. He walks and walks, with very little care in the world.

Finally, Manfred looks down at the floor and heaths out a sigh. He looks up from the floor, and seems a bit confused.

"(Where in the hell am I?)" Manfred thinks to himself. He looks around in the room and from what he can make out; it's the Court Records room.

"Hmph" he grunts. "I must have wandered in here carelessly."

But then he notices something. The lights are out. "(Why is the lights out?)" he thinks curiously. He looks at the door leading out to the room, and from the small glass window on the door; the lights appear to be out on the other side of the room as well.

"Hmph, foolish lights...constantly going dark." he barks out angrily to the darkness.

He fumbles his way to the doorway and eventually finds the doorknob. He turns it, and exits the room. He looks left and right down the long corridor. No one is there; save for a man that is rushing down with much speed and haste from Karma's right side. The man, who is a courtroom bailiff from what Manfred can make out, nearly bumps into von Karma due to his rushing. The bailiff stops running and turns around to face Manfred. He nods his cap, offering an apology.

"Ah, sorry! Excuse me sir!" the bailiff then soon rushes off in his direction again, barely finishing the apology.

"Hmph!" Manfred simply grunts in annoyance. He continues to strain his eyes, looking down the hallway both ways. Only from nearly bulging out his eyes, is he only able to make out what he thinks to be the doors to the lift. He grunts once more, and heads toward that direction.

Unfortunately, for him, there is a lot of fumbling down the hallway. "(If only I could see.)" he thinks. "(Maybe then, I won't look like such a fool.)"

Manfred assures himself that he has made his destination, as he can make out the lift's doors in front of him. Though he stands there, listening...

"(Is...Is that arguing I hear?)" Manfred listens some more to hear the sounds of a scuffle. It sounds like it is a serious one. But Manfred stops straining his ears, and simply shakes his head. "(Bah, probably just my imagination.)"

Manfred looks for the elevator buttons in the darkness. It is a little hard to find, but he eventually finds it. Karma presses the down button. Nothing happens. He presses it again, nothing.

"This foolish tech-"

Suddenly, Manfred hears a gunshot ring out. But that was the least of his worries. There was a pain! A horrible, burning pain in his right shoulder! The pain hits Karma so suddenly, that he lets out a blood-curdling scream.


Manfred falls to his knees in front of the door. He grasps his right shoulder from the pain. He looks at his hand, and then his shoulder. A quite of bit of blood on both places. Although, there wasn't any blood on the floor, and most of his suit had absorbed the bleeding. Looking at the wound, he deduced that it's a gunshot wound. "(That must be that gunshot sound I heard.)" he concludes. He looks behind him. From what little he could see, there was no bullet on the ground, or lodged inside of the wall. He reasoned that the bullet...must still be inside of him! Looking toward the elevator door again, he thinks angrily.

"(Who would do such a thing?)"

Suddenly, the lights flicker back on. He looks upward to be met with a bright sight. He looks down the corridors, left and right. The lights are completely on now. Manfred glances down the hallways, slowly getting up from the ground, regaining his composure at the same speed of lifting himself up, all while still clutching his shoulder.

As Manfred finishes lifting himself off the floor, he hears the elevator's ring. He's caught off guard by the sound, but quickly directs his attention to the door. The door opens before him, and he is met with a sight he thought he'd never see.

Inside the lift, the lights were still out, but the outside lights lit the inside. Lying in the elevator was two people from what he could see in his peripheral view. One was a man wearing the clothes of a courtroom bailiff. He was on his back, and there appeared to be an object under him. This man was unconscious, as far as Manfred could tell. The other was...

"(Wait, I recognize this boy.)"

Lying on his side was Miles Edgeworth, who too was unconscious.

"(But, if he's in here...then.)"

The prosecutor stepped inside the lift and looked around and saw the person he was expecting.

Gregory Edgeworth, the defense attorney. The man he just faced in the trial today. He was lying slumped in the corner and there was a large bruise on his neck, as if someone were choking him.

Manfred was in awe to see this man, but also a bit of anger boiled up in him. This was the man...the man who ruined his record! The man who shamed him with a penalty on his perfect record! Manfred steps toward Gregory, until he steps on something.

von Karma looks down at his feet. "(A pistol?)" Manfred picks up the firearm, and stares at the gun and his hand carrying it. His look of anger is still shown on his face, but it's mixed with a slight bit of shock. He stares at the pistol for a minute, when he realizes the situation.

Manfred von Karma was holding a pistol, and standing before Gregory Edgeworth, the man who ruined his perfect record, who; is currently unconscious.

Manfred shakes his head, and starts to walk out."(I shouldn't.)" But Karma stops mid-thought as the cursed sentence repeats through his head once more.

I'm sorry, but you will have to be penalized.

Manfred develops a twisted grin on his face.

I'm sorry, but you will have to be penalized.

He stands in front of the unconscious Gregory.

I'm sorry, but you will have to be penalized.

He raises the pistol towards Edgeworth.

I'm sorry, but you will have to be penalized...


In his last moments, Gregory Edgeworth was still unconscious.

He died, never knowing who had shot him.

Later, he spoke through a medium, blaming Mr. Yogi.

He was fooled! It was the perfect crime!