When life is changed by a simple game

Hii! This is my second fanfic and my first yaoi fanfic , I hope you like it.

Pairings : Tokiya x Ittoki , Ren x Masato, Ai x Syo , Satsuki x Natsuki , Reiji x Ranmaru , Camus x Cecil.

I dont own utapri nor its characters . I also dont own Okita souji and Todo Heisuke They are from hakuouki and they belong to idea factory .

Warning Yaoi If you dont like dont read !

The starish and quartet night members were sitting together in the living room. They have the day off , since they worked really hard recently . Ittoki was playing cards with Reiji , Ranmaru and Camus were arguing about bananas and sugar like usual .

-Oi what did you do to my bananas ? asked Ranmaru furious.

-I just made banana honey with them , they taste better like that . said Camus.

-YOU DID WHAT?! How dare you touch my bananas ?! Bananas taste good the way they are . Yelled Ranmaru.

-As if you've asked my permission for taking my sugar to make a cake . replied Camus .

-Oi , Uruse ! I want to sleep . whined Cecil.

-How dare you talk to your senpai like this you spoilt child?! Be more respectful . Scowled Camus and then smacked Cecil on the head .

-Ittai! yelled Cecil in pain.

-Keep it down , I would really appreciate it if you did I want to read my book . stated Tokiya .

-Its their fault not mine ! complained Cecil.

Masato was playing piano , Natsuki was trying to make "cookies" , Syo was watching a kendo match on TV with Ren and they were cheering for their favourite fighter as Ai was calculating the chances of winning for both fighters .

-Jinguji Ren , Okita Souji has 60% chance of winning. (This character belongs to hakuouki and idea factory ! HONTONI SUMIMASEN but I need to borrow him for few minutes )

-HEEH?! NO ! I cant accept this ! Heisuke cant loose ! complained Syo disappointed.

-Hmmm? Ai is never wrong and you know that better than me since he is your senpai. Im going to win the bet , sho chan . taunted Ren.

-Im very sorry , Syo-kun . stated Ai in his usual tone . Todo Heisuke is very skilled however look at Okita Souji , can you see that look in his eyes ? He'ss like a beast who's overhelming his pray . He has nothing to loose and has a very good attacking technique . Also look at Heisuke he's getting tired and he isnt really focused on this match , it appears something is troubling him. As a conclusion he only has 30% of winning . explained Ai .

-STILL ! I refuse to give up! Protested Syo.

-You should give up and just focus on what you're going to do for the bet sho chan. replied Ren smirking .

Arbiter (On TV) : STOP ! Souji marked 3 points ! We have a winner , souji 5 points and Heisuke 2 points Okita souji you're going to the finals.

Okita : Yare yare , that was a good match . But I hope you'll be more serious next time heisuke kun ! Janne minasai !

-Tsk why do I always have to loose the bets I do with Ren ! whined Syo .

-Because Im Ren and you are Sho chan . said Ren smiling .

-Daijobu , daijobu , syo kun ! added Reiji cheering Syo up . Look , even Ittoki is loosing at poker .

-Did you really have to say that Kotobuki senpai ! said ittoki blaming Reiji.

-Dont get angry its just a game haha ! Anyway I was getting bored . What about we do something together ? Lets play a game . proposed Reiji .

-A game ? Yes yes that would be good ! cheered Natsuki .

Masato stopped playing the piano and looked at them :

-What kind of game ? i mean which one ? asked Masato suspiciously .

-Yeah he is right ... It never ended well when we played games before , commented Tokiya still reading his book .

-I have an idea , a good and funny game that wont cause problems . said Ren.

Everyone looked at him , even Camus and Ranmaru stopped fighting to hear what Ren was going to say .

-Hontoni , Jinguji ? questioned Masato and Ren smiled even more . Because most of the time you're up to no good.

-You really hurt my feelings hirijikawa ! But dont worry , It will be fun , You will enjoy it very much , Im sure . reassured Ren .

-Ohe ! Dont turn very much around the bush ! Just what's the game already. said Ranmaru annoyed .

-What about truth or dare? suggested Ren .

Tokiya : There is no way im playing that silly game of yours.

Ai: the chances of finishing this game without issues is of ...10%

Cecil wakes up : Truth or dare? I want to play!

Natsuki (hugs syo ) : Me too !

Satsuki appears (human form in the same time as natsuki) : No way you're going to play !

Everyone : SATSUKI?!

Satsuki : Natsuki you're not playing .

Natsuki in a sad tone : Nande , Satsuki?

Satsuki : Because its dangerous , look at those beasts ... I swore I would protect you didnt I?

Natsuki stayed silent for few minutes

before saying : Then why dont you play with us ?

Satsuki: nani? Me playing? No Im not playing I hate this stupid game and you should do the same . Either way I wont let you play with them .

Natsuki looked at satsuki with pleading eyes : Please , satsuki .

Satsuki (trying to resist ) : I said no !

Natsuki looked sadly at Satsuki : Please , Satsuki do it for me .

Satsuki (taken aback and couldnt resist natsuki anymore ) : I ...well ...*sighs* FINE !

Natsuki smiled again : arigato !

Ranmaru : Im not playing either

Camus : I dont have a choice I must play , Aijima is playing and Im his senpai ... Its my duty to teach him .. Because he might do something stupid.

-HEHHH ! Im offended , Camus senpai . said Cecil sadly .

Reiji started to loose it and was about to snap but Satsuki was quicker than him . He hit the table hard attracting everyone's attention.

-All of you are playing ! Natsuki wants to play and I want his game to be perfect and if anyone dares to complain ... I'll take care of him personally. menaced Satsuki cracking his knuckles .

No one dared to say anything anymore except Ranmaru who was about to challenge him , but Reiji prevented him from doing so .

They sat in a circle in the order :

Ittoki , Satsuki , Cecil , Syo , Masato, Ranmaru , Natsuki , Reiji , Ren , Camus, Tokiya and Ai then back to Ittoki.

-Ittoki you start . Said Ren .

-Hai ! Mmmm , Shinomya san , truth or dare ?

-Mmm truth.

-Are you in love with syo ? asked Ittoki .

Satsuki looked interested he wanted to know if that was really the case , he always wondered if Natsuki loved the short boy .

-Well , Im not sure but I dont think that is really love . replied Natsuki.

-Then why are you always hugging me ? It becomes annoying you know? added Syo .

-Good , then lets move on . said Tokiya .

-Fine . Agreed Natsuki. Then Syo kun ...

-HEH?! Why me?

-Because you're so cute ! Truth or dare ?


-I thought about something interesting . Since you lost our bet I want you to choose dare . said Ren.

-What? NO WAY! refused Syo .

-Mmm? Dont tell me you're afraid ? Hyuga sensei would disappointed if he heard you . Or a-

-Fine , FINE! I'll do it ! But I swear that Im going to get revenge on

you! promised Syo angrily.

-Then what do you choose syo chan? asked Natsuki .

-Dare .

-Then , I want you to kiss Ai for 10 seconds .

-Nani? Are you talking about me? Syo kun is going to kiss me? questioned Ai . Syo sighed but was secretly happy since he was in love with the quartet night member .

-Yeah that's my dare . affirmed Syo.

-This is going to be interesting . commented Ren smirking .

Syo stood up ignoring Ren and walked towards Ai . He then kissed him hesitantly at first , but then Ai put his arm around Syo's waist deepening the kiss .

Tokiya *cough* *cough* : Its been 20 seconds now can we move on?

Hearing that syo pulled way blushing hard and Ren burst into laughter .

Ren: See it wasnt that bad was it? You liked it . You should continue later .

Syo glared at him furiously and then he challenged him : Then show me what you can do , Jinguji Ren! Truth or dare?

-Dare , Im not a coward , and I accept your challenge . replied Ren smirking . It couldnt be that bad could it?

-Then Play 7 minutes in heaven with Masato in the closet with a camera there . Dont worry Ive set it there because Natsuki would sneak in there some times .You wont find it , its well hidden . You need to at least kiss . Good luck .

-You want your revenge , I dont have a problem with that . But why do I have to assume his responsabilities with him . protested Masato .

-Come on hirijikawa. And Syo , dont think im going to back down . Because Im a man . Stated Ren.

-Oh I forgot ! 7 min wont start until you go into the closet .

-Fine . Said Ren .

When they reached Syo's room .

Masato :-Jinguji ! Its all your fault ! Cant you keep your mouth shut for once ! You cant keep out of problems not only that but you need to drag me into them too . It became annoying . I cant stand it anymore ! You dont understand me at all ! You're not even trying . I ... I ...

Ren felt guilty , because of those stupid bets , he didnt even realize that he was hurting Masato . Someone very dear to him.

Ren :-Hirijikawa , Im very sorry . I know that what I did wasnt very good but please , I dont want to look like a coward in front of sho chan after all what I said to him about hyuga sensei and being a man . So , just this time I ..

Masato :-What if I refuse ? Will you do it by force ?

- Do you hate me that much ? asked Ren and then he walked towards masato who was taking steps back until his back hit the door of the closet . Ren put his arms on each side of Masato's head trapping him.

-Jinguji what are you doing ?! Explain at once ! yelled masato .

-Hirijikawa ...

Ren was running his fingers down Masato's cheek , then his neck .

-You really are beautiful ... so beautiful ...Im afraid I wont be able to resist for much longer .

-Jinguji ...

-You're not resisting anymore I wonder why ?

-Because its useless , you're going to do as you please either way , and ...its faster without resistance just get it over with . explained Masato .

- Is that all of it ? said Ren smiling sadly . Do you really think Im this bad ?

-That's ... why do you sound sad all of a sudden?

-You dont know? when the answer is so obvious , so simple to guess .

-How would I know ? I cant read minds .

-Im deeply in love with you Hirjikawa ... no ... Masato . I love you , I love you since I met at the academy . I love singing with you too ... Masato . declared Ren.

-Jinguji ... I...

-You dont need to answer me now . Take your time Masato .

Ren then opened the closet so both of them fell inside Ren on the top of Masato . He then closed it .

-It hurts you know ! Why did you do that ?! I hit my head you know?

-Im very sorry , Masato , now we should play our game . apologized Ren in a low voice .

-Jinguji , Im not sure ... I

Ren went close to his ear and then whipered huskily :

-Dont worry you'll be sure soon enough , We're going to have fun .

He then kissed Masato gently at first before it turned more and more heated and tongues interwined as the kiss became deeper and deeper .

Meanwhile the others were watching what the camere was filming of Masato and Ren on Syo's computer .

Ittoki was blushing hard :

-Nooo! I cant watch this anymore Im very embarrassed .

-Shhh , Otoya , let me feel my revenge . said Syo .

-Hmm , its getting interesting. added Reiji .

-Really , you have no sense of privacy ...Anyway how many minutes are left ? Questioned Tokiya.

-Only 4 min . replied Syo .

Back to the closet .

-Ahhh Jinguji... moaned Masato. Stop teasing me !

-No ... Masato say my name ...

-Ahhhhh ... Renn!

-No ,say it louder , say that you are mine and mine alone .

-Ren, Im yours and I'll always be ... now please ...use your mouth ...

Ren *sucks* : Mmnh ... Ngh ... *moaning *...

-Ah ! Ren Im close ! Ren-

-Tadaa! end of 7 min . said Syo . But you really gave us a good video .

-Nani? Oh shit , I forgot the filming thing . cursed Ren.

-Dont worry , You can watch it if you want . suggested Syo and was met by a glare .

-Fine now get out of here ! I have a blowjob to finish !

-Okay okay! but wait and the truth or dare !

-Give us 2 more minutes . Now GET OUT !

Syo went back to the living room to wait with the others .


-Dont worry I would never let you alone my dear masa now ... lets finish this shall we ?

Ren went back to sucking ...

-Ren ... Ren ... Im going to ..Ahhh! moaned Masato louder than ever .

-Mmm it tastes sweet , just like you , my masato now we should wear our clothes and go back downstairs we have a game of truth or dare to finish .

Ren was about to stand up when Masato prevented him from walking any further by holding his arm back .

-What is it Masato? Is something wrong ? asked Ren .

-I ... Masato blushed harder (If that's even possible since he was already blushing from what they were doing ) I ... Ren ... I think I love you...

Ren was surprised , was that really true ?

-You dont need to say that to please me you know , I told you could take your time .

-Ive made up my mind Ren . I love you . Said Masato .

-Then , shall we date ?

-Yes , Ren ...

They kissed again for the last time before going down to join the others .

-Ohhh! The lovers are back. said Natsuki .

-You really made us a good show . commented Reiji.

-It wasnt bad . added Ranmaru .

-It wasnt bad you say ... Then lets see if you can do better ... Truth or dare ? challenged Ren .

-Dare ! Come on , I'll do anything . replied Ranmaru accepting the challenge .

-Go to the guest room on this floor and make out with Reiji!

-Heeh? With Ranran? Good one Ren kun . Ikuyo Ranran . Said Reiji .

-Matte , called Ren . Ran chan choose one here to ask truth or dare since I think you will take a lot of time .

-Indeed , stated Tokiya . I think you really have stupid dares and you are controlling peoples lives and I personnally dislike it very much.

-Really ? Lets see if my dare is stupid ! Choose dare and you'll see ! Yelled Ranmaru angry .

-Fine , dare then . answered Tokiya in a stoic manner .

-Seduce , the redhead ! Ordered Ranmaru , pointing at Ittoki who blushed hard and was dumbfounded.

Tokiya was shocked .He didnt plan to do anything to Ittoki yet . He wanted to be slow with him , step by step . But here , now he had to do it now . I should have kept my mouth shut .

-Tokiya ? ...I... Ittoki didnt know what to say he was lost and Tokiya knew it was his fault .

Meanwhile , Reiji and Ranmaru were in the room .

-Tsk , why are you so enthousiastic? asked Ranmaru irritated.

-Because , we're going to have very much fun , Ranmaru ...Whispered Reiji in a seductive tone and Ranmaru shivered , it was the first time Reiji said his name , not "ranran" or "ran chan" or other stupid names he liked calling him .

Reiji pushed Ranmaru on the bed and then he went on the top of him pinning him down.

-Ranmaru ...

Reiji licked Ranmaru's ear who held back a moan . The quartet night leader then kissed him from his cheek to his lips claiming them .

Reiji then licked the other's lips asking for entrance that Ranmaru gave him willingly. Their tongues interwined and their kisses became more intense they had to pull away for breath a trail of saliva connecting their mouths . Their eyes met and Ranmaru was shocked at the look in Reiji's eyes . His eyes had darkened with lust and desire . He was hungry for him and wanted him very badly .

-Rei ...Reiji... murmured Ranmaru .

-Its been a long time since I wanted to do this . And I wont stop until its done. said Reiji before moving to Ranmaru's neck , sucking on his collarbone licking and kissing his neck . Then he bit him living a red mark .

-Tsk .. Why the hell did you do that?! Yelled Ranmaru .

-Hmm? Are you angry Ranmaru ? asked Reiji acting innocent . You see ... he then touched the red spot with the tip of his fingers . This proves that you are mine and mine alone . You belong only to me and to no one else . whispered Reiji huskily .

He then took off Ranmaru's jacket before unbuttoning his shirt revealing well toned muscles and abs .

-You're so sexy Ranmaru , it makes me want to have you here and now but , the more slowly we do it the more pleasurable it will be .

Reiji started his way down kissing the younger man's chest then he took interest in his nipples licking and sucking on them .

-Reiji... stop teasing me . said Ranmaru not able to take it any longer. And wait why Im I the only one naked in the first place , its unfair. He then took off Reiji's clothes before contemplating his beautiful body .

-You're hard , Ranmaru , should I help you? asked Reiji while moving his hand over the other's member still imprisoned in his pants . Reiji unbuttoned them then he slid them of Ranmaru's legs , his boxers following next . Ranmaru was observing him waiting for

what was coming next .

-So ... you didnt answer should I help you take care of this?

-Do whatever you want . Ranmaru was in pain because of his erection but he still had pride .

-Im sorry but I dont work like that . If you want something then ask for it , no even better beg for it . said Reji in a dark , sadistic tone .

-Tsk ... No way ! protested Ranmaru.

-Then I wont give it to you .Look in the end you dont have very much choice . You can keep stubborn and you'll only end up getting hurt or you can give yourself up to me and enjoy the pleasure , which do you pick?

-The ... HOLY SHIT! Fine ...

Reiji chuckled .

-Then the magic word Ran-chan.

-Please ... Reiji ... I want it !

-Good boy . Here is your reward .

Reiji licked it from base to tip , moving his hand up and down the other's length before taking it into his mouth and moving his head up and down.

-Ahhh , Reiji , motou , motou! groaned Ranmaru.

-Hmph ... Mmmm ... I ... like how you taste , Ranmaru ... commented Reiji breathing hard .

-Dont stop!

Reiji continued sucking , circling Ranmaru's member with his tongue moving his head up and down .

-Ahhh Reiji ! Im close Im going to ... Im going to cum .

Just at that moment Reiji stopped and pulled away a trail of saliva connecting his mouth to the others's member .

-The fuck are you doing ! why did you stop!

-Because I dont want you to come yet and we're moving to the funniest part now . stated Reiji.

He then kissed Ranmaru passionately, fingering his entrance at the same time .

-Mmm ... Ngh ... Re...ji...

Ranmaru felt uncomfortable at first but then he got used to it . When Reiji pulled away he felt empty . The older man positioned himself before his entrance .

-Are you ready?

-Ahh ... go ahead .

Reiji penetrated him and Ranmaru cried out in pain . Reiji waited for him to adjust to the new intrusion before starting to move .

-Ran-maru...*pant*... Your insides are *pant* amazing ... said Reiji.

-Rei..ji *moan * ...please ... harder ... faster ...*loud moan*.. I want more ... pleaded Ranmaru .

-As ... you wish .

Reiji fastened his thrusts and went deeper until he hit Ranmaru's special spot that made him see stars .

-Ahh REIJI! Againn!

And Reiji did it again and again , loving Ranmaru's sweet moans .

-Ranmaru , Im close ! exclaimed Reiji.

-Me too ...

-Lets come together .

Reiji did a few more thrusts before releasing his seed in Ranmaru who did it on his stomach .

Reiji fell on Ranmaru from his exhaust , he then took some breaths before rolling next to Ranmaru

- You're good , said Ranmaru.

-Am I? asked Reiji smiling . You too . Actually I want to tell you something.

-What is it ?

-I ... I love you Ranmaru . confessed Reiji .

-I love you too , I always did ... added Ranmaru before they kissed one last time and then fell asleep into each others arms .

I hope you liked it ! Next chapter Ittoki x Tokiya!