When a simple game changes your life

Chapter 4 : Behind the scenes , Android love . ' Your name means love Ai so why can't you love?'

Disclaimer: Utapri and the characters are not mine . And some characters that are gonna show up in this chapter aren't mine , they are from Amnesia. I was just borrowing them for this chapter.


-Tchhh ! Why the hell cant I beat you ?! cursed Syo .

-Because you're too young . said Ai and Ren at the same time .

-As If! Im 17 and you're not that you old you must be around 18 or something ...

-No , sho chan that's wrong Im 19 and in two months I'll be 20 .

-Tsk ... But Im sure Ai senpai isnt older than me!

-You're right . Im 15 but that's if you dont consider the fact that Im not human . said Ai .


-So my real age can be around that of Ren or maybe 18 because my body doesnt age also even if we have the same age . Im smarter than you since Im an android .

- You see Sho chan? that means we are your senpais .

-Fine I give up ... I was starting to get bored anyway ... Im tired Im going to sleep . said syo bangs covering his eyes and the tears that welled up in them as he went up to his room.

He found his closet open and in a terrible state then he remebered Masato and Ren . Always looking down on me...treating me like a kid...

-Why is Ai senpai always like that... Or Im i the one who is stupid ... maybe he doesnt love me after all ... he is not human... Ren and hirijikawa are so lucky ... I envy them ...

He then led on the bed face in the pillow crying .

-Do you think he got angry ? asked Ai .

- Yeah i think so ... said Ren feeling guilty . I shouldnt have teased him so much.

-You should go and apologize to him.

-Why dont you go ? asked Ren . I think he would be happier if you went .

-I dont understand human feelings so I dont really know what to say . So just go instead of me . replied Ai.

-Oh god I forgot ! I need to talk to Masato bye bye ! exclaimed Ren running to his and Masato's room.

-Wait!*sigh *..humans...How does it feel to be normal? ... I wonder ... murmured Ai before making his way to Syo's room .

End of flashback

Ai was there in front of the door he didn't know what to say .

- What should I say... But well it's my fault so maybe I should stop thinking too much and just go... Is that a smart decision ? Pff why am i so complicated! Is this the downside of being an android? Or am I experiencing what humans call frustration?

Ai knocked at the door.

- Who is it ? answered a lazy low voice that didn't sound like Syo's at all.

-Hum is that you Syo? Or did I get the wrong room because ...

Syo slammed the door open giving his senpai a dark glare . His eyes still a little bit red from the tears his hair covered one eye leaving just the one that was glaring at Ai visible.

-Yeah I knew it , that was clear who was out there . What the hell do you want , you and Ren had your fun . Or maybe you want to mock me again? Because in case you want to let me spare you the trouble , I'm immune now to anything you're going to say.

-No , I came to apologize.

-Oh my god ! I can't believe it so you actually are capable of apologizing! exclaimed Syo sarcastically.

Meanwhile Ren dragged Masato in a corner and they were eavesdropping.

-Ouch ... that was pretty harsh Sho chan ..


-Why are we here Ren?

-Shhhh , they are going to hear us ,

-Who..? Aha you mean Syo and Ai ... wait a second ... excuse me but why are we spying on them?

-I want to see what happens , I created this situation to get them close . Now let us listen ...

End of flashback.

-Look Syo , I know what you want and how you feel-

-Do you? because I don't think you have any idea of how badly you hurt my feelings . I

-You love me and you want to be with me . I understand that

-YOU DONT , don't try to tell me what I want to hear when you don't actually mean it . Words with no feelings don't matter to me. Your name is Ai and it means love so why aren't you capable of love...

-WON'T YOU SHUT UP AND LISTEN ALREADY?! snapped Ai . Syo's eyes widened in surprise and the two spying has the same reaction. They were having the same thought 'Ai just got angry is that even possible ' Yes indeed Ai who was always calm even when Ranmaru and Camus were fighting about bananas just yelled.

-You... Tell me what are you feeling right now! spoke Syo his face lighting up.

-I don't know what it is , I feel like I want to hit you and curse you because you're being an idiot.

-That's anger ...

-What did you feel when you heard me crying on the other side of the door...

-I felt that I did something wrong and that I wanted to fix it.

-That's guilt.

-And what do you feel when I do this . Said Syo slapping Ai across the face.

-Is that pain and something else like... Ai put his fingers under his right eye he felt tears.

-That's sadness and those are tears. explained Syo .Now what do you feel when I do this .

Syo kissed Ai on the cheek and Ai due to the sudden rush of so many emotions couldn't help but smile .

-It feels warm and nice . said Ai still smiling like a kid who got a new toy.

- That's happiness. Well that's improvement now what did you feel when you opened the door and saw me .

- Was that regret?

-Yes you regretted saying those awful things to me. I think I have an idea let's go out , I'll show you many new things and make you feel different emotions. Syo brushed his hair , adjusted his clothes put on his hat and a pair of glasses giving another of his hats to Ai .

-Mmm you still look like Ai to me what about...

Syo untied Ai's usual side ponytail making his hair fall down

. The sight was unsual for Syo . Ai looked so hot with his hair down and Kurusu couldn't help but stare tangling the light blue locks between his fingers and Ai blushed avoiding Syo's eyes.

-Sy-Syo you... what are you doing?

-You look so good like this why do you always tie your hair.

Ai blushed even more by now he couldn't even look at his kouhai.

-Well I always tied it like this so I thought that it was okay .

-Can I tell you something but don't be offended . You look like a kid when you tie your hair .

-Baka ...

-Did you just say that? asked Syo shocked before bursting into laughter .

-What is funny in that ! I never had any feeling before i was empty when you trigger one emotions everything comes rushing to me and I become an emotional mess. Like now Im not myself .. I.

Syo put his hands on both Ai's cheeks.

-Ai senpai I'll help you okay? Don't worry it's fine.

I'm here for you . Reassured Syo.

-Does that mean you forgive me ?

-Yeah I do, you silly android but that doesn't mean I forgive you , Jinguji .

- What ?! Why Sho chan ? You know I'm the one who created this situation to help you and Ai chan get together .

-Mmmm let me think for a moment ...NO! When you prepare a proper apology gift I'll forgive you and next time you try to spy on me , I'll kill you . said Syo taking Ai by the arm leaving a hopeless Ren and a laughing Masato .

-Is he seriously going to kill me? murmured Ren laying back to the wall. Can I escape Masa ? What do you think?

-I think that if he hates you enough he will follow you to the end of the world . Why don't you just be less prideful and apologize?

-You know after all I can spend the rest of my life on the run. It could be fun.

-Stop being an idiot and apologize , Ren . If you don't want to do it for him then do it for me please . demanded Masato.

-Jeez that's not fair you know I can't refuse you anything . sighed Ren.

-That's the point ... whispered Masato before kissing Ren .

Meanwhile Ai and Syo went to a cafe that had an english feel to it , to be exact a maid and butler's cafe . Two girls dressed as maids greeted them , there was also two guys dressed as butlers in the cafe .

- Yokoso goshujin sama . ( welcome back master ) You brought a friend today , Syo kun, what's his name ?

-Mikaze Ai the real one to be exact , but don't speak so loudly , It would be bothersome to deal with fans . Said Syo in a low voice .

After they sat , Ai looked at Syo intrigued before breaking the silence.

-Do you often come here ?

-Well , I come here when I have nothing to do , my younger brother works here as a part timer so you cab say Im more or less friends with the people here . Before I became a singer I helped sometimes .

-So it's okay to tell them your name and all you don't have to hide?

- Yes and its more convenient this way.

-I see and is your brother like you?

-Haha , he's my twin , we look the same but of course our personalities are different . He is possessive but very kind and he claims to be the only one who can make me happy , so people always tell him you have a brother complex-

-Thank you for the compliment brother , it's been a while . Who's this guy ? Oh wait , blue hair , beautiful face , hanging with my dear famous brother . You are Mikaze Ai but you have a different hairstyle. Anyway i don't care about that , I just want to know what you are doing alone with my brother. stated Kaoru suspiciously.

-Don't be jealous , kaoru-kun , just tell your brother how much you missed him . said Sawa smiling .

-I miss you brother , is he your boyfriend? Because if that's the case , he has to go through me first. I told you this before Syo chan , you are mine . im not going to make things easy for you Mikaze Ai , I'm kind to everyone but my brother is always first so be careful. The younger twin flashed and evil smile to the android before turning back to his brother with a kind and gentle smile. Anyway, brother do you want the usual or something new for a change?

-No just bring me the usual. And you Ai-senpai what do you want? turned Syo to his senior.

-I'll have a banana split. said the android in a monotone voice.

-Very well. Sawa san, can you bring go give the order to Mine i need to keep an eye on these two.

-No, you go if you wanna get paid you do your own work. replied Sawa a scowl on her face.

-Please...why would you stay , you're not doing anything!

-Of course I am. added the girl innocently. My yaoi ship is sailing i need to see that ! Syo x Ai is happening in front of me and you want me to miss that. smiled the maid in fangirl mode you could see the atmosphere around her and her eyes sparkling with pink and hearts everywhere.

-Oh my god...you are hopeless. OI Mikaze Ai if you dare hurt my brother i'll have your head. warned Kaoru before leaving.

-Dont listen to him ! Dont shatter the dreams of a fujoshi girl! (For those who dont know fujoshi means girls who like yaoi)

Syo facepalmed and Ai's face was covered by his bangs.

-I wonder who's worse to be honest, Sawa or my brother...muttered the starish member, He then noticed that Ai had his head down.

-Ai is something wrong?



After a moment the android bursted into laughter .Syo was reassured and startled . This is the first time he heard Ai laughing. It was music to his ears. A few minutes later their orders came, more exactly a not-so-happy Kaoru brought them. However, even though he was overprotective of his brother and possessive he could see that his twin was happy with Ai beside him, but he wouldnt admit it. They had fun the rest of the evening they played some games talked and more than anything Sawa forced the idol couple to take pictures together of them taking hands or kissing on the cheek. At first Ai was against it because if that came out their career would be Syo convinced him that even though Sawa was a crazy yaoi fan, she was a good and trustworthy friend.

-I cant believe you won again Mikaze Ai ...I never lost in poker before.

-You mean you never lost before against your twin brother who is so bad ! mocked Sawa.

-Shut up ! i never lost and not just against Syo.

-Well Ai is good at this game. Because he's good at keeping a poker face.

-Believe it or not ; he's unbeatble in that field. Agreed Syo. Its late ; We should leave and you guys should close shouldnt you? Waka san and Shin san left long ago.

-Yeah are you homeless or something ; GO HOME YOU GUYS ! Unless you wanna clean...without turning around they could feel Mine's death stare on their back.

They all yelled at the same time"NO THANKS"! Before running out of the cafe.

-Jeez ; I swear idols these days...sighed Mine holding a broom.

Kaoru didn't wanna let his brother alone with Ai but he didn't have a choice since he got dragged by Sawa .

-Don't mind this guy , I'll hold him while you leave. Smiled Sawa holding a struggling Kaoru by the collar of his shirt.


-Nope . Mikaze-san , Syo -san , you should run before this guy goes berserk.

The two guys looked at Kaoru .

-Well good luck brother ! See you...said Syo apologetically.

They stopped a taxi since it was late .

-I feel sorry for Kaoru but he should probably stop acting like a father whose daughter is going to marry. I know he means no harm but still. Anyway Ai-senpai did you have fun?

-Yes , I was surprised though. I didn't know you had a brother you never talked about him. stated Ai.

-He was going to attend Saotome however he missed his entrance exam therefore he went to Saotome Academy's sister university. He wants to be a doctor.

When he finished he felt some weight on his shoulder . Ai had fallen asleep his head resting on Syo's shoulder.

-Ai? I guess it was tiring for you , discovering new emotions all of a sudden must be exhausting .

Ai looked so cute while asleep and Syo kissed him on the forehead.

So here is chapter 4 , next chapter will be ...

Chapter 5 : 'May the curtains fall ' Android desire and Royality love drama . 'Sometimes you are so cold and irresponsible ...Camus senpai'