The Most Fantastic Beast

It was hot, sticky hot. The kind of hot that no matter how healthy and use to exercise you were you would feel nauseous and slightly light headed, or so Tina kept telling herself as she stopped for the fifth time in the last hour to lean her head against a tree and try to take deep breaths.

"Once we are there..." Newt was rambling on and on ahead of her and hadn't yet noticed that she had stopped in her tracks and was beginning to slouch against the tree. "We will have to be very quiet..."

"Newt..." Tina's voice was so low, and so strained that her husband had almost not heard her but something in the tone triggered him to stop in his tracks. Spinning around he stared at her wide eyed as he watched her slide awkwardly to the ground. Her floppy hat had fallen down her face slightly and was now covering her eyes. Even from a distance he could tell his wife was going ghostly pale.

"Tina!" Leaping off the log he had been standing; knocking over his case in the process, he rushed quickly to her side.

"Tina? Tina? Are you okay?" He was kneeling in front of her now, both of his hands cradling her face. Worry evident in every move he made. "Please say something..."

"I'm okay, Newt..." Groaning she tried to pull herself up but only managed to slump back down. "I am just feeling a bit... woozy." The reluctant admission was accompanied by an apologetic look as she realized that she really should have told him sooner.

Newt was a very efficient man, Tina had learned this over the many travels she had accompanied him on. Swiftly he got up from her side and moved from one task to the next with ease. Within moments he had their campsite completely set up along with magic barriers.

"It's still early... I just need to rest." Tina Scamander tried her best to protest as her husband retrieved his case from where it had fallen and proceed to open it in front of their tent then hop into it. Moments later he came out with his arms filled with food, water, and numerous tonics.

"What are your symptoms?" He was reading each one of his hand made labels and categorizing them into two piles 'helpful' and 'extremely not helpful.' A few tonics caused him to make an odd face then to toss them into a third pile that Tina wasn't sure she wanted to know what they were.

"Newt," She sighed, desperately wanting to be closer to him so he would know she was okay. "I'm just really hot."

He frowned, completely disregarding her excuse for her sudden exhaustion. It wasn't their first time traipsing through the jungle since they had found each other and he couldn't for the life of him figure out why it would be effecting her so much now.

"What are your symptoms?" He repeated, more firmly this time as he looked up at her through his bangs.

"Hot, woozy... a bit nauseous," She responded lamely as she rested her head against the tree once more, desperately trying to stop everything from feeling like it was moving.

"Take a dose of this tonic..." He muttered as he selected a bottle began prepping the dosage. A small drop in a tiny glass bottle, a few crushed leaves, a splash of water and swish that caused it to glow slightly.

"What beast helped you create this one?"

He blushed slightly as he moved to his loves side. His hand instantly seeking hers out and squeezing gently. "Take this in a swift gulp. It should help lessen the nausea and cool you down a bit... might make you a tad bit drowsy."

Sighing she took it from him and eyed him suspiciously. "We are going to be a day behind if we-"

"So be it. We are not leaving until you are well."

"I will be better in the morning. I promise." With that she took the dose in a shot and leaned against him. "It tastes like strawberries... how long does it take to take effect?"

"Depends really... sometimes it takes only..." Before he even finished she was already knocked out. Her head resting weakly against his shoulder and a tiny snore escaped her lips.

Brushing her hair back behind her ear he smiled lovingly at her. Newt Scamander had never imagined having someone to travel with, let alone that person being his wife. He counted himself very lucky to have her. Slipping his arms around her he picked her up with ease and made the short walk into the tent. Once he had her bundle up in blankets and as comfortable he took a spot at her side. His hand tightly grasping hers, not wanting to let her go nor leave her side.

Tina Scamander was not any better in the morning. Her lovely husband had made her a very dry and plain breakfast in an attempt to soothe her stomach but within a few minutes she had found herself on the other side of camp relieving herself of breakfast and everything else in her stomach.

"Tina..." Newt whispered desperately as he held onto her. Her body was shaking as she tried to stay firmly planted on all fours, her head bowed down as if she was trying her best to keep calm. "Are you ready to move? Lets get you into the case... I can't bare leaving you."

"Feed your creatures... I will be fine..." Swaying a bit she leaned more heavily into his embrace.

"Porpentina," He scolded as he helped her up slowly, his body gently cradling hers. "What kind of husband would I be if I left you alone in this state."

Tina wanted to fight but she found her energy gone as she allowed him to lead her slowly towards the open case, his one hand holding hers and the other resting on the small of her back. "I must just have heat stroke."

"Hmmm." He said nothing more as he brought her down and quickly had her placed in a small bed that he had conjured up. "Stay put."

"Well there goes all of my plans." She tried to joke but found another wave of nausea come over her causing her to curl herself into a small ball. Admittedly she couldn't be happier now that she was in the case. The temperature was still quite warm but there was also a gentle breeze that made it feel significantly cooler than the air outside of the case.

The soft fur of Dougal the demiguise pressed against her side was not what she was expecting when she woke up. The artificial day had turned more into dusk and most of Newts creatures had begun to calm down for the evening.

"Dougal?" His eyes shone up at her brightly as he slowly, very gently ran a paw over her side as if he was trying to comfort her. "Dougal... you are too sweet..." Tina tried to sit up but his paw reached out stopping her from getting up any further. "I'm fine... I promise."

"Dougal hasn't wanted to leave your side since I brought you down here." Newt said cheerfully as he walked around the corner holding a canteen and one of his tonics. "How are you feeling?"

"Tired," She admitted as she sat up slowly as she reached out and grabbed the water from her husband. "Thank you." Gulping down a few mouthfuls she eyed the tonic wearyingly. "Is that going to knock me out?"

Chucking he put it down as he sat down onto the bed next to her. Slipping his hand into hers he ran his thumb gently over her soft skin. "I'm here now... you can rest now Dougal." The demiguise nodded and slowly stepped off the bed and faded out of their sights. "He is quite fond of mothering." Bowing his head he looked away from her. "I have been very worried..."
Leaning into him she sighed happily, "Don't be. I'm right here."

"I have been think... once you are feeling more able I think we should head back to town and secure passage back to London." Kissing her forehead he tried to ignore her shocked expression.

"But... you haven't found your -"

"Porpentina... we can come back." He pulled her tightly into his arms and smiled as she began to protest.

"But you said it was their mating season!" Tina tried to push out of his arms but her energy wasn't there and she found herself just sagging against him. "You said it only happens once a year..."

"Then next year we will come back." He said matter-of-factly before he leaned forward and pressed his lips against hers. "Please don't fight me on this."

Groaning she leaned back onto the bed now feeling very faint. "Fine. But we are coming back."

"Of course." Grinning he pulled back the covers and tucked her in then slipping into the spot next to her. His strong arms wrapping around her as he kissed her cheek gently. "I love you."

"I love you too..." Nuzzling up against him she sighed blissfully and allowed sleep to overtake her once again.

The next few days the nausea came in waves. Sometimes she managed to take a short walk; always under the intense scrutiny of a demiguise, and other times she couldn't even leave the bed. After her and Newt had come to terms with the fact that the demiguise was insisting on being her caretaker they had magicked him a hanging bed that was situated only a few feet away from her own. A bed he was currently lounging in as he watched her intently.

"Newt, inside or outside?" Tina asked, not necessarily sure if it was late enough outside of the case for Newt to stop traveling for the night. Newt had begun heading back to town just the day before and had insisted that Tina spend the trip back resting inside the case.

Dougal stretched himself out slowly and pointed towards the erumpent pen then phased out of view. "Shall we surprise him?" Pulling herself out of bed she tried to ignore the waves of nausea that came over her that were threatening to send her back into bed. Dougal phased back into view at her side. His hand wrapped around her own. "Thank you." She smiled down at him and allowed him to lead her slowly towards the erumpent enclosure.

Arriving to the edge of the enclosure she couldn't help but smile as she watched Newt run around all edges of the large space, it was always amazing seeing Newt interact with his creatures, to see how much they loved him. Currently the female erumpent was going through her season so she was constantly trying to court Newt. Tina chuckled to herself as she watched the erumpent make a loud snort then roll onto her back, making a sound she could only explain as a small mew.

"Newt," Tina began speaking as she stepped forward only to be stopped by Dougal's iron clad grip on her hand.

"Dougal? Is everything - Is Newt -"

He shook his head slowly and phased out, only leaving a shimmer in the air as he re-materialized in front of her succeeding in blocking her path. His long arm reached up and forward to gently brush her abdomen. His gaze seemed almost loving as he brushed her abdomen again and looked up at Tina, his eyes saying so much even though he couldn't speak.

"Dougal... are you..." Looking up at Newt, then over to Dougal than finally down at herself with wide eyes. "That cannot be possible."

As if on cue Newt finally looked up from what he was doing with a large smile across his face. A smile that quickly disappeared as he watched Tina sway then crumple down onto the ground.

To Be Continued...

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