So, this is the first official one-shot. Daniel is the oldest. Let me tell you now: Rebekah is a spitting image of Lauren and Daniel is the same with Pierre. All of the other siblings have somewhere in between brunet/brunette hair (well, bronzish-brown in Daniel's case) and black hair; eyes are either hunter green, brown or mixed. Daniel's hair is a dark brown/bronzish brown and he has flecks of gold in his amber eyes.

I decided to do each character from their point of view and it's been a while since I've written Daniel. So this one is in his perspective. I still own storyline and OCs. On with it!

Daniel and his Eevee

Alternate titles: "Daniel's New Teammate", "Daniel's Newest Addition"

(A few seconds after the announcement)

I took a breath. I walked into the room, carefully stepping over a baby. I noticed one cuddled up to Grace. 'Cute,' I thought.

I petted Louis on his back like dad showed me and said, "Congratulations, Louis." I would've said something else, but I felt something hitting my shin. I looked down and for sure, it was an Eevee. I knelt and gently stroked the baby's fur.

"Hey there," I said softly, like I did with my siblings when they were newborns. Well, mostly with the younger four. I then noticed that Eevee wasn't really listening, but rather more interested in chewing on my sock. Eevee's teeth pierced my skin and I winced. Louis probably saw this because I felt the pain stop for a little bit. I then felt some blood oozing slightly. I watched Louis scold his son.

"Daniel, out here," Mom said. "Now."

I complied and maneuvered carefully again. "I'm okay, really," I said.

Nurse Joy shook her head. "I'll take care of him," she said as she motioned me to the kitchen. I began to take off my shoe and checked it for blood. There was none. My white sock was now stained red, though. I took it off and Nurse Joy put on a pair of gloves.

"Odd," I said to myself, hoping Nurse Joy wouldn't hear me. "It's like when the twins were teething: all of them, but mostly Darian. They liked to bite."

"This is going to sting, Daniel," she said.

I nodded as she sprayed the antiseptic. It stung alright. "What're you doing?" Amber curiously asked.

"Shouldn't you be with your siblings?" I said.

"Got bowed," she replied. She must've noticed my shin because she gasped. "Danny, wha happened?"

"Well, Eevee must be teething. That one in particular anyway. Don't worry, kiddo. I'll be fine," I said. I knew which Eevee I wanted.

I watched as Nurse Joy wrapped my ankle in a bandage. Huh. Eevee must've drawn more blood than I thought. "Thanks, Nurse Joy," I said, opting to go to my room and put my slippers on until I could find another sock to wear. I returned and went into the room. Louis was scolding the one that bit me while Grace was grooming another one.

Louis noticed my ankle. "Glace?" he asked, worried. I smiled.

"I'm okay," I said. "May I?" I asked. Louis gave me the approval and I picked up the Eevee that bit me.

I looked at the Eevee and noticed that it (I don't know the gender yet) along with two other Eevee looked to be bigger than the others. "Vui?" Eevee asked.

"That was ...bold, to say the least. I like that, though," I said. Eevee blinked. "Eevee, will you let me be your trainer?"

Eevee seemed to be thinking about this. "Evui," Eevee said, nodding its head. I smiled and began to think up a name for it. I came out of the room.

"This is the one that I want," I said. Mom petted it.

"Okay Daniel. Eevee is yours, but you have to name him and then catch him in a Poké Ball," Mom said. A boy. I had to think.

I licked my lips and thought of what I might evolve Eevee into. "How about 'Dahon' for a name? It means 'leaf' in a different language," I said. *

Eevee thought this over before opting to ram his head into my chest. I smiled. "Dahon it is," I said. I went over to the family room and was thankful that what I hid under the couch was still there. It was a shrunken ball. I noticed that Eevee had a dark green string around his neck. I carefully lifted the string: an Everstone. I figured that Eevee's seven siblings had them around their necks and with only four of us being eligible Pokémon trainers, only we were allowed to take the Everstone off.

I went back to the task at hand. I grabbed the ball I was going to use. The ball had a lime green top with a gold ring on top and then half of a ring, it seemed. It was a Nest Ball. **

I enlarged it and tossed it underhand at Dahon. It opened above Dahon, who looked up. Dahon was then caught in the Nest Ball, which hit the ground. One shake. Two shakes. Three shakes before a 'ping' resonated, indicating that I caught Dahon. I picked up the ball and walked back to my family.

"That is so cool," Amber said.

I nodded. "Yeah, it is. It's a good feeling."

(About three months later. Eterna Forest, Sinnoh)

I approached the forest and had Louis by my side. "Excuse me," a girl's voice said. She appeared to be my age, maybe younger.

"Yes?" I asked.

She bowed her head. "My name is Cheryl. I come here from time to time to gather some honey. However, I fear Team Galactic may interfere," she said. I gave her a blank look, but sighed.

"My name is Daniel. I was just given directions from the Eterna gym leader and I come here on a mission. This is my Glaceon, Louis," I introduced. It was hard calling him my own. ***

Cheryl bowed and from the forest, a familiar Pokemon appeared. "Chansey," she said. I smiled.

"This Chansey yours?" I asked. She nodded. "I can see how well you've taken care of her. I'll walk through the forest with you and maybe you can answer my question," I said as we began walking. I took a breath and looked at Louis who was just walking straight ahead.

"So, what's your question?" she asked.

"The gym leader told me that there was a Moss Rock in the Eterna Forest but didn't say where. I have an Eevee that I want to evolve into a Leafeon," I explained.

She smiled. "It'll be a long walk," she said. I rolled my eyes.

"I'm in no rush," I said. "We can take breaks if need be." So we continued walking and about a few minutes later, Cheryl had a question for me again.

"I noticed that you have a distinguishable accent like one of the gym leaders here. Her name is Fantina and …are you from the same place she is?"

'Fantina is originally from Kalos and she's the gym leader in addition to being a coordinator?! Damn. Give her a medal,' I thought. "I am. Maybe not the same town, but the same region. I met Fantina. I didn't know she was a gym leader."

Cheryl nodded. "She is," she said. We got to the forest and Cheryl stopped. "You've got 20 more feet before you reach the Moss Rock. It's on the west side."

I nodded. "Ready, Louis?" I asked. Louis nodded as we walked the path. I grabbed the Nest Ball and called Dahon out. I took the Everstone off of Dahon and told him what to do. I pulled out my video camera from my bag. I taught Dahon to use Substitute like his father does.

"Glace," Louis said.

I nodded. "I bet you wish Grace could see it. That's why I'm recording," I said. Once the evolution was complete, I scanned my newly-evolved Leafeon with my Pokédex.

"Fe," Dahon said, going to his dad. I smiled. Now if I could only figure out Mega Evolution.

Good ending spot. I think, anyway. Rundown!

(*) Dahon also means "blade" and the language is called Cebuano. Cebuano is a language in the Philippines.

(**) Got the picture from Google images. I did my best.

(***) I personally head canon that someone else in Eterna City was its gym leader. Then that gym leader was defeated by Aaron. Aaron in turn got offered a position in the Elite 4 and battled against Gardenia. By the way, Daniel is not traveling through Sinnoh. ...Yet. He is currently journeying in Kanto and Dahon expressed the desire to evolve. He knew what Dahon wanted to evolve into and I couldn't remember where the Moss Rock was in Unova or his home region of Kalos. Besides, they didn't show the Moss Rock in the anime.

A/N: I also head canon that Fantina is from Kalos. So yeah, in-game references. I'm disappointed that they didn't show the Moss Rock in the anime. So there probably won't be more blood in this, but be warned if there is. I didn't think I'd add Dahon biting Louis. There will also likely be more language in this.

Interesting little facts about Daniel: all of his Pokémon's names/nicknames start with either a C or a D. He is the fifth character I've created that has a Venusaur on their team and the seventh character I decided to give a Venusaur. The other characters (that I own; sorry for spoilers. Skip this if you need to) that I own that have a Venusaur. The characters (whether I own them or not) I gave a Bulbasaur (that eventually became/becomes their Venusaur) are: Alyssa Juniper (His Distance OC. The first one I thought of for this), Jacob Matthews (His Distance OC; the second one), Christopher "Chrysolite" Zimmere (a manga character OC; the third one), Blue Oak (in His Distance; the fourth one), Erika (the one from Kanto; the fifth one), May Oak (debuts in They've Gone Too Far; the sixth one), Daniel (seventh), Leaf (all other fics besides His Distance; eight), May (gen 3; anime future verse; nine), Ash (some stories that I'm going to continue rewriting; nine) and the tenth character that I've got that has a Venusaur (off the top my head) is Troy Black (an adopted OC).

Daniel's roster when he is preparing to evolve Dahon into a Leafeon: Chester (male Chesnaught), Dahlia (female Venusaur), Dahon (Eevee) and Louis (his father's Glaceon)

I think that's a wrap! So thanks for getting this far (if you did that).

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PS Emma is next for the series.

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