Darian's name was originally 'Dino' and seeing as that better suited another character I have, I went to a website and found the name. I partially did this as homage to Dorian: the guy in Johto who wanted to open the Coastline Gym and mentioned Misty's sisters. Specifically, he pretty much revealed he had the hots for Lily. Anyone who is a SparkFlowerShipper (that is the name I use for the pairing of Lily and Dorian) knows that this is the ideal ship for Lily and also, you now know it is a crack ship.

*Clears throat* back to Darian. I intended for him to …well, be sort of like Ash in his hyperactivity but he's also strangely smart.

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The Spark of a Bond with Darian and His Eevee

I looked at my sister. She doesn't normally wear the amount of gray that she's got on right now. She's wearing a gray T-shirt, she's got a darker gray jacket on and she's even got gray pants on. My sisters are kinda odd at times and Rebekah is no different. No matter, I love my twin sister. I smiled at her. "Well, I don't even have to think of what I'm naming mine!" I exclaimed before mentally adding, 'That is, if he (or she) wants a name.' I took a breath before I walked in.

The little one that was with Grace began to walk around a little. It seemed to be taking in its surroundings. I then noticed one of the others was running around, passing a ball to another one. I knelt and watched their little game quietly, not wanting to take my chances at scaring them. The ball had rolled in my direction, but I stayed silent. The one who had rolled it to me looked at me in worry, I'd guess. The one who went to get it seemed to slow down from running.

"Eev, vui?" it asked, simply pointing to the ball. Too bad I couldn't figure out what exactly it wanted. I licked my lips before grabbing the ball.

I held it and Eevee stared at me. "What? …Don't you want the ball?"

"Glaceon, glace," I heard Louis behind me. I guess he was trying to encourage the little one. The little one proceeded to sniff me before jumping to knock the ball out of my hands.

'A little feisty. Heh. I like that,' I thought as I felt my hand get wet. I don't know why Eevee licked my hand, but I could work with that. "You're full of energy, that's for sure. Would you like to be my Pokémon?" I asked.

Eevee looked to Louis who just nodded. I had paid a little more attention to Louis that I didn't notice Eevee ramming into my rib-cage! I felt a tad winded, but other than that, I was alright as I put my hands on the carpet and got myself to my feet. I bent down to pick up Eevee and find out if I had Louis and Grace's other daughter or if I had one of their sons.

"Well, seems like you've got a feisty little one," grandma said. I handed Eevee to my mom and fished in my left pocket. Oh no. Did I lose it? Is there a hole in my pocket that I can't find? ...oh wait. I have another pocket. I feel the shrunken orb and wait for mom to tell me.

She smiled at me and said, "Well, it seems you boys will get along just fine." She put Eevee down.

"Then that means Ira or Amber will get their other daughter," Emma mused.

I grabbed the Poké Ball before I remembered something. "Eevee," I called to him. He looked at me. "Would you like a nickname?"

"Vui," was all Eevee said, giving me a determined look. I grinned.

I licked my lips. "How about Static?" I asked and Eevee yipped at that. "I'll take that as a yes," I said, enlarging the ball.

"You didn't make a specialty ball?" Ryan asked.

I shook my head. "Couldn't focus long enough. Maizie said that they all vary in difficulty. So I just settled on the easy one. Besides, Mr. Kurt said we could paint any of the regular ones we made if we wanted to," I replied.

Ryan nodded as I threw the ball under-handed at Static and watched as he got sucked in. One shake. Two. Three. ...four? After four shakes, the ball pinged, signifying that the capture was a success.

"Congrats, Dari," Rebekah said to me and I nodded.

(Two years later)

I changed into a T-shirt that had a few holes in it before going outside. I had some spray paint out there: two cans for two distinct colors. I shook the container with the light yellow lid on it before popping it off. "What are you doing?" I heard from nowhere.

I turned to see a grinning Daniel. My seventeen-year-old brother was waiting for my response. "Getting ready to spray paint Static's Poké Ball," I said.

"Did you get permission from Mom?" he asked.

I rolled my eyes. "Yes. I even asked Mr. Kurt if there was a specific brand I should use and he said it should be fine, but Mom made me get the cheaper stuff," I told him.

"Well, if you paint the function button," Daniel began, gesturing to the white button on the ball, "it'll detect movement and send Static out. Do you really want to chase him around the yard?"

...I hated when he asked me questions like this. I found them rather confusing. *

"I don't know what you mean by that last part, but Static's inside with his brother," I said.

Daniel nodded. "Still, I should probably make sure you don't get covered in spray paint," he said and I relented.

(Three years later. Lumiose Pokémon Center)

"Well, that's finally done," I said. "Congrats on getting your badge, Bekah, but I don't see why you wanted to wait for me," I told my sister.

She frowned slightly. "It only seems right. You did it for me in Santalune. We both struggled here," she replied.

"And we returned the action back in Coumarine when you struggled against Ramos," Aimee pointed out.

That was true. "You know, Gem's been talking about when Static will evolve," Rebekah said.

I bit my lip. "Yeah well, you can only use evolutionary stones once and I only had one Thunder Stone," I reminded my sister.

Nurse Joy must've been listening. "Darian, this came for you earlier. However, I didn't want to call and interrupt your gym battle," she said and I got up from where we were sitting.

"I got a gift?" I asked.

She nodded. "From Unova, to be exact," she said.

"That means it's from Uncle Jenner," Aimee pointed out. Sure enough, I opened the package and there was the familiar stone. Underneath it was a note and Aimee was right.

I took a breath. "Just a few more minutes and your Pokémon should be fully healed," Nurse Joy said to me. I nodded and waited.

"So after this, where are we heading?" I asked Aimee who had the town map.

She opened the device. "Hm. Looks like we get to do some exploring. Laverre City isn't too close," she said and about 2 more minutes passed before Nurse Joy called me up. I placed the lid back on the box before retrieving my Poké Balls. I shrunk them all, except Static's custom Poké Ball. Rebekah wordlessly sent Gem out and I took a sharp breath before sending out Static. **

"Eev?" Static asked, looking at his Espeon sister. I guess he was still getting used to it.

I redirected Static's gaze to me. "Hey buddy. Feeling better, I hope?" I asked and Static yipped. "Good. Static, you've been an Eevee for a while now," I told him in a neutral tone. "I think it's time for you to evolve. ...only if you want to. I don't want to force you."

I took the box from off the table and opened it, Static watching my every move. I held out the stone to him as I knelt. "Espeon," was all Gem said.

Static reached a paw out and I quickly yanked (without thinking it through) the Everstone off his neck. I watched his brown paw touch the stone before it (along with the rest of his body) was enveloped in a white light. I went for my Pokédex to scan Static. Thankfully, he didn't have his nickname for an ability.

I grinned at Gem and Bekah. "Static's faster than Gem, y'know," I said.

Rebekah rolled her eyes and Gem just flicked her tail. "Well, if you two aren't going to battle each other just yet, then let's get going!" Aimee exclaimed.

So, we kept our respective Pokémon out. I felt a sense of familiarity as Static jumped onto my shoulder. It nearly threw me off, but I caught my footing and Static jumped off. "You only read so much of the entries, don't you? Static's heavier now," Rebekah said.

I took it to my Pokédex. "Yeah. I guess I need to pay attention to that stuff on my Pokémon and not just my opponents," I said, going to Jolteon's entry. I know he and his siblings were only a few pounds when we got them, but they got to their full heights and weights. As Eevee, Static and Gem (and their siblings) weighed 14.3 pounds. I couldn't help but wonder about Bruin now, but I'd have to let that thought roam and hope it doesn't get lost. ***

Static now weighed 54 pounds and I looked at Gem, just out of curiosity. "Maybe that's why," "Darian, you'll shut up unless you want me mad at you," Rebekah cut me off.

So, once I pocketed my Pokédex, we went on our way.

I said before the end of the month and I meant it! Rundown and then the end A/N.

(*) I don't know what the button is called and because it has more than one function [enlarge, shrink and return], I decided to call it that. Part two: Static wasn't my original plan for a nickname for Darian's Eevee/Jolteon. Part three: Darian wasn't sure if Daniel was being serious or teasing him, so that's why he said what he did.

(**) Aimee has a Town Map like Serena's, but you'll see more in the first book. I promise you that. Part two: from what I understand, Laverre City doesn't border Lumiose and there might be a route or two in between the fifth and sixth gyms. Part three: this isn't going to be the only appearance of the custom Poké Balls. Once I'm done with the art, I'll put it up on my dA.

(***) I do wonder if Pokémon that refuse to evolve [namely: Ash's Pikachu and Dawn's Piplup and yes, I know that their cases are different] get bigger than their normal species.

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