"You're a virgin, right?"

Both Gray and Natsu froze at those words. A small tremble ran through Gray's body as he looked back at the demon.


"Oh, don't think I don't know, Gray. You've never had sex before."

E.N.D. licked his lips, staring at his prey with a look of hunger before removing his shirt.

"While you and Natsu are dating, and technically mates, you've never had sex. I'm sure you were planning to, though..."

Natsu, still trapped inside his own head, was in shock about this. How could he have known that?!

E.N.D. sighed, wearing a fake look of sympathy as he looked down at the horrified devil-slayer.

"It's a shame, really..."

His face suddenly twisted into an expression of sick, sadistic glee.

"...that a monster is going to take your virginity!"

E.N.D. laughed, a cruel and unfeeling sound. Nothing like Natsu's. The laughter was only broken by a soft noise.


Natsu stared, helplessly, as he watched Gray begin to cry. The raven haired boy was staring into his eyes, as if silently pleading with him.


He choked out, begging with the demon. In return, E.N.D. stared down at the ice mage with a mix of coldness and amusement.

"Natsu, please...don't..."

Natsu almost choked up, before quickly becoming angered. "Leave him alo-"

E.N.D. moved in close to Gray's face, so that their faces were practically touching. Gray's breathing hitched.

"So just relax, my dear Gray, as your beloved dragonslayer rapes you."

Suddenly, the demon was attacking his lips in a passionate kiss. Gray let out a muffled cry of surprise at the unwanted collision of mouths. However, strong hands gripping the back of his head prevented him from breaking the kiss. E.N.D. began exploring the inside of Gray's mouth, his tongue swirling around inside. He let out a low moan, deepening the kiss. Gray struggled against E.N.D.'s grasp, but his attempts were futile as E.N.D. pressed on.

Gray suddenly bit down, hard, on the demon's tongue. But E.N.D. only moaned in pleasure, and Gray could taste the demon's blood in his mouth. Gray found himself forced to endure the sloppy kiss, hating that it tasted so familiar. Hated that it tasted like Natsu.

Finally, E.N.D. broke the kiss, saliva trailing from his mouth as he sat up. He uncuffed Gray's wrists, before grabbing his dark hair and dragging his head down to his crouch. Gray was completely still, his eyes wide as E.N.D. unzipped his pants, letting them slide down his legs before kicking them off to the side.

"Go on."

The demon cooed, staring down at Gray with anticipation.

"Take them off."

Gray clenched his teeth, but had no choice but to obey. Slowly, he brought his hands up to E.N.D.'s boxers, his fingers grasping the top and peeling them down. He let his hands pull down the undergarments, before letting them drop down.

Gray's eyes drifted to his lap and widened at the sight of his straining manhood. Now faced with the reality of how big he was, he began to shake slightly.

Seeing his shock at his size, E.N.D. chuckled and reached forward to take hold of one of his hands and settle it around his cock. When Gray tried to jerk back at the thick feel of him, he tightened his hand around his and said,

"Yes...demons are naturally larger than human males, and I am naturally larger than most demons. Don't you feel blessed to have such a well endowed mate?"

Without thinking, Gray muttered,

"Blessed isn't the word I would use."

E.N.D. let out a low growl at his words. However, knowing that he had merely blurted out whatever popped into his mind, E.N.D. replied,

"Hn...I shall let that slide, but do not be so foolish again. Now, dear Gray, it is time for you to please me."

Gray couldn't take his eyes off the massive cock in front of him. He had never seen one in real life before. Of course he'd seen his own...but this...this was entirely different.

E.N.D. tugged the boy's head back, rubbing the head of his cock over those pretty lips. "Now open up and suck. Don't bite, no matter what, or I'll rip out every single one of your fucking teeth. Shouldn't be too hard to get hold of pliers."

Gray growled slightly, but did as he was told, opening his mouth hesitantly, his hands gripping E.N.D.'s hips like he could stop the bigger man raping him if he tried hard enough. Gray was nothing compared to E.N.D. - he couldn't stop anything.

"There's a good boy, Gray," E.N.D. purred, aiming his dick slowly into that warm mouth. "That's it, there you go, suck it." His voice was low and throaty. He took his time, sinking into that hot, wet cavern at a nice, slow pace. He felt Gray retch when he hit the back of the boy's throat and he just laughed, pushing past his new bitch's gag reflex, sinking into the tightness of his throat. He was so big that Gray's throat bulged visibly. The boy couldn't stop gagging and choking, and it felt so good to feel those contractions around his throbbing dick.

Gray had never sucked cock before. He'd never even licked one, never mind take one down his throat. The closest he had ever come to anything like that was when he had tasted his own come one time. He gagged and retched around the bigger man's cock, panicking. He couldn't breathe. He tried to snort in air through his nose, pushing at E.N.D.'s muscular thighs. Despite his fear, he didn't dare bite - he was more afraid of what E.N.D. would do to him than he was of not being able to breathe. For now.

"Mmm, you got a real tight throat," E.N.D. said, feeling it contract around him as Gray choked. "Feels as nice as a good, tight pussy. Bet your ass feels better." He pulled back, leaving the fat head in Gray's mouth, letting the other man suck in a breath of air before he forced himself down again.

E.N.D. started to fuck Gray's mouth in quick, brutal slides, raping his throat mercilessly. His cock throbbed at the wet heat of it. He was so fucking boned from feeling and watching the pretty college boy gag around his huge cock. He barely let Gray take a breath.

"Ow, you little fuck," E.N.D. said, pulling back. "Watch your teeth." It was nothing, just a little scrape where the boy hadn't been concentrating enough, but it wasn't fucking acceptable when you were sucking someone off. Pulling his cock out of Gray's mouth, E.N.D. spat in the boy's face and backhanded him hard enough to split his lower lip.

Gray's head whipped to the side. He flicked his tongue out, tasting blood. Reluctantly, he looked up at the other man, his eyelashes wet with tears.

"F-fuck you..."

He choked out, gasping for air. E.N.D. rolled his eyes.

"Do I need to teach you a lesson in obedience, my dear Gray?"

He hissed, and before Gray could protest, grabbed him by his hair and rammed his member down Gray's throat once more, earning a gagging sound from the other. Natsu was screaming in rage inside the demon's head.

"Stop it! Stop it stop it STOP IT! Leave him alone you asshole!"

However, E.N.D. ignored the infuriated dragonslayer and continued to pound Gray's helpless mouth. He was merciless, ramming his hard dick in and out of Gray's slick throat. Gray's eyes were wide, and he put his hands on the demon's bare thighs, attempting to push back to no avail. E.N.D. continued, in out, in out, and Gray started to let out gurgled noises as the erect penis rammed down his throat.

"Ah, fuck yeah. That's good, Gray."

E.N.D. moaned, moving faster. The ice mage's eyes widened at the increase of speed. He gave a choked sound of protest, his fingers digging into E.N.D.'s thighs as tears began to well in his eyes. E.N.D. moaned, still moving faster.

"Gray, I'm cumming..!"

E.N.D. paused and smirked, peering down at the boy. "Take it all, okay?"

He then continued, his hands forcing Gray's head to move faster and faster down his length. Loud slurping noises were here as Gray's head was moved rapidly, back and forth, faster and faster. Low moans escaped the demon's mouth until-

He pressed Gray's head down his entire length. His warm cum was now pulsing out of his hard member, deep into Gray's throat. Gray let out a choked noise, squirming as the thick, warm liquid poured into his mouth. He gagged at the putrid taste. E.N.D. used his other hand to pinch Gray's nose as the other gave a muffed cry of protest.

"Swallow it."

He sneered, and Gray didn't have a choice. Shaking, he gulped down the slickly white liquid, so thick that some of it got stuck in his mouth. He sobbed, and E.N.D. pulled his cock from Gray's mouth, droplets of cum dripping from the mage's mouth. Gray gasped, curling up and letting out a small sob. E.N.D. smirked, a smirk twisted with lust and sadistic want.

"Don't worry, my beloved Gray. We've only just begun."