Hello fellow readers, it was has been so long since my last story. However, I saw Arthur Christmas for the first time tonight and felt so inspired by the wonderful message that I had to write this idea down.

Please read and review, in the spirit of Christmas.

"He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree. " Roy L Smith
"Christmas isn't a season. It's a feeling." Edna Ferber

Arthur had been a surprise when he came. Mrs. Claus was only supposed to have one boy, to inherit the Santa legacy. There had been one Mrs. Claus many years ago who had 11 girls before having a boy at last. Their family did enjoy singing "The Twelve Days of Christmas" however, she thought smiling. There had only been one other case of two boys being born to a Mrs Claus, back with Santa number 13. However, they were identical twin boys who happily shared the Santa position. Even the elves had trouble telling who was who so it seemed as if there was only one Santa.

Arthur had always been such an enthusiastic boy, eyes full of wonder and a smile full of joy and his infectious, if a little odd, laugh.
He had really brightened up the North Pole once more with his sweaters and slippers and games.

However, she knew her baby boy had struggled a bit to find his place in the operations with all of his fears of heights and his natural clumsiness. She had left it to her husband and Steve to find Arthur a place since she was so busy running the household, making sure their treaties with Greenland were up to date, and dealing with the cookie baking and managing the Elf Scouts.

She had been wanting her husband to retire for the past ten years but something had held her back from pushing him. She knew if she said he should retire, he would retire for her and let Steve take over, but something wouldn't let her speak up. She always seemed to picture Arthur at that moment and how he still needed to secure a role for himself. So she held back her thoughts and only said neutral statements when Malcolm wondered about the next year.

Now she knew her hesitation had been that her heart knew that Arthur was needed as the next Santa even if her mind didn't. She had never even considered it since Arthur seemed so wonderful in Letters and content to let Steve be the next Santa. Arthur had always adored his older brother even when Steve had no time or patience for him.

She knew Steve wanted to prove himself to his dad and she knew Arthur idolized them both. It seemed only natural that Steve become the next Santa after all of his great ideas and hard work. Arthur seemed to fit in well as a sort of special elf, much like herself.

Still, when she saw Arthur making the attempt to deliver the present Gwen, she saw her little baby boy all grown up and her eyes were opened. She knew she had been blinded by her motherly love for the two boys, and had only seen the most peaceful path for their family.
This Christmas, she now saw how Arthur had been born to be Santa. His eyes full of wonder, his infectious joy, how much he cared about each child whose letter he answered back.
How he had overcome his fears to take care of one child and how he had made Grandsanta, her Malcolm, and Steve see the true meaning of Christmas once more.

She couldn't be more proud of her baby boy.

So what do you think? I highly recommend watching the movie if you haven't seen it.