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He hadn't been thrilled about getting a little brother. He'd liked being an only child, and confident that he'd be the next Santa.

Arthur never seemed to leave him alone for those early years. He was forever tailing behind him and asking his questions, all with this adoring look on his face. It was nice to see but it got annoying when Arthur would trip and knock him down or slip something on him or wreck his new prototypes.

Steve loved Arthur but as Steve grew older, he need to impress dad and prepare to take over the Santa gig and...well.. Arthur always seemed to be messing things up.

Steve was so proud when their dad took him along on mission fifty-one to start to teach him how things were done.

He had been waiting for years to share his ideas and now he could finally put the S-1 and the HOHO into action.

Over the years, he took over more and more of the operations until his dad was basically just a figurehead.

Steve was getting impatient to take over and at last receive the recognition and acknowledgement from his dad for a job well done. He had converted their whole operation and updated everything from protocol to how they entered houses to his dream project, the S-1.

He figured that his dad was waiting for his seventieth mission like Grandsanta so he bit his lip and clenched his teeth every time his dad pretended that he was still in charge.

His dad had let him run things for the last ten years by himself and Steve knew this year was the one.

He had never worried about Arthur becoming the next Santa...Arthur was just so wrong for the job.

He got too emotional and he was so ridiculous with his crazy sweaters and those stupid light up slippers.

Thank candy canes that Letters seemed to be working out. He and dad had tried placing Arthur everywhere else but maintenance and wrapping had ended in disaster and for the rest, Arthur just messed with how Steve liked to run things.

His insistence on making it perfect for each child was a prime example, that was totally sentimental and inefficient, not at all what a Santa should be. Steve was an amazing Santa, efficient, full of great ideas, and capable of managing every problem that came his way with confidence and ease, no discovery on his watch.

Steve was so confident that he'd finally be Santa until his dad made that comment about waiting for next year. He couldn't believe it, after all of his hard work and new ideas and success.

What would it take?!

It was nice how Arthur believed in him...but he couldn't say this so instead he hid his feelings by pointing out all of the open doors.

Seriously, did Arthur not feel the drafts he let in all the time? How hard was it to close a door?
This is why his dad should have made him Santa! He could handle things like shutting doors, he could take care of the entire world after all! He had done a brilliant job tonight where as his dad had almost been seen and utterly panicked till he, Steve, had saved the day.

Then, that horror of the missed child that threw Arthur into a panic, shouting and seriously thinking it was a good idea to wake the entire North Pole.

He did feel bad but how could Arthur have missed all the children he did reach successfully, it was the most outstanding Christmas ever.
It wasn't worth damaging the S-1 for one child. What did one child matter in the scheme of the other 2 billion successes?
They would get the gift to the child close enough to Chrismtas...but Arthur kept going on about how it was a problem and about magic...Arthur just didn't get what being Santa was all about.

He had thought that was the end of the silly matter until he learned that Grandsanta and Arthur had gone to deliver the present themselves.
He had to stop them! He reasoned it was to protect them and keep the Santa secret but he knew it was mainly because he didn't want to have Arthur be the hero for getting one present to a child on time when he had gotten 2 billion on time.

He couldn't risk his dad considering Arthur when he was still fighting to get his dad's attention.

And the elves! He didn't see why everyone was going crazy because of this one child and he tried to keep things calm until he couldn't take it anymore.

He realized that everyone was horrified when he said that one child didn't matter...but come on! He had done everything else right! Why should this one mistake define him? He was too proud to admit he was wrong and thus left his dad to fend for himself with the elves.

Then he had to stop his dad from wrecking the S-1 and remind him what all he HAD done right that night.

He was still going to be the hero...there was no way Arthur could have succeeded, especially not after the sleigh crashed.

Till he realized he was at the wrong house and was absolutely terrible with children. Who knew that one boy could cry so loudly?

And his dad's reaction, smiling when he compared him to his fool of a brother..what was that about? Since when was being like Arthur, clumsy, foolish, silly Arthur, a good thing?

Till he saw Arthur was close to succeeding...Arthur had managed to make it to the house despite everything...maybe Arthur did have more talent that he gave him credit for.

Then, he entered the house, still determined to be the hero despite Arthur's success when Arthur came down the stairs.

He and Grandsanta and dad all fought over giving the gift till Arthur did something he'd never done before.

He stood up to all of them and shushed them! Arthur, who respected Grandsanta, and worshipped dad and adored him, telling all of them that this child mattered more than who was Santa!

That this child mattered more than who delivered the present.

When his dad let Arthur put the gift by the tree, he starting to think seriously for the first time about Arthur being Santa.
Then, when Arthur had them watch the child open the gift, Steve's heart melted at the look of pure joy on Gwen's and Arthur's faces.
Maybe Christmas could involve emotion and sentiment and magic after all.

Then, his dad finally looked at him and said he deserved to be Santa.

But Steve had to acknowledge that his dad and Gwen were right, Arthur had acted like a true Santa. He had cared about the children, every last one of them.

Arthur was bursting with Christmas spirit and emotion and caring, everything a Santa needed.

In the end, he was happy with his job,not having to deal with children and getting to design many new inventions.
Unlike dad, Arthur always acknowledged all of the work he did as COO.

He could be the candle to Arthur's Santa...they were brothers after all and meant to be a family.