Chapter 8: Journals

Stanley Pines was at his Palo Alto private office reading business reports when he heard his phone ring. "Hello, you've reached Stan Pines' private office." He answered.

"Stanley, I need your help!" Ford sounded desperate.

"Of course, Sixer." Stan gladly replied. "That job offer to become a product tester still stands."

"Not that kind of help, Stanley." Ford berated his twin.

"I am not wasting money on that supernatural research of yours, Ford." Stan firmly stated.

"This is not about any kind of money." Ford was annoyed. "I don't want to discuss the details by telephone. You never know who's eavesdropping. Would you please come to see me?"

"Yeah, I'm having a similar concern with corporate spies." Stan replied in understanding. "I'm going there as soon as possible. Goodbye."

"Goodbye, Stanley." Ford replied and hung the phone.

Stan then phoned home.

"Residence of Stanley Pines." Someone answered from the other side.

"Watkins, I'd like to talk to Rachel." Stan asked.

"Mrs. Pines is resting, Sir." Watkins replied. "Should I wake her up?"

"Nope." Stan answered. "Just let me talk to someone in the family." He's then directed to his mother. "Ma?"

"That's right, Stanley." Ma Pines confirmed. "What's going on?"

"Ford called." Stan said. "He needs me to go to his place to help him with something and I wanted to make sure it'll be okay for me to go."

"I'll give the message but it's okay, Stanley." Ma Pines reassured her 'free spirit'. "Most of us are going back to New Jersey tonight but Rachel's mother is staying for a whole week."

'Another reason for me to stay away.' Stan thought. "Alright, Ma. Tell Dad and Mr. Goldberg I'm sorry for not being there to say goodbye. Bye."

"Goodbye, Stanley, and tell Stanford I said hi." Ma replied.

A car drive after saying he's going to see an inventor the company makes business with, Stan reached his twin's shack, where he's "welcomed" with a crossbow. "Well, I can always count on you for a warm welcome." He sarcastically said. "Perhaps I should have stayed at home even with my mother-in-law there."

Ford tried to apologize but he sounded so nervous he made Stan comment "You're acting like Mom after her tenth cup of coffee."

Ford invited Stan into the shack and showed him the portal, making the entrepreneur really confused. "Stanley, do you remember the old time back when spoke of sailing through the world to look for treasures?" Ford asked.

"Sure thing, Sixer!" Stan excitedly answered, hoping it's finally going to happen.

Ford shoved the first Journal onto Stan and told him to take it away and bury it where nobody could find it.

"What?" Stan was shocked and outraged. "You ask me to come and then ask me to hide some stupid book away without even explaining what this whole thing is about?"

Thinking about his family, most specifically his little niece Francine, Ford agreed to tell Stan the truth.

"Sixer, that makes me understand how our parents felt when we told them about the Jersey Devil." Stan commented with a deadpan face.

"Well, we were telling the truth back then, weren't we?" Ford asked in triumph.

"Alright, alright, I'll hide that stupid book but do yourself a favor and try to use that nerd brain of yours for something humanity will care about after you're done with this Cipher character." Stan advised his brother. "A cure for cancer, the perpetual energy machine, or another Stanco product."

"Deal, Stanley." Ford reluctantly agreed.

"Good Sixer." Stan replied and was about to leave but then he stopped to say something else. "By the way, Ma asked me to tell you she said hi."

End story.

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