I hope you enjoy this one. Usually I stick to short stories but for the sake of SQ-love I am challenging myself to make it a longer one! Here the first chapter, I shall add more chapters as I write them. Of course I would love feedback and ideas to help me continue this story. I don't own any of the characters but I do love them with all my heart. The story starts after 6x10.

It was only half an hour after Emma received Regina's phonecall, asking her if she could come over. It was pretty late at night but Emma was usually still awake at this hour anyway. Especially ever since she started to develop these feelings for the Mayor. A bit nervous she stood in front of the manor, not knowing what Regina wanted from her, or why she was even here.

After Regina and herself had returned from the wish-world, without Robin and once again full of heartache and loss, Emma had felt something change in her own heart. Lying next to Killian had felt different, strange and unpleasant, since she was back in the real world. Instead, she spent most nights patrolling or watching tv. Luckily for her, Killian didn't seem to notice, he was a deep sleeper after all. It had been a few weeks and of course she had seen Regina in that time but it felt as if a part of the Mayor was lost in the alternate reality. She didn't have the same confident air about her, nor did she smile as much. Emma remembered the day that Robin died and how much pain Regina went through, and it was happening all over again, but strangely more painful knowing he was alive in this fake world. Emma knew that Regina had wanted to stay behind, but she had chosen Emma over Robin in the end, if only to reunite the blonde with her charming family. From the moment Emma's memories came flooding back in that dark and cold castle, she had realized that once again Regina had come for her, had saved her yet again. Her eyes and heart felt as if opened for the first time.

Emma knocked and waited. The door opened after a few seconds and Regina let the blonde enter. The manor was dark apart from a dimmed light coming from Regina's office. They didn't speak until they reached the lit up room and Emma felt her nerves playing up again.
'So,' Emma started, 'why did you call me over?' She pulled her arm out of her jacket and shrugged it off, leaving it on a chair next to the big desk.
'Please, sit with me Emma,' Regina said, not sounding like her normal, confident self. Emma walked over to the big grey couch and sat down next to the Mayor, only a few feet apart. 'I'm sorry I called you over, I still don't know why I did anyway,' Regina begun, 'but I just needed, well.. I just wanted to speak to you.' Emma couldn't say much but nodded as a response. 'First, I am sorry that it took us so long to get back to Storybrooke, I really am. I acted on my feelings and it put us both in more danger than nessesary.' Emma grabbed Regina's hand and it stopped the brunette in her train of thought. 'We've talked about this before, Gina, and if it wasn't for you I would probably still be in that fake place right now. Anyone would have reacted the same, you are only human.'
Regina sat there looking at Emma's hand, still holding hers tightly.
'I can't imagine the pain you must have felt seeing him again,' Emma spoke softly, knowing Regina was obviously still not over it. Regina nodded and sighed. 'I didn't ask you to come over to talk about Robin, dear,' the Mayor admitted and Emma looked up at the brunette. Their hands were tangled together, Emma could feel her sweaty palm against Regina's soft skin.
'Well, can I just thank you, again, for saving me. You came to find me, leaving everyone, even Henry, behind for the unknown, fully knowing that danger could lie ahead,' Emma said softly and Regina smiled a little. 'You came for me,' the blonde whispered. She squeezed the Mayors' hand a bit and smiled at her. 'Well, you are the saviour, dear, we needed you here,' Regina said and Emma felt a sharp little pain develop in her chest. 'Also, you promised me that you would help me find my happy ending. I couldn't let you off the hook that easily,' she continued, then realized the unintended name use. 'I'm sure the pirate is happy with your return?' Regina still didn't like Hook but Emma had seemed happy, so she could live alongside him. Emma nodded, looking away slightly embarressed. Regina noticed the change of expression but decided not to pry.
'I called you over because I want to start a new chapter of my life. I wished for so long for a way to bring Robin back, but once I saw him again everything had changed. I was happy to see him, shocked at first, but it was the past, replaying in my mind. A past I had gotten over already. I don't want to live in the past anymore. I want to be here, now, with Henry, with my family. You.' Regina stopped to take a deep breath and look at Emma, who was just sitting there looking at her. Emma's heart was racing. 'I consider you as my family, Emma, without you I wouldn't have Henry, and we both know without him I am no one.'

They kept their eyecontact while Emma swallowed hard. 'That's not true. You are such a strong and confident woman, probably the strongest woman I have ever met. Henry has had the best upbringing, just look at him. That was all you. People come to you for help because you always know what needs to be done. Your emotions don't get in the way of business. Sometimes I wonder what goes on in your head,' Emma admitted.

Regina let the words sink in for a moment, letting Emma go and getting up off the sofa to grab a couple of glasses and the bottle of cider from the drinks table.
'I do have feelings, you know,' Regina stated still facing the wall. 'I just can't afford to show them, not with my trackrecord of disasters.'
Emma sighed silently, hoping the brunette didn't hear her. 'Well, I am here, you can let me in. After all, I do owe you a happy ending,' Emma joked but felt the sting in her chest again. Regina returned with the glasses and handed the blonde one.
'I think we're running out of bachelors in this town so my chances are slim. Maybe I should just cross the town line with Henry and look elsewhere.' Emma looked up at the madness of it and Regina smirked. 'Just kidding Swan, I'm staying. You'd probably come find me anyway.'
They stayed silent for a few minutes, Regina sitting back down, a little closer to the blonde this time. With her knee pressed against the saviours' she took her hand again. 'Is it weird that you make me feel like home?' Regina almost whispered, hoping that Emma might not have heard it. The blonde had heard though. 'Not weird at all, we have spent all these years together now. Easy enough to start seeing people as a safe place.' The Mayor nodded and kept her mouth shut.
'I haven't had a proper home for so many years, and now I have several. My parents want me home, my.. pirate, wants me home, I have people who want my time now.' Emma looked at her hand in Regina's. 'And here, Henry wants me,' Emma spoke again.
Regina just sat there quietly nodding. 'And where do you feel like home?' she asked the blonde, knowing the answer would be with Killian. 'I don't know.' Emma answered, it was the truth. She wanted it to be here, looking into those brown eyes that knew her better than anyone. In the arms of the person who would always save her. 'It will come to you, I'm sure of it,' Regina said and Emma snapped out of her thoughts. 'And if you ever feel unsure of where to turn to, Henry, and I, will have time and a place for you.' Emma's eyes welled up but she blinked back the tears. 'Thank you Regina,' Emma sighed and finished her cider.

She looked at the time and realized it was, again, well past midnight. 'I better head back before Killian starts getting worried.' It was an excuse because she knew he was fast asleep, but she had to leave the mansion at some point. She had heard enough to give her a few days of excessive thinking. 'Of course dear,' Regina said and got up with Emma, quickly letting go of her hand. 'I shouldn't have asked you to come over so late, Killian must dispise me for it, keeping you away for so long.' Emma shook her head. 'Don't worry about it. I'm glad we talked as I was starting to worry you might pack your things and wish to go back to saviour-free lands.' Regina let out a small laugh. 'Didn't you just say that I came to find you at all cost? I don't think I want to be the Evil Queen all over again, I murdered your parents, remember?'
Emma flinched at the memory of it all. Then she remembered Regina's appearance at her parents castle and started to chuckle. 'How much effort did it take to pretend to be evil again?' Regina gave her a glare but it turned into a smirk not long after. 'Don't worry, I still remember how to be evil and regal, Miss Swan,' the Mayors' words made Emma shiver.

They had reached the door and stood there a bit akwardly, but Emma saw a difference in Regina already. Why had the brunette sounded so out of sorts at the start of the night? She couldn't quite understand it but maybe all this talking had brought Regina back down to earth a bit more.
'Well, good night,' Emma said when Regina opened the door for her. 'Be safe sherriff, lots of crazy people out at this hour,' the brunette joked and Emma stuck out her tongue. 'The crazy ones are already inside,' she fired back and Regina faked a hurt expression. Before stepping outside Emma quickly leaned in and wrapped her arms around Regina, breathing in deeply. 'Thank you, for, you know, bringing me back,' she whispered and Regina hugged the blonde back a little harder. 'I need you in this world, Emma,' Regina whispered back and they stood there for a moment longer. When akwardness set in for both of them they let go and Emma stepped into the cold darkness of night. 'See you later, your Majesty,' Regina laughed and Emma shivered again. 'Good night, Emma.'

The walk home didn't take her long but she wished it had. Killian was asleep as she had thought and instead of turning in for the night, she walked over the the fridge to grab a beer. The smell of Regina's perfume still lingered in her nose, the feel of her hand still ghosting her own skin. This night had been very akward, the conversation could have waited until daytime, but for some reason they had sat there drinking cider and talking about home. Regina had said that she felt like home to her. What was that supposed to mean? Emma chugged her beer down and dropped her boots next to the stairs. She changed into her pjs, brushed her teeth and her hair, braiding the blonde strands down her shoulder. All these normal routine things before bed, in her own house. Home? She turned off the bathroom light and walked into her bedroom. Killian didn't snore, his breathing was steady and it always calmed her down just listening to it. Carefully she lifted up the covers and slid in the bed next to her man. He didn't wake, only rolled towards her to wrap his arm around her small frame. She kissed his forehead and accepted the half hug. Her eyes were tired and sore. She closed her heavy eyelids and sighed. Killians' arm around her made it hard to fall asleep, especially since her mind kept wandering home..