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It was around 12.30pm when Emma's phone started buzzing on her desk. It had been a terribly slow and long morning, nothing much seemed to happen in Storybrooke these days. There was always paperwork but Emma grew bored it very quickly. She picked up her phone and unlocked the screen, only to see Regina's name pop up.

'Coffee at my office, say 1?'

She grinned at her phone, happy that Regina actually wanted to have lunch with her. Emma was half expecting the brunette to just forget about it. She quickly started typing her reply.

'I'll bring food.

She turned off her ancient computer and pulled her jacket off the back of her chair. She had plenty of time to get lunch from Granny's and still make it to Regina's office in time. Instead of taking her car, she decided to just walk. It wasn't too far and maybe the fresh air would do her some good.
The wind was pretty strong and Emma worried the weather might turn soon. She hurried towards the diner and made it just before it started pouring. Great. She would most likely get soaked just walking the last 15 minutes to her destination. Emma walked up to the counter and smiled at Ruby, who came rushing towards her.
'You made it just in time, at least you are dry in here!' Ruby said with her bright smile plastered on and Emma laughed.
'If only I didn't agree to meet up with Regina, at her office..' Emma smirked and Ruby looked a bit confused.
'Didn't you guys just sit here this morning? Are you in trouble again for not finishing the paperwork on time?' the dark haired girl said jokingly. Emma shook her head and realized that might also still be something Regina would bring up later..
'Well, I'd love to be in trouble with her, she looks so..' Ruby bit her lip a bit and continued, '..seriously.. Anytime..' Emma couldn't believe her friends honestly and laughed at her.
'You worry me sometimes Rubes, not healthy, all those daydreams about our wonderful Mayor.' Emma winked at Ruby and stuck out her tongue. If only the wolf knew what Emma was thinking of their Mayor. It was best to not bring that subject up, ever.
'So.. here's your order. Can you not just phone Regina and ask her to come pick you up?' Ruby asked and Emma accepted the food.
'Don't be crazy, Regina already has plenty to judge me for, I don't want to add to that evergrowing list.' They laughed and knew it was true. It didn't matter what Emma did, there would always be something the Mayor would disapprove of.
'Here, wrap this around your bag, it might not make it there if you don't,' Ruby said and handed Emma a plastic bag to put the paper one in. She quickly bagged her lunch and thanked Ruby.
'Don't get too wet!' she shouted after Emma, way too loud, and too sassy. She knew what the meaning had been and shook her head.
'I'll try,' she replied over her shoulder and rushed into the downpour.

The 15 minute journey had been made in 10, but Emma still arrived completely soaked. Regina was going to love this..
She walked into the building and knocked on Regina's door. The Mayor told her to come in and Emma slowly opened the door, spotting Regina at her desk, still looking puzzled at her screen with glasses on. When the brunette finally took her eyes off the screen a smirk appeared on her lips as she tried not to sound amused.
'Did you go for a swim before coming here?' she joked and Emma showed her a not-impressed grin.
'The things I have to go through, just to have lunch with your Majesty..' Emma replied sarcastically and Regina raised her eyebrows at the blonde. 'But totally worth it.'
Regina now smiled and Emma laughed a little at the changed expression on the Mayors face. She wondered if Regina was always going to be so serious. With Henry she seemed like a whole different person, but everyone else.. Then again, when they spoke so late at night, it had almost looked and sounded as if they were becoming best friends. It was hard to judge the older woman.
'I hope the food isn't as wet as you look?' Regina said and snapped Emma out of her thoughts. Emma blushed at the memory of Ruby's wordplay and Regina's voice saying the same word. She took a deep breath and walked over to the desk, not wanting to look so akward anymore by standing so far away. She dropped the bag in front of Regina and took her wet jacket off, hanging it over her chair before sitting down. Regina kept her eyes on Emma, who looked like a soaked mess, realizing said mess was looking back at her with a blush on her cheeks. Regina scraped her throat akwardly and opened the bag, taking out all the food and dividing it between the two of them. Emma tried not to pay attention to her wet trousers and opened her meal up, grabbing a fork and shoveling some chicken into her mouth. Thankfully it was still warm. Regina seemed to be doing the same, keeping her eyes on her food.
As the rain kept pouring down, they finished their lunch and finally looked at each other, breaking the silence.
'Why on earth did you walk here? Did you not see the weather forecast this morning?' Regina shook her head and Emma knew this was just Regina trying to find a normal topic of conversation.
'Ah well, a little rain never killed anyone, definitely not the saviour,' Emma said and winked at the Mayor. They shared a smile and Regina spoke again.
'You know it's only lunchtime and you still have to work. Walking all the way back to the station, in your already wet clothes, it will surely get you very sick in no time at all. Pretty irresponsible Miss Swan.' Emma laughed at the brunette.
'Is that your way of saying you care about my health Gina?' They both blushed and Emma laughed again nervously.
'I can just give you a ride to your place, you can change, and then I'll drop you off at the station.' Regina stated and Emma looked up at the Mayor, wondering what she was thinking.
'Sound good, thanks Regina,' Emma said, still a bit confused.
They got rid of the empty food tubs and Emma pulled on her wet jacket again, struggling to get her arms in.
'You know, we could also just.. transport there, don't want you sitting in my car with your wet gear on.' Regina suggested out of the blue. Emma nodded and stepped closer to Regina.
'Let's go then,' the blonde said and Regina gently held on to Emma's hand as they disappeared in purple smoke, only to re-appear in Emma's house.

'I'll go and get some dry clothes then..' Emma said, feeling nervous again all of a sudden. Regina smiled and nodded, walking over to Emma's couch akwardly. She hadn't been in Emma's home very often, and now she was here it felt strange. Captain Guyliner wasn't here, probably on his ship doing nothing important. She had a look around the livingroom and realized it all looked and felt pretty cold, empty almost. There weren't any photos anywhere, no trinkets or decorations. It was almost as if Emma had moved in here only yesterday. Curiousity got the best of the brunette as she forgot about sitting down and walked around the bottom floor of the house. With a wave of her hand some of the lights came on and it just showed more empty walls and only the nessesary furniture. Maybe Emma was a minimalist? She definitely didn't get that from her mother..
She quietly walked on, into the kitchen. Finally some stuff here. A juicer, coffee machine, large fridge. She opened it and saw mostly bottles of water, left-over pizza and some packaged burgers. With disapproval on her face she closed the fridge and walked away from the kitchen, towards the staircase that Emma had gone up. She decided she had snooped enough and sat down this time. Emma appeared only minutes later, wearing a floral knitted jumper and different, dry, jeans. Emma smiled at Regina and walked over to her.
'That jumper, it must be your mothers!' Regina said, trying hard not to laugh at the blonde. Emma nodded and had a wry smile on her face. 'It's laundry day and this is all that was left in my closet..' They both laughed now and Regina stood up, ready to get going.
'You do still look good in it though,' the brunette said softly and Emma looked up at her. As she stepped closer, ready to take the Mayor's hand for transporting, she leaned in a bit closer than planned. Regina's eyes went wide as she could feel Emma's breath on her lips. The blonde was so close, Regina inhaled and felt her cheeks flush as she smelled Emma's perfume, tingling her senses. Emma gasped as she could almost taste the brunette, so close to her lips. Regina closed her eyes as they grasped for each others hand and poofff...

The cloud of purple smoke surrounded them as they reached the sherriffs station, hands still clutched together. Within seconds Emma had let go and walked over to her desk, trying to act as if nothing just happened.
Regina kept her eyes on the blonde as she was trying to understand what just happened. Maybe she was going mad. Before they had left the house it had almost felt as if Emma was about to.. No. It was probably her imagination. Why would Emma ever want to do such a thing when she was happy with her pirate? Regina shook her head and laughed at herself, before walking over to Emma and thanking her for lunch.
Emma couldn't believe that Regina didn't walk away or question her or maybe ignore her for like.. forever?! Instead she turned to Regina, only to find the brunette thanking her for lunch! Emma smiled at her and acted like nothing ever happened. She even hugged the Mayor and thanked her in return for the ride. They briefly looked at each other akwardly, then Regina raised her hands and left the station in true Majestic fashion.

Emma sat down at her desk, wondering what the hell had just happened. Did she actually try and kiss Regina!? Did Regina not close her eyes as if she was expecting..something..to happen..? She shook her head, then rested it on the desk. She had gone insane. This could have gone very badly. The last thing Emma wanted right now was to ruin her new found friendship with Regina..
Emma decided to just forget about it, Regina had surely done the same by now, if she had even thought about it at all. Emma happily dove into her paperwork and tried to keep her brain from steering towards Regina's breath on her lips.

Regina had walked through her office for the tenth time now, still no closer to knowing what happened earlier. Did anything even happen? Regina put her fingers against her forehead, seeing if there wasn't some fever that could be to blame for her weird thoughts. She felt the same as normal, only more nervous. Regina walked over to her desk and tried sitting down for a while. Maybe she was just projecting her missing lovelife over onto Emma, her best friend. That could happen, right? She was delirious with loneliness and now it was showing side-effects in the form of romantic dreams about Emma Swan. Regina rested her head in her hands, wondering if she had made it all up. That was probably what happened. The fact that she had maybe even enjoyed those seconds of madness, giving in to it, had her worried all over again.
Regina turned on her computer and tried to stop thinking about the moment she had closed her eyes..