"There is something wrong with me, I should feel guilty for the lives I have taken... the lives that I have ruined and yet... I feel so hollow, empty, unable to feel a single emotion... is this their doing?"

Cinder didn't stop running as she ran through the rooms until she spotted the abandoned room. Her lungs were burning, desperate for air as she refused to stop in case he started to chase after her. A weak cry like chuckle left her lips as she rushed into the room and slammed it shut, her body felt numb and cold from what happened. Was that? No… that couldn't have been Terrance, he wasn't like that. He left her unnerved at times but that was not him, surely there had to be some kind of mistake.

Slowly she sunk down the door until her knees curled up beside her, Cinder's chest quickly rose and sank thanks to the fact that she was trying to regain what air she had lost. Her throat was parched, in desperate need of a drink but she had no drink with her this time. The stunned female shuddered and shook from what she had saw before putting her knees to her chest and began to slowly release quiet whimpers that eventually grew. Why her? Why did that happened to her?

Was he always like this? Were people often like that? Hiding behind a kind smile but were secretly planning to hurt people? Was this what her mother had to go through? People acting like they respected or wanted to be her friend but in reality wanted to use her when it was convenient? Or were they simply jealous of the fact that she could do things better than others? Just thinking those thoughts made Cinder sick, she wanted no part of this world. But this was her world, what could she do?

The sound of something moving in the air vent made Cinder go on edge, her head shot up to see the vent while her body shivered in fear. Part of her was unable to move but she forced herself to stand, her left arm shook as she slowly reached for the doorknob. Wanting to put as much distance between her and the one in the vent. But! Terrance was out there looking for her- wait a minute! Was he in the vent? But how?!

Cinder released a little whimper as she moved her hand, if he was in the vent then she had to leave but why wasn't he making any noise?


Cinder moved the door back a bit allowing light to enter the room, turning to leave she jumped. A loud shriek left her trembling body as a thump entered the abandoned room. Against her better judgment Cinder turned her head only to feel her knees grow weak, tears entered her eyes as a low sob left her before running towards the familiar yellow body. Cinder shook badly as she wrapped her arms around his frame but he didn't move, instead he looked down with unreadable eyes thanks to his animatronic body.

"I-I was scared" there was no words after he slowly placed a hand on her back, allowing her to let it out.

Cinder soon looked up with a grateful, sheepish smile.

"Thank you" Cinder said softly, the animatronic stared at her but couldn't blink even if he wanted to. Instead he tilted his head showing his confusion. "I was scared, but just being here has calmed me down" she added with the same soft smile leaving him stunned by her words.

"But for some reason… just seeing her causes me to act differently. I feel as if what they have done is becoming undone- like I am unfreezing from my current state, even though my body has rotted to mere bones I still feel something. Why is that?"