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A Guardian's Song
by Lerris Smith

-«Hope Renewed»-

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This story is a crossover between Oh My Goddess and Harry Potter. It has two major arcs. The second arc adds Stargate SG-1 and links it all together. Skuld, Harry, and Hermione are main characters, in that order. Romance is not a big part of this story, though it is a part. For the Stargate part, there was only ever the one gate on the planet.

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Harry hurt all over. Normally the Dursleys left him alone. Unfortunately, he had made the mistake of telling them what happened to him at the end of the Tri-Wizard tournament.

Worse, he made the mistake after they had locked up all his things for the year. Vernon did not take it well. He had taken Dudley's Smelting stick and beat him for what seemed like hours, saying he would pay for endangering his family.

Did Vernon believe him? He wasn't sure, but he also would not let him leave. He sat there in the dark for hours the first night before the pain faded enough to sleep.

The bars were back on his windows and the deadbolts were on the outside of the door. Water and bread were pushed through the cat flap regularly. That wasn't the strangest thing though. The strangest thing was the new toilet stuck in the corner. It seemed, he no longer was allowed bathroom breaks.

He did not quite know what to think of it all. He could only conclude that they believed in the wards and had put in the effort to be assured that they would get the benefits without having to actually deal with, or well, actually see him. At least the water in the toilet reservoir was clean. It wasn't much, but he could use the little hose to fill up his glass. He had even managed to wash his clothes in the little reservoir, if not well. They didn't give him soap.

He slept. He woke. He thought. Sometimes he woke up screaming. The events in the graveyard ran through his mind waking or sleeping.

He knew he could no longer count on Ron. He had accepted Ron back without complaints. He had to. There was no point in not. He had so few friends that he could not afford to give up even the crappy ones. What really hurt was Hermione. Why could not one person take his side without reservations or questions? Just one. Hermione was closest. He thought they had made a connection this year, but here he was, once again not hearing a word from anyone, and he knew she was smart enough to find a way to get word to him. That was all he wanted. Just one person to believe in Harry, not Harry Potter, not the Boy who Failed to Die, again. Just one person who would not leave him alone, and not just when those older said it was okay to do so.

He was surprised when the water above the toilet reservoir started to shimmer. Suddenly a circle of light appeared above it. Out of that circle a rather attractive black haired young woman stood seemingly on top of it, before absently floating to the floor, with all the appearance of the same effort he put into walking. A second look revealed her hair was more dark blue than black. She was quite simply stunning, and not because she was asian. Cho had nothing on her. There was something about her eyes. They were a clear brown, but they seemed to have a depth he had never seen before, as if this young woman had seen more than he could ever known

She had three of the most distinctive blue markings on her face that looked a bit like guitar picks pointing towards her nose. One was on her forehead and the other two were on her cheeks which now had a dusting of blush coloring the otherwise pale skin.

Harry glanced down and absently checked what he was wearing. Good, he was fully dressed. He had been getting sloppy about that. It was not as if he needed to be fully dressed to get food through the cat flap.

He looked over at her and said, "Hello there. I wasn't exactly expecting company, but it is good to see somebody..."

The bluette blinked and looked around carefully, then looked at the toilet dubiously as well as the haphazardly drying laundry which included a pair of Harry's underwear.

Harry said quickly, "I am sorry about that, but I'm kind of trapped in here."

She blushed furiously even as she spun back to facing him. She asked, "What is your wish?" Her tone seemed genuinely curious as to what his answer would be.

Harry smiled a sad smile. "I was just thinking of that though I hardly expected a pretty girl to come and ask me about it."

"You wanted to see a pretty girl?" she asked curiously.

"No, well, that is never a bad thing, but it wasn't my wish. I suppose Dumbledore must have sent you somehow. It doesn't matter, though it is odd."

She sat on the edge of his bed and waited patiently for him to answer.

He looked at her in curiosity for a moment and then shrugged. "I'm a bit surprised I'm telling you this, but sure, why not, if it means I have company for a bit longer."

She looked at him with a concern he had seldom seen. In fact, Hermione was the only one who had looked at him with such an expression.

"I wish, well I wish for, well the fairy tale, but not the big fairy tale, but the little one. I know its sad and maybe a little pathetic, but I really wish I had at least one person who would always believe in just Harry, not Harry Potter, not the boy who lived, not the hero, not the savior, not the fool; someone to be by my side as I was theirs; someone strong enough that I could have faith that should I survive the oncoming storm; that we could just live and have a nice life afterward. Someone to restore my faith in the future..." The last was said at almost a whisper.

Skuld's eyes grew wider during Harry's quiet speech. Just as he finished the marks on her face lit up with blinding light.

She said in complete astonishment, "Your wish has been granted," even as pure light seemed to explode upward from her body and slice right through the roof like a two foot wide laser beam through paper.

Harry was glad the Dursleys were gone, for he was sure the new skylight would have upset them. It might have upset him, but, well he was well beyond such a simple emotion at the moment. He was fairly certain that Hermione was bound to scold him about it somehow, but beyond that he had no idea. Just what had he done?

Wrapped in power and light this young woman looked even more beautiful and her eyes seemed even more enchanting. He pinched himself. Yep, not dreaming. Wasn't this stuff supposed to wait till Halloween?

He looked fearfully at the window, half expecting a flood of owls to come crashing in. He then looked up. A dementor was slipping down the hole that was freshly created. How the heck did he not feel it until now? He looked closer. There was another right behind the first, though it seemed they couldn't quite both come through at once. Why was everything starting early? That wasn't in the script!

"Crap!" said Harry. "We have to get out of here."

He jumped up and slammed his body at the door, only to bounce back. It seems the Dursley's had spared no expense. A pity that.

Skuld saw the monster and her expression grew grim. She shouted, "Creature of the outer darkness. You shall not pass!"

Her voice seemed to resonate as if was not just her speaking, but something otherworldly. She gestured and several interlocked circles blocked the top half of the room, yet she also seemed tired. The fireworks before? He wasn't sure.

She seemed to be straining, even as Harry tried to get back up. She gasped, "Move as far from the door as you can. Quickly. I can't hold it. I used too much energy in the contract and the system is still processing the updates!"

She kept her left hand pointing at the temporary warding.

Harry struggled. He was sure he had broken his leg, but he had to move. He inched across the floor trying desperately to hold his left leg still even as he moved.

Seconds passed before Skuld reached her other hand down and pulled him to the other side of the room before flipping the mattress in front of them. She called out, "Skuld bomb." before throwing something that was not there a moment ago. It looked a bit like a bowling pin as it crashed into the door, but it certainly didn't act like one. The wall. door and all was erased, as well as half the mattress that protected them. Thankfully that was the extent of it.

Harry said, "I need my wand, but I think I broke my leg. It will take me too long to get it."

He started to edge back to the door. Skuld seem to really be straining now. She said, "Leg. Remove pants. Hurry."

Harry screamed even as he managed to pull his pants off. She could see it. His left leg was clearly broken. The bottom bone was almost through the skin. She placed her right hand gently on his leg. A warm yellow light spread from it as the bone slipped back in place.

She said, "Hurry. I'm not good with these things. That will hopefully work for long enough."

Harry ran through the door, completely unmindful of the yellow light pulsing in his leg or of the bone that kept trying to slip out of place. He opened the cupboard, flipped open his trunk and grabbed his wand before running back to his bedroom and shouting, "Expecto Patronum." Only mist formed, though it did push them back.

With strain in her voice she said, "I meant what I said. Heaven has chosen to answer your wish and I have accepted the answer. I will remain by your side for as long as you wish me to."

In a quieter voice she said, "I can't believe I'm copying my sister."

Her words filtered in Harry's foggy brain until a small smile grew on his lips. Perhaps he was dreaming, but right now he just wanted to show off. He focused on the idea of this curious young women at his side and cast again.

The Dementors shrieked in panic as a nearly solid version of prongs charged them. They fled. The owl arrived. His wand was to be snapped. Dumbledore's own arrived. No, he was get a trial.

A magic circle appeared with long flowing script. In the center of it was a delicately carved wand etched with a myriad of intricate symbols and lines, not a single one of which seem to consist of anything but curves. It was no more than perhaps eight inches long and seemed to have a silvery glow to it.

Skuld read out load, "Daughter. The road ahead of you is a difficult one. It is not yet time for these people to know you are more than a simple witch, therefore you must live as one. For the duration of your task, I have limited your powers to such. I have crafted this wand from a piece of Yggdrasil itself from the node you normally worked at. It lacks a core, yet Noble Scarlet can easily supply that. The combination should respond well to you. Make sure no other than Harry knows who you really are. Finally, I grant you one more key piece of information to aid you. Harry's scar is anathema. My blessings to you always daughter."

Harry said, "Anathema. Doesn't that mean unforgivable evil or something? Wait. Voldemort gave me this, but how can a scar be evil?"

Skuld said nothing. She gingerly, almost as if she was afraid to touch it ran the fingers of her right hand over the scar before jerking back in horror.

"What is it?" he screamed in panic.

"It is a mutilated scrap of a damned soul. Not even hell would traffic in such an abomination."

She looked up in the sky seemingly to ask why before pacing back and forth, "How am I to fix this?" She almost stepped on her new wand when she saw it.

She summoned forth Noble Scarlet who flew around the room before looking at Harry sadly and then tracing the scar with her own right hand. She then stepped back, picked up the wand, before gently removing a very small feather and touching it to the wand. The feather disappeared. Scarlet handed the wand to Skuld who pocketed it absently, even as she continued to wander back and forth.

Harry had always done well in strange situations, yet this one was rapidly looking to top all the previous. He marveled at this strange day and couldn't help but smile at the cheerful angel and the worried goddess. Did she really mean what she said? Dare he truly hope? Even Hermione. No, he would not think of that. Wait, back to the non girl topic. His scar is a piece of Voldemort? It figured. It seemed that he was doomed, one way or another.


Skuld mused out loud, "How can I possible eradicate a spirit like that without killing you without my powers? I'm not even sure I could fix it with my full powers. Even Belldandy would have problems with that one and she is a class one unlimited. It's bound to have entwined with your own spiritual matrix by now. Maybe I could get Urd to brew up a potion, but those never work right. Wait, can I just ask Bell for help? No, it was clearly implied that she was to work within the contract. What do I have? I have the powers of a witch, none of which I have any clue as to how to use, well other than magic was magic, so she wasn't exactly helpless. I have, well I have a wand, which I also have no clue how to use."

Noble Scarlet moved to directly in front of her and gave her a questioning look.

"You? No. Your my angel. I need you. I would be lonely without you."

Noble Scarlet gave her a sad smile.

"Is that even safe? What if you are hurt?"

Noble Scarlet gave her a brave smile and a nod.

"Are you sure?"

She nodded.

Skuld said to Harry, "My angel, Noble Scarlet has offered to merge with you. This you can either accept or not, but before you do you must promise me that you will care for her always."

"I don't understand."

"I'm not sure I do either. A goddess does not give up her angel, but father says my powers are limited, and I'm not entirely sure how to fix you even if they weren't. I'm not sure Scarlet will be able to return to me if she enters you. There is bound to be damage to you both and serious damage at that. I'm also not sure how long this will take. She wants to help. I want to help, but I must have your word that you will never forsake her, never put yourself before her. She means so much to me. I wish there was another way, but that must be destroyed."

Harry said, "No. I can't take her from you. I won't. Not even to save myself. My parents died for me. Cedric died because of me. No more. No more. No more." The last was almost shouted, as energy crackled around him.

A cirle of light formed in front of the pair, even as statuesque long green haired green eyed angel appeared in front of them. She wore a silver silk wrap dress that hugged her form.

Skuld said in surprise, "Mierin, I thought you vowed never to bond again, not after what happened to Eronaile." Mierin reached out and cupped her face gently.

Skuld said quietly, "I understand," before turning to Harry.

She said, "Eronaile was Mierin's goddess before she was tempted by Hell and lost. She has vowed to never accept another goddess, though it seems she now accepts Eronaile is lost to her."

"I'm sorry to hear that," he said awkwardly.

"She is willing to bond with you. She has no existing link. I don't know how this will work, but it will probably be permanent. It is not a decision to take likely, but with her and your strength merged you should be able to drive out that darkness. I don't know how long it will take, nor am I sure what the cost will be. You might die."

"What if I die? Won't that harm her? Worse, what if I fail and she is stuck with Voldemort?"

Skuld smiled a sad smile, "I would be sad if you were to die, as would my father. He wishes for you to fulfill the purpose he has for you. Still, if you die, you will be free. Death is not the enemy. Nor do I think that bit of Voldemort will survive the battle. Mierin is strong, and you are as well, or that abomination would have spread long ago."

"What does it mean to bond an angel?"

"With time each will know the others thoughts. It may take months. Given her experience, she will likely know yours much sooner. If you are rendered unconscious, or simply allow it, she may use your body. If she leaves your body you will be weaker."

She paused, looking again at the runic script on the ground before saying, "You must understand, removing that corruption is a very difficult thing. I do not believe it can be done without causing you to lose parts of your soul."

Her voice grew quieter as she looked him directly in the eyes. "For a time at least, it is likely you will need her to survive and she will probably need you. If she were to leave for too long, both of you may die. To the good, with her present healing and positive magic will be stronger, however negative magic such as inherently dark magic will harm your soul and will directly harm her. Do not do it. Even simple destructive magic may harm her for you lack the link to Yggdrasil that would shield from the feedback."

"Wait. I have to somehow kill Voldemort. How can I do that if I can't blow him up or something?"

"I don't know, but there must be a way. Father would not place you on a path you could not finish. Also, there is no guarantee that you must personally do it."

"But, it just always seemed that it would be that way. The first year it seemed like the Headmaster set things up..."

Skuld said, "Sybil Trelawney spoke a so called prophecy involving you and Tom Riddle. You can ignore it. Direct help from heaven means that minor system corrective action mechanism is now largely irrelevant. That doesn't mean you have nothing to fear from Tom. You do. He wants you dead, but it is not necessarily your direct responsibility."

"What do you mean?"

"He is a monster. It is the job of all good men and women to stop such monsters."

Harry sighed. "Oh. I'm still not sure this is a good idea. I want that thing out, but I wonder if we shouldn't just kill Voldemort or something first, then, well, if I die it doesn't really hurt anyone."

Mierin moved to just in front of him and smacked him upside the head. She then turned back to Skuld and frowned at her.

Skuld was clearly irritated when she said, "Do not so lightly make of the help offered of an angel, particularly one as old as Mierin. It insulted her. For that matter, it insulted me and Noble Scarlet who also offered to help. I said I would help. I may not be able to use my powers as a goddess, but I'm still a daughter of Odin! Never doubt me again, nor yourself! I will not have it!"

At that Harry broke down laughing, even as he slowly backed away.

Skuld said acerbically, "What is so funny?"

"Oh, you don't see it. The irony. Voldemort is a half blood that pretends to care about blood purity, and has a bunch of followers that just use it as an excuse to be evil, while on our side we have the bluest blood of all, though I doubt we can advertise that. Perhaps the blue hair will be a tip off?"

Skuld glared at him.

He said, "Your hair really is beautiful you know."

"Your forgiven, this once. As for the rest, none of that matters. Sure, genetics plays a role, but too much inbreeding is far worse than the opposite."

"I fully agree. All the blood purity crap is just an excuse to discriminate against those who are different. If they knew you were different, they would discriminate against you for that, without even caring why you are different. It is all bollocks, but people believe it. Voldemort didn't exactly invent discrimination. He is just the latest one using it. Even if we somehow defeat him, how do you defeat the lie that so many want to believe?"

"One day and one battle at a time. That battle is eternal. So too must be our vigilance."

Harry looked at her for a moment. She looked quite somber when she said that and the words had the feel of much repetition. He then looked at the angels, at the serious expression on their faces. Both seemed young, yet Mierin had old eyes too. He walked so he was right in front of her and asked softly, "Are you really sure? Is this really what you want? Despite the silly story, I'm just another kid trying to find his way in life."

Mierin and the others smiled. Skuld said, "We are sure. Besides, I intend to enjoy my time on Earth, and you, unlike Keiichi are loaded!"

Harry looked on confused. "I know my vault has a fair amount, but I'm not sure if it is endless."

"Oh, you didn't know. I got it with your file. The main Potter Vault contains about twenty times that much. Sure it is not endless, but it is plenty as long as it is spent with care, and, well, I kinda need some money for parts and stuff, if you don't mind." The last she kind of rushed out.

"Whatever you need. I never cared much for money. Heck I haven't even replaced these old clothes."

"We will fix that. I'm not picky, but there are standards."

Harry just absently nodded. "Wait, parts for what?"

"Well I made my sister a couple of robots and I make all kinds of little things. I made Keiichi a new game system, but he ended up just playing the Sega."

Harry said in wonder, "You can make electronics work around magic?"

Skuld blinked. "That is not exactly hard. Sure I might have to figure out how to do it without Yggdrasil access, but it shouldn't take long. Why? Did you want to bring a computer back to Hogwarts?"

"I was wondering if we could setup some kind of movie theater at Hogwarts. I've never been to one, but they are supposed to be fun, and it would show people that.."

Skuld grinned, "It would show people that non-magicals can be impressive in their own right."


"Wait, don't you have a court case?"

Harry picked up Dumbledore's message. "In two weeks. Wait, what am I going to do there? And what about Mierin and the thing in my head."

"We need to get out of here for now. Maybe rent a small house somewhere remote. The contract should have shattered any existing trackers. How much money do you have on you?"

"A few thousand. I changed a bunch last time I was in Gringotts. I was going to try to sneak out of here and find a hotel or something. Anything was better than here, but, well..."

"Let's do that. I'll call a cab. Is there a newspaper?"

Harry was reaching down when his leg gave out. He screamed. Skuld was instantly at his side. Harry noticed that he was still pants less. Skuld's sudden blush indicated that she noticed too.

Skuld said, "I don't have the skill to heal this properly but Mierin can once you two start the merge. You should know that the conflict in your body may cause you to collapse, but we will just have to do the best we can."

Mierin knelt in front of him and queried her head to the side. He said, "I'm sure I don't deserve your help, but I promise that I will try to never let you down."

Skuld said, "You are wrong on that. We do not grant wishes to those that do not deserve our help."

Harry looked thoughtful at that for a few seconds before Mierin's lips ghosted over his. Suddenly she seemed to fall right into him and was gone. Noble Scarlet similarly merged back into Skuld.

Harry said, "It is so strange, yet wondrous."

Skuld said, "Yes, it is. Now, let's find ourselves a home."

She grabbed the paper threw it up into the air. It flipped open to the rentals. A bit of the house fell down on top of one of them.

She said, "You have to love the Ultimate force." She dialed the number. Fifteen minutes later they were in a cab and on their way, though not before grabbing the paper. The symbols on the ground vanished after they left. The skylight did not.

Five minutes into the journey Harry's body broke out in sweat. Skuld looked on in worry and uncertainty.

She pulled his head into her lap and started to softly sing. It was not English yet both the cab driver and Harry seemed to understand. The driver smiled a small smile even as Harry seemed to calm and cool off.

She gently removed and pocketed his glasses and then brushed the hair out of his eyes even as she continued to sing. A piece of unruly hair seemed to want to keep drifting back, but she kept gently encouraging it to stay in place without stopping her song. A few minutes into it he fell asleep. Her soft singing continued for almost an hour until they were finally dropped off in front of their possible rental.

At her nudge, Harry woke up tired and weak. He knew the battle was only beginning. He forced himself to act normal as he paid the cab driver and added a small tip. "Thanks for the ride."

"No. Thank you, and particularly thank your friend. I have never heard the like. Somehow I feel better than I have in twenty years. You two need anything you call Mike's cab service you got it? I'll be there."

Skuld smiled and said, "It was no problem. Take care of yourself."

"I will. My doc keeps telling me to exercise. I'll do that and more. Thank you."

Harry looked on in bemusement, even as he tried to hide the struggle lifting the trunk to the ground caused. The cab drove off.

Skuld took the trunk from him and tilted it up on its wheels.

They then got a look at the building that they were going to rent. It was a little parsonage. Off to the side was a church that looked like it had seen better days. Thankfully the process of renting the house was painless.

He was honestly surprised with how easily it was to rent it given how young they were, but thankfully it was easy. They were soon inside the little house with half the money Harry had on him now gone.

He was beginning to sweat again. He stumbled into the living room and half fell on the couch while trying to calm himself, even as Skuld looked on in worry. He could literally feel Mierin becoming ever closer to him, driving out every bit of darkness in him, but the darkness was not going easily. It felt a bit like he was a balloon that was far too full of air, or worse a balloon that someone dumped a ton of baking soda and vinegar in.

Skuld said, "I'll try to get you some water. Just relax as best as you can." She was half surprised when Noble Scarlet came forth and started to softly sing to him.

Harry was disappointed that it seemed to have less of an effect than Skuld's singing, but then they must both be tired. It was still such a beautiful song.

He smiled a smile of thanks at the blond haired angel and tried to just relax. A few minutes later Skuld came back with a glass she had found somewhere filled with water. With her help, he took a long drink.

Skuld said, "I'm going to go buy food. Do you mind if I?"

Harry said, "Take the money. If we run out it will be tricky to get more without getting noticed, but what is there is what we have."

Skuld said, "That should be fine. We just can't spend too much till after the trial."

Harry nodded.

Food that night was wonderful, even if it was McDonalds, but sometimes it is not the food but the company that matters. It was almost enough to make him forget the pain, but even in all the pain, he knew Mierin was there. He knew that Skuld was there. He even knew that Noble Scarlet was there, even after she merged again with Skuld. It was wondrous. The pain was a small price to pay for it all.


Harry's next week was one of kindness and continuing pain. Mierin was doing her best. She was easily powerful enough to eliminate Voldemort's spirit.

Doing so without killing Harry was, unfortunately, exponentially harder, and also exponentially more dangerous for the angel. Skuld described it like disarming a bomb while it was exploding. The description felt far too apt to him.

They had as Skuld suspected become dependent on each other. He hated to trap her like that, but he could not even think of doing anything but simply being grateful to the angel who would be with him until the day he died. That thought was a depressing one. He would lose that wondrous feeling so soon. He was suddenly overwhelmed with a warm feeling of promise and hope for the future.

Not long ago Voldemort was reborn, but then so was he. Yes, there was darkness, but there was also light.