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A Guardian's Song
by Lerris Smith

-«Chapter Twenty»-

Skuld followed her older sister into the crew area and quickly sat in a circle with the others. Harry and Hermione taking her hands without thought. A part of her regretted that it was not Urd, but she used her own training to set the thought aside. There was no time for it.

Mara took Hermione's hands while Urd took Harry's. Luna took Mara's other and Severus's while he took Minerva's and she took Urd's.

Skuld soon found herself leading the link, even as she leaned lightly into Helva for some of the information. She packaged it all into a perfect sphere no more than a foot into diameter and watched as everyone's doubts, fears, and concerns were fed into it.

She felt it when they dropped out of hyperspace and through the link leaned into Helva before simultaneously linking with Yggdrasil. They were together. She lost her focus for a moment. She recovered quickly and lightly bent their collective will to teleport the sphere directly to them.

She had not finished counting to ten before they were suddenly there, and it wasn't just the fraction, like Hild favored. They were both there. They all bowed deeply even as they scrambled to stand.

"Rise. Time doesn't exist for this. Skuld, Hermione, Harry you cannot engage in this battle. Hermione carries a precious new angel, and that I will not risk without great need. Take the gate to Beaxbatons with the Hogwart's teachers. Do what you can. You won't be able to rely on this node, but I have granted both Harry and Hermione secondary links to Yggdrasil."

Skuld's relief was so great as to be palpable.

Hild said, "And I have granted all three of you secondary links to Nidhogg."

Skuld's relief ended. Hild smirked at her.

"Mara remain with my daughter. You are needed here if the ship must fight. My precious daughter. I had hoped to teach you what I thought you must learn, only for you to learn another way. You make me proud beyond words to say. Do whatever you must to come home alive this day."

"Yes, mother, father." Urd surprised herself when she hugged first one then the other. Skuld followed by hugging her father and glaring at Hild who just smirked.

Mara just bowed deeply. No more words were needed.

The two titans vanished. Helva's voice said, "Two of my zero point modules are gone. I have detected no intruders. I cannot explain the missing modules."

Urd said, "My parents probably took them," even as Skuld and the others went to their limited cargo area where the portal and naqadah reactors were stored.

"I understand Goddess Urd. May I ask if the plan has been approved?"

"I believe so. I. I don't really know. I'd bet they took it though."

"Understood. I will proceed on that assumption."


On the bridge Jolinar was back in the pilot's seat. Sam was comparable, but she was still better at engineering.

Jack said, "Make way for the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic."

"Confirmed. Helva has plotted us an optimal descent course. Engaging stealth shielding and atmospheric shielding. We are going in hot. Our estimated arrival time is two minutes. This is an extreme course the entire way. The outside of the ship will be extremely hot when we land. Yggdrasil suggests landing in their main courtyard. It is made of stone and shouldn't burn. Word has been relayed. Staff and students will be standing by with cooling charms."

"How did they manage that? Nevermind. I don't care, as long as its works."

Jolinar said, "No Goa'uld ship would survive this descent."

"That's comforting."

Teal'c raised an eyebrow, even as he triple checked the weapons systems.

"How is our supply of nuks, you know, just in case?" Jack asked.

Helva said, "I have ten modified naqadah enhanced nuclear missiles in protective stasis from when we restocked earlier this year. I require thirty seconds to remove them from stasis before they can be launched."

"Understood. Keep them on ice for now."


Jolinar said, "One minutes to landing. Inertial compensation systems are near limits. Brace for any anomalies."

Jack suddenly felt like a giant stepped on him with a boot as they smacked the ground. "Report."

Helva said, "There is minor damage to my front landing pad. I will have it repaired in a few minutes. The cargo doors are opening. The payload is out, as are the staff. My exterior temperature is nearly two thousand degrees. I am being bombarded by many cooling spells. Exterior temperature is now eighteen hundred degrees. I recommend full cool down before launch. Estimated time is five minutes."

"It is not as if we have anything better to do," said Jack. "Do we have a time update or numbers update on the enemy?"

"They have passed our last ring of early warning sensors. They will be visible from Earth in just over two hours."

"We are not going to wait for that. Is there any word on that big bomb?"

"Yggdrasil requests we take up position behind the moon and wait. General Hammond is trying to reach you."

"Put him on."


Fleur looked at the thing of beauty that was sizzling with heat in the yard at Beauxbatons. It was her last year here, but she was glad she had not missed it. The instructors simply said that if anyone knew cooling charms they were to cast them. They had not explained what was going on.

She saw Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and two Hogwarts teachers and someone she didn't know floating some big metal ring and some other stuff from the craft and then suddenly there was a French pop song being sung acapella that seemed to be emanating from the ship. Whoever it was had a marvelous voice.

She ran up to Harry and Hermione. "What is going on? Do you need my help?"

Harry looked at the French beauty for a moment and then shrugged it off. He said, "We need to get this to somewhere we can tap directly into the wards."

"Are you insane? Madam Maxine will never allow" She failed to finish her sentence when that very person ran up and said, "This way."

She could only follow along and try to figure out what was going on. She turned back towards the ship, only to see it was slowly lifting off, likely due to how many people were so very close. This was crazy.


General Hammond said, "Jack, we have made huge progress since the first attack, but we are not ready. A few cargo ships aren't going to dent that. The Tok'ra don't remotely have the resources to stop it and even with our insane rush, the capital ships are still two years off at best. It is up to you again."

"I wouldn't be so sure general. It seems Heaven and Hell now have a plan that doesn't involve waiting for them to arrive."

"Can you tell me any details?"

"A really big bomb is my best guess, like the kind that can't be allowed to explode in the solar system."

"Jack," Hammond paled. "Are you serious?"

"Fraid so. The gloves are off. I think they are going to send a message and even if it all works well, good luck covering this up."

"How certain are you about this?"

"It was the only option we had on the table, and it quite frankly scared Skuld spit-less and most of the others almost as bad and if that wasn't enough there was Carter's reaction. That option was presented to them. They also removed two of our zero point modules."

"You gained some then? Good, I don't need the details now, but under no circumstances Jack must knowledge of how to build such a thing leak. I don't care what anyone in the chain of command says."

"I know sir."

Helva interjected, "Sirs, the problem has been dealt with."

"Can you elaborate?" asked Hammond.


Jack raised his right eyebrow. "You gotta admit, sometimes it is better just not to know."

Hammond sighed and nodded.

Jolinar silently lifted the ship off the ground and set in a new heading, even as Jack continued to speak.

"Sir, just so you know, I gave my agreement in giving the magicals the planet we found to use, and Skuld and the others basically said it goes to the elves. We managed to save two of them. One died. I'd rather not go in details like this, but I just wanted you to know in exchange for the six modules we gave up the rest."

"I understand. I think you easily made the right choice and will support it. Is there anything there that will make this a hard sell?"

"Doubt it sir. The planet doesn't have a lot of the raw materials we would normally need to build with. Frankly it is a very nice place and I wish the elves the best. It does have a couple things we might have some interest in, but I also don't see any problems there. The one is likely so far out of our reach as to be a fantasy, and the others, well we will just have to talk. I think we can work something out."

"Good. The president and various others are arranging to go through the portal. I need to let you go Jack. I need to make sure they don't claim it for Earth or some such nonsense. Baring some miracle, you brought back exactly what we needed to save Earth. That deserves gratitude not greed."

"I wouldn't worry too much. Unless I miss my guess Skuld and the others will send word around. I expect it will take a little time, but I'd bet most of this world's elves are through that portal soon and will be changed back right after. If the president or anyone claims ownership, they might be quickly dissuaded. I think they will make great friends."

"And great enemies as well, is that what your saying Jack?"

"Frankly sir, if what happened to them happened to me, I'd not be nearly so nice about it."

"I'll talk to you later Jack. Do what you can. We will hold the fort for you."


After the connection was closed Jolinar asked, "Do you think your leader will try something stupid?"

"Hard to say. I hope no one dies, but I certainly won't blame the elves if they defend themselves. I'm here to defend the country, not the administration. Also, you have to remember that those three are there with the gate, plus any allies they will quickly gather. I rather doubt things will get that far. I'd have definitely preferred things were not remotely so rushed."

Mara said, "Goddesses like to think that they are above violence, but it takes surprisingly little effort to get most of them motivated. Urd can attest to that."

"You started it!" Urd said petulantly.

"My point being is I sure as hell wouldn't piss off those three. Threatening the elves, or threatening to take what they just worked so hard to give them is apt to have them delivering retribution, and with the power they command now they might not notice they had killed them until after they were dead."

Urd said, "Mara is right in this, and I am so getting tired of saying that." Mara smirked at her. "Sometimes we get angry, but it is not true anger. We are generally in some kind of control. We have too much training to just suddenly slip."

"Unless someone causes them to totally lose it?" suggested Jack.

"Such a slip is an instant ground for demotion, but that doesn't make people less dead."

"Noted. Helva, can you keep track of what is going on there. I doubt there is anything we can do, but we should at least monitor it."

"Of course captain. I have already obtained a feed of the area from Nidhogg. I can project it while we wait if you like."

"Sure, why not?"


Albus Dumbledore stood next to Madam Maxine. She said, "I am still uncertain about just giving them full access to the wards."

"Time my dear is not something we seem to have."

"Do you really believe all this?"

"Yes, I have seen the memories. This time it is worse. How are you going about the evacuation?"

"The house elves have helped pack all the students supplies. We have packed everything that can be packed at least as far as basic supplies go. Are you sure we can't use any expanded spaces?"

"Quite sure. I even understand the arithmancy for the most part. It would be quite bad. They have already warded the area to block anyone bringing anything with an expanded space."

Amelia Bones, the Minister for Magic, walked up to them. "I just got the news. Apparently the President of the United States and many of the members of his cabinet are on their way. He has a formidable array of magical security. How are we going to handle this?"

Her French counterpart walked in just as she finished. He asked, "How long will they be?"

Amelia said, "I think it will be about six hours. They are apparently taking their muggle aircraft."

Her French counterpart snorted. "Ignore the fools. If my understanding of the situation is correct, this will be over long before that. For now I suggest our aurors make sure nothing slows down the evacuation, including them, if required."

"There is another matter," Albus said. "House elves were locked to their current form by our ancestors. The legend of true elves is quite true. Harry and his friends cured three of them, though one later died. Harry and his friends and those two elves have claimed where we are going for the elves. It is my understanding that as soon as they step through, or not long after, they will change back."

Amelia looked around and began to notice the sheer number of elves. "Ah hell. I know I treated my elves well enough, but what about for those that didn't?"

The portal formed much like the Stargate did, save for the nearly double size and the near ripple free surface. The house elves rushed through. For every hundred that went through another hundred appeared. It was a tidal wave of elf kind, and then suddenly those going through were changing even as they jumped through."

The French Minister said in awe, "It is all true."

The rate seemed to be slowing down, but it was still continuous. No one that wasn't an elf even tried to but in line.

Albus said, "I think that is my cue."

He conjured a small granite step and stepped up on it before casting sonorous silently on himself. "As many of you can tell, what we have thought of as ordinary house elves were in fact originally the legendary true elves, only changed through dark magic. The elves that passed through are free, and will not be coming back. I urge caution before entering the portal. The new home is theirs, though if we are kind I believe, or rather I hope they will let us stay until the current crisis is resolved. Just remember, they will be stronger, and they will remember everything that has happened to them."


Hermione stood before the portal with Skuld and Harry. "The elves on this side are weakening. We need to do something. If we don't thousands are going to die. I just hope our work is enough to sustain those that crossed over."

Skuld looked uncertain. She touched one then another elf gently, yielding a little of her energy and helping them through.

Harry said, even as he helped another elf through, "It is too slow. Patronus charms maybe?"

Skuld said, "Won't work. A few elves would absorb most of the energy. You can cast that many."

Hermione assisted a young female elf through.

"What about patronus fireflies? Thousands of them, if we can manage it, with only a spark of energy. We will have to lean in hard to Yggdrasil and Nidhogg, but could it work?"

Skuld finished helping another elf through and came up to them. "It is as good of an idea as any. Let's try it."

Hermione asked, "Will Cara be okay?"

Skuld said, "I can't say for certain, but the spell is net positive, and I know she wouldn't want to live at the expense of another."

Hermione quickly stepped back from the other two as they formed a triangle. Skuld's and Harry's angels emerging and becoming massive in size. Three gigantic magic circles formed around them and merged. All were perfect silver.

Skuld thought mentally to the others through their now linked magic, "I can hardly believe we missed this for so long."

Mierin thought, "We never looked. We knew of the potential of combining the power. Hild demonstrated that again recently, but we never considered making it as if it never was separate."


Minerva was now standing next to Albus and the rest. "I suggest we stand further back. They are getting serious."

Amelia looked at her like she was mad, but also moved further away. She was astonished as it seemed a torrent of magical fireflies shot forth from the circle and spread all over the world.

The flood of elves surged as the stream resumed. Albus said dryly, "I believe my speech was just made redundant. How is our plan for food?"

Amelia said, "Algernon came up with the solution. We rounded up a lot of bags with extension charms and modified them to shoot forth their contents. Someone on the other side will have to take unactivated bags, activate them, and set them up to catch the stream. That should work, right?"

"I believe so. Sebastian, do you have something similar or?"

"Same thing. Croaker sent over the formula. We are emptying our storage. I hope we can get some of it back if well if things work out like we hope."

"I'm hoping," Albus said, "That the elves will be willing to allow at least some of us to stay."


"Well," Jack said dryly, "It seems the president is going to be late to the party. How many elves do you think will pass through?"

Helva said, "I'm estimating twenty thousand are through with another fourteen thousand to go."

Jolinar said, "Luna is surprised there are so many. That is comparable to the size of the current magical population."

Urd said quietly, "We thought there were so many deaths when it first happened. We just figured it was a side affect of the dark magic, or elves whose wills refused to be corrupted."

Mara grinned.

"You know something."

"Hild helped save them. She told me not long ago. They worked together and put them in a near permanent stasis, but there was no way to just let them out. They tried to bring back the true life to the planet that was destroyed. They failed. The life energies of so many humans conflicted with reestablishing what was and they didn't know the elves secret to manipulating magic then."

Urd said, "Nice. So they faked the deaths and put to sleep those they could and just waited for a solution to come along. Now that is what I call patience."

Sam asked, "Will they be okay? I mean I know Skuld and the others set all that up, but there is a lot more elves than they thought their would be."

Mara said, "You weren't part of that bit of overkill. They were determined to get it right."

"What does that mean?" Jack asked.

"It means, should anyone want to try to tap the planets lifeforce again, well, they are going to end up quite dead. What we created has teeth. I'm actually quite proud of my part in it. It is a particularly messy death. I plan on using it at my next performance review."

Urd looked a little green, but she also looked at Mara with more than a little respect.

Jack said, "You get those too huh? Small world. I betcha they still only give us a two percent raise this year. Seriously, met expectations? What the hell?"

Mara laughed, "You should try one with Hild. She is merciless. If you are going to play with the Norns, then at least do not embarrass yourself. Don't blow up crap I have to send teams to fix. Can't you even seduce that pathetic mortal? It is not as if you need to keep his attention that long. Just help me in my recruiting efforts. On and on she goes."

Mara covered her mouth as Urd glared at her. "Pretend I didn't say that?"

Urd said, "Oh, I am so going to remember, and worse I'm going to tell Belldandy and Keiichi."

"Meh, it wouldn't have worked either way. Hild thinks Belldandy can be recruited. I've known her too long. She always surprises you. Hell, if I stick around her too much, I half want to do what she says. How crazy is that? Creepy smiling ex Valkyrie. Oh don't think I don't remember. She could slice through a rogue demon and then offer to make you lunch, while her glaive was dripping with demon blood."

Urd chuckled, then she noticed everyone staring at her, Luna even with a smile. "What? You try living for so long without a few eccentricities? With Belldandy you just need to not make her really mad. Fortunately Keiichi has mellowed her out a lot."

Sam said, "It is amazing isn't it. We are fighting against those who pretend to be false gods, with well the real thing, or the closest thing there is to it."

Urd said, "Call us what you wish. We do grant wishes from time to time. We do interfere from time to time, but we are not all powerful, or truly all knowing; never have been; never will be; nor do we interfere all that much. Generally we allow you to do whatever you want, even if it pains us to do so. Sure it is often because of a threat from my mother for all out war, but at times I think we use that as a ready excuse."

"We are those who stayed behind and shunned true ascension. We vowed to do what we could, but sometimes we spend more time on our own petty problems than anything else. Hell I was on a bender for over a century over a damn breakup. Occasionally we even get new members, as Harry, and Hermione have shown."

Daniel, who had not said much, said softly, absently, "One equal temper of heroic hearts; Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will."

Urd said, "Nothing so grand. You know sometimes I've looked at lives like SG-1's and think what a screw up I've made of my life."

Jack said, "Well as one screw up to another, I'm glad to have you aboard."

Urd asked, "Drinks afterward?"

"Hell yes. I'll buy. Everyone is invited."

"Skuld mentioned that Harry has quite a few properties. I bet we could have a really good party there."

"Works for me."

Helva said, "Yggdrasil reports that the revised Gungnir program is on-line."

Jack looked at Urd.

"Gungnir is Heaven's ultimate weapon. I have no idea what the revision means, however we can perhaps guess."

Helva said, "Target has been acquired. A hyperspace window is opening."

"Show me."

On the screen they saw a mile wide window into hyperspace appear above the Earth.

"Hild-sama has release a firing lock. Primary power for the Gungnir system is now directly linked to the second zero point module. Energy is approaching threshold. Activating emergency shielding and preparing all systems for combat. Odin-sama has released a firing lock and has fired."

A pulse of blue white power shot into the hyperspace window and vanished. The window collapsed.

"Attempting to track shell through hyperspace. Collision in six, five, four, three, two, one. Reaction proceeding as expected. Space-time is folding in on itself in the target area. Secondary reactions commencing. The shock wave will reach this position in four minutes. Energy output is well above theoretical threshold and is traveling through all subspace layers. I estimate it will cause trillions in damage and considerable loss of life."

Jack said, "Is there anything at all we can do?"

"No. Wait, getting emergency request for all available energy."

Urd and Mara vanished. On the screen he could see hundreds of figures, some clearly of the angelic variety, but many clearly of Hild's realm. Each appeared floating at the edge of the atmosphere facing the threat.

In the center of it all the screen zoomed in showing Belldandy in full Valkyrie regalia, determination etched on her face. Urd and Mara were to either side, right in the heart of it all.

Suddenly Skuld, Harry, and Hermione popped in and crammed into Urd's chair, energies flaring around them as the White Star shot a lance of power straight out it at the coming wave. The lance spread as it traveled, ever so slowly, but it did spread as more and more power poured out of it.

"Carter," he asked quietly.

"Sir, it can't hurt."

Jack directly used his link to Helva. "Contact Janet make sure she is ready to receive casualties. Also contact Hammond and do the same."


"If anyone has any ideas, now is the time."

"Sir," Samantha said, "They need to shut down the portal. The energy wave will travel back through it. That's it. If I could get to the Stargate and get it to dial somewhere it might pull some of this mess with it."

Hermione slipped out of their link and grabbed Carter and Luna before vanishing.

Helva said, "The gate to the elven world has been shut down. I detect activity in Cheyenne mountain. Gate dialing is occurring."

"It wasn't ready," Jack said absently.

Helva said, "It doesn't need to connect fully. If it is even close then those assembled can force the connection. The only question is whether the energy can be directed through the tunnel."

Jack crossed his fingers.

"I detect multiple sources of interference near the gate. The gate is connected to the world you just visited. A warp in space time is forming. The warp is connecting to the outgoing tunnel. It is connected. The stargate is powered down. Energy is beginning to cascade down the warp through to the planet. It seems to be working."

"How long?"

"The energy wave will have passed us in forty nine minutes."

"Doesn't the Stargate only stay open for thirty eight minutes?"

"That is the information I have."

Jack ran his right hand through his hair as he looked around. "Okay, I have no idea how to help further fight the wave, but I do know we have a lot of friendlies on the middle of the front line right in the line of fire. Luna, can you call for any further help?"

Luna's eyes glowed for a moment before she pulled out her wand and shot off a patronus charm. Within a minute there were dozens of people on the flight deck, each wearing those strange robes.

Jack said, "Listen. Look at that display. Those are the people that are trying to save our buts. In less than thirty eight minutes they are going to get smacked with an energy wave and there is not a dang thing I can do about it. I was hoping you all could somehow get them to safety or something when the time comes."


Albus Dumbledore had never saw the like in all his long years. The apparition into space was dangerous enough, but now it seemed that he was going to have to try to somehow fly in it. He sent a mental command to Fawkes. Ordinarily his trusted familiar would not commit robbery for him, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

He said, "I need some place bigger."

Daniel said, "I'll take you to the cargo bay."

Albus nodded. As soon as he arrived he sent off another messenger patronus. Luna was working on getting more help, but he would not leave her to do it alone. A whole pile of one size fits all space suits suddenly appeared in front of him. He was going to try the bubble head charm, but no matter. Switching charms had them all clothed and the other two dozen who arrived besides. A column of fire revealed the entire inventory of the Nimbus broom company.

They mounted their brooms even as a part of the back wall dissolved before them. Close to a hundred wizards shot out before the wall reformed. Thirty seconds later another hundred wizards shot out. Each targeted one of their protectors and at their direction stood behind them.

Albus was behind a particularly attractive brunette who didn't seem to believe in proper clothing. Ah well. He cast the strongest shield charm he knew in front of them, even as she cast one a heck of a lot stronger and vastly wider in front of that. All over the pattern repeated, one after the other creating a fragile seeming tapestry of shields right at the edge of the atmosphere.

And then the world went white. He held. It was all he could do. He was surprised when his shield drifted forward and merged with her larger working. It suddenly felt like he was plugged into the sun. He held the line and could sense through the vast tapestry of magic that all around him the line was held. He had no idea how long it took. All he could do was focus on just holding as the barrier they created directed the storm of energy away from the planet.

He was sure he blacked out for a moment, or was it longer. He did not know. The brunette was drifting in space. He quickly picked her up and for an instant debated what to do. They wouldn't all fit back in the ship. He shrugged and used the last of his energy to cast the portus charm on his robes before vanishing in a flash of light.

All around close to two hundred wizards and witches did the same, saving almost as many gods and demons, or trying to. Many of them died in the attempt, as did many of the wizards and witches.

Their valiant attempt was also seen live on television in almost every country in the world, thanks to a joint operation between Russian and American Astronauts from the international space station. All together it lasted almost an hour.


Hammond walked carefully up the long walkway next to Minerva McGonagall, who was holding his hand so that the wards did not affect him. Inside they could see all the crew of the White Star flopped in one couch or another, usually with several empty beer bottles beside them.

Harry was asleep in a love seat with Hermione laying on top of him and Skuld to his side. They were fully clothed, though their clothes were ruffled.

Jack was in another love seat in a similar fashion with Urd behind her and Sam Carter snuggled up to him. Hell even Janet was curled up with that other teacher.

Daniel was missing altogether, but he knew he was with Sha're and their son. The demoness Mara seemed to be missing as well.

The only ones actually awake seemed to be Luna and Teal'c who of all things were watching some anime series about giant robots.

They saw him. Luna said, "Jolinar won't let me get drunk. She keeps removing the alcohol. I tried to drink faster than she could remove it, but they complained I was wasting it."

Teal'c said, "I do not drink."

"You guys did receive my message? You know the president, awards and all that?"

Teal'c said, "I believe O'Neill's words were, 'From the guy who tried to jump ship? Yah, I'll pass on that.'"

Luna said happily, "Yep, that was it."

"We'll the news is basically good. We got word back from the Tok'ra that the system lords just declared the Earth officially off limits. I believed we freaked them out. Now the president is hesitant to use the Stargate now that it is working, in case we un-freak them out, but things seem good for now."

Teal'c asked, "How much damage was there?"

"Our satellites are gone, save for a few that were protected by the planet. A few thousand died, mostly from a slew of meteorites that the energy wave swept in, but for the most part the shield held. We think about twenty five percent of those on the line died, though we don't have exact numbers. There is a lot of secondary disruptions and such from the loss of the satellites, but all in all we came through better than we had any right to."

Luna said absently, "Many of Odin's and Hild's people were simply tired. They have lived so long and it just seemed time. They didn't try as much as they could in the end. All in all twenty four died and thirty seven witches and wizards. About half of the witches and wizards died trying to land with only a broom. They didn't really understand the distances involved and ran out of magic. A few even made it."

"I'm sorry to hear that," he said. "To the good news, the elves and the rest on the new world seem to be doing fine, though usage of the portal has nearly drained the wards at Beauxbatons."

Luna shrugged. "If they stop using it until we get time to move it the wards will recover. If they don't, well they won't."

"That is my understanding as well. The Alaska base has been offered and rejected. The base is too remote to be defended if it had to be and with our operational security shot to hell, it may need to be. Almost every country in the world is wanting a piece of whatever is really going on. Thankfully they don't know details yet, but the pressure is immense and at least part of it is likely to leak soon. Air force one being seen in France randomly has people talking."

Luna bowed briefly.

Jolinar said, "You really need to do something about that guy. I still don't understand how you can elect someone who won fewer votes. I know he is the reason the rest of my people are working overtime to find our own world. They are less than sure sanity will prevail."

Hammond sighed. "We know of the problems, but we do our duty. At least no one seems to be buying that the defense of the Earth was his brilliant plan. It seems he has stretched the truth one time too many. I'm confident he won't be reelected."

"We'll that is something at least." She bowed and gave Luna back control.

Luna said, "Neither Jolinar nor I have any answers for you general, though her continued suggestion to go find her boyfriend is beginning to sound more tempting."

"Well, do you have another beer at least?" he asked.

Teal'c said, "We have many such drinks General Hammond."

"Good, I want one as well," said the deputy Headmistress.


After many arguments, some of which seemed quite pointless, it was decided that they would maintain their early warning network as well as their relationship with the Tok'ra, but they would pull back from exploring openly for a few years to build their defenses.

Helva worked on preparing a new zero point module every chance she got, often having to put the incomplete work in stasis and lose some progress, but progress was made. The rest of her time was as a deep space scout ship. They built dozens of point to point portals. Many had endpoints other than Earth. The limitation of only having one portal or similar device active at a time was a frustrating one, but they continued as best as they could.

Despite their successes, the space the System Lords controlled was vast. They were not so much planning to win the war, but to survive it. More importantly they planned for the day when they could go on the offensive and end the threat once and for all.


One day, about ten months after the battle Hermione was woken by a new, or rather, an old familiar voice. "Cara?" she asked internally.

"Did you expect to have any other voices in your head?" said an amused voice.

"It is good to hear from you. Do you need anything? Are you okay? I didn't do anything that hurt you or anything did I?"

"You really held out this long? I'm amazed."

"What?" her sleepy mind replied.

"Go, be with them. We will have time to talk soon enough."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes," her angel said even as she formed behind Hermione. Hermione turned to look at her. A smile quickly graced her lips as she admired the beauty of her angel. Her elven ancestry was clear for all to see. She found it ironic that not so long ago she was knitting socks to try to free elves only to help free an entire race and yet have one stay with her. She smiled and nodded.

Next to her Noble Scarlet and Mierin formed and shot off in the distance with Cara following.

A bleary eyed Skuld and Harry woke up next to her. She said loudly, "Rise and shine you two. It is time for a bath."

Skuld's eyes snapped open. Harry's followed suit.

Skuld asked, "Cara?"

"Is fine. She and the others took off, now, I believe there are some things I quite want to take off as well, if you could please follow me," she said primly.

Harry and Skuld smiled up at her as they quickly followed her into the bath.


And so ends one more story. Thanks for reading.