I recommend this video for background music: watch?v=aWIE0PX1uXk and skip to 0:40 or so to get the violin too. Then ya'll can read.

"Bill, what on god's green earth are you doing?"

"Noooothing~." I looked to see Pinetree's chocolate eyes freeze over at my lie."

He reached over and stole the shoe box I was fiddling with. "What the-?" Inside were countless photos of us. Him trying to solve mysteries, games of Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons, sweaters we had to model for Shooting Star, Pine Tree in a maid outfit, Pine Tree in a lamb costume, Pinetree-

I ripped a certain photo out of his hand.

"Bill! I was looking at that!"

"Not that one kid. Trust me," I held it up in the air while he tried to take it.

"Biiilll… please?" Puppy dog eyes, I always fell for them dammit.

"Ugh… fine." I handed him the embarrassing photo and watched his face go from puppy to creeped out, still cute though.

"What. The. Actual. Hell." He continued to stare at the photo of him sleeping. Naked.

I gave a cheesy smile, "Did you expect anything else?"

He rolled his eyes and threw himself onto me, "Not really you demonic triangle."

I held his chin and stared into those beautiful eyes, "If I was still a triangle, I wouldn't be able to do this very well." And with that I kissed him.

I slammed the book of memories shut and threw it onto the floor sobbing. Salty tears ran down my face and ruined the carpet of the library styled room that was part of my mindscape. It was over and I didn't need that beautiful forest green book to remember the events from mere hours ago.

Wrinkles adorned his face, memories of confusion and laughter. I cupped that wonderful face with my own wrinkled hands that I created to match him.

"Please, please don't leave me."

"Bill, I'm human. It's what we do."

The monitor stopped beating with his now still heart. Shooting Star wailed with pain at the thought that her other half was gone. I could feel my heart shatter, he wasn't just my other half. He was all of me, he was everything. I didn't want to see the faces surrounding me. Faces that looked so similar to his, that were just as kind. I didn't want to do anything.

Dying is so simple for everything to do. If something is beyond repair, the answer is for the body to self-destruct. So why wasn't I dying? Simple, I'm not allowed to.

And so it begins. I felt like I was writing too much cuteness currently and when I was in the shower got this wonderful thought. Which resulted in me sobbing on the shower floor for ten minutes. You're welcome.