A few notes before we begin: There is a lot more swearing in chapter. Also, thank you to Grey Jedi 4000 for reviewing! I did not notice the code issue, thanks for pointing that out. And yes, this is an AU, like every other Billdip fic.

I proceeded to follow Sixer as he walked through the campus to his dorm. When we got there, I noticed immediately that it was definitely a cheap place.

Inside the dorm room, you could plainly see the whitewash on the walls and tasteless green carpet. Sixer dumped his stuff on the floor and threw himself onto his bed. Didn't even bother with pajamas, like usual. I looked over his stuff, all of it clearly labeled with the name, Alden Green. Now that was a boring name. I did a little more digging of the omniscient variety and found out some, "fun" facts about 'Alden'.

"Ugh. What time is it?" The roommate had woken up. I glared at this most likely hungover human only to stop. Stop and simply stare. Auburn bedhead, sea green eyes, and oh stars he was unbelievably pale. "Oh shit, I'm gonna be late." The roommate threw on a pair of slacks and a slightly clean shirt. "Oi Alden, when did you get back?"

"God dammit Erick, let me sleep." Alden groaned before throwing his pillow onto his head.

"What an ass." Erick tied his shoes and ran out the door, comb in one hand, an energy drink in the other, and his wallet clamped in his mouth. I continued to float there, my thoughts making absolutely no sense.

I retreated into my mindscape. Pulling thoughts out of the mess one by one, I pieced together a puzzle of sorts. After who knows how long, I had an image of Erick sitting in front of me, smiling. What? I just saw the guy...

I retrieved a forest green book from my coat. I pulled out a photo. I added the photo and saw two very similar and different images collide. Auburn hair, brown eyes, pale skin, a strange birthmark, there was no way. Wait, yes there was. He had reincarnated like every other soul does. It's completely normal. A body dies, the soul kinda does its thing for a while, gets a new body and bam! Reincarnation. I should have seen this coming, I didn't see it coming.

-third person POV-
Erick sat outside eating the least expensive thing he could get from the grocery store, an egg roll. A chime went off and he checked his phone, getting several looks from anyone nearby. It's not like he had the money to afford a cufflink like everyone else. Sorry that he needed a scholarship to even come to college.


"Alright. Not like I have anything else to do." Work was done for the day, no classes until tomorrow, might as well try to pass. Heading over to the library, Erick walked past the math building. A degree in math, God was he an idiot. Just had to go for something difficult instead of computer science. Of course.

Inside the library, Erick glared at the computer screen, as if it could magically write the paper for him. Or at least rewrite the garbage he had so far. Groaning, he pulled out a notebook. The notebook had no purpose except to have random sci-fi trash written inside. A guy can dream right? Turning to his current "masterpiece" of cyborgs and racism, he found his diagram of a limb attachment erased out and replaced with an intricate drawing of some circle thing. The symbols in the center wheel were cartoonish compared to the swirling runes and strokes on the other rings.

"What. The. Actual. Fuck." Last time Erick checked, fantasy trash like this was not his forte. But it was Alden's. "That ass, ruining my notebook." Homework forgotten, Erick threw his stuff into his bag and ran out the library, mad enough to make the devil turn tail and run. Meanwhile, a shadow with one eye watched with interest. Excited to see his work in action.

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