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Rapunzel could get used to living in a palace, or so she told Eugene when they first moved in. She couldn't stop remarking on how spacious it was and how she could actually leave anytime she wanted to, without fear of repercussions. And she had so much to do! There was a huge library, canvas after canvas she could paint on, as well as countless other activities. She even insisted on cleaning certain parts of the castle for old time's sake. It also didn't take her nearly as long to brush her hair. Her parents had to put her into one of the guest rooms for the time being, as the room that was originally meant for her was still full of things fit for a baby. She and Eugene had different rooms when they first moved in, but, once they were married… well it can be assumed what happened there.

"Eugene!" Rapunzel's cheery voice echoed throughout the hall she was happily skipping down. Eugene, who was sitting at the edge of this hallway writing in his journal, turned to look at her, smiling as he saw her. She jumped into the chair next to him and leaned in to look over his shoulder. "Whatcha doin'?" She asked cheerfully.

"I'm writing the story of how I died." He said as he smirked at her. "What are you doing? Besides being nosy of course." Rapunzel smiled at him and rolled her eyes.

"But Eugene!" She pronounced his name differently than other people did, her voice going up on the "Eu" part of his name. She was perfectly aware that Eugene had to listen to her when she said his name like that, he couldn't help it. "It's so beautiful out today. We should walk around the kingdom, or explore the forest, or do something! As long as it's outside." She was still taking full advantage of her freedom, although she didn't like to do so alone. She saw he didn't look overly fond of the idea of leaving at the moment, and thus broke out the "Pleeeease?!" which finally broke his willpower, and he began to get up out of his chair.

"I guess a stroll through the kingdom wouldn't kill me. Unlike someone's adopted mother." He looked to see her reaction out of the corner of his eye.

"Eugene!" She said as she hit him on the arm playfully. She knew he was joking, he just enjoyed bringing up the fact he had died as he was very much a drama queen. Well actually more of a drama prince, if you wanna get technical. They walked towards the huge castle doors and Rapunzel grabbed his hand, slightly swinging their arms as they walked. Eugene was often amazed by how childlike she could be one minute and then be completely mature and put together the next. He looked at her quickly and smiled, knowing that if someone had told him 5 years ago that he would be married to a princess, he would have told them they were absolutely insane. At this point insane was a relative term, as magical hair would go on many people's lists of what counted as insane, yet here he was, saved by the aforementioned magical hair. Well a tear technically… He wasn't really sure how it worked. Either way it was what had saved him, and it was absolutely insane.

They went through the doors and walked down towards the various shops and houses surrounding the castle. Rapunzel of course stopped at every vendor to buy something or chat up a storm. Eugene just stood and observed. He was still a very jumpy person, used to having to be extremely observant from his days as a thief. He always felt the need to look around and make sure there was no danger. Instead of danger, he found an old friend.

"Maximus!" He yelled as he playfully punched the horse on the shoulder. Maximus was attempting to look regal, but was failing as he was very distracted by the apple filled satchel that Eugene was carrying. He took them out and set them on the ground in front of Maximus, who started to happily eat them. "Now, what do you say?" Eugene said mockingly. The horse took a moment to glare at Eugene before going back to eating his apples. Eugene then began to wonder where Pascal was, he rarely left Rapunzel's side. Just then his satchel began to move. He looked down to see the lizard...frog… whatever it was crawling out of the satchel and up Rapunzel's dress to sit on her shoulder. She patted him on the head and continued with her conversation. Pascal then decided to stick his tongue in Eugene's ear, who then proceeded to get somewhat disgusted and rub his ear against his shoulder. Then Eugene began to hear music play.

As soon as Rapunzel and Eugene started dancing, everyone else did too; it had become a tradition for the kingdom. They danced for a while before deciding they should probably get back to the castle, as it appeared it was going to storm soon. Eugene was about to open the door when it opened suddenly and a young man on some sort of... device came flying through, a hoard of people chasing after him. He stopped right in front of them, close enough for Rapunzel to notice his messy black hair, bright green eyes, and lightning scar. He looked at them both with no expression, and took a moment before he finally spoke. "I'm here to find my brother."

Chapter 1

"Um, excuse me, but who are you?" Rapunzel asked, looking at the boy curiously, tilting her head slightly. Flynn began to step between them, but Rapunzel gave him a look. She had gone far from being the girl scared of a bunny in the bushes. The boy stepped off of… whatever strange thing he was on and stuck out his hand in Rapunzel's direction and began to shake her hand.

"I'm Harry Potter. I'm trying to find my brother. I believe that he was given the name Eugene Fitzherbert. And something tells me-" He turned to Eugene and began to shake his hand. "That you are him." Eugene looked very confused and somewhat bewildered.

"I am Eugene, but I think you must have me confused with someone else. I've been in an orphanage for as long as I can remember, I was told I didn't have any siblings. We can try to help you find whoever you're looking for as long as you assure us that you don't mean any harm and as long as you put away that…" Eugene looked at the strange mount. "...Thing." Harry stepped forward and looked at Eugene closely.

"There's no need, I'm quite certain that it's you. And for the record, that thing is a flying motorcycle that used to be my godfather's. I'm sure you don't know what a motorcycle is, but we can get to that later. Now, why don't we go inside the castle and have a little chat?" He beckoned towards the doors and began to walk through them, the hoard of people that were watching only slightly hesitating to move out of his way. Rapunzel and Eugene followed him, still unsure of what exactly was happening. Harry plopped down into one of the chairs near the entrance and Flynn and Rapunzel sat across from him.

"I'm Rapunzel by the way. Nice to meet you. Do the King and Queen need to be present for this? Because I can go get them if you wish. I'm sure they would be curious as to… whatever is happening here." Rapunzel looked at Harry, waiting for an answer.

"I don't think that would be necessary, it doesn't concern them as much as it does you two." Harry answered.
"OK, now can you please tell us where you're from, how you got here, and why you think Eugene is your brother? Because otherwise, we have other things to attend to." Rapunzel had gotten good at being a princess, she could be all business when it was required.

"I came here from a place called Hogwarts. It's a school for witches and wizards." Harry saw their confused and somewhat worried expressions. "I'll get to that later. I came here through a portal that was hidden in something called a pensieve which you can use to see yours or other people's memories..." They still looked confused. Harry sighed. "I'm getting carried away. Let me start from the beginning. When I was really little, about one or so, my parents were murdered by a dark lord named Voldemort. My mother… our mother, was pregnant when she was killed. The headmaster of the school I mentioned, Dumbledore, removed the child using magic and transported him to another world for his protection, so he wouldn't be affected by the fact that his brother was the 'chosen one'...long story. That child was left at the foot of an orphanage in this other world and was given the name Eugene Fitzherbert. So unless there is another Eugene Fitzherbert running around here, that child must have been you." Eugene and Rapunzel were speechless for a moment and shared a glance of confusion before responding.

"Well if you were a year old when this happened, then Eugene would be younger than you, which I'm sorry but that doesn't seem quite right." Rapunzel pointed out.

"Well it's two different worlds. I don't know exactly how it works, I just know that time works differently here. I guess it must go a bit faster considering the fact that Eugene does seem quite a bit older than me." Eugene still seemed somewhat confused. He blinked and shook his head a little.

"So wait a minute, you're telling me that I have a brother? That you're my brother?" Eugene said, still not completely understanding.

"Yes, I'm your brother." Harry responded calmly.

"But, our parents are dead. Just like I always thought they were." Eugene said sadly.

"Well, about that…" Eugene's eyebrows shot up.

"Wait are they alive?! I thought you said they were killed. What-" Harry cut him off.

"Let me explain. It started at the battle of Hogwarts where Voldemort killed me and then I killed him and lots of people died… it was very complicated. There was a man who we thought was dead, named Snape. He was one of our professors and was eventually headmaster of the school after he helped Voldemort by killing Dumbledore. He and our mother used to be best friends and he was in love with her. She didn't feel the same and was instead in love with our father, James. But after we left him because we thought he was dead, a student who particularly liked him named Draco, healed him using magic. Not long after that when I went into the forest, I had something called the resurrection stone which can bring people back to life. Snape had followed me and saw me drop the stone. After I was killed, Snape used the stone to bring back our mother, Lily. But because she had been dead for so long, when she was brought back she wasn't really herself anymore. She's basically evil now, a new dark lord. Snape is her right hand man and… lover." Harry shuddered. " She's been trying to get me to join her, but I refused. She… She killed my best friend, Ron. My other best friend, Hermione, is here with me, by the entrance to the portal keeping guard, along with my girlfriend, Ginny. I hate to let either of them out of my sight but… I didn't really have much choice. They are keeping a lookout for our mother. She found out recently that you were alive through the same way I did, a letter written by Dumbledore. She's going to come here soon to try to convince you to join her. She's convinced a lot of Voldemort's former followers to help her, as well as many other people. She's a bright witch, with the potential to be even worse than Voldemort. No one is even sure what she wants at the moment, right now all she's trying to do is recruit both of us. I came here first to get you to join us. So," He looked Eugene dead in the eye and held out his hand. "Will you join us, brother?" Flynn took a moment before nodding and shaking his hand.

"I was just thinking that things were just starting to get boring around here." He pulled Harry in and hugged him. "And how could I not help out my little-big brother?" Rapunzel had to resist the urge to join the hug, but figured she should let them have their brotherly love moment. She was happy for Flynn, she knew it was hard for him to see her with her family when he had never known his. Now he had a piece of his family with him. But another piece of his family had gone insane and wanted him to join her. But he had a brother. But his mother was crazy. Well, at least there was some positivity to it. Rapunzel was interrupted from her thoughts when two girls, one with frizzy brown hair and another with bright red hair came flying through on… Brooms? They looked around for a moment until they spotted Harry and headed straight for him. They appeared very out of breath. Then the one with brown hair spoke.

"Harry… She's here. We have to go. NOW!" Harry broke away from the hug and looked up, startled. He immediately burst into action and started running towards the door.

"Rapunzel, get on the broom with Ginny, she's a better flyer." He saw her confusion and clarified. "The one with the red hair. Now!" Rapunzel hopped onto the broom, struggling to hold down her pink dress. The other girl, Hermione?, held up her wand and all of a sudden Rapunzel was in stretchy black pants and a flowing pink shirt. She was baffled but glad she didn't have to worry about holding onto her dress on the rickety broom. "Eugene, come with me on the motorcycle." Harry yelled. Eugene hesitated for a moment to look at Rapunzel before running after Harry and hopping on the...motorcycle? After a few quick movements from Harry, it began to make noise, and then they were in the air. Eugene held tight to Harry, not caring about his pride at the moment, more worried about the ground that seemed very far away. He glanced back at Rapunzel who seemed a little scared but very exhilarated. She smiled hesitantly and Eugene did the same before Harry accelerated and they were going through some sort of blue film in the mountain. Then everything was black.

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