They sent Luna to go get Voldemort's wand while Ginny and Rapunzel continued to form their plan.

"We're going to need to get Harry's wand." Ginny said as she furiously started writing their plan on a piece of paper. "It's hard to explain but we're going to need it for this to work." She paused and thought for a moment. "We're going to have to confront her there, she doesn't have much of a reason to go out in the open anymore since she has both of them. While we distract her by threatening her, trying to talk her out of it, and all the other things that aren't going to work, Luna is going to sneak into the manor and try to find a way to get Harry's wand, as well as try to help Hermione and Draco escape; the more people we have to fight if it comes to it, the better. Once we have both wands, we will be able to carry out the rest of our plan. I don't know if this is going to work, but it's our only hope." She took a breath and looked at Rapunzel. "I can't lose Harry. Not after already losing Fred and Ron. Everyone I care about is being killed off one by one, and I'm not going to let that keep happening. I'm sure you feel just as strongly about Eugene," Rapunzel nodded. "But I'm going to have to do this myself." She cut off Rapunzel before she could protest. "You're pregnant, that should be your priority now. You don't even have magic to protect yourself or your child. You have a lot more to stay alive for than I do. You're going to stay here." Rapunzel gaped at her.

"Just because I'm pregnant and don't have your kind of magic doesn't mean I'm useless! I mean-" Ginny cut her off.

"What do you mean 'Your kind of magic'? Are you implying that you do have some sort of magic?" Rapunzel shrugged.

"Well I sort of had magic at one point, but it was complicated and different from your kind of magic. I think it's gone now, but I had it at one point; I even basically brought Eugene back from the dead, which you can't seem to do with your magic, so stop acting like you're better than me. " She crossed her arms and raised her eyebrows. Ginny looked kind of confused but slightly hopeful.

"Well maybe the magic you had in that world somehow that translates to you having magic in this world…" She pulled out her wand and handed it to Rapunzel. "Try Lumos; you saw Eugene and Harry doing it before." Rapunzel hesitated for a moment before moving her wand the way she had seen them do and saying the spell. The result was a light at the end of her wand so bright that Ginny covered her eyes and Rapunzel dropped the wand. Ginny gaped at her for a moment before starting to smile. "It looks like we've got ourselves a secret weapon."

Hermione and Draco had spent their time trapped together trying to find a way to get out. They were constantly eavesdropping on guards and anyone walking by, but had yet to find out anything that Harry hadn't already told them. Also some guardsman scandals; Did you hear that Steve's wife is cheating on him?-No way! With who?-Me, you dolt! Hermione looked at Draco.

"I suppose we could blackmail him that we will tell Steve. He's on prisoner duty next shift if the pattern holds." She smiled a little.

"Ah, if only we could get out of here through gossip. Who knew so much cheating, wand stealing, and… experimentation happened in the guards of the manor?" Draco laughed a little.

"The Guards of the Manor… It should be a soap opera." Hermione laughed a little as well.

"What's a soap opera?" Draco looked confused yet amused.

"It's this type of muggle show… oh never mind it's not worth explaining." She was about to say more when Draco shushed her.

"I hear people walking towards the stairwell… We should probably get away from the door, just in case." They backed up a bit, but the footsteps went right by the staircase. It sounded like they were running. Once they heard yelling, they could tell something was going on.

"It must be Ginny and Rapunzel!" Hermione exclaimed.

"Well I hope so." Replied Draco. "Maybe they can get us out of this hellhole." They paused as they could hear Lily talking to herself upstairs as she walked by.

"What do those two think they are doing? It's not like they can get these two out by themselves. What are they playing at…" Lily's voice faded as she walked out of earshot.

"It must be them! They must have some sort of plan. I wonder if they brought any reinforcements." Hermione started pacing up and down the dungeon. They heard a thud and a soft voice by the door.

"Just me." The door opened and there stood Luna with her usual dreamy smile on her face.

Harry and Eugene were both pacing up and down the sides of the room when they started to hear a commotion outside. They looked at eachother.

"What's going on?" Eugene asked Harry, more rhetorically than anything, but Harry replied.

"Hopefully a rescue." Then Lily barged in.

"Like Hell it's a rescue. I guess they'll just get to see the show. Come on boys, your death date just got moved up." She smiled. "At least now you won't have to deal with all the suspense. You can just get it over with." She laughed a bit. "Don't worry. Dying doesn't hurt. If you don't make me mad that is." She laughed ominously before bringing them through the front door. They both started resisting at the same time as they each saw the woman they were in love with.

"What is she doing here?" Eugene muttered under his breath, horror etched on his face.

"You shouldn't have come here pet," Lily addressed Rapunzel, who visibly flinched. "All this stress can't be good for the baby." She smirked and continued. "But perhaps it's good you came, now you get to see the show." She looked behind her at the guards holding Harry and Eugene. "Bring them forward." Both Ginny and Rapunzel started to move forward, causing Lily to pull out the knife and hold it to Harry's throat. "Ah ah aah. I wouldn't do that if I were you. I can make this quick and painless, or I can kill them like I did that redheaded boy." Ginny clenched her fist and looked around, wondering where Luna was with Hermione and Draco. Finally they apparated next to them and Ginny breathed a sigh of relief. Lily paused for a moment, a look of confused anger in her eyes. She closed her eyes for a moment before opening them. "I really do need to hire better guards. Well, no matter. I don't need leverage anymore. I have everyone I need right here at my fingertips. She put a hand on each of her son's shoulders, both of whom flinched. She laughed. "Ha! Scared of your own mother. Well, you won't be after tonight. You will be with me!" She bent down and started whispering to them, both of them looking terrified, their gaze traveling back to Ginny and Rapunzel. Ginny tore her gaze away and turned to Luna.

"Where's Harry's wand?" She asked.

"I couldn't find it, I think that Lily is using it." Sure enough, when she turned around and her ropes moved around her, they could see a very familiar wand peeking out of her pocket. Rapunzel looked at Ginny with fear on her face,

"Now what do we do?" Ginny didn't say anything, just shook her head, eyes wide and mind racing, but she couldn't come up with a way to work around this on such short notice. The notice became even shorter when Lily started walking around her two sons.

"There's a little rhyme Petunia and I used to do when we were kids and couldn't make a decision. How did it go again?" She seemed to think for a moment before continuing. "Ah yes! Eenie Meenie Miney Moe…" She circled the two of them, tapping Harry's wand on the top of their heads as she passed them. "Catch a tiger by the toe…" Guards had snuck behind the whole group of them and grabbed them, pulling their arms behind their back, but they hardly resisted as they watched the scene before them in fear, feeling futile. "If he hollers, let him go." She smiled and started going even slower. "Eenie...Meenie… Miney…" She smiled. "Moe." The wand was on Eugene's head. Rapunzel lurched forward, screaming at Lily, but she just smiled broadly at her and winked wickedly before screaming "AVADA KEDAVRA!" The thud of Eugene's body falling to the floor couldn't be heard over the sound of Rapunzel's screams.