Hello, this is my second attempt at writing a Fanfiction story for Cinderella. I found the Cinderella Monogatari on YouTube and fell head over heels, heart and soul in love with the story and characters. I highly recommend watching before you read my story or as you read my story. Each chapter will be composed of an episode or parts of an episode.

I wanted to see what would happen in the story if I removed the magic spells cast by the fairy godmother and see how the story would change. I will also insert some elements and characters that I liked from the live action Cinderella 2015 movie and some ideas of my own invention.

So for the disclaimer, anything that looks familiar is by Disney or Monogartari. I own nothing but the joy in my heart from watching these movies and the knowledge that every little girl is a princess at heart.

Also, I cannot promise regular or even timely updates but I will do my best.

The story unfolds in a place known as Emerald Kingdom. With the color of springtime and vivacity as its lifeblood, Emerald Kingdom was a place of joy to both the eyes and the heart for those who lived there. It is here, in the kingdom named after the gem of constant love and one where faults increase its value, the story of Cinderella unfolds…

The town was abuzz with excitement on the day of the Prince's 18th birthday. A grand parade marched through the town with jugglers, acrobats, magicians, and Prince himself atop of his birthday gift of a new horse named Vento.

However, one middle aged man with auburn brown hair, a full beard and deep blue eyes was not watching the parade but instead was anxiously watching his daughter, wondering how she would react to his news. His face looked like that of one used to smiling but had recently suffered a great sorrow that weighed it down.

The Duke of Coriandre asked his daughter, "Cinderella…what do you think? ...I mean how would you feel?...that is…" He trailed off again, rubbing his nose in agitation.

"Yes, Papa?" Her face was concerned. It wasn't like her father to have trouble speaking, least of all to her.

"You know that when your mother died four years ago, we both knew our world would never be the same. I thought I would never feel happy again. But now, I…I think I have found another chance at happiness." He reached out and grabbed her hand.

I want your blessing of our marriage… I will always love your mother…but I think I have to give love one more shot." His hands shook a bit at the end.

"Oh Papa, I am so happy for you. Of course, she can never take mother's place in my heart…" she paused for a moment," but I have room for another if you truly love her."

Cinderella leaned over and gave her father a hug. She was glad he was open to another chance at love, and hoped that she would like her new stepmother. She still felt unhappy that her mother was no longer there but she had made peace by knowing she would always cherish her memories of those very happy times.

"Oh! She has two daughters, one a year older than you and one a year younger than you. Now you can have the sisters you always wanted." Her father said with something close to his old smile on his face.

Cinderella's heart filled with excitement. Though her childhood was full of love from adoring parents, the isolated location of their estate made it difficult to meet children of her own age. She had made friends with the small staff and the animals but still longed for a girl of her own age to share her hopes and dreams and to giggle over nonsense.

"That's wonderful news Papa, when shall I meet them?" she asked with her brown eyes glowing with excitement.

"In two month's time, my darling. They have to settle up their affairs at their old house. Her husband had passed away three months ago and she needs to sell many of his things and the house before we can marry."

"Oh!" Cinderella gasped. "It's the Prince!" as Prince Christopher rode past her and her father. She admired how regal he looked as well as his genuine smile, a rarity seeing as Prince Christopher normally disliked public appearances. However, it was too nice a day to let his public shyness make him closed off to the crowd (and rude besides he thought to himself) and he was very pleased with his new horse such that his genuine happiness was evident to all who saw him. He made a noble picture with his unusually unruly, chocolate hair swept back in a small ponytail with his birthmark shaped like a half crescent moon easily visible behind his ear. He wore an emerald overcoat over a vest of gold and a white ruffled shirt with dark brown britches. His horse was so brown as to be almost black with a braided black mane trimmed with gold. Prince Christopher's bright blue eyes danced with merriment as he waved to the crowd, a big grin on his face as he patted his new horse.

"Don't tell me that you too have a crush on the Prince, Cinderella?" her father teased, his face alight with a smile saved only for his daughter.

Cinderella blushed, as her father well knew of her dreams to one day live in a castle and own her own horse. "It's more that that Papa. Mother and I talked a great deal about the type of man I should marry one day before she passed away."

"Oh, why wasn't I included in this very important discussion?" her father teased her by tapping her nose.

"We talked about while you were away on your last diplomatic visit before she fell ill. Mother said that titles and money and class standing weren't important. What was important is that you had a marriage between friends, that you support each other as partners. She mentioned how she didn't marry you for your title or because of your job as the king's ambassador. She married you because you valued her opinions on the problems you encountered and listened to what she said, unlike her other suitors. She also admired how you treated those around with respect and conducted yourself with integrity."
"Mother said to me how a good man like you needs a strong woman to support him when times are difficult and to make him smile and see the good in a world where he too often encounters deceit, ambition, and selfishness. And she said that you would look at her as if she was the sun and you couldn't believe how brightly she was shining."

Cinderella's smile grew soft and tender as she remembered witnessing the love between her parents as her father left and came back from his trips. He would run to his wife and twirl her around and then stare at her with a look of rapture on his face as though he would never get used to his good fortune.

Her father had become choked up and had to pause for a few minutes as he listened to his daughter describe the love his wife had for him. Not a day went by where he didn't miss her advice and her caresses and her smile. She truly had been like the sun to him and helped him keep his faith in the goodness of humanity even when he encounter one self-serving diplomat and ruler after another. And now, listening to his daughter talk in the same kind tones with small figure, her blonde hair cascading down her back and her vibrant brown eyes alight with love, he could see a miniature version of her mother albeit without her mother's blue eyes.

"Well," as he cleared his throat and blinked away tears, "I only have a few things to add to your mother's advice, Cinderella. You have such a kind, sweet nature. Though this nature will always help you make friends, it also makes it easy for people to take advantage of you."
"You need to find a man who will bring out your courage and strength, one who will support your independence and yet take care of you. You need to seek a man with great integrity who speaks honestly and who you can trust with your precious heart. A man loyal to his friends, family, and kingdom. A man who will sacrifice his own happiness for the good of those around him. Lastly, you need a man who sees you for the prism that you are, taking the good things in life and spreading rainbows for everyone to see and enjoy. Promise me that you won't settle for anyone less."

Cinderella was touched by her father's sincere and kind words about her. "I will do my best Papa" as she hugged him tightly. "Besides, he will have to seek your approval before he can marry me. That day is still many years away seeing as I am only 16. Mama didn't marry you until she was 19."

Father and daughter continued to embrace, each touched by the love they shared for one another, little knowing how things would soon change with the arrival of Lady Tremaine and her daughters.

1 year later as her father is preparing to leave on another diplomatic voyage for the king and has been married to his new wife for a few months.

Cinderella skillfully wove her way through the party guests to find her father in his study. Though many men eyed her figure greedily, she failed to notice them in her mission to comfort her father.

"Must you go Papa?" She asked, biting her lip as she already knowing the answer.

"Yes, my darling. I must visit Florin, Guilder, Corona, Arendelle, and DunBroch and gain their alliances for when the Prince is king. After the queen's death six years ago and with the king getting older, the new alliances need to be made in the prince's name. You should be fine here with your new stepmother and Drizella and Anastasia." Her father tried to reassure Cinderella. "I know you and I aren't used to so many parties but Lady Tremaine is a very skilled hostess…." He trailed off, not sure what else to say. It was true his new wife had all the grace he had seen, it was just that while she could be a charming hostess, she wasn't warm.

"Is there anything I can bring for you? Drizella and Anastasia have asked for parasols and silk hats while she has asked for fine jewels."

"The only thing I would wish for, father, is your safe and speedy return." Cinderella said honestly.

"There must be something that you want my darling…just name it and I will bring it back for you."

"I would like then a flower from every city that you visit." Cinderella decided.

"Is that all, no new dress or pair of shoes?" her father asked, surprised, he thought that even his modest daughter would have more of an interest in fashion at this stage in her life.

"Yes, I want you to have those flowers to make you smile and to think of me. As you collect them, you will remember me and the sunshine and rain needed to make them grow, like mother and mine love for you …and my sadness …when you are away…" Cinderella choked out as she explained her wish.

"Come here my darling." Her father implored and drew her in for a hug as she tried to stop her tears. "You and your mother still have the most important place in my heart. I could never forget you and I will miss you and your rainbows everyday that I am away."

As father and daughter embraced, they failed to notice Lady Tremaine and her expression of jealous as she heard him say Cinderella's importance in his heart. Her own heart had grown selfish and cold long before the death of her first husband but just after she found his in bed with one of her maids. After that humiliation and betrayal, she had sworn off love of anything but power and status. While she felt no love for the Duke, she wanted him to worship at her feet and need her for her status and wealth. She was a great beauty with her rich brown hair that curled and her hazel eyes and fine figure. However, her eyes were filled with resentment and jealousy marred her smile.

After the Duke left on his trip, Cinderella began to notice gradual changes in the household. The servants seemed more busy and tired than before. She had always helped out a little each day but now she began to help out even more with some of the chores in an attempt to make their lives easier as many of them were aging. She also noticed more and more of her mother's things being sent to the attic as her stepmother "redecorated" her home. Her father's dog, a white and brown spotted dog named Patch, was sent to live outside while stepmother's own cat, Lucifer, was given free rein over the house.

One day, as Cinderella coming in from garden, she heard her step-sisters arguing loudly with one another.

Anastasia had dark brown hair like her mother's but it was more inclined to frizz than curl. Her dark brown eyes were often filled with malice when she wasn't admiring herself in a mirror and reading scandalous novels.

Drizella had muddy brown straight hair and her mother's light brown eyes. She spent her days eating and following her older sister around. Both girls had awkward posture and horrible manners as they constantly bickered and insulted each other and Cinderella. Their smiles were not pleasant to behold and reminded one of hyenas about to pounce.

Her stepmother walked in from the parlor and they shared a look acknowledging the loudness and frequency of their arguments.

"Another one again today. Those girls just can't seem to get along in their small room." her stepmother signed dramatically. "If only they had more space to call their own." She wished aloud as she eyed Cinderella meaningfully.

"My room is bigger than theirs…" Cinderella offered wishing to help her stepmother, "Perhaps they could-"

"What a wonderful idea, Cinderella," her stepmother interrupted with a devious smile. "How generous of you to give up your room so the girls don't have to share anymore."

"That wasn't what I meant-" Cinderella tried to explain.

"You can take the former servants quarters in the attic as your new room. You will have a wonderful view and no one will disturb you up there." Lady Tremaine said in her tone that allowed for no arguing. "Move your things up there immediately and then help my girls move into your room."

Cinderella sighed, already knowing the futility of arguing. "Yes, stepmother."

As she ascended the long staircase and entered her new room, she noted the dust and old furniture. However, Cinderella opened the window and saw the wonderful view of Emerald castle in the distance. She then decided that she could make her new room her own and began to hum as she straightened it out. After all, others had it worse than her.

Though she had decided to make the best of it, she gasped when she saw mice running about.

As the mice stopped and looked at her in fear, she smiled and spoke softly to them.

"Hello, my name is Cinderella, I hope you don't mind if I share the attic with you."

The mice were unused to softly spoken words and smiles. They slowly crept up to Cinderella and nuzzled her hand. They could tell from her gentle tone and kind smile that she wouldn't harm them. Now, she had more new friends to brighten up her room.

In the time her father was away, Cinderella's life had changed in many ways. Her stepmother made it clear she was in charge while her father was away. Cinderella began to assist the help more and more and was ignored or insulted at mealtimes. Her stepsisters took her many of beautiful dresses and accessories. Anytime she attempted to argue or question her stepmother, Lady Tremaine threatened to tell her father that Cinderella was being disrespectful and making her and her girls feel unwelcome. Cinderella could only sigh, apologize, and long for her father to come home.

A few weeks after Cinderella had moved to the attic and was sweeping the front hall, there came a loud knocking at the door. Cinderella ran to answer it, thinking it was a letter from her father. Her stepmother and stepsisters followed behind her, expecting their gifts. However, at the doorway she saw a messenger from the royal palace dressed in the white and red uniform with the royal crest of a triangle and half crescent. The expression on his face was one of someone who wishes to be anywhere but where he is.

"Yes?!" her stepmother imperiously demanded of the messenger.

He looked at Cinderella before speaking and said, "My apologies, miss and madam. The Duke has been presumed dead. His ship ran into the Dread Pirate Roberts, who leaves no survivors."

"What about our parasols?" Anastasia and Drizella demanded stupidly.

Cinderella felt like her breath had been ripped from her body and her feet were filled with lead. Her father dead? How could this be? He had been all she had after her mother died. She could barely hold her head up as her eyes burned with unshed tears and was shocked to her core at their behavior.

"Hush girls," her stepmother admonished as she clung to the stairs for support. "Can't you see that it no longer matters?"

Cinderella looked at her with a bit of hope in her wet eyes that her stepmother and her could support one another in their grief for her father. The next words out of her stepmother's mouth dashed her hopes and shattered her already broken heart.

"We are ruined! We will have no more income, no more money." Her stepmother lamented.

The messenger looked shocked at her stepmother's mercenary feelings at a time like this. He handed Cinderella a book with flowers preserved in it.

"Here miss, this was found among his effects." He said with an attempt at a comforting smile.

"Thank you sir, I appreciate your difficulty in delivering this message." Cinderella gasped out as she shut the door and ran to the attic to cry.

In the days that followed the announcement of her father's day, Cinderella lived in a world of grey fog. She was given a maid's uniform of a simple green blouse and brown skirt with brown boots to wear instead of her own dresses since her things were sold first. Her stepmother fired the rest of the staff to save money and told Cinderella she would be in responsible for keeping the house in good condition. Cinderella managed to save her father's favorite books and her mother's debutante dress and shoes. Fortunately, her stepmother kept the valuable Zore painting and piano because she wanted the house to look rich and well off. Patch remained as well as a guard dog. Her stepmother informed Cinderella that it would be a good distraction for her to take over their chores as a way to deal with her grief.

"Cinderella, now that your father is dead, you will obey me. It is out of the goodness of my heart that I am letting you stay under my roof. You are not my own daughter and your father has left everything to me in his will. I expect you to cook, clean, garden, and do whatever else I ask of you or I will put you out on the streets to beg, understood?"

"Yes stepmother." Cinderella choked out, feeling the loneliness and isolation tighten in her chest. But she knew she had no other place to go and no one to take her in.

"There is no need for that familiarity, madam will do." Her stepmother smirked as she began outlining a list of chores for her to do.

Her stepsisters were quick to inform Cinderella that she must follow their orders as well.

Thus, her life of servitude began.

Cinderella had no way of knowing that her days of living in isolation with a broken heart would soon come to an end when she would meet a mysterious boy in the marketplace.

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