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"normal speech"


Don't let them undermine
Your dreams can never be stolen
Don't leave them stagnant rotting on the vine
Say goodbye to anyone who tries
To bleed you dry, you will show them
You're blessed with an unlimited supply

Leave nothing left behind

So what you waiting for?
Tell me what you waiting for
Don't stand by and deny it
So what you waiting for?
Tell me what you waiting for
Break new ground and defy it
Don't let the world outside
Leave you cornered and alone
So what you waiting for?
Tell me what you waiting for
Let them all be reminded

(What are you waiting for – Disturbed)

Chapter 1: The Snake in the Garden

It was ten in the morning and a beautiful sunny day in Privet Drive, Little Whinging. The sun shone brightly from the crystal-clear blue sky on this weekend in the middle of May, with 23°C in temperature and a slight breeze coming from the west. Children were peacefully playing in the streets. Several women either stood outside gossiping over the recent developments about the celebrities, or they were tending to their already immaculate gardens. In front of one house, a man was polishing his car after just having washed it.

The entire street was so ordinary that it was sickening. Any person with half a brain would go insane in the shortest amount of time when having to stay there for more than a quick visit. Each house looked like the other only differentiated by the slightly dissimilar front gardens and the various cars in each driveway. However, this was precisely how they wanted it in Number 4 Privet Drive. Vernon Dursley was the director at Grunnings, a company producing drills. At the same time, Petunia Dursley was the perfect homemaker caring for their only son Dudley Dursley. Dudley was a ten-year-old obese boy whose primary sport consisted of either stuffing himself with food. Or when he was extremely bored, bullying others.

One might be led to the impression that the Dursleys were the most nauseatingly boring family existing, living in the most revoltingly boring neighbourhood on the planet. Were it not for the fourth person currently living under the roof of Number 4 Privet Drive. This person was a scrawny little boy that looked as if he was eight but was, in fact, the same age as Dudley.

People rarely saw the boy. When they did, they avoided him like the plague because he was said to be a troublemaker; hence his regularly broken bones and the many bruises he sported. Even in school, the teachers hated him because of all the trouble that followed him and his constant lying. To the other inhabitants of the house, he was the only threat to their perfect everyday life.

The boy was Harry James Potter.

What everyone failed to see was that the boy was not just scrawny but outright starved. His many bruises and broken bones were not the results of him being a troublemaker. They were the result of his very own uncle and cousin beating him to near unconsciousness regularly. No one was his friend because Dudley bullied everyone who thought of going near Harry.

What the teachers thought were lies, were only the boy's way of getting their attention and help. But how could they believe, that a perfectly normal family such as the Dursleys would abuse the boy when their own son was spoiled rotten. They had the magnanimity of taking their nephew in after his drunken parents got themselves killed in a car crash after all.

No, for them, the case was clear. Harry Potter was an attention-seeking liar.

At that moment, the boy was shoved out through the back door into the garden by his aunt.

"Go mow the lawn and weed the flowerbeds. If you're not done by noon there will be nothing for lunch, am I clear?" she snapped at the boy who tried not to fall down because of the rough treatment, to no avail.

"Yes, Aunt Petunia," he replied weakly before pulling himself up from the ground where he fell and went over to the shed where the gardening tools were stored to retrieve the mower.

Shoving the mower over the lawn, he wondered what he did in his previous life to deserve such treatment as this. He hated his life, and he hated his family for whom he was nothing more than a slave. But the problem was that he could do nothing against it. There was no way that he could escape the hell that was Privet Drive.

Oh, he tried to run away several times, but every single time it didn't take more than two days before he was back with his beloved and caring family. He had no idea how or why. It seems that fate or whoever decided that he had to stay here would do everything in their power to ensure that it remained that way.

Another thing was that his dreams took a weird notion lately. Previously he mostly dreamt that some knight in shining armour would come and take him away from the Dursleys.

Now, on the other hand, his dreams had become darker and darker with every passing night. Going so far that he last night dreamt how he would punish his family for everything they did to him…in a very gory way. He knew he should be frightened and worried that he imagined such a thing, but oddly, he couldn't bring himself to care.

Actually, he had to restrain himself more and more that he wouldn't go through with what he dreamt and kill them. For once, it was doubtful that he would succeed with how weak he was. On the other hand, he didn't want to end up in prison.

When he was done with the mowing, he took a quick look at the clock he could see through the kitchen window and started to curse under his breath.

The entire thing took longer than he anticipated. He had only an hour left to weed the beds, which would take far longer. He knelt down next to one of Petunia's precious roses to continue with his chores with a sigh.

Slowly but surely, he made his way through the flowerbed when he suddenly felt like he was being watched. It wasn't the feeling he had when his aunt was watching him with hawk eyes from inside the house waiting for an excuse…any excuse for her to come down on him like fury. No, it was a different feeling of being watched, more foreboding and dare he think it…darker…evil.

Looking through the fringe that his aunt always left when cutting his hair to cover the lightning bolt scar he had on his forehead, he scanned the garden for the source of his feeling. He couldn't find anything. Continuing with the weeding, he couldn't get rid of this feeling. That was when he suddenly noticed a pitch-black snake with ice blue cold eyes sitting under one of the rose bushes he was tending to at that moment.

He looked a bit confused at first because one rarely found snakes in villages like Little Whinging, except when a pet escaped from its habitat and started to roam freely. However, he highly doubted that someone would hold something as abnormal as a snake in this epitome of normality.

He knew, though, that the feeling of being observed came from the black snake. The said snake was staring at him with an intensity that surprised the boy. He wondered what the snake was doing here and even more, why it was observing him when he heard shouting from the kitchen door.

"Hey freak, don't you dare laze around! Get back to work, and no lunch for you!" Petunia shouted at him.

Harry tensed up before he sighed. "Yes, Aunt Petunia."

Once he was sure that his aunt wasn't watching him anymore, he let his shoulders hang. He again looked at the snake whose eyes had darkened visibly if he didn't imagine things.

"I don't know what you're doing here or why you're here in the first place, but you should go. If aunt Petunia finds you, she will surely kill you," he muttered with a sad smile to the snake not that he thought that the animal would understand him.

To his surprise, the snake straightened itself and looked at him with a less angry but a more attentive look.

"You speak the language of the snakes," it said surprised.

Harry was so shocked that he understood the snake that he completely forgot that he had chores to do in favour of openly staring at the animal.

"I…what?" he blinked a few times in disbelieve.

"What is your name snake-speaker?" the snake asked cocking its head.

"H-Harry Potter," Harry stammered not believing what just happened. How could he understand a snake? He couldn't let his aunt and uncle know, they would only beat him up again for his freakishness.

"It's as they said… I'm a freak…," he muttered more to himself, but the snake seemed to understand him nonetheless.

"What did you just say?" the snake narrowed its eyes.

"I said that it is as my family said… I'm a freak. How else can I understand and talk to you?" he said aloud, repeating what he previously muttered. That was when he remembered that he still had to do his chores.

Unfortunately, it was too late.

"Freak, what did I tell you about lazing around?" the voice of his aunt echoed through the garden before his hair was grabbed forcefully. His head bent backwards in a manner that made it hurt even more. "That's it! No dinner for you either, now get to work!" she snapped at him while shoving him forwards.

He narrowly avoided falling headlong into the mud by catching himself with his left arm. Hearing his aunt leaving muttering under her breath about what a freak he was, he went back to work. Only once he was sure that his aunt returned to the house and out of hearing range, did he turn around to the snake while continuing to weed the flowerbed.

"I'm sorry that you had to witness…that," he said with a sigh pulling out a weed before covering up the patch where he had pulled out the weed with soil. "Though, I wonder why she didn't see you."

"She couldn't see me because I'm invisible to humans. This makes it even more of a wonder on how you can see me," the snake snickered.

"As I said, I'm a freak, and strange things tend to happen around me. One day, one of my teachers' hair turned blue…everyone blamed me and my…freakishness for it, but I don't even know how it happened. Another day I suddenly found myself on the roof of our school when my cousin chased me," Harry rambled on. "Why am I even telling you this? You're a snake…."

"Perhaps because I'm not a normal snake," it hissed before placing its nose on the ground. It looked like the snake was concentrating when suddenly on the entire flowerbed the weeds started to wither away. The roses became even stronger and healthier.

Harry looked around in astonishment. "Did…did you do that?" he asked in awe, and the snake nodded with a smile. Could snakes even smile? At least it looked to Harry that way. "That's…wow," he didn't know what to say. "The roses look beautiful, so healthy and full of life," his voice took a longing notion. If only it were as easy for him to become like those roses, he mused while looking at them.

"You're right. This planet is so full of little wonders like those roses but you humans don't see it. Instead, you demolish everything with your ways and wars. It is as if destroying is all you're capable of," the snake said with a sigh his gaze becoming sad. An aura of defeat surrounded it.

"I think you're wrong, not everyone wants to destroy this planet. Sure, some people want war not caring for what it does, but some want to preserve and save this planet. You cannot condemn an entire species for the doings of a few.

"Look, for example, gardeners; they create the most breathtaking gardens so full of life and beauty. Or music, did you ever listen to music? Music can be so wonderful, making you sad in the one moment while cheering you up in the next," he mused "No, I don't think that all we're capable of is destroying."

The snake blinked a few times in confusion and surprise before it nodded. "Perhaps you're right…," it drawled out not really convinced.

At that moment, Harry became aware that he was lazing around again. Should his aunt catch him, he would be in a massive amount of trouble.

"Do you stay around here? I would like to talk to you more often. This was the most normal conversation I have ever had…I don't want to lose that," Harry inquired. To his utter surprise, the snake uncurled where it lay and slithered over to him before starting to curl around his shoulder. "I'm sorry, but I can't keep you," he said with a sad voice. "Uncle Vernon will kill me when he sees you, and I also cannot care for you properly."

"You forget that I'm invisible to humans. Also, don't worry about caring for me, I don't need anything," the snake snickered laying its head on top of Harry's shoulder.

Harry looked at the snake with a longing in his eyes. He always wanted to have a friend he could talk to. One that wasn't frightened by the bullying of his cousin.

On the other hand, this was an invisible snake, as it seemed. Harry snickered at this thought. An invisible friend only he could see, hear or understand. It was as if a dream came true, but then he was wary nonetheless.

What would an invisible snake want from him? Was it even real? But no, it must be real after what it had done. Yet, it wasn't every day that you find such a snake in the garden. Then there was this feeling…the feeling as if he had a connection with the snake. He couldn't describe it, but it was as if he and the snake were meant to be together.

"Okay, but don't distract me from my chores or… let's just say it's not something I want to happen alright?" Harry replied, stroking the scales behind the snake's head eliciting a content hiss from it.

He quickly went in after washing his hands under the tap outside and cleaning up his trousers a bit so that his aunt wouldn't complain that he was dirty. Inside he went straight to his aunt telling her that he was done with the beds and the lawn.

"You're done already? You probably only did it half-heartedly," she snarled, walking over to the window to inspect what his nephew had done. To her surprise, the beds were in pristine condition. "What did you do? Did you use that freakishness of yours? What have we told you repeatedly? We don't want that freakishness in here!" she shrieked.

Grabbing Harry by his hair, she threw him with a force that people wouldn't expect from such a slight woman into the cupboard that he called his room. The snake tried to dampen the impact slightly, but Harry nonetheless violently hit his head on the opposite wall. Once he was in the cupboard Petunia slammed the door shut and locked it from outside before screeching again.

"Vernon will know of this," she threatened him.

Fear rose through his dizziness. When his uncle got to know of this…he would be beaten to unconsciousness of that he was sure. Hell, what did he get himself into now? He felt the snake slither out from under him and curling up before him.

"Are you alright? I didn't want this to happen, had I known…," the snake hissed in a soothing tone laced with concern when it became aware of Harry's concussion.

It slithered over him and looked on the back of the boy's head before placing its nose at the spot where Harry hit his head. A few seconds later, a warm and soothing but somehow dark feeling spread from the point where the snake touched him. It was a miracle, but the throbbing of his head and the dizziness quickly faded.

"Better?" the snake touched Harry's cheek with his nose for a moment before curling back up in front of him.

"Yes, thank you," Harry smiled, sitting up now that the world didn't spin anymore with every move.

"I was the reason for that…," the snake started but got interrupted by Harry who laughed harshly before stopping with a fearful glance at the door. Fortunately, Petunia didn't seem to have heard him. The snake who saw that touched the wall with its tail letting them glow for a moment before it settled and vanished. "I made this 'room' soundproof so no one can hear us."

"Really? Cool!" Harry muttered with a smile. "Don't worry about this being your fault. If it weren't for my 'freakishness' Aunt Petunia would have found another reason."

"They should pay for what they did to you!" the snake hissed angrily.

Harry snickered upon that. "You know…one day when I'm strong enough… I'll kill them…slowly…and…painfully," he thought about his dreams lately.

He should be worried that he had told someone…anyone about this. But this was a snake, wasn't it? Whom could it tell about it? He doubted that anyone else would understand it and he had to admit that it felt good to talk about it.

"It's funny, isn't it? More and more often, I dream about what I'll do to them. It should scare me…I should freak out about it, but you know what? I enjoy those dreams, enjoy how I gut them…kill them. Their screams… I'm really a freak," he snickered again over his train of thoughts.

"Why don't you?" was the simple question from the snake.

It wasn't even put out a little bit by the fact, that a boy who wasn't even eleven-year-old was contemplating to murder not only one person but three in cold blood. If someone had the right to kill a person in cold blood, it was the boy in front of him.

What the snake could observe so far was that the relatives of said boy were the worst kind of people in existence and he knew his fair share of those, they deserved far worse, and they would get what they deserved in time.

Now Harry laughed a hollow laugh not even worried that his aunt might hear him. Somehow, he knew that the snake spoke the truth when it said that it made his "room" soundproof after what it already did.

"Because I'm weak; should I stand up against them…my uncle would kill me."

"You're not weak, you have the gift of magic" the snake scoffed.

Harry snorted.

"Something like magic doesn't exist," he replied out of reflex, not even putting into account what happened earlier.

Silence fell over the small cupboard and its two inhabitants. Harry looked at his hands lost in thoughts while the snake observed him closely; its ice-blue eyes never leaving the boy even once. The snake hissed in disdain at these people but left it be for now. Apparently, they had beat this last line into the boy calling him a freak every time he showed his magic. Unfortunately, he knew far too well that nothing he could say would change Harry's point of view for now. Only time would show him that he was far from weak.

The next days and weeks went by in the same routine as before Harry had found the snake. Harry would do his chores and attend school, now always accompanied by the snake that wouldn't leave his side no matter what. Over those few weeks, he could feel the bond he had with the snake strengthen though he couldn't explain how it came into existence in the first place.

The two talked about many things, both enjoying the other's company. Thanks to the snake being invisible to everyone else, neither Dudley nor his aunt or uncle could take him away from Harry.

Harry had to admit that ever since he found the snake in the garden, his life had become a bit better. Not that his relatives treated him any different. Still, he had someone to talk to, which helped a lot with coping with what he had to endure.

His dreams, however, didn't change a bit. He still dreamed of what he would do to them should he get the opportunity.

Life probably would go on like that for quite some time was it not for that one occurrence on the 23rd of June.

Dudley's birthday already started with the obese narwhal having a temper tantrum only because he received one present less than the previous year. Fortunately, Petunia could nip it in the bud by bribing the obese boy with buying two more presents while they were on their special birthday outing.

The next thing to happen was that Arabella Figg, the woman who was supposed to watch Harry that day, fell ill. Therefore she couldn't take care of him, much to one Dudley Dursley's displeasure.

Not being able to do anything about it, they then took Harry with them to the zoo resulting in another temper tantrum by Dudley because he believed that this would ruin his special day.

Once at the zoo, everything was going smoothly. Harry talking with his pet snake was entirely ignored by his family. Harry and the snake talked about whether animals should be held in cages if they were not at the zoo. Or even within the zoo.

The snake was of the firm opinion that this was yet more proof for his claim that humans didn't care about nature.

However, Harry pointed out to Snaky that several zoos helped preserve certain species by breeding them before releasing the animals into freedom once they were old enough. Harry had named the snake Snaky since it didn't want to reveal its name. Snaky thought that this wouldn't be necessary if the humans wouldn't destroy those animals' habitats.

They argued back and forth while following the Dursleys and observing the different animals.

It was in the reptile house where everything changed. Dudley stood in front of the glass window where a boa constrictor lay sleeping, demanding it to move. Snaky hissed in anger about this behaviour and Harry could only shake his head. Once Dudley moved on because the snake wouldn't do what he demanded, Harry walked over to the terrarium and looked at the snake with a sad smile.

"You know this snake has it better than me," he said with a sigh. "She at least gets fed properly, has it warm and when she falls ill, she gets tended to. Even when having to endure idiots like my cousin. I…I have nothing."

"You have me," the snake on his shoulder hissed nudging his cheek with its head.

"You speak the noble tongue of serpents," the snake in the terrarium suddenly hissed surprised raising its head in interest.

"What? Oh, yes I do" Harry replied with a smile. "By your surprise, I assume not many can speak it."

"Only very few magical humans can speak it, and the last one died ten years ago," Snaky added.

"I told you that something like magic doesn't exist," Harry hissed, unfortunately, a bit too loud attracting Dudley's attention with it.

When the boy saw what the boa constrictor was doing, he came rushing over. He shoved Harry out of the way to climb on the railing leaning against the window as if he was five and not eleven. Once Harry sat up where he fell, he looked at his cousin and narrowed his eyes in anger. To his surprise, the terrarium window suddenly vanished, resulting in Dudley falling straight into the pool of the snake habitat. At the same time, the boa constrictor slithered out of its prison.

"Thank you," it hissed to him on its way out.

Harry stared after the snake that let several visitors jump away from it in fright. Looking at the terrarium, he saw that the glass was back in its place effectively trapping Dudley inside. Vernon and Petunia, who immediately saw what happened to their son, started to screech.

"If magic doesn't exist, then what in the name of hell was that?" Snaky asked innocently.

"I…I don't know," Harry stuttered, what he knew though was that he was in for one hell of a world of pain if he interpreted his uncle's glare correctly. "Are you sure that this wasn't you?"

"That was your doing, you did that all alone," the snake replied slightly amused though it would have thought twice about it had it known what was about to happen.

When they reached Number 4 Privet Drive and, once they were inside, Harry instantly knew that he wouldn't survive this time. Vernon was not angry, no he was outright furious when he slammed him against the wall next to the door. Petunia in the meantime ushered Dudley up the stairs to tend to him.

"You freak. It is your fault that Dudley's precious day is ruined," he roared while slamming Harry's head against the wall repeatedly.

When he was done, he shoved Harry to the floor before taking off his belt and started to hit him with it, the buckle leaving deep strains on his back. From time to time, Vernon also kicked him either in the stomach or against his head. Harry was near unconsciousness when he heard his cousin rumbling down the stairs.

"Dad, I want to beat him too. He ruined my special day," the boy growled.

Harry knew that this was it. He would die here in Privet Drive, wholly alone and only ten years of age. Fists rained down on him coupled with a kick to his side. He briefly wondered through his haze of pain why he hadn't fallen unconscious yet, but it didn't take long for that to happen.

The snake lay in the corner, observing how the boy he accompanied for the last few weeks and months now was beaten to near death. Worst of all, he could do absolutely nothing about it.

Sure, he could perform little bouts of magic, but that was it, not in this body at least.

He wondered why he cared anyway. It wasn't that he was one to care for any human at all so why this boy? Right now, he had no answer to that question but what he knew for sure was that he couldn't let him die no matter what.

Therefore, when the whale of a man finally shoved the boy into his "room", he quickly followed before the door was slammed shut.

After a quick assessment of the boy's condition, it became clear that he wouldn't survive the next ten minutes if he didn't do anything. However, that was easier said than done because in the form he was in at the moment he couldn't heal him. So, he made a decision that would not only change Harry's life drastically but also his.

Touching the boy's forehead, he pushed enough magic into him so that he would wake up long enough for him to do what he had to do.

Harry's eyes fluttered open, and he smiled a weak smile when he saw the snake.

"Harry, you have to listen carefully. You're about to die, and I cannot prevent it…not while I'm a snake, but there is one way I can save you though you should know something beforehand. As you've certainly noticed, I'm not an ordinary snake. I…my name is Lucifer."

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