((Six weeks later))
Joe paced the floors of the hospital. Meg was having chemotherapy today and he had to leave the room. Just the thought of Meg throwing up (it was tough enough when she was pregnant with their girls) made him want to throw up.
What were the odds that the chemotherapy would help anyway? The doctor said she was riddled with cancer. She would have to have chemo for six months out of every year. April, May, June, July, August and September she would be on chemo.

"I would sell my soul to have her recover," he whispered.

"You would?"
Joe looked around and nearly fell down when he saw Applegate.

"What are you doing here," he mumbled.

"I think we can make a deal," Applegate said.

"Why would I want to make another deal with you," Joe asked.

"Oh I'm sorry," Applegate said, "I thought you didn't like your wife suffering. I thought you didn't want her to be riddled with cancer. I... I could swear you said, "I'd sell my soul for her to recover"
Joe paused.

"I'll even give you a chance to escape," he added.

"It's a deal," Joe said